Statement from Electoral Office on Grand Bay by-election

In an effort to keep electors and election workers safe prior to and during polling day for the by-election to elect a representative of the House of Assembly for the Grand Bay Constituency on Thursday November 25, 2021, the following COVID-19 protocols will be in effect at all polling stations.

• All polling stations will be sanitized before polling day;

• Arrangements have been made for all poll workers to take the rapid antigen test five (5) days before the poll.

• Electors will be required to wear face masks covering their mouth and nose;

• Electors will be required to observe the six feet physical distance;

• Electors will be required to sanitize their hands before entry into the polling
station and before dipping their thumb in the indelible ink;

• Electors will use sanitized pencils provided to mark their ballots and deposit them in a separate bin. All pencils and the voting booths will be sanitized after every five (5) voters;

• All poll workers, including Police Officers, will be supplied with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment; and

• Candidate’s agents will be required to wear face masks covering their mouth and nose and maintain the six feet physical distance once inside the polling stations.

These protocols have been recommended by the Environmental Health Department of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment and approved by the Electoral Commission.

Polls will open at 7:00 a.m and close at 5:00 p.m. on polling day.

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  1. STOP
    November 23, 2021

    Time for a revolution! Our people have become mindless sheep, just following blindly the herd heading off the cliff. It is so difficult for a right-thinking person to see the wrongness that is normal in this country, and to see a sewo and a little handout just completely blind the people to the truth. The DLP led government has done nothing for Grand Bay, and you should see these fools with their red stuff all over. None of them thinking about their children and grand-children, only about the free booze and little pocket change. SHAME ON DOMINICANS, SHAME ON GRAND BAYRIANS who support this road to nowhere. When you wake up and the chinese and crooks are your rulers, you only have yourselves to blame. STOP THIS MADNESS NOW!

    • Gary
      November 24, 2021

      When you make such proclamation, Time for a revolution, who you’re addressing, is it the people of Dominica, or are you making a proclamation for a wishful personal action to satisfy your political partisan belief. As to calling the people of Dominica mindless sheep, is this a rational description of the people of Dominica, because they do not adhere to the political agenda to which you give support. You’re saying that It is so difficult for a right-thinking person to see the wrongness that is normal in this country, who are you referring to, The populace of Dominica or are you referring to yourself having such difficulty.

      Why are you shaming a Constituency, making nonsensical remakes for exercising their franchise selecting a Pal Rep. is this how you exercise right-thinking to address the wrongness you perceive wow. You are the one who needs to be awakened, examine your perceptions and beliefs, and there is a chance you may see who is
      the mindless sheep.

  2. Joseph charles
    November 23, 2021

    This is the statement Ian Anthony Putting in the public’s domain?


  3. Ibo France
    November 23, 2021

    Everything about this government and the public service is oppressively corrupt and ruinous to the country. Where is the outrage?

    No opposition party, no matter how popular it may be, would ever win an election in Dominica with the present unprecedented high level of corruption. Dominica today is Haiti yesterday under Papa and Baby Docs.

    Here is it, Vince Henderson, the Labour Party’s controversial candidate for the by election in Grand Bay, dogged with evidence of illegality surrounding his eligibility to contest the election. But, the electoral officials, have outrageously refused to give clarity on this very important issue.

    Like the present Cabinet of rogues and renegades, they completely ignore the concerns and cries of the electorate.

    The only thing that can bring an end to all these machinations, chicanery and this blatant hanky-panky, is a grassroot revolution.

    • Gary
      November 24, 2021

      Is Vince Henderson really a controversial candidate for the election in Grand Bay, dogged with evidence of illegality surrounding his eligibility to contest the election. Why The Law has to fit or agree to the agenda you want, is this how democracy works making Political agenders the rule of Law decided by an Opposition Leader what The law is. do you know what that leads to, chaos.

      You are calling for a grassroots revolution, do you know what a grassroots revolution is and where it starts, not by you on DNO spewing your daily utopian narrative of assumptions with repetitive allegation and innuendos but with a UWP candidate on the ground in Grandbay contesting the by election listening to the people. When will you end your wishful thinking of what you want for Dominica. The agenda you are part of is failing, it thrives on chaos, the leader lacks vision, resulting in frustration that’s why he exhibits such behavior, creating controversy we see today.

  4. TeteMorne I From
    November 23, 2021

    Hopefully, the DEAD won’t vote. Good luck to Gabriel aka Handbag.
    Montine and TeteMorne folks, rememebr you need a PRIMARY SCHOOL for your children. Remove your blinders and vote with your brain, not with red,or feelings. Give Handbag a chance!

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  5. Trouble I see
    November 22, 2021

    Why did Skerrit choose Thursday November 25 for the bi-election? You know what else is talking place on that day? Yes, it’s Thanksgiving Day in the US which means by the time polls are closed the US will be busy around the dinner table.
    With that in mind I think of the following:
    1. Win or not Skerrit and his team will declare winners
    2. You see 1 John 3:15 says he who hates his brother is a murderer. We know Skerrit and his gang hate those that don’t support the Skerrit doctrine. So don’t be surprised if they do acts of hate according to 1 John 3:15
    3. Don’t be surprised if Vince Henderson is sworn in as prime Minister at midnight, just as Skerrit did when they buried Pierre Charles
    4 Don’t be surprised if Skerrit resigns as PM, Charles Savarin resigns as Skerrit’s president and Skerrit is sworn in immediately thereafter, while the US is celebrating thanksgiving and Skerrit uses the midnight hour to resign and become president so that the FBI do not give him a trip to the US

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    • Gary
      November 24, 2021

      I wish I knew where to classify your comment, conspiracy, a vision, intuition, sarcasm or nonsense. Well, we will see which one Tomorrow., time can be a good reveler of truth.

  6. Trouble I See
    November 22, 2021

    Boy look disrespect for the people of Dominica. Ever since the name of Vince Henderson was mentioned as candidate to replace Ed Registe that died a questionable death and Skerrit and Vince attempted the funeral, questions are being raised about the eligibility of Vince Henderson since Skerrit introduced him as Dominica’ ambassador for the OAS and to date we have heard nothing from the police, Vince himself or the so called Election Office. So when I saw that fancy headline I thought those Bowo finally decided to respect people. I was so wrong. But that’s our problem. We have
    1. A police that only works to guard and protect Skerrit
    2, An Election commissioner to do Skerrit’s work
    3. A judiciary put there to do Skerrit’s work
    4, DBS radio to do Skerrit’s work
    5. A President put there to do Skerrit’s work man. So everything is corrupt!
    I just feel they have something bad planned for Thursday night. No wonder Skerrit called the election on US Thanksgiving day to ensure US out

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  7. Mr. Nicholas
    November 22, 2021

    When the people DECIDE to hit back, Dominicans, rich, poor, light and dark skinned, at home and abroad…. DO NOT EVER FORGET, who struck the first blow in Grandbay. Dominica in my mind is like this scene…… A child with a burst head and an ignorant and aggressive parent….but EVERYBODY KNOWS that THAT CHILD is JUST LIKE THEIR PARENT, A BULLY!!!… and for the long list of what that child has gotten away with…HE/SHE HAD IT COMING!!!.. teach us oh lord to number our days, that we might apply our hearts unto wisdom…

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  8. Ibo France
    November 22, 2021

    Most electors in Grand Bay, and the wider Dominican community, want to know the eligibility status of Vince Henderson. A crime has possibly being committed by one of the candidates. The Electoral Office is dead silent on the issue and left it to the verbal acrobat (SC) to muddy the waters.

    Dominicans are sitting on their hands, have bound their feet, one more time, as a boldface attempt is being made to steal another election.

    Has Skerrit given a debilitating cocktail of drugs to stupefy and numb the minds of Dominicans? Dominica is unique for all the wrong reasons.

    Nothing corrupt politicians love more than a submissive electorate. Nothing they fear more than a large, restive group of electors.

    Dominicans! Nothing good comes easy. No pain, No gain. Time to stand up and grab the bull by the horns.

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  9. Mike
    November 22, 2021

    How about sanitizing the candidates that are contesting Grand bay before the bi-election????? Chairman Stowe????? Are you hearing or can you or are you unable or/and unwilling to hear? – and for way reason or reasons Sir you are tone death on this all important issue? Is its because of $$$$$$$$$$$? or what Mr. Stowe? We the people deserve an expiation Mr. Chairman Stowe. Any by the way Mr. Stowe do you know anyone who is an agent for selling Dominican passports?

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  10. %
    November 22, 2021

    So the Environmentl Health and Ministry of health is just concerned with Covid-19 protocols on polling day? What about the madness that is happening over the past several days, where large groups of people ( mainly DLP cabinet ministers and supporters), many with no masks are going to peoples homes to beg for votes?Is that fine Ministry of Health? Does Dominica even have a minister of health, or is he part of the commess? Since people from outside of the GBay constituency are also actively involved in the canvassing, is the Ministry of health concerned?
    The young men with the rentals decorated in DLP paraphernalia with 3 or 4 passengers on board, no masks, horns tooting, noise galore, is the Ministry of health concerned?Do we have a Minister of health?
    Shouldn’t this Minister of health be rejected and dismissed for dereliction of duty? He is a darn waste of time and failure, to see those thing and stay quiet.There is hardly any Covid 19 protocols being observed in GBay as i’m…

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    • Toto
      November 23, 2021

      Wearing a face mask at the polling both how do we know the people voting are who they say they are. I have suspicion those voting labour have already been told In who’s name they must vote on the list even dead people and they cannot be challenged. Fraud made easy

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  11. Garçon
    November 22, 2021

    Garçon chupes tan. You all are getting me all excited, believing you are going to address the legality or illegality of Mr. Henderson’s nomination for the by election in Grand Bay. You are coming with protocols even the unborn already learned, so much repetition we hear everyday.
    All I will say is treat people like the don’t matter but look at Guadeloupe. Also, there was an Arab spring back in 2011. Hope it’s not our Caribbean spring in 2021.

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  12. Tromo
    November 22, 2021

    Great, everything has been sanitised and cleaned. But what about the voters list? Still the same old! Not been cleaned…

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    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      November 22, 2021

      @Tromo, great point about the polling places being sanitized yet we are talking years now and the voters lists are not sanitized. Other Caricom countries have sanitized their voters lists in one year. It’s clear that this cabal is criminally minded and has little intention to complete the process because fairness is not in their modus operandi.
      Imagine that Vince is from St Joseph and look at the destitute state of the village whilst his colleagues run the government. This is a clear sign of failure yet he’s put forward as the person to bring development to Grand Bay. What’s his track record? It’s the state of affairs in St Joseph. This is a sham of an election with the same old list and a sham of a candidate in laisser faire Vince.

    • Ibo France
      November 23, 2021

      Good point! The problem is that Dominicans have done nothing much about it so the shady and corrupt characters in power cling to the status quo as it has served them very well.

      Four hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($450 000) for one man to fix the electoral system and not one reform up to this moment in time. Where else in this world would citizens just sit back and take such crap? Only in Dominica!

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