Government of Dominica distributes learning devices to primary school students

The Government of Dominica is providing learning devices to primary school students on the island to facilitate their full participation in online learning from home which has been reintroduced following the recent Covid-19 surge.

Students of the Grand Bay and Tete Morne primary schools were the first to be presented with these devices at a special ceremony on Friday. 55 devices were distributed to students of the Tete Morne Primary School and 122, to the students of the Grand Bay Primary School.

“What this means is come Monday, every one of you will now be able to fully participate in the online learning platform,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said while addressing the ceremony.

Staff of the National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission] (NTRC) were present at the event to assist in registering parents and students for a special offer which will provide internet connection to individual homes for just $10 a month.

According to Prime Minister Skerrit, believes that with access to the internet and the devices, and with a committed principal and staff, “I believe we have all of the elements for our children to follow-up the online learning and also to do well.”

He told parents that their role is important in the education of their children and they can help their children by engaging in very simple acts.

“You may not know anything about the tablet, as a matter of fact some of you will maybe confuse the tablet, but you can help your children by sitting next to them while they have classes, asking the teachers about the school and asking your children to teach you how to use the tablet,” he advised.

The prime minister thanked the teachers and principals for their service.

Principal of the Grand Bay Primary School, Evans James assured the public that these devices will be used to enhance the quality of education that students receive.

“The enthusiasm displayed by the recipients will definitely be matched and even surpassed by our teachers and parents as we work together for the betterment of our beloved community,” he said.

The distribution of more learning devices continued today, October 23, at the Roseau Primary School, the Goodwill Primary School and the Salybia Primary School.

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  1. RandyX
    October 28, 2021

    This ‘early Christmas’ wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t an election coming up. People, you need to wake up! On a slightly different note, what happened to the ‘half a million Byron election reform report’? Did it get lost? Did Mister do a runner with our money? Or was it just another one of those famous but extremely expensive Smoke Screens?

  2. foreign observer
    October 26, 2021

    The world is now almost through a second full year of COVID-19, and well into a second academic year throughout the world. Yet, the Ministry of Education is, just now, providing digital devices to students in need? When it is the second academic year that the youth of Dominica have been required to study digitally? That is a disappointing state of affairs, that the Ministry of Education has waited so long to assist those in need.

    I have no idea what sort of “learning devices” these are. The name on the box is “one term”, and when I google that, all that I get is learning devices for students with disabilities. How is it that this article does not include more fulsome detail as to the type/manufacture of the equipment; the total number to be distributed and – yes – the schedule and location for same.

    Have to agree with other commentators that this exercise smacks of an election ploy, especially with most decked out in their best “red”. It gets very tedious.

  3. VereTere
    October 26, 2021

    Look at that lot. All wolfs in sheep clothing. Another opening of an unfair election campaign. Will it ever stop?

  4. Patriot
    October 26, 2021

    Look it, ‘fair’ election in full swing… Take all those presents and then vote against the donor. Stop the man once and for all. He only using all you!

  5. Jonathan Y St Jean
    October 26, 2021

    Once again the one man government in action. You mean that the minister of education couldn’t have handled an event like this on her own on behalf of the government? This guy, Skerritt, just loves the limelight and his ego is such that he has to be the one getting praise for everything at the expense of his other ministerial colleagues. It’s proof that not much is happening in the country if the prime minister has to be the one doing everything. Then why does Dominica have so many ministers on taxpayers expense? Real small Shandel-mui business. Every little thing is a big event with the prime minister present and dominating. Is that the new level we were promised? No wonder this government hasn’t got time to do strategic forward thinking and planning for the advancement of the country and the people. Instead we are promised pie-in-the-sky like the Cruise terminal for Canefield. Back off Skerritt and let the ministers do their work.

  6. Blue
    October 25, 2021

    Dominicans really ungrateful. You call the devices cheap but it’s the parents who claimed they couldn’t afford to provide devices for their children. But they can all afford rum, new phones and weaves. If it is to cheap for u go and skin ur cunt to get expensive ones.

  7. Parents Shame
    October 25, 2021

    Look how close these people get to our children after coming from shi.y Dubai without going into quarantine! I’m I the only one seeing that shi…..? I came with triple negative to Dominica and was given a Red and green wristbands…..was told that I couldn’t go outside. But now, look at comess with these innocent children standing 12 and 15 inches from these disgraceful idiots to receive gadgets that may not even work. Shame on all you parents who stood there and allowed your children to be exposed to such toxic and virus spreaders. Your children will look back at these pictures in the near future and blame you for having exposed them to people who may have in their dirty mouth covid-19. Don’t forget, they don’t give a spoon/F&#@K about you, nor your children. They are simply laying out their strategy for the next election. Let us know how many of these gadgets didn’t work.

  8. weh
    October 25, 2021

    The laptops/houses are for votes, that’s the only reason why this govt is doing it don’t be fooled.

  9. Nonsense
    October 25, 2021

    Election gimmicks started early. Are we prepared to tolerate more unfair elections. What happened to that half million election report? Another total waste of state resources by Skerrit. The only reason he commissioned it in the first place to yet again put up one of his famous smoke screens. Later he will tell all you, look what a good guy I am…, I did everything I could…

  10. magway ca
    October 24, 2021

    so the kids cant sit down in class together to learn properly , but they can come to a ceremony together and get tablets for the gov to cut style on people?

    October 24, 2021

    this is good and should be appreciated by the students and parents ,but i do not understand why everything is done in Dominica with a ceremony ?

    • Mirko
      October 26, 2021

      Things in DA are only done with a ceremony if it serves the government and Skerrit as some kind of propaganda. Elections in Grand Bay coming up soon.

  12. Be different
    October 24, 2021

    Why are these hypocrites only keeping “part” of the protocol by wearing mask but won’t quarantine? They can afford to pay to be in quarantine but refuse to give back moneys gotten under de Tab. But struggling people and the poor must go into quarantine. Any sense in that? I hope that none of these children who are the recipients of these packages pattern their life after these BummmmS. Shameless people and hypocrites to the extreme.

  13. %
    October 24, 2021

    The word “later” in my original blogg, meant a day later, on Saturday, where DLP politicians secretely met with poto labourites from the constituency at the Secondary School. Dont be surprised at the end liar Skerrit just dump someone of his choice on them. They will accept whoever, but not me..My leader in the DLP was Pierro and Roosie, not this cunning, lying leader who is all about himself!!!
    I followed Pierro everywhere. Skerrit did not like Pierro, i know what happened at St Joseph with the chair, so i do not like liar Skerrit as a politician!!

  14. Wants the same for all
    October 24, 2021

    Good morning education should not be for a select village. This program needs to be rolled out across ALL primary schools in DA. I will sit back and wait. No judgment now.

  15. %
    October 24, 2021

    This is pure politicking in the GBay constituency where i reside by liar Skerrit. What the hell liar Skerrit has to be involved in the giving of learning devices to students??? I AM SO DARN VEX!!! This is the very reason why some students are left out. Doesnt the Ministry of Education have its personnel in charge of doing this? What irks me is that the liar pretends that he is doing it from the heart, because he loves people. HE LIES!!That’s pure campaigning. What this item left out is that some of the DLP candidates later met with some poto labourites from the constituency at the Pierre Charles Secondary School to decide who is their choice of candidate. I will sell them out on here. Two candidates opted out. So it will be between a police and another public servant. J.Pocket and a police pulled out. That business of using states resources to campaign? Its immoral and illegal..!!

  16. Roland Alan Mitchell
    October 24, 2021

    I wonder if the distribution of cheap computers is the top priority for the Government of Dominica. Maybe that is Skerrit’s way of distraction our attention, from his recent trip to Dubai and Pakistan. These look like cheap products that you can buy from a Chinese market for $5.00 each.

    Meanwhile, Dominica continues to be unable to feed itself. I wonder if I started a charity whereby each primary school child was given a chicken and asked to grow it to fowl and collect eggs and hatch chickens, with cash prizes after 12 months and 24 months, whether this would not have a more beneficial effect.?

    Leaders must lead and not get involved in games. We need food self sufficiency in Dominica. Therefore chickens, rabbits, sheep, cows, goats, all need to be encouraged. The manure from these animals can be recycled into agricultural plants.

    This will do more for the GDP of Dominica than cheap Christmas gifts.
    maybe Skerrit would have made a good second hand car salesman.

    • Gary
      October 25, 2021

      There is something called a circumstance in which an event occurs. The Government is responding to aid students with the online learning policy it wants to implement by distribution of learning devices. Do you think that these students need chickens to rare for eggs, the halls of education for the children, the future leaders of our country is not a Circus. To say, leaders must lead is so cliché. Leaders must not only lead but must find a solution, giving hope and the resources to the people they are entrusted to lead, getting them through turbulent times. Do you really think that your idea if implemented in this present situation is going to take these students through the turbulent times they are facing in obtaining an education.

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