PM Skerrit asks for greater support from France to teach French in OECS

The Prime Minister has stressed the importance of education
The Prime Minister raised a number of issues with the French President on behalf of the OECS

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has called on France to increase its level of support to the OECS with regard to teaching of the French language.

Mr. Skerrit, who is also Chairman of the OECS, made the point at a recent meeting held French President, Francois Hollande.

“We just came back on Sunday from Martinique and Guadeloupe in a meeting with the French President. I had a bilateral meeting with the French President to speak on Dominica-France relations, “Mr. Skerrit said. “ I took up the opportunity being the Chairman of the OECS to speak on OECS matters.”

He continued, “I raised a number of issues with the French President, one of which is the issue of scholarships to Dominicans students to study in France and also the teaching of the French language at our schools.”

According to Mr. Skerrit, he informed Mr. Hollande that over the years there has been a dramatic drop in the level of support which the French republic gives to the OECS countries in so far as the teaching of French is concerned.

“I believe that by providing scholarships to OECS students to study in the French countries will enhance the relation which exists between Dominica and France…so we look forward to that,” he stated.

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  1. Francisco Telemaque
    May 20, 2015

    “Such as: ” I will mention a name, ( off ) one I know who reads DNO” –should that word in bracket not read ( of )?”(Elizabeth Xavier).

    Elizabeth, if you believe that I do not know the difference between the word, “off” and the word “of” then you are a greater dunce than I am.

    So to appease, you and calm your mine: note “off” indicates the turning off, of something such as a light switch, or the engine of a motor vehicle, or a faucet, hence preventing the water from flowing.

    I am a horse of a different color: I suppose by now you discovered I am not stupid, or (dotish) as you think! At lease if no other; I know I am smarter than you, that is why you have become my arch-enemy!

    Friendship done, fin, carpoot, finish, dead forever. I wish you a happy life you are fired!

    • May 20, 2015

      More and more stupidity and madness; man why don’t you just shut up!

      I perceive that moons and moons before I even knew of your existence, you have been trying to prove how smart you are–but even in that comment of yours, still doing the same you write: At “lease”–I am smarter than you are” discovered that you are not stupid, you say–this is May 2015!

      Your “lease” here should have read “list” same as “off” should have read “of” Since 2011, I am still the one making the corrections, like the “teacher” who I am–I do not need your explanations. Why can’t you simply admit when you are wrong. You are allowing self pride and conceit to take you to complete madness–that is if you are not already there.

      As for the rest, which your wrote above–you keep repeating yourself, but when last did I sound as if I want your friendship?

      • May 21, 2015

        Your “lease” here should have read ( “list” )

        Okay, I was thinking of “Least” when I wrote that word “List” –posted before I noticed the error, but I noticed it however, and you are still wrong. Lease and least have different meanings

  2. Titiwi
    May 19, 2015

    Nothing wrong with learning French but we should master our own language first. Judging by the appalling misuse of English by bloggers on DNO we still have long way to go in that department.

  3. The Facts
    May 19, 2015

    The best people to teach French in Dominica are the French, either from France, Guadeloupe or Martinique. They speak Parisian French, the real French. I believe that the PM will receive it. You know, “Ask and you shall receive.”
    I always say that Dominica should have remained a French colony. It would have been far advanced. Look at Guadeloupe and Martinique. They are really like little cities.
    Unfortunately the French and British fought. First the French burned down the town. Then, they continued fighting with the British. In the end the British paid the French, if I recall as I learned it, 500 francs to leave D/ca. Correct me if I erred. You see, the British was not more powerful than the French. If only the French had held on to Dominica our island would have been French and far better off.
    Lennox Honychurch, our well-learned historian, we need your expertise on this one. :lol:

    • Francisco Telemaque
      May 20, 2015

      Facts, you are talking nonsense!

      The people in Guadeloupe, and Martinique who French is so poor it is sad! The same as how you find people born in Dominica who are unable to speak English properly, we find the same thing in Guadeloupe, and Martinique. I lived in England, and found people there who speak as much broken English, they are born in England.

      Now the appropriate French teacher would be someone who Majored in French, be that person from France, Guadeloupe, Martinique or Dominica! Someone who earned a degree in the language. Let us focus on Spanish. There are lots of people from Mexico here in LA. I work with them rent to them. They speak Spanish, however, when I was perusing a medical career; Spanish was a prerequisite, when I took it in college, I found that what I heard in the Streets, and what is taught in College are two different things altogether.

      If you understand Spanish, and talk to someone from Spain, and someone from Mexico, their Spanish varies, the…

      • Francisco Telemaque
        May 20, 2015

        Their Spanish varies, the words do not always mean the same! American, English, and (Cambridge) I do not know if I spelt that correctly; English which we supposed to utilized in Dominica are totally different. Though American English sound and means the same the spelling of American words are most of the time different to Cambridge spelling.

        So you need to know what you saying prior to making your comments. Think in terms of linguists, and such major!

      • Francisco Telemaque
        May 20, 2015

        “The people in Guadeloupe, and Martinique who French is so poor it is sad!”

        That should read: “there are people.” in Guadeloupe, and Martinique whose French is so poor, it is sad!

  4. May 18, 2015

    First of all look at the handsomeness and sophistication of our great Supreme Leader, wow! Now to the meat of the matter…Mastering a second language is an asset to any student when education is complete and He/She is entering the Job Market. It takes a former educator with vision to see the benefits of learning a second language and to pursue opportunities for his beloved students with regards to the same. I mean, when one really thinks about His Holiness, Dr. Skerrit one must come to the realization that this great man is cut from a different cloth than the ordinary. The man is so selfless and compassionate when it comes to seeking the best for his people. His Christ-like nature allows him to remain humble and to not seek praise for what he considers his duty and responsibility. Yet we all know that we have someone really, really special here in Dominica. A leader who actually truly loves his people and cares for them beyond the norms of politics. Again, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Peter Potter
    May 18, 2015

    Carcon, is that all you are worried about?? Is that what we are paying you for?? This man has not got an idea who to govern a country. Only Dominica would stick to somebody like that for 15 years and counting.

  6. Francisco Telemaque
    May 18, 2015

    It is very interesting to note that the majority of us Dominicans are unable to articulate ourselves in the English language effectively, including me. ( I doh know how to spell cat), never mind English grammar.

    Nevertheless, I know a certain man (I doh calling him name eh): But his name is Roosevelt Skerrit whom they say taught English in Dominica, when in fact he could not pass or finish his major in English. The man is unable to master the English language the way he speaks is laughable.

    Here is one case where he did not know he was using the English language wrong. He stated that President Obama should lift the embargo on Cuba before he demits office!

    If Skerrit had any knowledge of the English language he would have know that “demit” means to withdraw from office, or some membership position. Obama will have served two terms in office, and can never be president of the U. S. ever again; so how can he demit office?

    • The Facts
      May 19, 2015

      Everyone makes mistakes. It could be, as the saying, a slip of the tongue. Never heard of that? Why penalize him? You are too critical.
      Your Wesley Village accent will not help you to speak proper English. It is imbedded in you.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        May 20, 2015

        Say what you want, I do not care, as long as I beat-up on Skerrit I do not care (him too bad). If Wesley accent send me to my grave; I do not care, I born with it!


  7. May 18, 2015

    I thought it was about visa free entry to frenchh territories or was that another lie

    May 18, 2015

    Maybe we can start with a creole day on friday every DOMINICA .by speaking creole ..MAYBE WE CAN WEAR CREOLE wear every friday in govt offices and market etc
    Maybe we can remove our bourgeous bias and like GRAND BAY openly speak creole and like St lucia be proud of our creole language
    We do not neeed the FRENCH government to do this for us do we?
    When will we give up the slave master relationship ?

  9. DD
    May 18, 2015

    That’s is what is needed most in Dominica right now – To speak French ( SARCASM ) – What a fool of a man. is this the best we can do in leadership? Have we become too blind to see?

  10. May 17, 2015

    He continued, “I raised a number of issues with the French President, one of which is the issue of scholarships to Dominicans students to study in France and also the teaching of the French language at our schools.”—News article

    Okay Mr. Prime Minister, your point is taken. However based on the kinds of English written comments which I see here, on DNO, even on face book as well–which is exposed to the Internet–it seem as if we have not yet learned the English language at all.

    I have to believe that our constant “sloppy 5 words” comment is because we cannot express ourselves to the public or environment.

    Some will say we speak or write it like that, but when it comes official writing we do it differently.

    Well I don’t believe that; for practice makes perfect–this means that what you practice, that will become your perfection–especially in speaking and writing.

    if we do not learn to speak and write proper English, we cannot learn another language.

    • Okay Skerros!
      May 18, 2015

      The P.M is more than the classical D/can ej of our inability to dispense the English language. Who know were might speak better French than English Lol! Some like our dear P.M( poor feller)
      He wass an English teacher ! The man does not speak ,English,creole nor French. it bewilders that he taught English graduated ( may I add even graduated from university. The Doc got him in? so now doc is being repaid? I wonder! He hold a French passport lol! He reminds me of Instru Eddo’s pick for party / opposition leader lol

  11. Captain Ian
    May 17, 2015

    Learning French is particularly intmportant for persons that are not happy with English and Dominica and want to become FRENCH CITIZEN. I wonder if the local French man knew English when he applied and took French citizenship.

  12. Becky
    May 17, 2015

    I think we need to master the English language before we make any foray into the French language.

    After all we do not want to massacre the French language as we have done to the Queen’s English.

    Merci beaucoup et Bon chance C’est bien.

  13. Doc. Love
    May 17, 2015

    Skeritt always amazes me. In recent years, he has publicly changed his friends. In days done by, France, Martinique and Guadeloupe were our best friends. Since he made China, Mococo, Cuba, Venezuela and a bunch of undemocratic countries his friend, France, the French countries have been pushed aside. Remember the days when people like Arthie and Willie were called communist because they supported Cuba, our support, then, came from France and French countries. Today, things are different, our bosom friends are Cuba , Venezuela, China and Moroco. We have embassies all over the world, we have for instance, two Venezuelan Ambassadors resident in Dominica, the French colonies are so close to us, they play a great part in terms of our foreign exchange, do we have a resident French Ambassador in Dominica. As far as I am concerned, the man went to a meeting, he was filled with wine, on the spur of the moment, he man said whatever he wanted.

  14. Francisco Telemaque
    May 17, 2015

    Skerrit always talking some bull crap!

    Want France to do what? The help he is talking about is for France to pay the bloody expenses no matter much it cost. There are professional linguists teachers who can be contracted to teach French, Spanish or any other language in schools at any level, even from kindergarten!

    Talking crap; what happen to the days when even in the sixties, when French was part of our secondary school curriculum. I will mention a name, off one I know who reads DNO, and I am sure he can verify that he Dr. Jonathan Provost, and let me compound that Jonathan Provost MD, a medical doctor grew up at 35 River Street, speaks French fluently. He did not go to France to learn that.

    He was taught French in secondary school in Dominica. The man as far as I know speaks about five different languages, including Japanese I believe: I must ask him about that next time I talk with him.

    • Fouchette
      May 18, 2015

      So what are you saying? You said a lot but I am yet to grasp your point?

      • Francisco Telemaque
        May 18, 2015

        If the question is directed to me, and you cannot see my point that is an indication that you are an idiot who cannot read.

        The fact that I mentioned Jonathan, who speaks French fluently, and was taught the language in school in Dominica should be the only point you need to see. So let me state it again and hope you can get it.

        There was a time when Latin, and French was taught in every secondary school in Dominica okay! The same as how Dr. Prevost was taught, there are older people who has passed on who was also fluent in French, and other languages taught in Dominica.

        You perhaps The Silver Henry right here on DNO. His late father Fred Cold-berg Henry from Wesley attended SMA, he spoke French Latin and Douches (German) I would sit and listen to the man who owned Dupex long ago communicate in different languages including French and Latin

        He did not travel to France, nor France came to him to teach him the language. The are Americans, and British English Majors who…

      • May 18, 2015

        @ Fouchette May 18, 2015

        I share your sentiment; but what else can we expect from an individual who is always using one word in place of another–without noticing that error? Such as: ” I will mention a name, ( off ) one I know who reads DNO” –should that word in bracket not read ( of )?

        Also” “I must ask him about that next time I ( talk ) with him”. That one should read ( speak )–I did not study English writing in College for reason at all–I know how to speak the language.

        If we are going to judge other people “wrong” we need to first present ourselves “right”–but it is too bad; that is the attitude which is quite lacking in too many people–especially those “conceited” and “loud” idiots who claims to know everything–but they don’t know anything.

  15. Shaka zulu
    May 17, 2015

    We should also ask England to help teach English, Spain to help teach Spanish, Holland to teach dutch and so on. Chinese already teaching Mandarin. Great idea pm. You have the French on the ropes. Its about time alliance Francais bring in more French nationals. :mrgreen: bit your chest in front mirror.

  16. Views Expressed
    May 17, 2015

    Skerrit, We also need France to assist the government of Dominica on Good and accountable Governance and Transparency of states funds and resources in a poor country like Dominica. Stop lecturing us nonsense on the radio and TV Skerrit, go to parliament and have decent debate. You think that you are up to it?
    France has checks and balances in place that monitors and holds all peoples in account as far state money and matters are concerned. We do not need to speak French to understand what bobol is.

  17. Time will tell
    May 17, 2015

    “We just came back on Sunday from Martinique and Guadeloupe in a meeting with the French President. I had a bilateral meeting with the French President to speak on Dominica-France relations, “Mr. Skerrit said. “ I took up the opportunity being the Chairman of the OECS to speak on OECS matters.” I had to use translators as I do not speak a word of FRENCH myself sad but true as I am a dual Citizen of DA & France(I did not declare my passport in court) Look Like I will need a scholarship myself after May 29th the way I am seeing demonstrations very where. If it happens( the uprisings) If it happens in 10places simultaneously My forces will not be able to keep up.I have Venezuelan & Chinese forces but Iam worried about the OECS and America. said Medard.

    • May 18, 2015

      Time Will Tell, You made my day. That was really funny, but it is the truth.

      • 2Give it to them
        May 18, 2015

        It’s my pleasure. They doh like I man vibes on DNO to heavy for them .They frequently dock my contribution cause am way ahead of the game. Give it to them if you only knew who I am. lol Man I would round up all these suckers posing as DLP UWP ites .A bunch of jokers who Viagra no long help who have nothing to do with their time.
        They are like frogs jumping from stone to stone opportunists with human face. Skerrit could not walk my dog left to me alone. I would round them up (all of them and jail dem with no release in sight. Basically for crimes against the state. A bunch of ids. Our Prime minister fell thru the cracks. Allowing him in as incompetent as he is. reflect who we are as a people.
        Boug-la passa parle Anglaise.” My friends I say unto you.”- Skerrit everytime god is god &god is good everytime use to be his he have plenty money ,property he forgot god lol!
        I don’t get. How D/cans allow BS to rule .We are a sick population. My leader has to be wider than I…

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