Skerrit invites joint overseas mission to assist with electoral reform

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

In the face of an unrelenting campaign for electoral reform by some sections of Dominican society, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has announced a decision to invite CARICOM, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the OAS to send a joint mission to Dominica in order to make recommendations on the best way to implement reforms for the introduction of voter ID cards and for the revision of the register of electors.

According to the prime minister, that mission will meet with the government, political parties and other stakeholders in undertaking its task, “to ensure that the confidence of the general public can be reposed in the decisions taken to move the electoral process forward.”

Skerrit made the disclosure in a radio statement in which he harshly criticized those who have been advocating for electoral reform.

“Over the last few months, the public has been bombarded with misinformation, half-truths and downright lies by people who pretend to want electoral reform but who have done everything to frustrate the implementation of measures to ensure the introduction of identification cards for purposes of voting and the revision and updating of the register of electors,” the prime minister stated.

He pointed out that DLP government was the first, in 2009 and 2014, to invite observer missions for the general elections and while he maintains that the observers found both elections to be credible, Skerrit admits that there is need for improvement. The observer missions stated in their reports that the the elections were free but necessarily fair and made recommendations for some measure of electoral reform.

Skerrit said that since 2013, the DLP government has been working towards the implementation of the recommended reforms  to make it mandatory to use identification cards for voting and to ensure that there is a more accurate register of electors.

“All of the requirements set out and the funding requested by the Electoral Commission, have been available to it in a timely manner,” Skerrit stated. “The Commission has indicated to the public since 2016 that all it requires in order to move forward is the legislative authority. The attempts to bring this legislation to parliament has been resisted by some who fail to realize appreciate that this legislation achieves the very thing that they claim to want.”

The prime minister said that the Electoral Commission has sought and received guidance from a Commonwealth expert on electoral matters.

“That expert reviewed the draft legislation and apart from reservations expressed on provisions of the Bills which have since been removed, found that the process for confirmation of electors and revision of the register met the standards of international best practice,” he added.

However, the United Workers Party (UWP) and the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), who have been at the helm of the campaign for electoral reform, have said that there is no need for additional legislation as the existing House of Assembly Elections Act gives the Chief Elections Officer the authority to introduce voter ID cards. They are also opposed to a proposed amendment to the Act which gives the Electoral Office the authority to travel overseas to re-register Dominican voters who are resident in countries outside of Dominica.

The prime minster contends that this measure provides these Dominicans with “a fair chance to participate in any process that will lead to the introduction of ID cards and the revision of the register.” However, the proponents of electoral reform say the proposed re-registration process is unfair as it provides the opportunity for some Dominicans in selected parts of the world to re-register and discriminates against other Dominican who live in other parts of the world.

“If we truly want electoral reform,” Skerrit suggested in his statement, “then we must be prepared to read the proposed draft legislation, read the requirements of the laws and our constitution.”

He added, “We have to be prepared to put aside partisan politics and take an honest look for ourselves at what is being proposed. The government is of the view that what we have proposed is the best course of action to achieve the reforms that we will all say that we want. We will not be intimidated by violence or threats of violence.”

The prime minister went on to say that he has received a favourable response from the three organizations – CARICOM, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the OAS – that he has invited to come to Dominica to help advance the electoral reform process, “and I expect in the coming weeks that their representatives will be on island to undertake this mission.”

Skerrit described the move as a continued expression of the government’s efforts “to ensure that on a sensitive matter like this, that there is complete transparency and that every opportunity is given to the public in a mature and rational manner. I hope that all those who purport to have concerns, will use the opportunity in a respectful and peaceful manner to interact with the mission on these issues.”

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  1. x poto labourite
    July 1, 2019

    You can invite whoever you want, we still not voting for you.

  2. Pipo
    July 1, 2019

    I suppose you also support that he alone has the authority to distribute or not distribute donations from overseas governments and organisations as he sees fit and we must not grumble if the takes a cut himself because it is he who caused these people to make gifts to us in the first place., that we would not receive that largesse if it was not for him? I would like to hear your response.

  3. %
    June 30, 2019

    Lazy Skerrit seem to be Prime Minister and chairman of the independent Electoral Commission at the same time.
    What a mess of a country that we are living in .

  4. Angelo Allen
    June 29, 2019

    Why is this ongoing interference by Skerrit into Election matters ? doesnt this guy understand that .. Against his Ego .. we are still a constitutional democracy .. the electoral commission is suppose to be an independent body insulated from interference by politicians , including skerrit . After two decades of rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s worst despots , Dominica has lost its good name and now , All DICTATORS must FALL including skerrit . Our people have decided that TWENTY years of a thoughtless moronic despot , is sufficient for all of us in our lifetime . I oppose the recent call for the presence of outside forces (OAS/CARICOM/Commonwealth ) to influence or trample upon the will of our people .

    • UKDominican
      July 1, 2019

      I agree with you. Our constitution is perfectly clear on this. I suspect that Roosevelt Skerrit is attempting to throw some weight behind his assertion that it is the opposition, that is behind the delays in our electoral reform. I don’t know how he going to achieve this and I would advise him not to try and get the backing of the Secretary General of the Commonwealth on this. Patricia Scotland has already been discredited and is known in the U.K. by the unflattering nickname “Baroness Shameless”. I do not believe she would lend her support in this case to her old pal Roosevelt, as it would backfire and tarnish her reputation even further at at a time she is desperately trying to get a second term at the Commonwealth office against strong opposition from many of its members.

    • Gary
      July 1, 2019

      Why are you so silly. When you say quote “the electoral commission is supposed to be an independent body insulated from interference by politicians, including Skerrit.” How does the electoral commission get its mandate, it gets it mandates from the laws passed in Parliament to establish its existence, it did not create it own existence, it is not independent; subject to its own laws only, that is why the Government needs to go to Parliament and pass legislation to make electoral reforms, why you cannot comprehend this.

      You oppose the call for OAS, CARICOM and Commonwealth personnel to help The Government mediate a solution moving forward to electoral reform but you and others use these same intuitions quotes and recommendations from their previous reports as election observers to establish a nefarious agenda calling for electoral reform. Why did you describe these institutions as outside forces, so long for your silliness.

      • Ibo france
        July 1, 2019

        Gary, those who pretend to be knowledgeable are far worse than those who are ignorant. You are always referring to people as silly when you are the one who thinks like an unlettered person. The electoral commission should be independent so as to avoid partisanship and bias. The government should never interfere with the work of the commission and bring it into disrepute. The electoral system is the fulcrum on which our democracy lies. With your simplistic and moronic way of thinking, no political party in power should ever lose an election. …………………………………………

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      July 3, 2019

      Constitutional democracy is a system of government in which the limits of political authority are clearly stated and the electorate has the power to remove poor performing governments.

      Countries that adhere to the political system of a constitution democracy usually have a legal framework, such as a constitution, by which to rule over the country.

      Congratulation “Governor” at least you are correct; nevertheless, the voting Dominican, have allowed Roosevelt, to use his tactics of bribery, with money and food to usurp  their power, preventing them from kicking him to the curb.

      Perhaps there is a lesson learn here and by 2020 election the triple head of the snake will be chopped off!

      I am the Kid the little boy Son F Ma John.

  5. Hector Marie
    June 29, 2019

    why should people living in Dominica agree to let Dominicans living overseas accept a free ticket ,arrive in the country on Monday night go to the pols on Tuesday morning and board a plane in the evening leave, Most of them would not have done this except for the free vepp. people living overseas should be allowed to vote if they make contributions like buy lands ,build houses show your interest in the country other than a free ticket to impose your will on poor people

  6. RandyX
    June 29, 2019

    The crime minister doesn’t want proper electoral reform/cleansing of the voters register. No. 34 Murphy Lane in Goodwill is a prime example why Skerrit doesn’t wan’t reform and it clearly explains why he stayed in office for so long.

  7. dissident
    June 29, 2019

    Mr PM has a serious mistrust of the people and institution in the country that he leads.
    I don’t trust PM to make a call that is the direct responsibility of the election commission….if these institution were to follow the wishes of the PM against our constitution then we should disregard these very same institution around us ANY AND EVERY TIME in the future.
    Election matters are the business of the electoral commission only….. Caricom and the others should not interfere with our constitution provision….. they and Skerrit will be acting against our constitution.
    That will officially announce the end of Caricom.

    The laws of Dominica makes provision for outside influence interfering in our election……. Skerrit looking for table to hide under now!……he going far away us for mercenaries to protect him personally

  8. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    June 29, 2019

    First time in history that a Boeing 747 will be landing at Melville Hall airport 5,000 foot runway loaded with yours truly voters from Florida and Texas during the election. The landing of this huge plane on Dominica will be a miracle and everyone will be amazed with the feat.

  9. June 29, 2019

    Oh! Dr! Dr! “what a tangled web you weave when you continue to deceive” garcon soon you will be calling on Trump and Puttin to come down and remove the name of dead people on the voters list and to issue ID cards for voting; I’m warning the international community not to give this wanna-be any more honorary Dr’s because the more you give him the dumber he gets and his “mouton batallie” and intellectually dishonest will continue to take this country down a destructive path of no recovery.

  10. Diaspora, it's up to you
    June 29, 2019

    Just because your name is on the list does not mean you should proceed to vote. Our voters’ list is NOT accurate. If you know you are not eligible to vote according to our constitution, please, I beg you on my knees :cry: , do the right thing. You will not be less Dominican.
    In fact, you will prove to be a true patriot.

  11. Who in the kitchen
    June 29, 2019

    Dominicans in the Diaspora,
    It is true that who in the kitchen, is the one who feels the heat. I am sure you agree.
    One of the many tricks Mr. Skerrit has been using to win, is the fact that some of you come down just before the elections solely to vote for him. He is counting on this, that’s why he has not allowed the chairman of the Electoral Commission to clean up the voters list. If Mr. Burton was to cleans up the list, many of your names would be removed as per constitution rules.
    Diaspora, BLUE or RED, we love you all, you are our family, but if you are a resident in another country for more than 5 years, our constitution dictates that your name be removed from the election register.
    Some of you have been living overseas for over 20 years and still come down to vote. The rule was put in place to protect the wishes of those of us who are living on the island, who are directly feeling the “heat”. Search your conscience.

  12. We can see you
    June 29, 2019

    Brother Skerrit, The sooner you and your supporters come to accept that this is your final term in office, the better for all of us. You are looking for all kind of ways to buy time for yourself so you can figure ou a way to stay in office. It will not work. We are on to your trickery. You know that most people on island right now will NOT vote for DLP.

  13. Me
    June 29, 2019

    Anything to waste time….

  14. Ibo france
    June 29, 2019

    Electoral reforms should have been a non-issue today if the current administration was serious and honest. This issue has gone on far too long. Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda and other countries throughout the Caribbean have gotten it right. For sure, as always, Dominica must be last in everything good. Do this thing right this time around so no other administration would have to reinvent the wheel. Electoral reforms are not about any political party gaining an advantage. That’s corruption. It’s about creating a level playing field for all political parties. Whenever there is blatant partisanship, chronic dishonesty and stubborn resistance to fairness by the powers that be, the people suffer miserably. Honesty Is The Best Policy!

  15. Bwa-Banday
    June 28, 2019

    Oh hell no! These very same organizations have sat idly by and watch Skerrit duck , weave, lie and abuse his power as it pertains to the electoral reform process. Who gave Skerrit the authority to call on HIS OUTSIDERS of choice to determine our needed reforms? Is that not the duty of the Electoral Commission? By doing so as a ONE MAN dictator he is violating another tenet of our constitution which to him by now does not exist.

    I promise you that by him inviting these folks it is a clear indication that his acolytes (SC) have already impregnated bias into the process and nothing in Dca’s interest will result. Skerrit needs to go ASAP or he shall be removed.

  16. marcus
    June 28, 2019

    Don’t forget he giving Haitians passports to build up his electorate. he is not to be trusted,remember self preservation is the first law of nature if need be run them Haitians out.Dominica cannot employ it’s people but all kind of outsiders are getting big money contracts and they bring people to work for low wages that drive the wages even lower.

  17. My bad
    June 28, 2019

    First of all that should be the call of the election Commissioner and NOT the call of Skerrit. The PM just confirmed that he is the one in charge of our elections and that Gerald Burton and the other lawyers on the committee are only working in Skerrit’s best interest. Imagine a cricket match where the umpires are players of the opposite team. Is that not what Skerrit is saying? Is he not suggesting that he is the one running the electoral commission? Now let’s look at who he wants to run the election reform for him: 1. CARICOM. In as much as I don’t trust Skerrit shadow, I even more afraid of this evil, corrupt, and greedy gangsters in CARICOM. Every one of them smarter than Skerrit and it is in their best interest to have that you in charge of Dominica so they could fool him at will as seen by Barbados, Gonsalves, Brown etc 2. The fake woman that won by default? Oh God two of a kind. The one that sent us to suck salt? The one that is yet tell us how much she raised after Erika?

  18. Ibo france
    June 28, 2019

    Instead of getting bogged down in petty, partisan politics for the past twenty years, Skerrit and the DLP should have transformed Dominica into the envy of the Caribbean, probably even the world. Part of Dominica could have been a nature paradise where locals and visitors come to observe the rarest of flora and fauna. Develop the healthcare system and sport facilities to the level where the country could engage in Health and Sports Tourism. Develop also a sophisticated network of roads and bridges connecting every major community on island. Pain, sorrow and misery have become the people’s best friends. A proper electoral system, with a level playing field for all political parties, will see the dawning of a new day in Dominica.

  19. The people demand Electoral reforms now.
    June 28, 2019

    Keep on the Pressure for Electoral Reforms, Patriots. Skerritt and his evil apparatus, have been responsible for almost two decades, for the onslaught on our democratic way of life. The AG, Foreign Minster, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, recently in a meeting at Parish hall again publicly claimed that there would be NO ELECTORAL REFORM, no time to test cards, It was the Chairman and past Chief Elections officer, Larocque who told citizens of issuing NID cards instead of VID cards. Up to now, nothing.

    The recommendations from all the orgs. have been –Electoral REFORM.

    Imagine the Electoral Commission itself requested reforms to include cleaning of the list, issuing of Voter ID cards, up to now. Stalled. The Electoral Commission again told Dominicans that it would conduct a verification process starting in July 2018, up to now. Stalled

    Dominicans brace yourselves for major problems, because NO Electoral Reform. No FREE and FAIR Election.

  20. Neverson St jean
    June 28, 2019

    Does the word independence mean anything? how independent are we as a country. Investigations overseas help, prosecutors overseas help ,healthcare overseas, elections overseas. Wake up my people.

    June 28, 2019

    UWP has so much confidence that They are going to win the election why can’t THEY just wait when THEY get into office( only God knows when), all that they are asking for will be done.
    1995-2000, they got into power under the existing conditions.
    Last election their number of seats increased under the very same. No one is against ELECTORAL REFORM……
    All of a sudden a big fuss. Just wait. ELECTION is a few months away. When ( God only knows)you take office you will fulfill your demands
    UWP and its followers motto is, If is not our way, Then is no way.
    Trust me, don’t take the PM silence for weakness..

    • It's time for change
      June 30, 2019

      “don’t take the PM silence for weakness”? :-D Is that supposed to scare us off :lol: :lol: :lol: What he going to do? Steuuups. The blue tidal wave cannot be stopped amigo.

    • Ibo france
      June 30, 2019

      Your comments show that you think superficially. UWP will unlikely get in office if the electoral system is rigged and corrupt as is. Dominicans will never get a government that they deserve if the status quo remain the same. KID, you engage in surface thinking, no depth at all. KID, you need to revisit the primary school classroom.
      He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a child – teach him.

    • Neville
      July 1, 2019

      In a few month time I wonder what song you’ll be singing. You are one useless individual…!

  22. LifeandDeath
    June 28, 2019

    Another Example to show how Skerrit love Foreign Man..The man is ridiculously dishonest, but Dominica as a nation will never benefit from dishonesty in Public Office.
    20 years from now, we will still be reeling from the effects of the poor decisions made over the last 15 years. We already know what needs to be done, stop wasting public funds in your delay tactice Skerrit. These people have been here before. Faster Dominicans wake up, better.

  23. Neville
    June 28, 2019

    Electoral reform we want. Do we need to spell it out to you?

  24. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    June 28, 2019

    This is a horrible shame, a blatant insult to the intelligence of our native Dominica people!
    Are Dominicans not capable of dealing with, and resolving our nations internal affairs: are our people so incompetent, that Roosevelt alternative is to bring outsiders into the country to dictate what we must do in order to achieve electoral reform?
    Roosevelt is so incompetent, he cannot initiate anything significant in the country without getting foreign influence to screw-up his mine, and in the process damaging our nation!
    They implemented electoral reform in Antigua within a period of six months, without outside help by any foreign  advisers, and their program worked without any issues!
    Roosevelt dependency on bad advise which came from the Ralph Gonzales, and his Bajan Hartely what’s his name; has set Dominica backwards in time, causing Dominica to be the poorest, most backward place in the Caribbean, and most likely the entire Western Hemisphere! 
    What a clown.

  25. Ibo france
    June 28, 2019

    I have learnt my lesson well over the past nineteen years. The lesson is that Skerrit is NOT to be trusted. The man is a congenital liar – this disease has been in his genes from birth. I repeat from previous posts. Everything that is said or done by Mr. Skerrit is painstakingly hammered out for political advantageousness. I know, with mathematical certainty, that the DLP presently cannot win a general election in Dominica without a heavy influx of rental votes from overseas. Hence, the incessant argument for overseas registration, the retention on the list of people who have not returned to Dominica for the last five years. All political parties plus the business sector, the clergy, the bar association, the unions along with the representatives of the Commonwealth and OAS should sit together and hammer out a fair way forward. They don’t seem capable of doing this themselves thus the reason for outside inclusion from the two foreign organizations. Let’s do it fairly this time.

    • Calibishie Warrior
      June 29, 2019

      “I know, with mathematical certainty, that the DLP presently cannot win a general election in Dominica without a heavy influx of rental votes from overseas” That statement alone renders the rest of your post as lacking credibility. The ONLY way you could know this is if you had interviewed every prospective voter and they guaranteed not to change their minds before election day. And this is a prime example of how so many commentators (with emphasis on the opposition side, it has to be said) advertise their SUPPOSITION as FACT. That is the definition of propaganda . Comfort yourself with your ‘knowledge’ .. but don’t expect the rest of us to buy it.

      • Ibo france
        June 30, 2019

        It is the Diaspora votes that push the incumbent party over the top in many of the constituencies. That is quite conspicuous. The Labour support, this time around, is waning. No one has to interview every prospective voter to draw an obvious conclusion. Things are definitely trending towards the Blue Tidal Wave. Why do you think your party leader is frantically trying to implement so many temporary and short term measures to curry favour with their gullible electors? The evidence is astoundingly clear, the writing is on the proverbial wall that the defeat of this kakistacratic CONCOCTION/EXPERIMENT is inevitable at the next polls. The people are determined to rid the country of this human disaster.

      • RandyX
        July 1, 2019

        And what exactly do you know, Calibishie layabout? You know jack s..t. The only thing you do is trying desperately to spread more Skerrit propaganda. Calibishie is a prime example of what your beloved PM stands for. Take peoples livelihood and make them dependent on him. Remember Calibishie 20 years ago, foreigners spending money there, some even lived there year round, others doing meaningful farming and make serious money with bananas, guest houses and small hotels. Today, drive through the village and it’s like a ghost town with just a few drug addicts and general rum heads wishing the day away! Come on people we can do better. Don’t keep on following this liar Skerrit!

    • Man bites dogs
      June 29, 2019

      I and most other Dominicans would much rather trust prime Minister Skerrit, than to put our trust in the hands of that second rate idiot Lennox Linton, for sure you can moan till the end of times Linton will never be prime Minister of Dominica, …………..

      • Ibo france
        June 30, 2019

        Man Munch Dogs, Skerrit is such a notorious and pathological liar that he has lost all credibility with sensible people. Only the gullible, the ignorant and the mendicant believe him. I expect you to believe every word emanating from the PM’s mouth because you fit the profile above perfectly.

      • Smh
        July 1, 2019

        @man bites dogs. The only reason you are calling Mr. Linton that name is because that’s what Skerrit told you to say. You will believe anything Skerrit tells you because he has hypnotized you. Don’t worry I can help. When the church bell rings 3 times, shout “Skerrit!” 3 times and the spell will be broken. You’re welcome.

      • Lennox for PM
        July 2, 2019

        Honourable Lennox Linton is an honest and caring man. Everything he does is out of love; for family, for Dominica 🇩🇲 and for humanity. He is a mature leader of good character and integrity. His high intelligence is undeniable when his articulate speeches leave every listener in awe. Mr. Linton as Prime Minister of Dominica, with the support of his loving and classy wife Shirley will propel our country into tremendous wealth, prosperity and restore our dignity as sovereign nation.

  26. LaPlaine Observer
    June 28, 2019

    Let’s not be fooled by all Skerrit’s so-called experts and observers he is inviting to oversea our electoral reform. Who is paying these people, and who are they anyway? Since 2013 the government contends that it has been looking into electoral reform and up to this date no progress. Why would they change the current system if it’s working in their favor.

  27. LifeandDeath
    June 28, 2019

    A snake, in order to garner trust will show it’s slender body and sparkling scales but conceals it’s ominous fangs..

    It’s always easier in the long run to just be honest from the beginning.

  28. Not A Herd Follower
    June 28, 2019

    Why does Dominica need these three organisations to undertake electoral reforms? They, especially The Commonwealth and the OAS, have already told us what measures we can take. We are capable of implementing them. But the DLP and its henchmen are blocking the implementation of reforms that are fair to all political parties. The reforms the DLP or the Skerrit Family Party want are those that favour them only. They do not want a fair electoral system for they know the implications for them if elections are truly fair and in conformity with the best of democratic traditions.

    The invitation to these three organisations strongly have the appearance of a political ploy.

  29. Bravo PM
    June 28, 2019

    I must give Jack his jacket. This is a step in the right direction PM. Open discourse the best pathway toward peace.

    • Pipo
      June 28, 2019

      Yes give him his jacket, make sure it is a straight jacket.

    • Frank N Stein
      June 28, 2019

      That path is pure bull…. to deter the Sunday demonstration. Skerrit will fool you but not the entire country. The very same people have told him over and over what to do. Sending for them now will make no diff or tell him nothing diff from what they already have on many occasions. Thats a smokescreen. Fool yourself if you wish or pretend if you wish.

  30. Shaka zulu
    June 28, 2019

    I am not going to waste my time read this. I have heard enough. The observer mission concluded that the last election was free but not fair. Why does skerrit continue to make it look like Dominicans are incapable of solving its internal problems. First of all this is political and i thought these folks stayed away from individual island politics. The problem in implementing is the PM. He does not like anyone from Dominica giving sugestions or challenges. Look at his defensive and agressive response when ask to give account for state funds. Similarly a Col from Jamaica made a report on the Police response to maria. The Commissioner should have been relieved of duties, yet report was kept secret and commish now more committed to PM dirty work. A confident and intellgent man listen to his people and is honest even in shortcomings because through honesty true concrete solutions are derived. Skerrit is nothing but a coward and insecure kid looking for attention. We are capable people.

    • Realist
      June 29, 2019

      Did you forget Crispin went to the OAS to complain about reform? At that time it was all good. Now that the prime minister is taking the initiative to deal with the OAS it is wrong. Some people are very confused.

  31. google
    June 28, 2019

    This is why we know the bias of DNO. The speech was made yesterday morning 7:00 and only now you are publishing. well well well.
    Admin, This is embarrassing. according to Trump SAD!

  32. jamie
    June 28, 2019

    You are a man,that always seems to blame others for your lies and schemes,you know the election goes to your advantage,you import people from all over to vote for the labour party,Skerrit you will answer one day,and is only God knows.

  33. Flat Tire
    June 28, 2019

    Yessa this dlp will pull every trick from the bag to delay reform and try and import it’s overseas votes to win. It is clear that the dlp is worried that the people on the ground in Dominica no longer want them.

  34. Gouvelma
    June 28, 2019

    Oh my Skerritt! You are feeling the noose tightening around your neck. It is said the whenever America sneezes Antigua gets a cold. It can also be said whenever Antigua sneezes Dominica gets tb. Skerrit needed not go to those organisations for help and guidance. Antigua has one of the most modern election law. It is called the Representation of the Peoples Act. All Skerritt needed to do was to use the said act and substitute Dominica wherever Antigua appears. So while he is blaming everyone for us not having up to date electoral laws he has not looked in the mirror for the true culprit. He is opposed to electoral reform because if those real changes come to pass he would not be coming to Antigua in search of vote. Electoral reform will lead to the death of labor.

  35. Toto
    June 28, 2019

    Skerrit dont run elections. The electoral commission not supposed to report to him but act totally independent, that is what our constitution says anyway. Let the electoral commission get on with it and dont interfere.

  36. %
    June 28, 2019

    This is a ploy to go into the next election without reform to ensure that the result is stolen. This DLP is very good at stealing elections This is unfair and the public should not accept that!!!
    The business of going abroad to confirm or reconfirm voters is a form of disenfranchisement by the DLP…This party knows how to steal elections ..
    Electoral reform is needed, and Dominicans should holler for it!!

  37. Channel 1
    June 28, 2019

    More talk shop delay tactics by dat man & his handlers.

    • Hear him out
      June 28, 2019

      The PM wants to talk. Let’s hear what he is offering. If it doesn’t benefit democracy, then we reject it. Let’s not oppose just for opposing sake. At the end of the day Skerrit is one of us.

      • Toto
        June 28, 2019

        Come on, how much more you want to hear. When you keep on hearing and not listening and digesting the man will have walked over you and pass you and leaving you like the three proverbial monkeys, unaware what happen to you.

        • June 29, 2019

          And to you Toto; how much are you not listening to, but jumping with you all’s constant, negative and sometimes rude response.

          For you people –especially those regulars on this comment board, who never sleeps– the PM cannot do anything right; everything he does is wrong; and yet he has the majority of Dominicans with him, wherever they are. They have kept him to rule over the Nation for 15 or 20 years how could that be so?

          • Joseph John
            July 1, 2019

            @ Elizabeth …..I agree that the PM has the majority and is the best person to lead the country. He has been tested with fire by man, beast and nature and has prevailed like a hero over outlaws.
            The uwp shenanigans ( (political, personal and otherwise) have helped. They are good at lying, double talk with two face bold face misbehavior that can be seen all over the world.
            For example they say they want electoral reform, but they do not want amendments to existing laws and the constitution. Their password NO ELECTION WITHOUT REFORM, (ultimatum terrorist style ). They PM have agreed to negotiate their demands (for peace sake) to the extent that he will bring in experts from the region but they negate his suggestions. They say that they want exclusive Voter I D cards. Not proper picture identification papers including passports or S.S. cards that has pictures.
            Remember that our present electoral system is based on practice like common law (coded ) for almost 60 years .

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        June 29, 2019

        The pm has no authority to call anybody to talk to Dominicans about electoral reform..This is the mandate of the commission. So talk about waht the very commission has proposed years ago..who runs elections in Dominica Skerro of the Commission..well then again this mad man said he run things but I strongly believe he ruins things. SKERRIT HAS ONLY ONE PROBLEM NOW ,GOD HAS REJECTED HIM JUST AS HE REJECTED SAUL.

        • Joseph John
          July 1, 2019

          The commission does not have diplomatic relations ( government authority) to negotiate with other governments, or reginal and international organizations . The PM has it. He alone has the authority to negotiate on behalf of Dominica. He is the recognized Head of State. He can also delegate to the Minister of External Affairs or others.
          If he invites a foreign country or organization to assist us it cannot be interpreted as interference in our internal affairs. If he does not invite them or accept a request to visit it may be considered an invasion. That is why Linton can be tried for terrorism for impersonating a Head of government in Guyana , then holding a news conference. ( He had no invitation )
          No. I did not study foreign affairs, international law or British Constitution. Nor logic or ethical behavior or international and national security. Everyone can see through the uwp 5 grade conniver shenanigans brains. They cannot see outside their blue negative boxes.

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