UPDATE: The Zampolli matter: More fuel for “Where De Money Gone” campaign?

Crowd at UWP “Billion Dollar” meeting

As the United Workers Party (UWP) presents its case at its public meeting on Friday evening, more fuel has  been added to the party’s “Where De Money Gone” campaign which is expected to be the main talking point at what UWP leader, Lennox Linton, has described as a national assembly.

The campaign’s mission is to get a proper accounting from Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit of $1.2 billion dollars of revenue generated under the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme for the 2018-2019 financial year and which Opposition Leader Linton insists should have been included in the 2019-2020 national budget.

Now, with the news that Dominican diplomat at the UN, Ambassador Paolo Zampolli has gone to court in the US in an effort to secure his share of a CBI funded hotel project in Dominica, Linton and others in his party, are raising more questions about who really are the real beneficiaries of Dominica’s CBI funds. Those new questions are expected to be part of the agenda at Friday night’s “billion dollar” meeting.

Paolo Zampolli

The facts as we know them in the Zampolli matter:

  • Paolo Zampolli, a self-admitted ambassador for Dominica at the UN and a US citizen whose primary business is real estate, has filed a petition in a New York Court to obtain discovery in an arbitration matter involving the the Dominica CBI-funded, Kempenski-branded, hotel project known as Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski Dominica.
  • On May 7, 2015, Zampolli entered into an agreement with Mohamed Asaria and Range Developments (the developers) concerning the development of the Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski Dominica in which both parties agreed that Mr. Zampolli would be paid 5% of the development profit for his role in assisting with the development of that project.
  • The respondents in the petition filed by Mr. Zampoli are: Kempinski Hotels, the company behind the Kempinski-brand hotels, Xavier Destribats  who oversees operations for Kempinski Hotels in the Americas, Range Developments which led the development and construction of the project, Mohamed Asaria, who has led the project as the leader and founder of Range and is a signatory to the agreement with Zampolli and Kamal Shehada, the development director of Range Developments.
  • Zampolli states in a sworn affidavit which forms part of the petition documents, that the project has been fully sold out and that 800 passports under the real estate option of the CBI programme, were issued at a cost of US$225,000 each “which yielded a gross total income of USD$195,000,000.”
  • The agreement provides for the fee to be paid upon completion of the project and determined by the closing of accounts which, in turn, is to be determined by the company’s auditors. Range is required to account fully to Zampolli during the course of the project and when the development profit is realized.
  • Zampolli maintains that the project has been completed and despite good faith attempts on his part, the respondents have refused to pay him and have provided no financial accounting information regarding the project.
  • However, Zampolli claims in his affidavit that distributions from the project in the amount of USD30 million were made to Mr. Asaria and Mr. Shehada from a “Bank of Dominica” account in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • In may 2019, Range commenced arbitration proceedings in London, as provided for in the agreement, seeking a declaration that Zampolli’s claim for payment of the 5% fee is premature as he is not entitled to receive any payment until the the project has been completed and the account has been closed.
  • Zampolli is seeking the discovery of books, records, financial documents and accounts, and other files or materials and documents that relate to the agreement and the development and construction of the Cabrits Resort & Spa  Kempinski Dominica.
  • Zampolli claims that without an accurate accounting and discovery concerning the completion of the project, he will not be able to form arbitral claims for his rightful share of the profits and his repeated requests and demands for an accounting and access to the books to determine Project completion, have been rebuffed time and again.
  • Zampolli believes that considering the scattered web of foreign bank accounts many of which are vehicles for evasion and fraud in jurisdictions widely known to be tax havens where funds disappear without a trace, that without prompt discovery from respondents at this time, he may likely lose any ability to recover his due share.

Linton is questioning the amount of money which Zamponi in his affidavit, claims was paid out to the two officials of Range Developments (Asarias and Shehada).

“Thirty (30) million US dollars, $81.5 million dollars EC each, a total of 163 million dollars paid from the passport proceeds from the Kempinski project to two officials of Range. That’s according to…the government’s own UN Ambassador, Paolo Zampolli  who wants his share and his share…and as I understand it, what he’s looking for, is 7.5 million US dollars as what we would normally refer to here as a finder’s fee. That’s the person who brings the players together and gets the project going,” the Opposition Leader explained.

Based on the figures put forward by Zampolli in the affidavit, Linton suggests that the Range officials and Zampolli between them will receive EC$183 million dollars and points out that while the Kempinski hotel in Dominica has been built, it has put “plenty of our passport money raised by leveraging our sovereignty, in the pockets of outsiders” while a number of local hotels that were functioning well before Maria, have not been able to come back because, according to him, the government has said that it does not have money to help them.

“This arrangement from Range that has given… a few individuals from the outside all of this money, five years ago,… that was before MMCE came into the picture, with this special relationship with Skerrit, it now appears that it is the success of this Kempinski arrangement for certain individuals that resulted in the emergence of the MMCE Skerrit Haiden relationship under the newly-created housing option where rather than put the housing money for public housing into the treasury, they diverted it to some other account,” Linton noted.

Senior Counsel and spokesman for Prime Minister Skerrit, Anthony Astaphan offered this response to Linton’s assertion.

“As far as I am aware, government in no island in the OECS which has a  Citizenship by Investment Programme,  seeks to control the profits developers make. That was never done under the Freedom Party, the United Workers Party. What they are interested in is… the investment and construction of the project for jobs, taxation etc, etc, etc.”

Astaphan further asserts that in the Zampolli petition, neither the government, nor the attorney general nor any government minister, “ambassador, other than perhaps Zampolli – I don’t know if he is still one- are parties. No allegation is made against the government or n o one in the government. The basis of the claim seems to be a simple breach of a promise to pay a commission.”

But UWP president Isaac Baptiste has challenged Astaphan’s attempt to extricate the government from the Zampolli matter pointing out that the Kempinksi-branded hotel at the Cabrits could not have been undertaken without an agreement between the Government of Dominica and the developers.

“For that to have happened, the government of Dominica went and amended legislation – the National Parks Act – to remove lands from …the Cabrits National Park to give to the developers. To date, we do not know what price they sold it to them, if it was a gift and how many shares the government of Dominica has in that project,” Baptiste stated. “Also, for the project to have taken place, Range Developments and the developers are using  our passports under the Citizen by Investment Programme under the investment or real estate option to undertake the project and the government of Dominica agreed to provide them with passports to undertake the project.”

“The question is,” the UWP official continues, “How did the government of Dominica determine the number of passports they must give to the developers to facilitate and realize the project? A good government…a government acting in the interest of the people, would have had to have plans before them and estimates of the project.”

Click here to view all documents filed in the Zampolli case so far.

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  1. hmm
    October 27, 2019

    All these defenders of corruption, please look around at the kids 10 and younger, these are the future of our country! Before you come wearing your reds, greens and blues think of them. Think of the people and country of haiti, if you’re not aware what happened there, its basically what is happening in Dominica right now. Charismatic leaders energizing their base to get them to do their bidding, meanwhile these leaders enrich themselves, their family and cohorts.

    It is not a sustainable practice, leaving many victimized, ashamed and hopeless. It gets worse, while everyone is distracted these politicians destroy the very fabric of our society and the future of our small beloved nation. Stop the partisan politics noW! think of the little ones. SAVE Dominica

  2. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    September 10, 2019

    “To Admin: Where did you get the source for such information. Did you guys verify the so called facts you chronicled. ”

    Gary, in spite of the the question in the quote; at  least if you can find a link to the case in court in America, don’t you think that anyone else could have gone to that very source also?

    There is no mystery to such a source, but rather than questioning the messenger DNO which is only a conduit through which the truth flows.

    You should be calling for the resignation of Roosevelt Skerrit, and his corrupted behavior; you should be asking why is that so many foreigners are ripping off our country getting rich, while our people suffer in poverty; people like you and Joseph John appears as if Roosevelt has removed your brain stuff your head with a compound which makes you oblivious to what he is doing  to Dominica. If this is posted, I will return to finish and draw something to your attention you don’t know!

  3. jamie
    September 9, 2019

    How all the corruption and truth is coming out the closet,more will be revealed.

  4. Music Producer
    September 9, 2019

    All we have is almost gone…keep fighting the good fight, or we will lose it all for good!

  5. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    September 9, 2019

    It is time to get the international police (INTERPOL) involved in an investigation of the missing money because it is probably in some overseas personal bank accounts maybe in Switzerland and the United States, the FBI should investigate too. They should also call NBC news 20/20, CNN, Fox news and MSNBC. This should be all over the international news.

  6. Malatete
    September 9, 2019

    MMCE is not a China owned company. It is a UAE company registered and domiciled in Sharjah, one of the emirates. Non-UAE citizens cannot own a company outright and at best can have a minority foreign partner. The owner and chairman of MMCE is a local, Eman Mohamad Taha. The UAE do not offer their own citizenship for sale. It is possible to acquire UAE citizenship but one must be married to one of their citizens and even then it takes a long time and only after one has been resident for a considerable time. One advantage of having a commercial domicile in the UAE is that there is no income tax in that country.
    MMCE (Montreal Management Company Establishment), office no. 2506, Al Durrah Tower, Durrah Centre, Corniche Street, Al Majaz 2. Tel. + 971 65558747, e-mail info@mmce.org

  7. Ras B
    September 9, 2019

    To this, I simply say, should UWP fail to win the election this time around, they need to review the leadership of the party with a view to initiating changes at the top.

    • Casio
      September 10, 2019

      The thing is, people will say they dont like Lennox. but when you ask them why, it is usually some selfish useless response. “he doesnt smile, he is arrogant, he doesnt tell people hello, he doh have a degree, he not cute like Skerro.” All absolute rubbish! As to whether he is capable of guiding the country along the right path along with his team of professionals, their response is usually utter rubbish as well. “oh in 1995 uwp do this uwp do that. people wasnt getting paid” The UWP of today is NOT the same team as in 1995. Just as the DLP today is NOT the same in 1978/1979.

  8. doing the math
    September 8, 2019

    Mr. Skerrit must tell us how much it cost us to develop this hotel, so I can finish my equation:

    800 passports = USD$195,000,000.

    USD$195,000,000 – USD60 million – Zampoli’s 5% – ? = Cost to develop hotel.

    • RandyX
      September 10, 2019

      Yet another CBI project that wants accounting. Money missing everywhere in DA!

  9. puzzled
    September 8, 2019

    “…800 passports under the real estate option of the CBI programme, were issued at a cost of US$225,000 each “which yielded a gross total income of USD$195,000,000.””
    “…distributions from the project in the amount of USD30 million were made to Mr. Asaria and Mr. Shehada…”
    So according to Mr. Zampoli’s statements there was enough development profit (money left over after the hotel was completed) to pay Mr. Asaria and Mr. Shehada a combined USD60 million plus his 5%.
    Why would our government provide 800 passports (USD$195,000,000) knowing that the hotel would cost much less than that? Why allow the developers to realize such a large development profit, USD60 million plus Zampoli’s 5%? Why?

    • RandyX
      September 10, 2019

      Very simple, to cover for Skerrits share and that of his closest friends. That’s how he has been operating this CBI program for years. One for you and one for me… and the people of Dominica get the leftovers which are distributed at the red clinic if one begs hard enough!

  10. Ibo France
    September 8, 2019

    Well put, Percent! Skerrit has serious cognitive problems managing the country. The man is obviously unfit for the present position he holds. He’s like a gardener operating in a dental clinic.

  11. Gary
    September 8, 2019

    To Admin: Where did you get the source for such information. Did you guys verify the so called facts you chronicled. First of the last name Zampoli should have been spelled Zampolli. How can Mr. Paolo Zampolli file a petition in a New York Court to obtain discovery in an arbitration, if there is an arbitration the respondents Range Developments and Kempinski Hotels would have notified Mr. Zampolli he does not have to go to a court to obtain discovery in an arbitration, it is not a litigation matter. If Mr. Zampolli is seeking development profits, that is from the surplus after the project is completed. Range Developments has clearly stated he is not entitled to receive any payment until the project has been completed and the account has been closed, is’nt that a fair assessment.

    Is it Mr. Zampolli or the source of this information making these allegations about the accounting practice of Range Developments.

    To be continued.

    ADMIN: The New York State Supreme Court documents can be accessed via this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vYAJLCfjqXOmpqje-WBysjfFsFS3uR4I

    • Gary
      September 10, 2019

      To: Admin thanks for your reply and the posting of my comment and the info. I was getting anxious not seeing my reply. Why didn’t you just post the link at the bottom of your story rather than making an edited version of the facts trying to engineer suggestions as though this is a problem with CBI program when it is not. I stand by my initial comment. Such Court filing in NY means nothing. When Mr Zampolli signed the contract, the agreement provides for an arbitration of all disputes in London under the rules of arbitration of the international Chambers of Commerce, that is where he should have directed his claims to the respondents, rather than making allegations without evidence, if this was a ligation he would have to prove the things he alleges. Let us remember there are two sides to a story, we heard Mr. Zampolli and it would be interesting to hear from Range Development, let us not distort the facts to appease a political agenda.

    • Zampolli is smart
      September 10, 2019

      Mr. Zampolli is very smart. He is taking in front, as we say in Dominica. The two developers have told him to wait, but he does not trust them or Dominica’s offshore accounts, he told the court, “…considering the scattered web of foreign bank accounts many of which are vehicles for evasion and fraud in jurisdictions widely known to be tax havens where funds disappear without a trace…”

  12. I still Red
    September 8, 2019

    Now I understand why Skerrit CANNOT afford to lose the election, to the point that he must pay mocho money to candidates to run and even turn his wife into a politician. Only now I understand what is at stake

  13. dee
    September 8, 2019

    ”BANK of Dominica” in Geneva ein .
    Question : Why Geneva ? ( I have always known when Swizz Bank involved , there is Laundering .
    Question : How many other countries Dominica have banks?
    Morroco , India , Chinaetc etc ? how many banks in Skerrit name ?
    Question : Who collects all the interest generated from the
    monies in those banks ? (billions generate millions in
    interest )
    Question : why is there no mention of the interest ? ( who
    gets the added interest?)
    I SINCERLY HOPE AND PRAY ONE WILL BE MADE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ONE DAY ,and suffer any consequences there of .
    Tony didn’t comment or refute SWISS BANK , he must have interest or major benefit therein . .

    • Gary
      September 9, 2019

      Before you write such comment did you take your time to find out if there is such a bank called ” BANK of Dominica” in Geneva, well, there is no such Bank in Geneva. You must not just read things and assume it is true simply to give credence to your political partisan beliefs, is this how you live your life, never questioning things you read, just accepting what you read as face value. If you also made an effort to understand how The CBI works and the disbursement of funds to construct the Kempinski Hotel you would not write such nonsense. Under The CBI programe, monies in an escrow account belonging to investors in a Government approved real estate project cannot be held in an offshore Bank, the money is held in a designated Bank in Dominica, so long for your willful ignorance regarding such matters, it is also sad that you are following someone agenda and being lead down a rabbit hole, WAKE UP.

  14. September 8, 2019

    Dominicans as usual wants everything for free, they want to have no skin in the game. 225k is what investors invested in this real estate venture and they expect to get returns on their investment, this money does not belong to government. Governments only interest is to ensure that the monies are used for the intended purpose. Physical evidence shows that the hotel has been completed and already booking reservations. So in all honesty the government can say MISSION ACCOMPLISH. The opposition is trying to use a private matter to try to give the project a black eye. These figures of 225k are not made up figures they are regulated by law. Based on what is presented we can know how much money was collected to build the hotel. If more money was collected the difference still does not belong to government.

  15. September 8, 2019

    There are certain comments that are selected for political reasons

    ADMIN: We publish comments from all political opinions once they adhere to our comment policy.

    • Bwa-BAnday
      September 9, 2019

      Ignore such negative, baseless comments like this one from Mr. Hussey please ADMIN. You all are doing a good job at moderating the comments even mines when I get carried away :mrgreen: :mrgreen: .

  16. Braindamage
    September 8, 2019

    Somewhere, somehow, somebody will take a jail.
    When? The clock is ticking…..

    • Gary
      September 10, 2019

      Why make such a silly statement, such statement is a result of your ignorance of not understanding the matter at hand.

  17. RastarMarn
    September 7, 2019

    All Marn have to say is Mista Is an Italian,,,

    We all know how them Italians does handle bizniss!!!

    • Gary
      September 10, 2019

      Why don’t you use your mind to think before you make such ludicrous statement regarding someone Nationality.

    • RandyX
      September 10, 2019

      Not only is he an Italian but also a French man. Why is he PM of DA. No law and no constitution…!!

  18. Ibo France
    September 7, 2019

    There should be a team of independent forensic auditors to go through the CBI finances with a fine tooth comb. Too much funny business has plagued this program. The people’s patrimony was sold to procure this cash. Every Dominican should logically benefit from the CBI. Instead, foreigners and a few local elites are laughing to banks all around the world while thousands of bona fide Dominicans live on the edge of life.

  19. Kalinago Justice
    September 7, 2019

    That’s exactly what’s needed,more fuel to blaze the flames on the one-man corrupt rogue regime prime mistake!!!

  20. viewsexpressed
    September 7, 2019

    Linton is questioning the amount of money which Zamponi in his affidavit, claims to have been paid out to the two officials of Range Developments (Asarias and Shehada).
    “Thirty (30) million US dollars, $81,5 million dollars EC each, a total of 163 million dollars paid from the passport proceeds from the Kempinski project to two officials of Range. That’s according to the government’s own UN Ambassador, Paolo Zampolli who wants his share…and as I understand it, what he’s looking for, is 7.5 million US dollars as what we would normally refer to here as a finder’s fee. That’s the person who brings the players together and gets the project going,” the Opposition Leader explained.
    Skerrit, you and your failed corrupt government and friends, We need our states money accounted for. This day light robbery, thievery and abuse of states funds. We may want to see you arrested among your blind loyalists who guide, advise you to the wrong path, so you will have to bare the consequence. Its time.

    • Gary
      September 9, 2019

      I am bewildered, you claimed to be a Civil servant, in previous comments and you write such foolishness, wow. Don’t you have access to information as to how the CBI programe works, and how the monies of the investors are set aside in an escrow account in a designated Bank in Dominica, with three signatories, of which none is The PM. Why would you work for The Government and not make an effort to understand such matter as to how The CBI programe works. You political partisan beliefs has really done something to your mind.

  21. viewsexpressed
    September 7, 2019

    My Dominican People; please take note and begin to ask questions of Skerrit as Finance Minister for the accounting and questionable “misuse & Abuse” of our states money. Thanks Hon. Linton for being a patriotic Dominican and member of Parliament. Please keep your eyes open and watch Skerrit closely please for us. Please. The abuse of our funds has been undertaken by this failed Skerrit and has brought the PM`s office name into disrepute.
    “This arrangement from Range that has given… a few individuals from the outside all of this money, five years ago,… that was before MMCE came into the picture, with this special relationship with Skerrit, it now appears that it is the success of this Kempinski arrangement for certain individuals that resulted in the emergence of the MMCE Skerrit Haiden relationship under the newly-created housing option where rather than put the housing money for public housing into the treasury, they diverted it to some other account,” Linton noted. Thanks Hon…

  22. viewsexpressed
    September 7, 2019

    It is good we know this and we thank Hon. Lennox Linton for his service to country and people and that Skerrit and his failed corrupt government and his friends outside that circle will one day be called to account for our states Monies. We have had enough of failed, comical Skerrit and his blind Loyalists.
    Based on the figures put forward by Zampoli in his affidavit, Linton suggests that the Range officials and Zampoli between them will receive EC$183 million dollars and points out that while the Kempinski hotel in Dominica has been built, it has put “plenty of our passport money raised by leveraging our sovereignty, in the pockets of outsiders” while a number of local hotels that were functioning well before Maria, have not been able to come back because the government say that they do not have money to help them.
    I ask my Dominican people to open your eyes, please read DNO everyday that yo are aware of what is happening with our tax monies.

  23. viewsexpressed
    September 7, 2019

    1. the respondents have refused to pay, have provided no financial accounting information regarding the project.
    2. Zampolli claims without accurate accounting and discovery concerning completion of project, he will not be able to form arbitral claims for his rightful share of the profits and his repeated requests and demands for an accounting and access to the books to determine Project completion have been rebuffed time and again.”
    3. Skerrit where on earth do you fit in this scheme of things and how has this affected our Dominica. It appears our passports are sold but there is no apparent accounting and management of this scheme.
    4. Zampolli claims that without an accurate accounting and discovery concerning the completion of the project, he will not be able to form arbitral claims for his rightful share of the profits and his repeated requests and demands for an accounting and access to the books to determine Project completion have been rebuffed…
    Strange things happening…

  24. Truth Be Told
    September 7, 2019

    Dominica better just put Prime Minister Skerrit in jail before he pull a Mugabe!

  25. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    September 7, 2019

    Where de money gone? Check personal bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland with yours truly minister of finance name on it with a bogus name. The C B I program is a fraud started by yours truly for his enrichment using the good name of Dominica.

  26. Goodweed
    September 7, 2019

    What all the fuss about, The money went to building of the Cabrits resort. Maybe a little corrupt there and there but that’s normal with big money. And let me tell you something Linton, if you became prime minister NOBODY outside of Dominica likes you. And therefore nobody would do business with you or your Government. Isn’t Linton the same person who was kick out of Antigua as they felt he were an enemy of that state? You are an enemy of Dominica too unfortunately we cannot expel you. You are too talkative and a snitch who is willing to jeopardize the CBI program to benefit no one but yourself.
    And remember If you are not corrupt to a certain extent as a leader, you will surely fail. Linton, nobody likes you except for Trump and those lazy people hold placards asking for “where de money”. If you are a UWP supporter I feel really sorry for you.

    • Bwa-Banday
      September 9, 2019

      Are u really kidding me? Is that what we have become in Dca? Sad when smart people start accepting a “little corruption” just to ensure their cabal stays in office………….SMMFH!

  27. dissident
    September 7, 2019

    Zampoli is doing a very good job of exposure
    any regular patriot of Dominica is now armed with info that would NEVER come from our foreign ministry
    skerrit have all his cards close to his chest….so he foolishly thinks
    dem millionaires he dealing with always had their way of making their money…..skerrit naively thought that he was on same level with these millionaire fraudsters
    i think that Zampoli is just one of de strings controlling our puppet PM!!!!

    skerrit is not in control…..he is being controlled by his high profile business associates…
    i think that these fellas were actually taking their time to draw you in Skerrit!!! our PM so greedy….gullible!!!

  28. Pablov
    September 7, 2019

    Oh well, deal gone bad between 2 business partners, there’s no such guarantee with third party that something won’t go wrong. Has nothing to do with the 2.5 billion you are trying to pin down. The notion that the gov’t side should av said to both sides ‘ah.. make sure nothing gets screwed up eh’ that doesn’t happen in business.

  29. Curious
    September 7, 2019

    Interesting revelations… yet many Dominicans say that the UWP Team Dominica and the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition in Dominica, Honourable Lennox Linton is spreading fake news about the use of the CBI Funds and proper accountability for those funds.

    The citizens of the of Commonwealth of Dominica have a right to know. It’s their money magwaysa!

    • September 9, 2019

      Too many assumptions and speculations no real facts, no evidence not even hearsay. According to Linton Dominica is last in everything, I think his reference include knowlege and understanding. How many commenting here have actually read the regulations to get an understanding of how CBI operates? Just believing everything that is spoken by Lennox and now Vital without question puts all of you in the low information bracket.

  30. It has started
    September 7, 2019

    Mr. Skerrit is fighting tooth and nail to remain as Prime Minister because as PM he is shielded from some of the agencies that are investigating him and the international people he has pissed off. He knows that once he is out of office, they will descend on him like a ton of bricks. He knows he will be sued and he will face charges too. So all his fancy talk about him being sent by God and how he loves his country is BS. He wants to stay in office simply because he’s afraid to leave it. He’s a coward hiding behind the label of PM.
    Zampoli is not the first, there have been others who have put our CBI program under the US microscope. We found out about this one because he is bold enough to take the matter to court. I believe we will soon hear more stories of those who feel cheated by the program.

  31. Truth2power
    September 7, 2019

    Well I can’t trust anything coming from anyone associated with Lennox & uwp

    Because they known for cutting and pasting, manufacturing truth, spin doctoring etc

    So when U read something as long as uwp is associated with it one has to be very careful

    But mark my words the whole truth will come out like it did with the case in the BVI re the layou river hotel project

    Many will remember LINCLOWN role is distorting the truth and flip flopping and jumping like a headless chicken 🐓 on the hotel matter

    We remember how he or his click cut and pasted mummy and crazy voice like it was a conversation they both were having.



    This man has a reputation of dishonesty from school to privy counsel. So anything he says treat it with a grain of salt

    I feed this man with 2 telephone post tied together

    Pinard Bern can tell u more

    • Music Producer
      September 9, 2019

      So the video footage of scare-it was doctored as well??? You are not in your right mind.

  32. Hey
    September 7, 2019

    You are bringing another DEVIL 👿 to rescue your failing party. What happened to the other jail birdies, remember Skerrit would be jailed. Where’s your crowd. The open of the hospital was a blast except for one Lone Ranger. Use your own slang.

  33. Kalinago Justice
    September 7, 2019

    :?: Since this young one-man corrupt rogue regime prime mistake was given a chance, it’s been issues upon issues of all sorts of irregularities! From million dollar asset on five thousand dollars salary, illegal land transfer deal,bin bobol, fertilizer bobol, diplomatic passport sale to Susan Olde in return for$ US 400,000.00 which was used for politrickal campaign, dodgy diplomats like Alison Madueke, Mr.Wu who’s in U.S. prison,Monfared and now Zampoli making demands of compensation from sales of our passports, not to mention so many others :?: Even if one likes/loves their political party, isn’t this enough reason for one to distance themselves from the one-man corrupt rogue regime prime mistake :?: One may choose to be a labourite, but one should not feel obligated or be loyal to any leader when they go wrong! In my opinion, this one-man corrupt rogue regime prime mistake should not receive a single vote! I’d rather not vote for anyone!

  34. Ibo France
    September 7, 2019

    We should give Mr. Linton credit for exposing the fraud and corruption associated with the CBI program yet again. This hasn’t come as a surprise to me. How can a country that has raked in billions of dollars from a government run program be so underdeveloped? Wages and salaries so low, so many people living in squalor, that’s precisely what CORRUPTION does. Dominicans are too docile, gullible and too easily bribed. They fall for too little. They are satisfied with mediocrity. Give them crumbs and a little handout and they start singing your praises. This exposure should torpedo the DLP election boat. The country has seen and heard enough wrongdoings in government. They should now ensure that these corrupt bandits never get a seat in parliament ever again. Good riddance!!!

  35. September 7, 2019

    I am not surprise that Linton would come up with a person and add some kind of story and a face to the story just like the CNN story that one thing always before election this guy come up with some big lie and his supporters fall for it where is he showing love for his country when last he try to have a meeting and outline plans for building the country and uniting the people we need to at lease try to unite our people.

    • Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
      September 9, 2019

      No way should the PM of a country also be minister of finance, the C B I program is a fraud and con orchestrated by yours truly to enrich himself.

  36. Dirty Laundry
    September 7, 2019

    Now here is what we know for sure:
    1 Dominica’s very dirty and nasty LAUNDRY is out in the international laundromat of the USA
    2. It was NOT Lennox Linton that took our dirty laundry out. So I hope Sam Raphael, Anthony Astaphan, Roosevelt Skerrit are taking note
    3. We know Vince Henderson and Roosevelt Skerrit can tell us why their friends and friends of the DLP took our dirty laundry out

    But as bad as this bombshell is, here is another one that is again out in the international laundromat and DNO not talking about: https://www.inquirer.com/business/brenda-smith-broad-reach-capital-fraud-hedge-fund-wall-street-conshohocken-20190901.html People please pay attention to this as paragraph as you read the article:

    ” Smith bought a second passport from the tiny country of Dominica, and with more than $100 million at her disposal, began traveling extensively — to Dubai, Curaçao, and other countries, either to raise money or to siphon off funds from the operation, regulators…

  37. OpenMind
    September 7, 2019

    Surely that’s a legal matter between the two parties?

    Furthermore, why is there no mention by DNO or UWP regarding the PWC report into the CBI funds?

    Why is the leader of the opposition averse to using data provided by credible world recognised auditors rather than his own mathematics?

    It would appear that we only use data when it suits.

    ADMIN: What’s your point? We already published the PWC report back in August: https://dominicanewsonline.com/news/homepage/news/pricewaterhousecoopers-praises-dominica-for-use-of-cbi-funds/

    • Joseph John
      September 8, 2019

      The point is that lennox is doing voodoo math to raise speculation to creditable level for political gain. He is doing a good propaganda job with the “where is our money ” slogan.
      It is easy to see that this was a conspiracy set up by someone managing uwp political campaign. The colour of money can be a good motivation positively or negatively.
      They have been seeking issues for leverage with no result . They have a money one that will get attention. They have given their followers a plank to stand on and point fingers. Good job, but this will turn into a none issue soon that will not affect next election. People are used to uwp too show too flam (ad hoc) situations that soon loose their momentum into nothingness. Gossip type excitement that fades away in a few days.
      The uwp had a meeting, bla bla bla then what next. An other D-day or May ’79 day, M-day. By the time they leave that meet they will not remember what was said. The Reds always have it. You Cant touch THE RED

    • viewsexpressed
      September 9, 2019

      DNO is Mind is solid Closed, you will have to excuse him from this matter which appears to be below his level of thinking. You see, its all about protecting failed immature Skerrit and abandoned our Dominica and its people, aching due to this failed Labour government, and our suffering children.
      Too much BoBOL and other nefarious matters going on in this Dominica of ours.
      Skerrit has reduced our Domininca to this failed state, we therefore need him and his waste of time blind, empty, ignoramous followers. Skerrit must go, he has to go. Goodbye, failed immature Skerro. We welcome on Lennox Linton and is his highly, processional, committed UWP Team. We the people are with UW. We need change, we need Skerrit out, we Need our Dominica back.

  38. Nicholas Stephen
    September 7, 2019

    Up to this present day the FS and Ms. Blanchard (former ECCB country economists for Dominica) cannot challenge my contribution on a DFP radio program as to how the funds/revenue from the citizenship programs were accounted for in Dominica’s statistical systems, under the DFP and UWP administrations. The Central Statistics Office along with ECCB had full access to all the files of the applications and all funds were accounted for each aspect of the program and was reported in each sectors of Dominica’s statistical systems, there was full transparency.
    Today under the DLP there is no access to these files and there is no accurate measure on the impact of the program in the economic development of Dominica.
    Please note millions are unaccounted for from the ordinary citizenship program can your imagine how much is unaccounted for from the shady diplomatic deals.

    • Joseph John
      September 9, 2019

      Were CBI statistical and audit reports laid on the table during DFP and UWP terms.
      In the 4 years since lennox uwp is in opposition did they ever have a question in his name concerning the CBI ?
      The people he is pointing fingers at, are they in the public domain? Can they take libel action for smearing their names in the political arena and can DNO be sued for publication like an accomplice ?
      There is an old patois saying which is translated thus…..birds can be crazy but traps are always sane.
      Its bad business to fall into your own traps.

  39. Blaze
    September 7, 2019


  40. September 7, 2019

    UWP has a big Lawsuit coming to them that will render them broke and disqualify them as a Political Party. Baseless assumptions made Lennox pay for his Langsal and will cost UWP their credibility.

    • Joseph John
      September 8, 2019

      Can DNO be sued for publication ?

  41. Stephen Nicholas
    September 7, 2019

    Way way way this is really a clear example of how The two Doctors and their con cohorts are milking Dominica using our citizenship as a commodity.
    Up to this present day the DLP operatives, Ms Blanchard and the FS cannot challenge my contribution on how the funds from program was accounted for during the DFP and UWP administrations.
    The Central Statistics Office in collaboration with the ECCB had full access to the application files and all revenue under each sectors of the program was accounted for in Dominica’s Statistical systems. There was full transparency

  42. Child of Itassi
    September 7, 2019

    Skerrit caught in a “monkey trap.” His hand is full of jumbee money and he cannot let go.

  43. Ibo France
    September 7, 2019

    The TRUTH, no matter how long it has been buried will come to light. The CBI program is being managed like a complicated puzzle. Mostly foreign players and entities are the main beneficiaries of the scheme. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first practise to deceive. The Supreme Leader is not to be trusted. His tenure is fraught with CORRUPTION. He has severely injured the country’s treasury. It is bleeding profusely because of illicit foreign actors. We have to definitely CHANGE the CHANGE of 2000. If this doesn’t give the Dominica Electorate reason to vote out these crooks and bandits from government what else will? People wise up! Your well-being is not a priority of this dishonest regime.

  44. Mike
    September 6, 2019

    Linton is right on point! He is doing his work as Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament. Perhaps the best Opposition Leader Dominica ever had. He is eminently qualified to be Prime Minister, and I look forward to that becoming a reality soon.

  45. The Evangelist?
    September 6, 2019

    Skerrit has Dominica on the international stage looking like a broken marriage where the man and the woman had to go to court to share their wealth. Unfortunately is not two but three of them. But not only that nou:
    Skerrit has Dominica looking like a husband and wife that died in an accident without making a will and their three children had to go to some foreign court for arbitration.
    But not only that mou: in as much as Skerrit did not want to wash his dirty close in a foreign laundry, not Linton but his own friends took his very dirty close to a foreign laundromat and all the dirtiness is now opened and smelling like a can of worms. But not only that nou. If there is one country on earth Skerrit would not want to know about his dirty laundry is America. But guess what God caused to happen? Man his friends went to a US COURT to sell out the vibes. So PM the US court has all your secrets boy? That’s evidence and I hope Tony told you so. God works in mysterious ways boy.

  46. As I See It
    September 6, 2019

    Here what Mr. Zampolli claims: “•However, Zampoli claims in his affidavit that distributions from the project in the amount of USD30 million were made to Mr. Asaria and Mr. Shehada from a “Bank of Dominica” account in Geneva, Switzerland.”
    Notice people it was not Lennox Linton that said that you know. It was a claim filed by Mr, Zampolli in an affidavit.
    So according to Mr. Zampolli, Mr. Asaria and Mr. Shehada got USD$30 Million from a Bank of Dominica in Geneva?????????
    Mr. Zampolli wants his 5% in the region of USD$7.5 million??? So can somebody please tell me how much Roosevelt Skerrit got? Well I guess the con-Vince will tell us when the time comes for his portion

  47. REAL!!!!
    September 6, 2019

    How can a GOVT give the majority of revenues from the sales of Dominican passports to INTL players. While a huge majority Laborite Supporters and UWP Supporters are living pay cheque to cheque on the island with no future.

    This is a National crisis which goes across party lines ,this GOVT is NOT interested in Dominicans be it Laborite or UWP supporters, and they need to vacate office immediately.

    Question: What other reason but Corruption and Theft of Dominican people monies can a GOVT justify such behavior with significant unexplained use of funds??

  48. Garvey
    September 6, 2019

    This is the main reason Skerrit dislike Lennox because he is much smarter than him. Skerrit lies to the people about Lennox and they drink it like poison Kool Aid not seeking truth for themselves. Skerrit is Jim Jones reincarnated,he has poison the mind of the people which intern poison Dominica and a lot of my people like it like that, but whoo be unto us who wil lnot take heed. I pray the most high help us sooner than later.

  49. Kalinago Justice
    September 6, 2019

    :?: I want to hear the top in mud spin doctors :?: Those of you who continue to support the one-man corrupt rogue regime prime mistake, what do you all think :?:

  50. Herbert Volney
    September 6, 2019

    This is an affidavit in early time proceedings between the plaintiff and Range. Application is made to refer to arbitration where facts will be determined. Much of the plaintiff’s case is hinges upon assumptions many of which no doubt will be contested and for Lennox Linton and the UWP to use these uncertain factual allegations as justification for his where the money gone is disingenuous.
    Go ahead Lennox. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can never fool all the people with assumption/fact all the time.
    Judge Volney

    • Pipo
      September 8, 2019

      Herbert, your own record is stained and has been long discredited. Best you do not throw stones.

    • RandyX
      September 9, 2019

      Shut up Volney, nobody is really interested in singing for my supper comments. The truth of the matter is: the PM of Dominica is involved in all kind of shady business across the entire globe. A further question in this conjunction needs to be asked and investigated, why is this man in possession of a Dominican Diplomatic passport and more to the point why is this man a Dominican ambassador???

    • Mike
      September 9, 2019

      Lennox ask a simple question, where de money gone so judge stop the big words and all the legal mumbo jumbo that mean nothing and tell us where de money gone

    • Smh
      September 9, 2019

      It is clear, that common sense is not a subject taught at law school.

    • viewsexpressed
      September 9, 2019

      Herbert Volney, I am shocked at your thoughts and comments. It appears that SMA failed you. You taught us of decency and take care of Dominica as we are up and coming students to be de working for the decency in government and Dominicans social and economic development. Therefore, tell us now where are you? Where was all these morale talk and decency in politics that you and others made us to listen to matters of state. Today after 40 years you have mixed up your thoughts and manners and intellectual thinking that has now gone to the camp of corrupt Labour Skerrit and his blind mice all over the place trying to get at Hon. Linton, a true Dominican, decent man who wishes the best for our children and people and our nature Isle. Please Volney, you have no business at SMA, do not set foot at this disciplined place where I came from. Appears you have lost or dumped your political nonsense at the steps of failed Skerrit. How have you reduced yourself to this level, you alone know. Shame.

  51. My little take
    September 6, 2019

    With all this information no more need to ask Skerrit for the money because it is clear he cannot answer. So the question that remains is, what next? As a patriot and God-fearing person here is the only solution?
    1. Skerrit Must resign tonight. He cannot be trusted for another day.
    2. The house must dissolve immediately
    3. Charles Savarin must appoint an interim PM and cabinet to unite the country and prepare us for election. Since our constitution no longer matters I see no better one than the leader of the DFP Mr. Vital. I believe he has what it takes to unite all of us.
    4. As soon as Mr. Vital swears in as PM the police commissioner should immediately resign or be replaced for the sake of national security reasons and I recommend none else but Mr Weeks as interim police commissioner

    • RandyX
      September 9, 2019

      I agree, if he can’t come up with any serious answers he has to go and he has to go immediately!

  52. Zampoli not playing
    September 6, 2019

    They will try all kinds of tricks to avoid answering Lennox’s questions but they can’t do that with Zampoli. This man has the power of a US court behind him. If Zampoli cannot get satisfaction from his business partners, guess what he’s coming after next? Yes, that’s right, our treasury. The same accounts Mr. Skerrit is hiding, he will be compelled to reveal it in a US court. Skerrit and his team have proven they are a liability to this country. Time for them to Go!

    September 6, 2019

    The crowd of TWO POLITICAL PARTIES(UWP and FREEDOM) merging together trying to defeat the Labor Party.
    Well, Well, Well. Wonder how THEY felt. A billion dollar meeting conducted by TWO PARTIES and that’s the turn out? Dem man not ready yet.
    One must take note of the language of the pal rep for Salisbury. The words CIVIL UNREST must be taken note of.

  54. Alibaba & His Forty Thieves
    September 6, 2019

    Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? No doubt now Alibaba and his forty thieves stole the cookies and they ran with it and left poor people empty and hungry

  55. Gold Teeth
    September 6, 2019

    Fellow Dominicans, the fight on the foreign stage is among three players and all three are foreigners and all three are friends of our PM. Mohamed Asaria, Kamal Shehada, paola
    Zampoli. But the match was played in Dominica, the umpires are our government but sadly nothing in it for us? I wonder, I really wonder who our PM Roosevelt Skerrit or rooting for in this matter. PM who you want to win? Is it Zampolli? Could it be Mohamed Asaria? Or is it Kamal Shehada? One thing we know for sure is Dominica is the loser as we are not in it! Only Skerrits three friends can win!

  56. simple question
    September 6, 2019

    Mr. Zampoli is asking the same simple question we are asking: Where de money gone???

    • Vrai Den
      September 8, 2019

      He is asking more than that. He is also asking for transparency, which we been asking for, its been years since we been asking for accountability and transparency from this ruling government.

    • Hmmm
      September 8, 2019

      “There is no honor amongst thieves”

  57. Joseph John
    September 6, 2019

    Wow before the meeting is held DNO knew what Linton said at then when you zoom on this picture it looks photoshop.
    So the man is suing for finders fees and the builders are saying wait for when the project is complete.
    So Linton knows how to get information from a court proceeding out of Dominica, But does not know how to get information as chairman of the public accounts committee.
    Is this a move to stop the hotels before it is completed ? So that the uwp can celebrate as they did for Ross departure ?

  58. Jacob & Esau
    September 6, 2019

    Wow!Wow! Wow! So we were sold on the plantation as slaves and in 2019 PM Roosevelt Skerrit sold us to his foreign friends man? Foreigners fighting in the US court for their fair portion of our passport money, in excess of $20 million dollars, while we have to dress in red to see what we can get? I mean think of these three things:
    1. In Dominica We are asking Skerrit to tell us where our §1.2 billion dollars gond
    2. In New York. Court we are heading of. Zampolli and other foreigners asking the court for their 5% or over 23 million dollars from the sale of our passports
    3. In New Jersey we are hearing of a Brenda Smith, who bought a Dominica passport to conduct her ponzi fonzi and was jailed in Nj last weekend.
    My God how much more can we take? To make matters worse Skerrit brought his wife onboard to ensure he has no one to stop him. My people, I beg you; I plead with you to STOP Skerrit now before its too late! Lets not be like Esau that sold his birthright for a bowl of soup

  59. %
    September 6, 2019

    DNO i am in the crowd texting …The crowd is really massive..!!
    We need more pictures please!
    Skerrit whey is di money?
    Skerrit whey is the mone? Skerrit whey is di money?

  60. %
    September 6, 2019

    Problem is Skerrit has always been an extremely weak leader. He lacks understanding of what leadership is, believing that it is showmanship. Everyone can fool the idiot, just put a cake on a table and give him a knife to cut it, then you have him!!! Remember his sojourn in Macau with Lapseng, Ash, Lorenzo, etc????? No wonder foreigners like Zampoli are taking each other to court for our money, while so many houses are still uncovered on island … He thinks that he owns the place, (he runs things), but his political candle is all but burnt out..
    Wicked Leader!!
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?

    September 6, 2019

    It’s time for Dominicans to put party aside and concentrate on the issues affecting Dominica. As I have said before, I am a born laborite and last voted the DLP in 2014. But how can I from a good conscience support the evils in Dominica? Honesty speaking I would vote out the DLP just for allowing Ross to go and the lies that preceded their departure. But after hearing of the $1.5 dollars that disappeared? My parents would whip me if they gave $20.00 to shop and I couldn’t account for it. Then to hear how a US citizen by the name of Brenda Smith bought a Dominica passport and was jailed in By last week for corruption. Then to hear this week of Zampolli and foreigners are before the US court fighting for millions of our cbi passport? Three major scandals of such magnitude in one month? I believe these three evil revelations, especially the last two that had to do with the US court is divine and I would have to be disobedient to my conscience to vote a Skerrit government again

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