Some good, a lot of bad – Dr. Frampton on DLP’s management of Dominica

Dr. Anthony Frampton was the guest speaker at the UWP Town Hall Meeting in New York

The Dominica Labour Party is being commended for the way it managed the country during 2002 to 2009 but University Lecturer Dr. Bernard Anthony Frampton says when Roosevelt Skerrit took over as prime minister, things took a turn for the worse.

He told those gathered in New York for a UWP Town Hall Meeting that there’s nothing wrong in admitting that the DLP government did a fairly decent job to stabilize the economy during the country’s 2000 to 2001 crisis when there was a contraction in output by 10%.

“In fact, we need to emphasize that had the government continued with that type of responsible governance, transparency, and fiscal discipline, today Dominica would be a regional leader in national development. But it did not,” he said.

On the contrary, according to Dr. Frampton, the Roosevelt Skerrit administration that inherited power from the late Pierre Charles went rogue and took a dark, destructive turn.

He said PM Skerrit had some achievements no doubt, like the smooth implementation of the VAT and excise duty in March of 2006, “but few patriotic Dominicans will deny that he has led Dominica into a sinister abyss with deep echoes of corruption, victimization, division, and relative autocracy.”

Frampton, a university lecturer, said during 2002 to 2009, the DLP government also did a fair job at improving social indicators like unemployment and poverty, decreasing unemployment from 25 to 14 percent, however, this improvement did not reach the youth, who remained unemployed at a rate of 31%.

“Poverty dropped from 39% to 29%. Perhaps, with a more conciliatory approach, we would have been more effective in making the argument that while it was doing a reasonable job at addressing poverty levels, it was making inequality a big problem,” Frampton said

He concluded by saying that opposition voices must not be afraid to point out the achievements of the government when warranted.

“This does not necessarily weaken our message of change but instead, forces us to be clearer and more lucid in our arguments and helps stimulate more healthy political engagement,” he said, adding, “there were times when I felt that we could have been more targeted and more prudent with our critiques of the government. It has not done everything badly, although it has done quite a bit very, very badly.”

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  1. Voter
    July 16, 2019

    Is that Ferdiana Frampton brother?

    The son of Ferdinan Frampton??

    Alex Bruno friend??

    So what you expect to hear nah?


    When the election call we will answer you.

    Because you have to tell us what role you and Alex them playing in getting Dominicans to come and vote. And you have to tell us if you call a particular woman and what was she offered and from or by who

    You think we forget you time in Dominica media??

    Tan toe tan toe

  2. Ides of March
    July 16, 2019

    boy who are you eh?? who gives two hoots about what you think??? Sit DOWN

  3. Forreal
    July 16, 2019

    Well boy spider must be turning in his grave,in calypso he said, pierre Charles foriegn policy was wrong, wow so that’s a 360 contradiction.

  4. mine
    July 15, 2019

    You repeat whatever the UWP tells you.

  5. Lin clown
    July 15, 2019

    REAL,You are real SICK,uneducated and LYING.Skerrit has created 3,400 jobs in the NEP.HE brought CLEAR HARBOUR to Dominica 834 jobs.He created the YES WE CARE 243 people involved.$ 300 for everybody above 70 yrs.That is how Dominicans make money.We have more Policemem,more Nurses,more teachers.IN Dominica people are getting RICH selling RIPE BANANAS and EGGS.REAL the hundreds of thousands of dollars leaving through WESTERN UNION and MONEY GRAM every month WHERE IS IT COMING FROM?.Lazy,lying UWP TRAITORS………………………………………………….

    • Joseph John
      July 16, 2019

      @ Lin Clown,..Their own people are saying that 90 % of the people working are employer in government jobs.
      Our experiences re Maria has taught us that we can depend on the Skerrit led DLP government to go beyond the call of duty.

    • Funny
      July 17, 2019

      Lady. Is this the DLP’s score card? Is this it? Really? Menial jobs for college graduates. That’s all DLP can boast about? Caring for elderly because their children are broke? Under freedom party banana 🍌 farmers used to buy brand new vehicles in cash. In 2019 this is all we are able to achieve? We are worst now, in a time when knowledge has increased. Last kakarat in the eastern Caribbean. Incompetent DLP must GO!

  6. Joseph John
    July 15, 2019

    Do the research on May, 1979, and D-day and Maria in 2017. I know you know have heard of the term “the most unkindest act(s) of all”

  7. Joseph John
    July 15, 2019

    I am concerned that a learnt post graduate can be so bias. When you reach that level of education you goal has to be objective. Look at his time line. He is forgetting the crucial elements of the forces of Mathew, Erica and Maria, a triple wammy of destruction that completely devastated the very foundation of our economy. And the double wammy in 2017 of D-Day and Maria (in the same year). Its was like Dominica ceased to exist. So who rebuilt the country (from scratch) you are disparaging not the party which is famous for trouble and going MIA in time of danger.
    @Man bites Dog below mentioned stoning. Does the good Dr ever learnt of the ramification of May 29, 1979. Just you wait Dr when you learn about who beat up your Dad and got him fired from a job in the Bahamas you will have a turnaround point of view .
    I am sure as a Phd graduate you know the difference between theory and practice, between facts and fiction. Before you parrot the uwp ideology do research on 1979 &…

  8. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    July 15, 2019

    “DLP government did a fairly decent job to stabilize the economy during the country’s 2000 to 2001 crisis when there was a contraction in output by 10%. ”

    Guy you might be a professor, of some thing, I am in not position deny that!Nevertheless, I do not understand what form of economics Roosevelt use to stabilize the economy within one year.

    Good as you may have intended, if what you say is distorted it makes no sense. Let us focus on who was in power during 2000/2001.

    Unless, I a wrong or a little bit confused, and if memory serves me correct, I remember a coalition government led by the late Roosevelt Rosie Douglas was in power; and we know of the chaos which prevailed to the day their rein ended.

    Somebody correct me if I error; I do not pretend to know and remember everything accurately; but thing about stabilizing Dominica’s economy in less than a year or one year does not ring a bell.

    • Joseph John
      July 15, 2019

      Sir, have you heard of the Stockholm Syndrome? It seem that this Dr who seem to share the uwp ideology seem to show the symptoms.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        July 17, 2019

        The Stockholm Syndrome was first experienced; physiologically diagnosed, and identified in 1973 in Sweden when Bank Clerks were locked in a vault for six days, by which time they began to identify with the criminals their captors.

        I am not suggesting this guy is identifying with the UWP, for this is not a robbery, or a crime of any sort.

        All I suggest he is not accurate in regards to his comments of about Roosevelt stabilizing the economy of Dominica between 2000 and 2001.

        Something seems mythical about!

        From the day Edison James and the UWP lost the election, the economy of Dominica became destabilized to this very day!

        • Joseph John
          July 17, 2019

          It is not a crime in law but it has to be a moral crime when a Phd holder is under the control of a fifth grader. There have to be a quid pro quo promise or a syndrome like what Patsy Hurst suffered. As for the economic dive of Dominica, it took a dive when Edison James became manager of DBGA and Athie Martin told banana farmers to cut bananas and plant peppers. Were they both working as Chikita agents ?
          The economy took an other dive because both the DFP and UWP who run the country for 20 years were unable to revive it.
          Now Skerrit is planning to use a policy of clustering/bundling Tourism, Agriculture and Construction to support his vision for reviving the economy.
          Those UWP leaders only have words no plans, no understanding of the dynamics of economic development. And their behavior re Maria demonstrated that they are not reliable. They behaved like deserters who will leave their comrades behind under fire. Like cowards going MIA.

  9. I still Red
    July 15, 2019

    Because I am very objecti eperson some doubt that I am still Red. But the truth is I fully endorse everything said by Mr. Frampton. Prior to this up comig election although I didnt always like what Skerrit was doing but never did I ever have to question if I was going to vote for him. This time around I have a 90% chance of voting UWP, though i have a hard time liking Mr. Linton. Skerrit has badly lost his way and Erika and Maria really revealed him to me.. Skerrit is not about building Di.inica he is about building himself and stay in power for his personal business. Honestly speaking I dont sew Dominica taking one step forward under Skerrit because aftee 15 years he is yet to lay a foundation for anything positive. All he does is patch coverup like a perdon trying to selk a bad car and to deceive people he would just paint the car and put rims but the engine is not good

    • RED and Ready
      July 15, 2019

      You was never red.

  10. Man bites dogs
    July 15, 2019

    Just remember one thing Mr Skerrit, administrations do not have to apologise,or the difficulty to prove beyond doubt the Labour Party has done, the evidence is there for all to see.. Labour one love 😍 Skerrit keep the pressure on those suckers and the rest belongs to us labourites to finish the job. I’m 100 %sure Mr Francisco, seating and watching what I have to say it’s his choice, I like the guy!!

  11. Huh
    July 15, 2019

    All these UWP supporters just come there and think they can fool people. Times have changed with the evolution of the WWW. No lie will go unchecked. You can fool those in blue walking with their eyes closed but the majority knows that the election of the UWP would result in a desaster for the country.

    • Joseph John
      July 15, 2019

      Those 5 graders have no idea what the www is.
      you can type a name and get information about that person or anything else. So people type DAAS and type CBI and do a search. everything is on line. In this postmodern era there is no reason to be misinformed or let the uwp gang bangers mislead of manipulate you.

  12. LaPline Observer
    July 15, 2019

    Trying to have a conversation that is based on facts, data, and statistics with the defenders/ enablers of the DLP is like casting pearls before swine. Given the current social indicators in Dominica, these folks have the audacity to advocate for another 5 years of this disastrous administration.

    • Vladimir
      July 15, 2019

      I agree with you 100%. however, how do you expect these illiterate Labourites to understand facts, data and statistics? 90% of them live on gutter politics.

    • Joseph John
      July 15, 2019

      One day, D-Day show what to expect from those 5th graders led by a Judas goat.

    • Vladimir
      July 15, 2019

      @Lapline Observer…. Good stuff

    • Joseph John
      July 16, 2019

      @ LaPline,….Do you know a La Plaine (2 words). So you want some facts. Skerrit is a better PM than Linton can ever be. Skerrit is just too nice and Linton is vendictive. Skerrit is educated and Linton is not. Skerrit is for all Dominicans and Linton is all for himself.
      Skerrit will win the next election and Linton will loose hid deposit.
      Skerrit has the energy of a 40 year old Linton is in his post retirement age.
      Skerrit is a communicator Linton is full of nonsensical bombastic verbosity.
      If I have to choose a model/example to mentor/motivate me or mine it will be Skerrit NOT repeat NOT Linton.
      There is plenty more facts but DNO will not print it because of professional ethics.
      But permit me to ask you this…..What is a LaPline ? Is it very close to Lapland?

      • Get ready
        July 16, 2019

        8-O How many can be airlifted to Martinique at once? I suspect a lot of you labourites will get heart attack on elections night. :(
        It’s time for change!

  13. Rebecca V. Musgrave
    July 15, 2019

    There is power in operating in the finished work of Christ.
    Do for others as you would have them do for you if your were ever IN NEED.
    God’s World
    God’s Earth

  14. Jim
    July 15, 2019

    Let’s say for argument sake that we agree with what this university lecturer is saying…. But as patriotic Dominicans are we truly convinced that Lennox Linton who has spent the last twenty years or so doing nothing more than fighting a personal battle with Roosevelt Skerrit is capable of doing a better job?

    Lennox Linton a man who is obviously filled with anger, hatred, bitterness, and the list goes has not shown that he is interested in Dominica’s development. All the man is interested in is taking down Roosevelt Skerrit. If he happens to become PM tomorrow, the man will not know where to start in building Dominica, the country he has spent so much energy and effort in destroying. He will most likely just continue in the same vane..spend all his time and energy fighting Roosevelt Skerrit.

    The UWP needs to try a new strategy, contest an election without Lennox. But, but according to their constitution this will just happen naturally in the next five years or so.

    • %
      July 15, 2019

      You sound very sick, stupid and wicked. Did you say that honourable Linton has spent the last twenty years doing nothing? I am certain that it is lazy Skerrit you intended to say. Honourable Linton will replace lazy Skerrit with more experience than Skerrit had in 2004..In fact my take is that any ordinary Dominican on the roadside will do a better job at governance than Skerrit …I am aldo certain that UWP in four point five years accomplished more than DLP has in 20 years …
      Dominica’s sorrowful state is all because if lazy Skerrit.

      • Man bites dogs
        July 15, 2019

        @At % Yes yes yes I fully agree with Jim, that person knows what they talking about show me one good thing Lennox Linton has done in the past 19 years apart from stoning the law enforcement, try burning down Roseau, protesting, court after court appearances losing the lot even in London he was call a liar in court and begging all over the place shall I go on?? Or shall I asked Google, you % and your criminal Amy of liars just be careful to whom you and that Frampton conman talking too

        • Vladimir
          July 15, 2019

          @Man bites dogs, what has SKERRIT done for Dominica? I am not asking about enriching himself. What new has He / DLP Government done for DA? Give me the improvement in the Agricultural, Tourism, Manufacturing and Financial industries?

          The manufacturing industry in Dominica largely depends on raw materials from the agricultural sector. The coconut soap production is among the top ventures in the industry. Coconut soap producers sell over three million bars of soap annually. The majority of the soap users are the Royal Caribbean cruise lines. Where’s the improvement?

        • Joseph John
          July 16, 2019

          @ man bite dogs. If you know about the Day of Stones you may want eo examine the roll of the Stone gang led by Linton, Lander, Ferguson and Louis Benoit (Zaboca). You may remember how they stoned the houses of government ministers forcing them to resign. The worst part is when they stones Hon Moise home who had a very sick wife in bed. Even the house of Roy Williams (Bogoroy ) house was stoned. All this to throw out Patrick John and his government violently.
          Now D-Day was planned for a repeat led by the same Linton. Was that a return to the scene of the crime ?

    • Man bites dogs
      July 15, 2019

      @Jim, Thank you for your words of wisdom and honesty and not just because I am a Labour supporter but because you have spoken the truth. I have said before if Linton was any good apart from being a trouble maker all of his life maybe just maybe I would of have some pity compassion, I feel sorry for him. Did you know Linton was the one who invented photo copier let me explain, at school we use to pass notes under the desk with rubbish to Linton, for a laugh and he would copied the lot the rest was history.

    • Ibo france
      July 15, 2019

      Jim, let truth reign. Mr. Linton’s leadership of the UWP has led to a markedly increase in the number of votes and seats for the party despite having little resources and had to compete against the monumental resources (war chest) of Skerrit and the DLP. He has managed to attract a most formidable team for the upcoming general election. He and his colleagues speak strictly to pertinent and consequential issues affecting the country on the political rostrum. The UWP has laid out workable, strategic plans for the development of Dominica. Your comment should be roundly rejected for its frivolity and falsehoods.

    • Lennox you hearing
      July 15, 2019

      We should all be showing equal amounts of outrage as Lennox about this one man sham, dog and pony show called the Labour Party. DLP’s only concern is to enrich their own people while every body else soosay sel. Just look how fast the wife get job for her brother. Corruption! Just listen to the shameful behavior of our government ministers. Nastiness! Want us to work for peanuts that cannot buy anything much. Wicked! Our economy on life support, they dunno what to do next. Incompetent! DLP, we the people have had enough of your type. It’s time for you to GO!

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      July 15, 2019

      Jim I d not know you, I could careless; unless you are Jim from our Klan; and if you are part of the Klan, I am sure you know who I am.

      Nevertheless; you quoting Lennox fighting his battle, I assume some sort of political battle, if that’s the case; be assured you are confused, or outright lying!

      What happen to Lennox days on Marpin Television, and his program “What About?”

      What about his days working in Antigua at Observer Radio?

      Lennox attention to Lennox surfaced in Dominica when he exposed the corruption, and thievery of government money out of the treasury.

      Add up the years; to the day he was elected leader of the UWP.

      I did not count twenty years!

      Rather than counting years which Lennox was not involved into politics, thank him for the embezzled money he had thieves return into the Government treasury.

      And if you are from the Klan, you must know Lennox is from Marigot too!

    • Peace
      July 15, 2019

      Amen!! Thank you for your comment.

    • July 16, 2019

      @Jim, you have spoken well!

      We need to choose someone to represent us in this wide World based on the efforts that that person has shown to prove that he qualifies for that responsibility.

      But all I am reading and seeing is darkness and futility coming from Lennox; who wants to choose a person like that to put him in the seat of Prime Minister of our country?

      Everybody has to show themselves qualified to do a job; Lennox is not a young man, to say that he will improve as time goes by; neither does Dominica has the time to wait for someone in training, to go out to the World on their behalf.

      After 20 years of involvement in politics and 5 years as the Leader of the Opposing Government, Lennox should be able to show us that he can lead us to further economic and social development.

      We see nothing, we read nothing, and we hear nothing that is positive coming from him. There is no way we can put Lennox in the Prime Minister’s seat-NO WAY!

    • Vladimir
      July 17, 2019

      This Systematic Regional Diagnostic (SRD) focuses on the development challenges of the six World Bank Groupmembers that belong to the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean Countries (OECS): Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines(hereafter referred to as “OECS countries”).The objective of the SRD is to identify the constraints and opportunities facing these six countriesas they seek to meet the goals of inclusive and sustainable growth. While there are variations across the OECS countries, the regional approach of this SRD is motivated by the shared development challenges faced by the OECS, as well as the regional strategies available2 overcome these challenges.
      Despite slow growth in recent years and frequent natural disasters,the OECS includes some of the wealthiest countries in the region. While this is true for most of the OCES countries, DA seems 2 be in the shadow of the good…

  15. viewsexpressed
    July 15, 2019

    After 19 years, is this the failed, corrupted legacy of this failed immature Dishonourable Roosevelt Skerrit?
    1. “Dominicans will deny that he has led Dominica into a sinister abyss with deep echoes of corruption, victimization, division, and relative autocracy.”
    2. “Dominica would be a regional leader in national development. But it did not,” he said”.
    3. “It has done quite a bit very, very badly.”
    4. “Lecturer Dr. Bernard Anthony Frampton says when Roosevelt Skerrit took over as prime minister, things took a turn for the worse.” Damn Right Dr. Frampton – Dam Right. This clown must Go, get lost. Go away. He`s a Failure.
    5.A few patriotic Dominicans will deny that he has led Dominica into a sinister abyss with deep echoes of corruption, victimization, division, and relative autocracy.” (That is because these people are in denial and shout out “we love our PM”, While our people are in deep poverty and rising. At Financial Centre where I sit, this statement is true…

  16. Ibo france
    July 15, 2019

    The Skerrit led DLP government is presently super corrupt. This is the single biggest reason for the anorexic wages and salaries of public servants, the pittance given to pensioners, the inability to fund very important infrastructural projects, etcetera. The government has to repay every cent of that ill-gotten wealth to lending institutions. Consequently, critically needed projects suffer. For much too long too many Dominicans have been living in dirt poor conditions, can’t afford a nutritious meal, can’t pay their utility bills regularly, can’t save enough money for a rainy day. It’s time to change the change of 2000. It has been much too long. The longer a government stays in power the more corrupt and dictatorial it becomes. The economic turbulence that this government has put the country through is much too long. There is no hope for the foreseeable future under Skerrit’s abysmal leadership. They have to go!

    • Thomas
      July 15, 2019

      I wonder what part of the universe you are leaving….you claim that Dominicans are leaving in dirt poor conditions. I am left to wonder:
      – how are they are to purchase all the vehicles that are on the roads, one can’t even find parking in Roseau on an average day.
      – How are they able to buy all the latest outfits they wear
      – How are they able to go to all the jams all dressed to impress
      – How are they able to hang out at all the bars around the island
      – how are they able to afford all the high-end phones they walk around with

      That’s a very short list of questions re Dominicans ability to acquire material things

      If you feel that the government needs to change, use a more intelligent reason don’t just repeat the same ole, same ole reasons that UWP has been using for donkey years. You guys need to come up with some fresh ideas, some fresh strategies.

      • Ibo France
        July 15, 2019

        I thought a thousand times if I should reply to your feeble defence of this uniquely unqualified group of misfits who currently holds the country at ransom. Unemployment is astronomically high especially among the youth population. In fact, it is the highest in the sub region. Wages are abysmally low, anorexic. Many businesses have shut up shop permanently because of the relentlessly appalling performance of the economy. Too many people go to sleep on empty stomachs. Water and electricity supplies are frequently disconnected because the jobless can’t keep abreast with their payments for these two vital services. Most vehicles bought are used ones. Too many residents have to depend exclusively on remittances sent from overseas. That’s the reason many of them manage to survive. Got it?

      • REAL!!!!
        July 15, 2019

        @Thomas: Let me tell you how…..

        1. Cool Out money.
        2. Money from Diaspora via Western Union and MoneyGram.( check the long lines daily)
        3. Illegal Drug money from trafficking.
        4. Govt Duty Free on Vehicles ….left and right , so GOVT is collect less revenues
        5. [email protected] GOVT Red clinic….
        6. Then check the financial institution on island “high delinquency on loans”

        • Silver fox
          July 15, 2019

          All rubbish joulous crap and lies that’s why the white man will always have the upper hands on no good scumbags like you lots blacks killing blacks distroying one another while the white sitting back laughing.

        • Ibo france
          July 15, 2019

          Thank you REAL for those timely additional reasons. Right on point.

      • Joseph John
        July 15, 2019

        And how are they able to afford those 3 and 4 story homes you see in the north, south, east and west. That man has been out of Dominica at least for 50 years
        I wonder why some Dominicans love to disparage Dominica. Strangers and foreigners have so much wonderful remarks about us. Why are they trying to make us shame ourselves and our country ? What do they have to gain?

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        July 15, 2019

        All well and good until they fall sick and want some form of medical treatment!

        They go on radio, television, and Internet begging for help!

        When they die their families beg for money to bury them, cause they have none! 

        Only then we can identify the suffering, and poverty in the country!

      • July 16, 2019

        @Thomas, I regret that I have no space for the numberless thumbs that want to give to you, so accept #10 as all of them to you.

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          July 16, 2019

          The thumbs up that you want to give to other people; you wish you could get them for yourself.

          Perhaps you have forgotten you get the most thumbs down on DNO: And no matter in what forum you write, on your Face Book, anywhere, everybody is against you!

          Why, Elizabeth, Why is that Elizabeth, why?

          I know but I doh talking eh!


          Baron have a calypso entitled “Tell Me Why” it is one of my favorite, so now I want you to tell this boy here why you get so many thumbs down nuh!

          • July 17, 2019

            Telemaque, there you go again!

            You cannot even register to get an account on Facebook, that is how computer and internet stupid you are. You are claiming education, but you cannot even search the Internet for information–just think about that!

            What are you talking about people not liking what I post on Facebook–you are not on Facebook; you do not know that.

            I follow with a political group of over 1000 people when I post to that group my message is overwhelmingly received

            But my posts here or on Facebook is my duty from God; He has chosen those who will receive Him through me, they are all over the World.

            Of course, the World is plagued with demons like you; who has nothing else to do but to antagonize everyone–they have no power against me, and neither do you.

            Also, I am convinced that you cannot leave me alone, because my spirit is haunting you, and I will do so right into your grave of darkness. God’s vengeance against you, for me.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
    • Danziger
      July 15, 2019

      @Ibo france, seems like you living way back in 1900, please do us a favour come home visit yr country and you will count the dirt houses.

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