DHTA wants crime fighting recommendations implemented


The Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association (DHTA) has expressed optimism that its recommendations to combat violent crime especially against tourists visiting the island, will be taken up by the authorities and implemented.

The association’s Public Relations Officer Simon Walsh in his remarks at the DHTA Bi-annual Meeting on Thursday evening made reference to what he described as the rapidly increasing crime rate against both  tourists and locals.

According to the association spokesman, the DHTA spends thousands of dollars to ensure that the tourist has a positive experience and is therefore very concerned about the targeting of visitors to the island by some criminal elements.

Walsh said the DHTA was dialoguing with top government officials including the Prime Minister, Minister for National Security, the Attorney General and The Commissioner of Police in an attempt to foster a joint collaborative effort against attacks on tourists.

While not elaborating on the recommendations made to government, Walsh said some of the proposals were aimed at helping deal with crime and the long term issues which fuel such crime.

The DHTA message is that crime affects everybody not only persons in the tourism industry, but also in other industries such as agriculture and normal everyday living.

However Walsh says the tourism sector is taking particular interest in the situation because the crime rate has increased so drastically especially against tourists.

He doesn’t want affected, the tourism product which is sold to the visitors and tourists including hiking,  whale watching and sight-seeing.

He is urging individual communities to play a significant role in ensuring that their community is crime free.

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  1. Shameless
    March 18, 2012

    The Crime Fighting Strategy of the police has failed miserably. Granted, the police cannot be everywhere at the same time or prevent crime from happening from a general point of view. However, we see criminal activity rising rapidly which simply means that the criminals are way ahead of the police and judicial system on a whole. Simple, the chief and his deputy need to be retired or transferred to a position (National Security Advisors??) until they officially retire. The presedence has been set in St. Lucia in the Fregis Vs. The Government Of St. Lucia.

    The old style of policing still being practiced in Dca is suited for the 1950’s which is now a by-gone era. The old school higher echlons of the force need to go and a new, more agressive, assertive, forward thinking management team guided by well known crime fighters (retired officers)such as Duke Savarin, Simon Darroux or Philsbert Alfred (as sworn-in Police Advisors with full police powers)is the only way out. Such a position was created for Lt. Bernabe (Equal to the rank of ASP) as a military advisor during the dread crisis and power struggle (Attempted Coups) and it worked.

    Our policemen cannot continue to work as security guards (unarmed) while criminals have all kinds of weapons at their disposal 24/7. It is high time we arm our officers 24/7 (On and off duty) since police work never stops. Officers cannot function properly while being ill equipped to face life threatening situations. Retrain them if thats whats needed and arm them.

    In addition, the judiciary need to be cleaned by appointing a new Chief Magistrate who should be given a free hands in bringing in fearless, impartial and qualified magistrates (Lay Magistrates are deemed qualified). High ranking retired police officers can be given contracts since they are very familiar with the laws and courtroom procedures.

    The Attorney General’s Office should looked at closely with a view of moving such a department under the office of the president to avoid “direct” pressure from politicians. This would also give him a free hand in calling for investigations of corrupt politicains.

    Hopefully someone will listen.

    • Justice and Truth
      March 18, 2012

      @ Shameless

      You have made some good points. However, is anyone addressing the issue of those who have evaded airport authorities in bringing in guns and other paraphernalia into Dominica which aids them in committing crimes? Without these they may not be able to commit crimes on that wide scale as they have been doing. Therefore, this is another important issue which needs to be addressed.
      In this era, police and security guards should definitely be armed and with tasers. It is also for their protection. The government should not prohibit them from carrying those weapons and utilizing them if need be.

  2. ineedfree
    March 17, 2012

    certain organisations choose to remain in a bubble floating over the society.

    when their bubble is threatened to burst they make a little window and holla for help to stay afloat.

    It doesnt work like that.

    Your servants, messengers, vendors are always left out of the “financial” bubble; and it’s usually their children who having no future in the scheme of things who will burst this fake tourism system.

    We need to hear you DTHA people involve in the social/economic welfare of all the people and not your little priviledged circle

  3. Free Thinker
    March 16, 2012

    It would have been good if the recommendations were made public so that the said public could get involved and press for the necessary recommendations to be implemented once they have met the approval of the relevant authorities.

    I find it very interesting that the DHTA’s voice is only heard when their interest is being directly affected , negatively that is. As the saying goes, better late than never, because I am yet to hear the business community or the DAIC in light of the escalating crime rate in this small economy.

  4. cabiche st.lucia.
    March 16, 2012

    do like st.lucia .imagin police with big gun day and night .since school end police make sure all children get there selve at there homes. breaking houses they suspect crime is going on in it. people it eh easy now the government give the police free will to shoot them trouble maker dead .

  5. Anonymous
    March 16, 2012

    so because im broke i need to go an rob someone. i was broke many time and never robbed no one so dont give me that bull about unemployment.some were created to be rich and poor. thats life. them guys just lazy, bad minded, wicked evil full of shit full of the devil and think they cant be stop.Darm this fools.

  6. Chrissy
    March 16, 2012

    People also need to read the entire article before sounding off alarms…

    ‘While not elaborating on the recommendations made to government, Walsh said some of the proposals were aimed at helping deal with crime and the long term issues which fuel such crime.
    The DHTA message is that crime affects everybody not only persons in the tourism industry, but also in other industries such as agriculture and normal everyday living.’

  7. Chrissy
    March 16, 2012

    Well, Dominica depends of Tourism financially, if tourists feel like Dominica is unsafe, they WILL NOT COME…
    I do not know why people get so offended so easily without thinking out logically.
    The leader of the Tourism Association has all Rights to try to salvage what is left by putting measures in place that would let the vacationers know that they will be safe when they travel here.

  8. Im aright Jack!!
    March 16, 2012

    I agree 100%+ with Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque. Crime occurs everywhere, especially in the Western world AND they still cant stop or solve the majority of crimes. Why do some people cry only when things affects them!!?

  9. Realist
    March 16, 2012

    The sad thing about people like DHTA is that they only want to condemn crime when it directly impacts on tourism. This selfish approach to crime and other significant issues just cannot work.

    Crime against one is crime against all, crime should be condemned in all forms and magnitudes irrespective of where and from whom it pokes its ugly head. This way crime will be controlled at its infancy and all shall benefit

    March 16, 2012

    The criminals that have been caught so far, make an example out of them, let the others know to think twice before they try that again…hang them!!!!

  11. Francisco Telemaque
    March 16, 2012

    The business of the Dominica Hotel and Tourist Association is to promote tourism, advertise Dominica internationally, I would hope!

    If the association has failed to even attract a major hotel chain to invest in Dominica, what sort of legal, or tactical advised can Walsh and company give to the police that if implemented will be effective in combating crime committed against the tourist?

    Are they suggesting that law enforcement in Dominica are so incompetent, and backward in their ability and crime fighting strategies that an organization without military or law enforcement training has to intervene, and tell the police what to do?

    The most effective way to combat crime on the island is for the public to get involve; the people need to be educate to the fact that we are all our brothers keeper; and when someone sees something which appears suspicious we owe it to ourselves to call and inform the police of anything suspicious that we see!

    Secondly, any person on the island who has information regarding a crime; it should be the persons duty to give this information to the police!

    Without information from eyewitness, and people who may have heard something through the grape vine, and relaying what they saw and heard to the police, the police are powerless to resolve any crime, be it a murder, or someone stealing a handful of penuts.

    The police should set up an system where people can call in with information anonymously without stating their names, that is the way it is done in a more modern world.

    Recreation areas such as popular places where the tourist visits should always be guarded by trained security guards with guns; for in the event they have to use force to subdue a culprit. There is no other way, except setting up a network of spy’s to keep tabs on people who are prone to or has the potential to commit these heinous against our citizens, and the visiting tourist!

    Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    • Choice
      March 16, 2012

      @ Fransisco Dodds

      It is not the responsibility of the DHTA to bring in any major hotel chain here. This is a member association which primary raison d’être is to safe guard and promote members interest.

      Invest Dominica and Discover Dominica on the other hand have been legally mandated to do just that.

      • Francisco Telemaque
        March 16, 2012

        If they are dealing with tourism, and they are not supposed to try to influence Hotel investments into the country, but they have the power to train our police force in crime fighting, something is radically wrong with our country!

        I as a private citizen born in Dominica never made a comfortable living in Dominica, never earned as much as two hundred dollars in the country of my birth, yet wherever I go, and meet people, when they talk to me and discover my accent is different to theirs, when they question me as to where I am from; by the time I say Dominica, my second word is always, perhaps you should think of visiting my country!

        As a matter of fact I had a Hollywood movie producer, and director who was prepared to utilize Dominica for an annual film festival. I tried my best to get to the appropriate authorities; everybody had their opinions, finally someone gave me Ian Douglas E-mail address, and suggests that I give him the information to relay to Skerrit, which I did, to this day Ian never gave Skerrit message.

        I am sure if he did I would have heard from Skerrit!

        And hear what happen, when I met this producer, she was negotiating with an Antigua representative, to secure Antigua as the site, I convinced this person to take it to my country, only to be let down by my people, if I who does not make my living by Dominica, can try to influence people to come to our country and invest, what then is the actual purpose of the people who makes their living via tourism?

        In the end when this person try to get back at the negotiating with Antigua, everything fell through, so both Antigua is out of the equation forever.

        Now I can mention the names of people in Dominica who communicated with the producer directly,but I will not loose my head to do so, because as soon as people speaks ,they call it hate, and make trouble, so, me farid Karl oui!

        Sorry, my mistake oui, I forgot everything is inverted, and works in reverse in our country!


        (I doh know eh, ya all good fu al ya self).

        And by the way we all whenever the occasion arises should do exactly as I have done, and shall continue to do, wherever I go I can be identify as a Dominican, because on every car that I own my name is written on my registration plate written like this:

        The Commonwealth

        . Telemaq

        . Dominica W. I.

        In some case you will see my name spelt in different ways, as Telemac, or Telemau, or even in a backward spelling, and that is because I can only use seven letters, so you see I am one who talk but in the process I promote my country!

        Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque

    • Midget
      March 16, 2012

      You need to review your comments before posting. Way to many typos…..

  12. Oh Ho!!
    March 16, 2012

    DNO can the public review those recommendations?

  13. pro-dominica
    March 16, 2012

    simplest solution is too create more jobs and education opportunities :-P

  14. Concern abroad
    March 16, 2012

    There should be an immediate and emergency meeting by security personels,government and other interested citizens on how to deal and alleviate theses trouble situations.

  15. Off the Grid
    March 16, 2012

    One of the most effective ways to fight crime is to create equal opportunities for employment and eduction. as long as the gap between the rich and poor remains wide the problem of crime will not go away.

    • Tiger
      March 16, 2012

      Dominica has very few rich people. There are some people who are comfortable, but most people are just OK. Dominica does not suffer from an “gap” affiction.

    • Concern abroad
      March 16, 2012

      not only that the gap between rich and poor but the rich have too much say in society,they sit on their money and don’t create jobs for the poor.Most rich people think that they are above the law because they appeared to be too influential in society.

      • me
        March 16, 2012

        they don’t think they know.. sad

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