The UWP says its housing programme will be based on “what people need”

Isaac Baptiste as he spoke at the UWP press conference

The United Workers Party (UWP) has its own plans for housing development in Dominica and says it will be different from what is being offered by the current administration.

The UWP says first and foremost the people will be consulted during the housing development project and a UWP government will provide housing not based on what they think the people want, but what the people need to improve their housing quality.

“First of all, the housing programme of this administration lacks transparency. It lacks consultation; it lacks understanding of the needs of the people, their cultural needs and their traditions,” UWP Senator, Isaac Baptiste said while addressing a press conference held at the Prevo Cinemall on Wednesday.

He said the United Workers Party recognizes that there are different needs with respect to housing.

“We will not promote multiple unit, multi-level housing in rural areas where there is adequate land to provide housing,” Baptiste maintained.

He said many of the people who may benefit from this programme have access to land.

“We will work with them and build houses on their land so they have automatic ownership of those properties and not wait for some politician to tell them I will give you strata title and don’t know when they will get it,” Baptiste explained.

Furthermore, he noted that the UWP housing programme will also bring back life in the City of Roseau by ensuring that there is multiple and mixed housing in the City, “so that young professionals can come back and live in the city and improve night life in the City of Roseau.”

“Our housing programme will also ensure that, recognizing that families, many of them are single parents and the are expanding families, so we must provide them with expandable homes and not fix them into four walls that they cannot expand their homes,” Baptiste, who is an Urban Planner by training, remarked.

He said the UWP plans to build core housing in order for families to extend their homes whenever they choose to do so.

Baptiste mentioned the location of Fond Cole as a “perfect example.”

“When I attended school in Roseau High School, Fond Cole – what we saw on that hill was basically timber houses…today what you see there, expensive homes, family homes built by the owners, not waiting on the government to give them grants,” Baptiste pointed out.

Meantime, opposition leader, Lennox Linton said as a government, his party will have a housing programme that is fair to all; that pays attention to the needs of all.

“What will not happen under the UWP government is what I heard about recently, and I heard and I hope you heard it to,” he said.  “The Declaration from the declared Labour Party Candidate for Roseau North that there is going to be a housing revolution in Roseau North in the month of May.”

Linton explained that this means that the declared candidate for Roseau North who has specific ministerial responsibility that does not include housing, clearly has the authority of the Minister of Housing to go ahead and announce a housing revolution in Roseau North where he is not the parliamentary representative.

“Only the declared Labour Party candidate has the authority to declare a housing revolution in Roseau North,” Linton argued.

Linton stated that the housing needs and the housing assistance request of the people of Dominica Post-Maria have been surveyed extensively by international organizations, local organizations and the people’s own Ministry of Housing.

“Notwithstanding that, you hear talk about, almost as though the housing ministry of the people does not know what is going on,” he noted. “The money to help the people in need of housing assistance is coming from international organizations and friendly government, through grants, donations, soft loans, it’s coming through the sale of our passports, and it’s coming through our taxes…”

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  1. Lin clown
    May 11, 2019

    Red are just like %,viewsexpress,francisco,massacre and the other Blue ,lazy incompetent idiots.It is not every working person who can build a house.And it is not everyboby with land who can build a house.Before the Labour Party came to power most of the people who were given houses,were renting.ISAAC I don’t think it’s Roseau you talking about.Remember UWP supporters tried to burn down ROSEAU.In the process they distroyed Dr.Ferreira’s building.They destroyed Duncan Stowe ,Prevost and the Muslem buildings.The people needed you and the lazy UWP supporters help .Where were you.Now you talking BS.The people are happy and will never VOTE UWP.LAZY.

    • Viewsexpressed
      May 13, 2019

      Mr..madam Clown..that’s where you are…that politically illiterate clown who follows this failed incompetent immature worse Pm Dominicans have and will ever see. Your dilly failed friend Skerrit is a loser and has failed us with his comical nonsense buying poor vulnerable people
      That’s the psychic of this political clown. He, that Skerrit has failed us and has reduced our people and nature isle to beggars. This clown must ..he is a loser was severely incompetent and politically illiterate. Get lost Skerrit…you have failed us eg the Bin Bobol and Fertilizer Bobol will hunt you for life because you’re a failure and severely incompetent. Get lost and Go mind your funky business.
      Skerrit get lost. GO meet Man Butes Dog….your worthless blind followers.
      We welcome decent..intelligent..trusted Hon. Linton whom you’ll are scared of
      …and his highly professional UWP Team.
      Welcome Honourable Linton

  2. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    May 10, 2019

    Man bites dogs
    May 10, 2019
    @Francisco, You keeps sounding like a broken record singing for your supper like a hungry dog  you and the rest of Workers followers will be singing for many years to come. Lintoon will never be Prime minister in Dominica Workers puppets will not have any one to pull their strings any more wait till the Europeans start asking back for their passport  money. Lord help those suckers!!!

    But you crazy man!
    If Europens start asking back for their passport money, how can they asks Linton or UWP for passport money when and the UWP have not sold Europeans any passports?
    Are you sure you are in a right frame of mind, are you mentally sound?

    Or some of your neurons are getting crossed, and some chemicals in your brain are missed firing.

    Perhaps you should go and visit with Dr. Griffin Benjamin; tell him “Son” sent you! 
    Roosevelt is the passport salesman not Lennox and the UWP.

    • Man bites dogs
      May 12, 2019

      @Francisco, This will be short and sweet. YOU don’t know whom you dealing with. I am not …. like you and the rest of Linton, followers think 🤔 Lennox Linton, took money from some Europeans on the promises if they were to win the election each one would be given a deplomatic passport, now tell me am lying.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        May 13, 2019

        If I came to you and suggest you give me money on a premise that if I win the lottery I will in tern give you some money from what I won, if I win!
        Would you give me your money knowing that I have one chance in a more than a billion to win; which is like having zero to nil to win? 

        ” Statistical Conditional Probability And Independent Events”

        By an event I mean a collection of some, but not necessarily all of the possible outcomes of an experiment: i.e; in the probability of a cube experiment one can consider the event that we roll an even number.

        If you had statistics in college you will know what the following represents.
        S = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
        E = {2, 4, 6}
        L = {1, 2} = one roll a very low number
        H = {5, 6} = we roll a very high number
        A = {1, 2, 3, 4} not-to-high number
        Promise a fool’s Pleasure!

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        May 13, 2019

        If you understand what I conveyed using a bit of statics, you will discover your contention that Lennox obtained money from European and promise them diplomatic passport if UWP wins election is a joke.

        So, there is no point of me calling you a liar, since I am sure you may have realize the notion is total nonsense; do not believe everything Roosevelt and his clones put in your head; think for yourself, try to reasons things out; hence you’ll sense the truth and extract it from the garbage!

         Who in their right mind would fall for some nonsense like that?

        I mean; I know Lennox to be a brilliant, very smart man, but  he is not that smooth; I don’t think he is a snake oil Sam, selling snake oil!

        When we contest an election nobody knows what will be the outcome until all the votes are tallied!

  3. John
    May 10, 2019

    Another big pile of smoke. These guys have no vision. All they do is piggy back on what Skerrit’s is doing and expect to win election. Not everbody who has land in Dominica is suitable for building. Come up with different ideas. Stop eating all these bananas. Wake up Isaac. That guy from Vieille Case have you all by the balls hanging from the ceiling. The party will be defeated next general election.

  4. viewsexpressed
    May 10, 2019

    These two comments by UWP member, Hon. Baptiste is correct and is the right way to go..
    “We will work with them and build houses on their land so they have automatic ownership of those properties. Not high rise structure.
    “We will not promote multiple unit, multi-level housing in rural areas where there is adequate land to provide housing,”
    These high rising concrete structure are not for Dominica and our families. These families need to have their 3 or 4 bedrooms house with backyard garden and paly area and not to have children on the 4th or 5th floor of some clustered cluster phobic high rise concrete structure

    • Joseph John
      May 11, 2019

      The big joker,funnyman express is trying his spin again, but I am not buying it. Skerro is building real houses. IS BUILDING, not talking. The DLP government policy is to build 5,000 homes . Work has already started on this programme, the housing revolution. “Houses what people need” what does that expression mean. DLP “IS” building houses THAT people need now. When it comes to construction and housing YOU CAN’T TOUCH THE RED HORISON. YOU CANT TOUCH RED.
      The biggest con of all is that opposition people know how to express views that they alone think can tickle funny bones. A whole bunch of them sit in the House of Assembly every six months on average and get paid very well for sitting. They get paid for doing nothing at all, BUT talk and more talk. And people with fake names like unexpressed views and 0% offer them as heroes and models. Mama look jokes.

  5. Red House
    May 10, 2019

    I am not a workers and I don’t care about anybody’s housing program because government should not be about building free houses but rather, create job opportunities for people to work and build their own house . But I realize Skerrit is making this election a free house campaign and workers fell in his trap. For the good of DA, the opposition should talk about the things that affect us. Look Skerrit sent our international airport to St. Vincent, sent Ross University to Barbados to help create jobs for Bajans and the man bringing Haitians to take Dominica from us. These are the things affecting us and somehow Skerrit them pushing workers into a campaign of who has money and who getting house.

    • Joseph John
      May 11, 2019

      So when you build houses it does not create jobs ? The houses build themselves, material appear from nowhere, water and electricity appear with the snap of fingers and there are no add ons…no you do not need employees and employers so there are no jobs. Are you joining the fake team like the big jokes : viewsexpress ,% and Ibo being led by the Judas goat Lean-oxx Lean-scamton

  6. Voted for UWP last time
    May 10, 2019

    UWP is a party that is lacking in ideas. This statement “that UWP housing policy will be based on what the people needs” is just a cheap political gimmick trying to say plenty when really there is no substance. The UWP is lacking innovative ideas to deal with the reality in Dominica so they just catch phrases and buzzwords in their efforts to hoodwink the people. This was a wonderful opportunity for the UWP to spell out in detail to Dominicans what different policies and programs they have come up with to deal with the housing situation in Dominica instead they choose this cheap typical opposition answer.

    Dominicans do not be fooled by this UWP team. They didn’t help anyone after Hurricane Maria. They say on their lazy butts expecting the government to fail but now Dominica is recovering nicely they want to pretend that they are so interested in Dominicans. Be on your guard Dominicans

  7. May 9, 2019

    a UWP government will provide housing not based on what they think the people want, but what the people need to improve their housing quality.
    –News article

    Mr. Baptiste, Sir, you people are so full of nonsense, it is appalling!

    So you are planning to built houses for Dominicans who need it; what else can the people need –except to tell you where and how to build the houses?

    In other words, you be expecting the people to tell you to, “built the house like this, and build in such and such a place” Is that what you are planning?

    But the cost of building the houses is supposed to come from you, as the Government in authority– would that not bee chaos for you?

    I really believe that if I am going to get something at the expense of someone else, I would have to accept it as it is given to me. Far more so, if that something is from the Government.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 13, 2019

      Did you read where Shirley told you Q 95 is asking UWP supporters to assist one of your relatives financially?
      How come you have not responded to Shirley, nor have you told Q95 forget it; you and the red devil,s and Roosevelt will take care of you family needs?

  8. Jack Sparrow
    May 9, 2019

    Thank God, finally my people would not be put in Prison housing, with very little privacy and back yard space to do a kitchen garden, or have pets.
    Can you imagine having my own home built to my needs, and if my family grows I can expand. Thanks God for UWP.

    • Joseph John
      May 13, 2019

      So when did the UWP gang build you a house with all that space you are dreaming off. What DLP is building is an extreme step up from the Kai Pie, no toilet, no water one room no electricity houses for the marginalized and disadvantaged. I have not heard one, not even one recepiant complain or cry about the comfort of their new homes.

  9. Hurricane Skerrit
    May 9, 2019

    Since when our election was about who get house and who get money? The state of Dominica today reminds me of when I was a you boy growing up and we use to play “Who get” cricket. The batsman was never sure who was going to bowl because it was who got the ball became the bowler. Can’t believe that’s where Skerrit brought Da and people there playing pussycat politics. St Maarten, Tortola, the USVI Babuda and Dominica were all destroyed by hurricane. Yes we were worse off, all because of the bad policies of Skerrit and the DLP. Maria did not destroy Ross University. It was Skerrit that destroyed Ross University and for the life of me I cannot believe anyone from Portsmouth still supporting Skerrit. I mean to see how he has covered Portsmouth with unskilled and uneducated Haitians that are twice as poor as the locals , nobody knows their health record at a time when our health care is at it’s worse is a national disgrace and crime man. Im not trying to bash on Haitians but we can’t…

  10. See what Skerrit Did
    May 9, 2019

    We so badly screwed up by Skerrit boy . DA is in serious trouble you know man. Why is Roosevelt Skerrit still PM after what he did to Dominica? Man last month I was in Da and when I saw the state of DA, especially what is left of Ross University, I cried man. But my tears even got heavier when I left DA because on my way back to the US I had to stop in St. Vincent and there I saw a real state of the art international airport, and I remembered how that airport was ours and Skerrit brought Ralph Gonsalves to possie to tell us we couldn’t afford an international airport and we gave him a standing ovation. But people it got worse because from St. Vincent I had to fly to Barbados to make my connection, and what you think I was welcomed by? A big sign with Ross University School of Medicine , Barbados campus. This time I got angry because that same Ross was our baby that transformed Possie and pm caused his advisors to take it from us. I now say a big GO TO HELL to labar, to Ian, Skerrit

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 10, 2019

      Guy the worst is yet to come!
      Roosevelt intention is to be prime Minister of Dominica for the rest of his life, his business is to screw up Dominica, breath and create poverty in the country; while he boast he is the richest prime minister in the Caribbean.
      Is it not strange he is the richest in the region, Dominica is poorer than Haiti which they claimed is the poorest in the Western Hampshire; nevertheless, Haiti have an International Airport!
       Is it not shameful that you had to travel South to St. Vincent to get a connecting flight to fly North to the United States?

      That has been Gonzales intention all along when he plotted with Birds of Antigua to prevent Dominica from getting an International Airport, because if we build one, Dominica will become HUB, and Antigua will loose that privilege.
      Ralph is now on top of the world, the fact you head to St. Vincent to fly North, it seems St. Vincent is now the Hub!

      • mine
        May 10, 2019

        What is worst for someone to dream that Lennox is dangerous.

  11. Mass
    May 9, 2019

    It is clear that the UWP has the best plans to bring Dominica to the next level and we will support them in every possible way. The financial donations are flowing in the website and people are responding well to the message.
    I hope that UWP will not expose all their plans , because them Lazy will take them.

  12. Kermit
    May 9, 2019

    I like that initiative. Also, there should be people going to the recipients to ensure that they are indeed using the materials they asked for. Some of them are even selling the materials.

  13. Man bites dogs
    May 9, 2019

    What a load of crap”housing programme will be based on what people need ” five year old school boy talk. OK my challenge to you is will you be building skyscrapers like there are in London and New York? And also will you put your money where your mouth is remember pal you are not talking to a novice many of us still remember what your so-called Workers puppets party did to us as if it was yesterday I will never forget the nightmares….. And never will I forgive.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 10, 2019

       Mr. Man-dog; statements in the quote seems an open comment, so it would be very interesting to read your supporting argument  in regards to “your so-called Workers party did to us.”
       You like humiliating yourself; when you indulged in lying?
      The UWP secured a landslide victory which swept Eugenia Charles and the DFP out of power, I believe after dominating Dominica keeping the country backwards for fifteen years; the same as Roosevelt  nineteen.

      Unfortunately, lies perpetrated against the UWP by a coalition DFP/DLP  cause a no majority winner; hence the DFP/DLP formed a coalition government which prevented the UWP a second term. The UWP served Dominica less than five years, just over four; so it would be interesting to learn what  you mean by “your so-called Workers party did to us.”

      Do you know who, and what is termed a puppet?

      Whose puppet is the UWP?
      Guy don’t use words that you do not know the meaning, and when you are using them wrong!
      Hint: Roosevelt the…

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 10, 2019

      You see Man-Dog Roosevelt is the real puppet; he is a puppet to people like Ralph Gonzales, and his Barbadian advisory Hartley who gives him bad advise, which he used to screw up Dominica.
      If he was not puppet, after Ross University School of Medicine left and went to Barbados; he  went to Barbados, crawling on his yellow snake belly  like a fool kissing up to the Bajan Prime minister, happy that Ross left Dominica and set up their campus in Barbados.

      He stayed in Barbados, and told Dominican who angry over his incompetence which cause Ross to leave, refrain from saying anything about Barbados, and the prime minister; how stupid can Roosevelt the puppet be?
      Here is one definition of the term “puppet:” one whose mind is easily manipulated by others, as they do Roosevelt Skerrit!
      Here is another: “one whose acts are controlled by an outside  force or influence.”
      Roosevelt is the real on a string, you may recognized “Susie-Moozie ” that’s a puppet
      Not the members of the…

      • Man bites dogs
        May 10, 2019

        @Francisco, You keeps sounding like a broken record singing for your supper like a hungry dog 🐶 you and the rest of Workers followers will be singing for many years to come. Lintoon will never be Prime minister in Dominica 🇩🇲 Workers puppets will not have any one to pull their strings any more wait till the Europeans start asking back for their passport 🛂 money. Lord help those suckers!!!

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          May 10, 2019

          Okay, how nice to join you that ole barking dog; singing for you handouts from a certain thief; I doh calling him name cause if I do everybody will  know is him the thief I talking about!
          Have you forgotten I’ve told you a very long time ago, when I sing for my supper, I sing and pray to a higher Omnipotent power, who for the years I am living always delivers my needs to me.
          My help comes not from politicians, especially the ones (or should it be the one who is a thief) eh!

          God gifts to me are for keeps, what he has given to me no one can take away from me, not even the police!
          When they investigate my wealth unlike some politician in Dominica they will find everything I own, I work very hard to acquired.

          Nothing is stolen, not one Dominica penny I thief.

          I hear the other fellow all he does is thief to feed hungry dogs like Man Eat Dogs!

          • Man bites dogs
            May 12, 2019

            @Francisco, Say as you like, you and I has been having a go at each other for years not even world two lasted long as that so there you have it.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
  14. viewsexpressed
    May 9, 2019

    Hon. Issac, This is what I was waiting to read, and this statement is right on que. “We will not promote multiple unit, multi-level housing in rural areas where there is adequate land to provide housing,” Baptiste maintained.”
    People, please ignore Skerrit and his silly talk about housing. Skerrit is not interested in the quality of life of our people. He buys them with handouts and corrupt promises that makes no sense to the social, personal and economic stability of our families, communities, villages and Dominica on a whole. Skerrit has no real advisors and he himself has demonstrated illiteracy in the socio – economic development of our people. These high rise top floor housing for our people is wrong. We are not in Europe or the USA. This is Domininca and every family should have and must receive their own individual 3 bedroom house to reside and live as a family and not this nonsense 3d floor or 4th floor high rise camouflage. Skerrit must Go. We Welcome Team UWP & Hon Linton

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 10, 2019

      We have yet to see a real high rise building in Dominica! 

       Although  a four floor building can be term a high-rise in comparisons to a single-story building with one floor, when we talk about high-rise here is an example! 

      Chicago, the third-largest city in the United States, is home to 1,315, perhaps more completed high-rises; 44 of which stand taller than 600 feet (183 m). The tallest building in the city is the 110-story Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), which rises 1,451 feet (442 m) .

       We have some in Los Angeles too; Dominican’s cannot talk about high-rise building as of yet! 

      The tallest building in New York is One World Trade Center, which rises 1,776 feet (541 m).

      The 104-story skyscraper also stands as the tallest building in the United States, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and the sixth-tallest building in the world.

  15. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    May 9, 2019

    “We will not promote multiple unit, multi-level housing in rural areas where there is adequate land to provide housing,” (Baptiste).

    That makes some sense; nevertheless, in all that I read I did not read anything about how the housing revolution is paid for!

    There is no mention of the owners paying for the houses, or if it is a free for all!

    Let me say here I do not believe that government should use taxpayers money to build houses and simply give away to people; that only takes place in communism.

    I do not believe either that government should give money to people to build so called Hotels!

    If you say that there is no transparency in Roosevelt Housing Revolution, tell me who pays for the housing program that the UWP will continue; the government or the home owner?

    If the occupants are not paying for their house; who own it? 

    • Lalala
      May 10, 2019

      Where is the land in Dominica to build houses. Stop politicking everything. The housing program is an excellent one and the government will be commended by the people on Election Day. Our rural areas has started to look like rural areas in More developed countries

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        May 10, 2019

        You cannot see the land in Dominica to build single family homes because you all want to say I have my apartment!
        Apartment living is the worst from of residential living!
        In the more developed world they build apartments because in the city’s there are not enough space to build, but most people with children unless they are very poor hesitate to live in an apartment, cooped-up inside between walls with no outside playing space.
        The walls are thin, people listens to your business, even to the intimate moments between a husband and wife, or a boyfriend and girlfriend.
        I had a girlfriend I visited living in an apartment; every night at a certain hour, we were entertained by some strange sounds emanating from the walls caused by certain actions from the neighbors in their apartment.
        If an adult hears such actions, what about small children?
        While you believe apartments are good, they are projects living; which in Dominica will develop into slums!

        • May 11, 2019

          Thank you Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque for pointing out the downside of apartments. In cities where land is scarce they are the only option, but not necessarily a desirable one. For the affluent city dweller they may be answer, but for poorer citizens they invariably degenerate into ghettos.

          I am sure that millions of apartment dwellers in the overcrowded first world are envious of our uncrowded tropical rural environments.

          Sir, you sometimes accuse my of talking “crap”, but at least on this we agree!

          • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
            May 12, 2019

            Roger in politics people destroy, their best friends, and even their relatives as their very own mother in order to be the victor!
            Don’t take it personal okay; the purpose is to defeat you as an opponent; it has nothing to do with you  from a personal point of view; if I meet you tomorrow, I may sit, eat and drink with you; without mentioning a word about politics. 
            My politics is different from the average Dominican: In Dominica politics means hate, that sort of political mentality does not exists in my universe!
            He/she who takes political sides and hate, and become enemies to people are not wise, the individual politicians are here today, tomorrow they make their exist into political oblivion!
            I know a certain Dominica politician who’s path into political oblivion is already paved!

            (I know him name oui; but I doh calling it eh; cause everybody will know is dat boy Skerrit I talking eh!)

            Have a nice day!

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
    • Man bites dogs
      May 11, 2019

      Francisco, I know who you are so don’t pretend to be something you are not, having said that I have got a lot to admire about you. How the devil you did it? Am I missing something?

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        May 12, 2019

        Well Mr. Dog, remember I told you first; if you played and fight with Lennox on Steber Street, I may know you.
        I would not be surprise if you really know me; but remember the boy you perhaps knew is not the man I became!
        There was a woman living on Steber Street; Ivy Walsh, her brother Austin have a daughter with my late sister, I visited her home, there so, you might know me except if you lie oui!

        I don’t know about you boy, you are trouble; but anyway; I lime all over that place with the late Hague Walsh, his father I think was the late Oscar Walsh; so, see I don’t have anything hide, the police is not looking for me; but you don’t know if the FBI is not looking for a certain thief eh!
        You know the thief you defend everyday and have him hiding in your house from the FBI?
        I doh call  him name eh, so doh put out a warrant!

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        May 12, 2019

        I gave a response already, but because you humor me, I will tell you “God is in my life, and anything I accomplished in this life, education money health, it  all  came from God!

        Let us leave the politics out of this, and be serious for a moment: You are not the only person to ever say to me they do not know how I did it!

        One person said to me one day “Francisco you most of the time get away with things by the seat of your pants.”

        One of my son’s wife came into my house one day, sat looking me in my face, looking bewildered;  so I asks what’s her bewilderment?

        She ask me ” Francisco how do you manage!”

         She exclaimed: “How do you do it.”The only answer which popped out of my mouth instantly, and automatically was: ‘Only God knows Nikki!’

        Trust in God Jehovah my friend; with all your heart and soul, pray for your needs and wants, sincerely, he will deliver!

  16. JP
    May 9, 2019

    Do nothing, know nothing wannabe PM. There isn’t anything that the DLP has done that’s right in your twisted mind. Don’t telll is what you want to accomplish that’s PIE in the sky, show is what you have accomplished as the opposition leader. Staying on the sidelines and blowing hot fat on a daily basis isn’t resonating with the masses. In as much as you are babbling so incoherently you are very unfit to be PM

  17. %
    May 9, 2019

    This UWP team seem to be so advanced in their thought processes than the “one man DLP..Totally agree with you senator Baptiste..
    Skerrit is so obsessed about himself that he is ‘lost’..
    I respect Mr Baptiste so very much. He is eloquent, fluent, and captures an audience attention.
    He competes with patriot Linton as the best speaker in our embattled/failed parliament .
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

  18. May 9, 2019

    This is what a housing program should be all about.

    In the past, the individuality of places was related to climate, terrain, occupation, local building materials and skilled craftsmen. Self-sufficiency, was a key factor. Concrete and heavy earth moving equipment takes no heed of locality. Likewise, housing estates and apartment blocks take no heed of community.

    We must be cautious of allowing others to conceive the content of our environment, and purchasing it off-the-peg in one-size-fits-all. We have to regain confidence in the wellspring of our own being. Caribbean housing and townscapes cannot be conceived by someone sitting at an office desk in Dubai.

    Many of my DNO commentaries have been on this theme and they are reiterated in my recent book titled “Townscapes”.

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