STAY WELL & SPARKLE: Skerrit Must Come

Dr. Sam shakes hands with PM Skerrit

This is the pic that shocked many and delighted others! Did Sam finally see the light? Did he turn? What was he asking for? What did he get? How could he shake the hand of this man after all he’s been through? Shouldn’t we instead be piling on the pressure?

Step back a bit. Take a deep breath and it all becomes as clear as day. You may recall that I was arrested February 2nd for a strong 2015 Peebles Park speech. In it, I basically demanded that the Speaker conduct our Parliament with more decorum. I made oblique historical reference to the 1933 German Reichstag Fire. This was twisted to construe imaginary incitement to burn down our Parliament. Yet, today, a medical doctor, with vows to do no harm, allegedly brandishes a very real weapon and threatens to wound others inside that hallowed House,and that’s ok?What are we coming to?!

While in custody, Police Headquarters was rocked by thunderous chants of “Free Sam Now! Free Sam Now!” When I defiantly emerged from Court that afternoon, those chants morphed passionately into “Skerrit must go! Skerrit must go!” Yes, I chanted those words a thousand times as I came out, again and again, in support of patriots who were subsequently arrested. I even requested entry into Police Headquarters to demand immediate release of Freedom Party General Secretary, Mr. Johnson Boston. From right there, I issued a stern warning live on Matt in The Morning: “Should any harm come to Mr. Boston while in police custody, I will hold Prime Minister Skerrit, Justice Minister Blackmore and Police Chief Carbon, personally responsible!”

Top police officers led by Inspector Cleville Mills, wrestled away my phone while I was on the air. They threatened me with grievous bodily harm and dis-invited me from the building.Whether that had anything to do with Bosso’s prompt release, we may never know. Many rank and file police officers are not happy. Many have since apologized to me that they were just doing their job.

Deep in my spirit, I know the universe is unfolding as it should regarding my return to our beloved homeland. As in the US, I have no fear of going into the belly of the beast to advance a pressing cause. Last Sunday, I announced that I would attend the Family Fun Day at the Botanical Gardens. My plan simply was to speak to as many Labourites as possible and engage the Prime Minister on the issues. So said, so done! Sure enough, at the event, I was cursed out be a few screaming to leave their PM alone. Some called me a terrorist who, along with others, tried to burn down Roseau. So is burn alone I can do?! SMH. Does it even matter I was home soon after 4pm that fateful day? But, if truth be told, I was enormously gratified that the vast majority reacted so warmly. These photos and the video Hon. Petter St. Jean’s posted on his Facebook page, clearly illustrate that

I prefer to take the bull by the horns. It distresses me greatly that Dominicans no longer engage in civilized debates and panel discussions. Carnage rules our roads. We live in a land of unprecedented rudeness and crudeness, rampant laziness, grand larceny and escalating violence. Yet we continue unabated to hurl mepuis at each other from different radio stations and different political platforms. There is way too much bitterness and hate for such a small island state. There is way too much division and selfishness. Citizens are denied information concerning the nation’s statistics, finances, treaties and diplomats. Citizens are denied promotions and scholarships based on merit. Citizens are denied the right to practice their trade and get desperately needed overseas medical care,solely based on their colour. Yes, it disturbs me no end that our justice system appears to frustrate any case against those in power, while jamming through any case they initiate. One set, one set, one set gets everything…is the constant cry. Those in power laugh and gloat saying, “You just vex because they didn’t get.”

Ladies and gentlemen,the Commonwealth Election Observer report, the deportation by Canadian Immigration authorities ofCBI passport holders and the corresponding banking crisis all confirm that the status quo can no longer be tolerated.I stand with the many at home and abroad working so hard, at great personalsacrifice, to alert the nation. What weeping and gnashing of teeth await us if 40% of our GDP vanishes like a vapour! We must hurry toresolve these deadly serious issues before the economy tanks completely, like Venezuela. Every single citizen of this blessed land is dear to me – including the Prime Minister. I drove over 10 hours to greet him in Toronto and New York during the early days of his leadership. I harbour no ill-will for any Dominican, be they red, blue, green or don’t care. I will do whatever it honestly takesto seek common ground until we get results.

No. Skerrit must not go – to Russia, for example, with his gratuity. Instead, Skerrit must come now and let us reason together. Skerrit must come to realize that the chips of international justice will fall where it ought. Skerrit must come and FAIRLY face the judgment of the electorate. Dominica needs stateswomen and statesmen who can bring people together. As for me, the Lord shall supply my all needs. I ask for absolutely nothing more than genuine dialogue. Indeed, ‘La luta continua!’ (The struggle continues!) By God’s grace, come hell or high water, you and I together, will force this country forward. Failure is not an option! According to a great hymn of the faith, “Bless be the ties that bind, Our hearts in Christian love…” Dominicans, now is the time for us to bind ourselves together. And let’s show this troubled world truly how to sparkle!

Sam Christian, MD of Urgent Care is President of Dominica Values Forum, a non-profit think-tank promoting traditional values of Coudmain, Service, Faith, Family and Free Enterprise. Find out more about Dr. Sam at or message him at 767 265-0887

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  1. done&done
    June 29, 2017

    Look a new version of Sparrow song : “Dan is de man in de van; Sam has his head in de Sand.” :lol: :lol:

  2. getto yout
    June 27, 2017

    Dr Sam just looking for attention.

  3. “Dr. Sam, I wish you well but i’m not impressed brother. If you are that principled I would have expected you to fight the charges levelled against you in the U.S.A., especially since I undersztand you cllaim they were racist motivated.”(Jebe fort).

    Okay at the moment I am disappointed, and angry at Sam since he allowed himself to play into the hands of Dr. Punjab Roosevelt Skerrit who has victimized him!

    I am not defending Sam, but I do not think Sam have any charges, or allegations to fight or defend against; I believe in Ohio where he practiced. When I heard of his issues I checked into it, and as far as I know his issues of him allegedly prescribing medication that he was not authorized to prescribe has long been resolved.

    In America it does not take much to cause a doctors license to be suspended temporally, or a lawyer to get disbarred forever.

  4. Mr.Prolific
    June 27, 2017

    Samoa! You did bring out some robots. we meet people on the street, we never met before and greet them. We refer to this as common courtesy. Two technical men met and have a good hand shake, what offence is that. Except ,Pm said he wants to win all 21 seats IN the next election,,the best place to start is from the top.Dc.Sam’s be a winner,DLP NEEDS YOU. welcome on board.

  5. Getting Closer
    June 27, 2017

    For all patriots, same goal, different strategy:

    June 27, 2017

    positive actions give positive results!

  7. In as much I hate to say this; I have to call a spade a spade. I have seen this photograph quite a few times on face book, now I see it here along with the writing that goes with it.

    My observation was that the hand-shakers were not looking at each other; I don’t care how wide the smiles are, the handshake reveals not honesty–I am saying that this handshake was not genuine! And the writing that goes with it has proved me right.

  8. Hugh .G. Recshun
    June 26, 2017

    This is what the rest of the UWP and Freedom need to do. Stop segregating yourselves. Act like Dominicans and shake the hands of those who vote against you. Smile and laugh and chat with them. Show them who you really are. Soon enough, the tables will lean towards you and you will be in the place you really need to be. Well Done Sam. dont brown nose like so many, but make your presence felt.

  9. Not a herd follower
    June 26, 2017

    I do not understand why Sam went to a DLP event. He has not explained his motive.

    • anonymous2
      June 27, 2017

      He should be able to go where he pleases.

    • Hugh .G. Recshun
      June 27, 2017

      tHE pHARASIES WENT EVERYWHERE JESUS WENT. NOT SAYING the PM is jesus at all or that Sam is a pharasie. but to know what your competition is doing, sometimes you have to rub shoulders and engage them and see what is going on in real life for yourself. otherwise you are just repeating hearsay with no validation. as gentlemen you can shake hands and agree to disagree.

  10. Ibo France
    June 26, 2017

    It’s quite refreshing Dr. Sam to learn of your honorable intentions for your beloved country. I wish many more, especially those who presently hold the reigns of power, would be genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of all of Dominicans disregarding political allegiance. Instead of doing things for political expediency, they who occupy the seat of government should do so for the collective good of the people.. For the country to truly prosper and progress the politics of destruction MUST STOP! The politics that is practice today has divided the populace, destroyed friendships and families, caused intelligent and talented citizens to stay on the sidelines, far away from the dirty nature of politics. My point is, it has become appalling obvious that the present day politics is pathetic by any rational standard. We need to elect candidates with unquestionable integrity to be in Cabinet.

  11. concerned
    June 26, 2017

    sounds like you are vying for leadership in public office…. perhaps a step in the right direction. your party management needs to move away from the arrogant (run into all battles) attitude to a more diplomatic mindset.

    • Me
      June 27, 2017

      The old dictum still applies: “Any publicity is better than none at all”

  12. Joe
    June 26, 2017

    This article makes absolutely NO SENSE!!!!!!! So what if you meet and shake PM hand? It just goes to show that the PM is not as NARROW minded as you foolish people and not as arrogant as the leader of the opposition…….

    • %
      June 26, 2017

      Say it does not make sense to you,a DLP slave,but dont generalise.You have neither the ability or morality to do so.When these articles bite you all who support roguish leaders,you all responses are always puffery.

      • Joe
        June 26, 2017

        % i will forever be a DLP Slave, that is without a doubt, but i will NEVER EVER BE A UWP slave like you, that’s for sure!!!!!!!

        There is nothing in that senseless article that bite me, it lacks substance!!!!!! I just felt the writer should know that his foolish article is senseless!!!!!!

      • Ibo France
        June 26, 2017

        This article is profoundly uplifting. To say otherwise is to be factually and supremely dishonest. Joe, it’s people like you who are the enablers of bad and divisive governance. Your statements about being a DLP Slave for life can only be attributed to a moron. Who sensible and enlightened person would want to be a slave? People like Joe, with this sort of slavish mentality, who harbor considerable animus against truth tellers, need to be re-educated because they are woefully ignorant about issues and easily duped.

        June 26, 2017

        %, You are sick and need help!

    • Hugh .G. Recshun
      June 27, 2017

      No, it goes to show that even though people can give the order to have you arrested, you can hold no grudges and you can act in an appropriate manner. Imagine if you do something to someone, and off course you expect them to have some contempt for you afterwards, then they embrace you and shake your hand, i dont know about you but that may throw me way off and have me confused. Well played Sam. Well Played! Show them you are a better man.

  13. Roseau Boy
    June 26, 2017

    Dr. Christian, if you truly want to bridge the partisan divide here is a classic project. Can you wkrk to get Carlisle to publicly retract his dangerous statement the the British view Dominica as a high risk country. That simple project can begin to set you aside of the r

  14. ArayofLight
    June 26, 2017

    so much excitement and comradery in theses pictures

  15. LuCClu
    June 26, 2017

    This is the type of rhetoric we need. The one set mentality needs to go and everything needs to be fair and equitable. We should be able to dialogue as civilized individuals and not resort to name calling when someone’s opinion doesn’t mirror yours. The scales need to fall of our eyes and we need to really examine the state of affairs in Dominica, all citizens should be treated fairly, regardless of political affiliation. God Bless Dominica and I hope harmony and unity can reign again.

  16. LifeandDeath
    June 26, 2017

    “When confronted by a hungry wolf, it is unwise to goad the beast, as Cato would have us do. But it is equally unwise to imagine the snarling animal a friend and offer your hand, as Pompey does.”
    Marcus Tullius Cicero in Rome

  17. June 26, 2017

    Sam you are creating a battle field again! Less you forget, it was the citizens who were issued citizenship under the UWP that were deported from Canada hence the new Visa entry measures were instituted. You mention violence and discord yet all that is in your commentary is the felling and brewing of violence in the minds of the weak who cannot see beyond the bridge. yet you continually deny yourself that what you are doing is not an avenue that breeds hatred. You should rethink now!

  18. Bread & Butter
    June 26, 2017

    That’s what I like about the good doctor. He takes the initiative. He may look soft and spiritual even stupid sometimes. But he always thinking, always bold, always positive & happy. You can see that strong desire to do something new, to break new ground.

    He taking plenty blows. But when he reach his goal people will still be wondering where this guy come from any why he so lucky.

  19. ye yep
    June 26, 2017

    Mr. Christian, your misguided high minded ideals do not resonate with the Labor Party rank and file simpletons. Mr. Christian, if it were not for the fact that these people do not avail themselves of any credible information which involves the written word (including DNO), you would have actually made yourself into a propaganda tool.
    You may be well meaning, but, in my humble opinion, you’re not ready yet.

    • Ras Ju
      June 26, 2017

      I think he is on the right track. If you want change you have to win over the “simpletons”? More honest dialogue is needed in DA and the political parties need to respect the will of the people.
      I can see UWP people being even angrier if they lost at the next election!

      • freedom fighter
        June 27, 2017

        What is the will of the people? Is it to beg for hand outs by those who are priviledged to do so, or to work and fill satisfied and accomplish in being able to provide for themselves and their families? The good book says if a man (a healthy man) does not work he should not eat.

  20. viewsexpresed
    June 25, 2017

    What is there to comment on……..I wonder? What is the moral of this story.
    For me, I have no time, nor respect for corrupt Leader……they are disgusting.

    Skerrit must ……………………..Skerit must Go Now

  21. Dorothy John Baptiste
    June 25, 2017

    Good luck Dr. Sam! By the way, what was your objective? What did you hope to achieve with this photo opp? What were you trying to prove?

  22. Ray
    June 25, 2017

    Skerrit must come to the realization that the labor party has mislead the country’s reaources and it’s time he resigns.

  23. June 25, 2017

    TREMENDOUS, the ice must be melted , black man need to look each other eye to eye and UNITE. GOOD START. Bob D.

  24. Sam I have read it all, but have yet to read an explanation regarding your inevitable handshake with Roosevelt Skerrit! You need to explain if that picture was taken in a more better time than in recent months.

    Unless I fail to understand everything you conveyed; it is shocking to see you shaking hands with a man who could have had you killed! Make no mistake about it, whether politics or no police involved. You need to know once someone call the police on you they mean you every harm!

    You need to understand whenever the police are told to arrest someone that could be the last day the accuse live, they could simply order you to put your hands behind you back, and if you do not move fast enough, they can simply say you rested arrest and kill you, shoot you down in cold blood and get away with murder.

    When Skerrit decided to have you arrested his intention was not friendly, he meant to harm you, if that picture was taken after the incident, I am very disappointed in you!

    • Lenpro
      June 26, 2017

      Francisco, That is a shallow heart. The shallowest I have seen from you. Dominica and Dominicans will never change with peanut size brain thinking like yours. Its your Heart that the problem. You claim to have an engineering degree. Samuel top that with a Doctors. This is how Smart, Intelligent individuals move forward in life to help move their country forward. You can continue to stay in your dark hole where you currently are and contribute nothing to your country’s progress. Mr. Christian is different. He cares about Dominica’s progress. And if it take a hand shake to break the barrier, then that’s all good. Never try to get to a man’s mind. Getting to a man’s heart is most important.

      • You can say whatever you wish; nevertheless; anybody who shakes hands with someone who had the police harassed and arrest them for comments they made in a democracy, which should be considered no more than freedom of speech; is not wise!

        At this point I believe Sam might be in cahoots with the cabal playing a game! If you cannot see it that way feel free to say whatever you wish about me, it does not matter one bit! Look at it this way Sam has a medical degree, Sam might be more capable than many of the quacks in Dominica.

        A man lay in the hospital in Dominica, with a bullet in his body, Sam Christian is capable of removing the bullet, Roosevelt Skerrit and his regime refuse to allow Sam Christian a surgeon from performing the surgery, prevented him from removing the bullet; in the absence of someone they claimed the only authorized in Dominica to take out bullet.

        Why should anybody so humiliated by a government shakes hands with someone like Skerrit, who demonstrated his…

      • Continue:

        Why should anybody so humiliated by a government shakes hands with someone like Skerrit, who demonstrated his actual hate towards Sam, I will never understand that. Sam is not sincere, in anything he ever conveyed on DNO as far as I am concerned. What that hand shake represents to me is that Roosevelt Skerrit has broken the will of Sam:

        Sam has become another of Skerrit’s victims, my question is what is it that Sam wants from Roosevelt Skerrit? And don’t mention anything about Sam doctorate to me, because wether you believe it or not I have a sound medical background too. I simply did not graduate, I drooped out of medical school!

        But even Sam can tell you people of all ages can become what they want to become in America, if I so wish I can return to medical school any day of the week; and personally I do not need any help from any government to accomplish that!

    • “they can simply say you rested arrest and kill you” Mr. Los Angeles

      When you cannot get the word right, what makes think that your principle is good; and it never is, because it comes from your home in the Twilight Zone–that is deep down in the bottom of the ocean.

      When you write “rested” for “resisted” no wonder you have the high “thumbs down” rating. Mine to you is number 10 wee! Even if I don’t quite agree with that one from Mr. Christian.

      • Dear little twelve year old teacher Elizabeth, remember my entire education derived from you. When you were twelve years old you were my teacher in school, how come you did not introduce me to the proper spelling of any in the following?

        Resist, Resisted; Resistance, Resistant, Resister, Resistibility, Resistible, Resistive, Resetting!

        I know if I was going to hear I do not know how to spell it would come from you. I only hope Man Eat Raw Dog meat; or Man Bite Dog don’t see that because between you and him, I might have to string myself up oui!


      • “Resetting!”

        That one is spelt correctly, but it is the wrong word!

        I error you see.

  25. Hendricks ismael
    June 25, 2017

    Two African kings are bound together forever , there is never suppose to be a problem , I respect you all brothers so much don’t let the ouside world separate us any more , I love you both . Pm you are a great example to the nation keep loving all your people . You make us proud, as Africans we should not let people seperate us any more . Pm I respect your courage to shake my brothers hand. Keep working for a better union .

    • Your comments in all honesty does not make much sense: This African king scenario does not mesh. Neither, Roosevelt nor Sam are kings, I agree Sam is an academically educated man, whereas Roosevelt Skerrit, is nothing more than Portsmouth Secondary School educated man; propelled by his political ambitions into the position he now holds.

      You may like to see the hand shake, but I am telling you that is the handshake that will eventually destroy Sam Christian. I believe any trust the people in Dominica who supported him during this brief period are all shattered to pieces, and even if I thought I could have supported him politically if the time ever came, in my life time I will never support him.

      What he has done is cold and disappointing!

      • Man bites Dogs
        June 27, 2017

        @ Francisco, You call your self a godly or is it a golly man and will be going to heaven why dont you hurry up. You have a black heart a very angry person with everyone who support labour party government, Well toooo bad old man Mr Skerrit, and his government will be leading us for years to come, You lots can try and do anything but will never win a general election again never.

  26. Tjebe fort
    June 25, 2017

    Dr. Sam, I wish you well but i’m not impressed brother. If you are that principled I would have expected you to fight the charges levelled against you in the U.S.A., especially since I undersztand you cllaim they were racist motivated.
    You are a doctor, I’m not but I know Roosevelt enough that his personality disorder does not allow him to change. Sad but true. Now we have lost Angelo to keep us informed and I tried to listen to Matt’s substitute tonight. What a turn-off and disappointment. Matt is just rehashing old programmes and not telling us anything new. He is a laz y man and does not do any research. Sorry Sam, but I am particularly pissed off tonight. You mean well but Skerrit sees that only as a weakness, like a dog wagging its tail for his master’s approval. Please, bring back Angelo to give us the real facts.

  27. mine
    June 25, 2017

    Sam its good to make peace, but franky speaking i dont trust this. Wow! lord have mercy, lord have mercy lord have mercy.

  28. EnfantDiable
    June 25, 2017

    Quite mature and sensible and civil.

  29. Danziger
    June 25, 2017

    PM, that is good news remember I told you bless them when the curse you. All that is part of life.

  30. Anansi
    June 25, 2017

    But Sam, you talking like the dilemna facing Dominica has a life of its own. In other words, like a virus or bacteria. What you didn’t mention is that this predicament was brought on by Skerrit. He had the resources earlier to ensure Dominica travelled a different road. Unfortunately, he squandered them and the result is what you see today.

    • Me
      June 26, 2017

      The word is bacterium (bacteria being the plural form).

  31. wondering
    June 25, 2017

    Dr. Sam, like you I wear green and will always. I want to ask you and be honest. Do you think if these impasses had taken place between you and the leader of the opposition, do you think he would shake your hand and smile like skerrit did? Thats my dliemma as a DFP supporter. Do I get out of the frying pan and into the fire?

    • Me
      June 26, 2017

      Maybe ex labourite and ex freedomite are kindred spirits and recognize one another?

  32. Mr.Prolific
    June 25, 2017

    This is the way sensible people behave. They don’t mix business with pleasure. Doctor Sam’s knows a winner when he sees one. Welcome to the DLP SAMO,pick your job. Two Lawyers battle at court, and when it is adjourned, you hear my learned friend. Forward we go.

  33. MA
    June 25, 2017

    I am baffled by your article and your quatotion of scriptures to suit your cause. Sir when you emerged as the new DFP, that was a breath of fresh air. You should not lament over your spoken words, your joined with the most vicious, notorious and lawless group of people who are trying to destabilize the duly elected government, so don’t cry. Your message then fell on deaf ears. UWP didn’t have to help you find your tongue, you are your own person, we were willing to listen, now your message is DOA.
    Going to the gathering and mingling was a good idea, but bashing the government for your fallacies wasn’t smart. What are the responsibilities of A government? Implying social programs are given to a few is a blatant LIE! Your words are very irresponsible and offensive, Mr, Skeritte view all as children of one maker. If you truly want to emerge as a true leader put the political rhetoric aside and set meaningful goals. Man up the buck begins with you. Political preference is the…

  34. %
    June 25, 2017

    I am not buying into that business of police officers saying that “I am just doing my job”..Only when it concerns one set/group of people?What happened when Skerrit told his fools,ideologues,zealots to go to even the cemetry and call opposition members TRAITOR?What happened when a mouth—piece of his said he would hunt down some opposition members like Obama is hunting Al Queda? Just imagine to believe if it was an opposition member who had the gun in the parliament! Was it a habit?Then i ask myself who else had their gun? Remember these guys have done so many things,from Malaysia to Iran,to Venezuela to Greek tankers,that they are scared to death over leaving office,BUT IT SHALL HAPPEN..The Commonwealth Observer Team’s report told us about how badly conducted general election 2014 was.Hope we dont allow those rogues to steal another election.

    • Is So
      June 26, 2017

      % AGAIN, give us something new. Since you stated your lyrics the PM has become more and more popular
      Given YOUR tract record of being incompetent, I doubt there is anything new %
      LOVE LOVE LOVE, Skerro.

  35. We should have stayed under England
    June 25, 2017

    Its called being professional

    • Me
      June 26, 2017

      You may call it professional, I might call it opportunistic. Is it not a fact that Dr. Christian can only practice here with the approval of government (read Roosevelt Skerrit)?

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