Kimberly King is new Destination Marketing Manager at DDA

Kimberly King

Kimberly King is Dominica’s new Destination Marketing Manager. Ms. King joined the team at the Ministry of Tourism International Transport and Maritime Initiatives and Discover Dominica
Authority on October 8, 2021. She will provide leadership oversight in implementing the destination’s marketing plans to help the ministry realize its goal of significantly growing our visitor arrivals and Dominica’s tourism industry contribution to the economy.

Ms. King brings a wealth of experience to the team, having served in various capacities within the private sector from a base in Trinidad, however Ms. King has worked in several other OECS islands in the past. Most notably, she worked with the Hyatt Hotel where she was responsible for sales for the flagship property in Trinidad.

Her experience in the Eastern Caribbean in coordinating the marketing activities of hotel chains to drive sales will auger well for the partnerships that the destination must forge between private and public sector to grow the tourism industry in Dominica. More specifically, Ms. King has experience in working with tour operators and travel agents within the region and externally. Ms. King holds a master’s degree in marketing from The University of the West Indies and has over eighteen years’ experience in the tourism industry.

King noted, “It is a privilege to join the Ministry of Tourism and Discover Dominica Authority to serve the people of Dominica and to lead the overall marketing activities in working with the private sector to ensure that the world knows about Dominica. These are challenging times for the travel and tourism industry given the pandemic, but equally critical times for Dominica’s growth in the tourism industry. Together we must ensure that visitor arrivals and on-island spend grow and improve and that the visitor on- island experience is second to none.”

Her goal is to inspire the DDA Marketing team members and work closely with the private sector
and stakeholders to create truly unique guest experiences and meet our growth targets. The Minister of Tourism, International Transport & Maritime Initiatives, Hon. Denise Charles welcomed Ms. King to the DDA team as a key member and experienced marketer to implement the policies and strategies that the Ministry of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives has tabled for the short, medium and longer term, as well as to bring a dynamism to the implementation of campaigns to bring about results

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  1. Lagahoo
    November 13, 2021

    Good move… welcome, make your money, then leave. that’s DDA. And remember the big boys have big bananas if you want an extension… On the lighter side, congratulations. Hope everything works out good. Dominica is pretty safe, the people are generous. And laidback, and you will soon discover very welcoming. And yes the Government needs to quadruple the product development and marketing budgets to make your job worthwhile…

  2. Zandoli
    November 11, 2021

    Let’s hope she stays a while longer than those who came before her.
    I am not sure if she left a position in the private sector to take up a job with this organization, but that is something I would most likely not do.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 13 Thumb down 0
  3. Toto
    November 11, 2021

    Dear lady, wishing you all the best and hope you fare better than your predecessors that came to our shore with great ideas and full of beans. Don’t get discouraged when you discover nobody in our land decides anything but Big Banana himself. And if you know what is good for you, never upstage him, is just the way it is. Good luck.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 17 Thumb down 0
  4. Freddy
    November 10, 2021

    How long before Piper drives his latest recruit to despair and resignation ?

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  5. M. Leslie
    November 10, 2021

    Congrats Ms. King. I pray that you meet success in whatever you do.

  6. Ibo France
    November 10, 2021

    Two points!

    Tourism is a very fickle industry, yet, we invest so heavily in it. The infrastructure (roads, water, development of air and sea ports, etc.) is extremely costly. Seems like Dominica is becoming a mono industry economy. Why not invest more in agriculture, agro-processing, manufacturing using local products, technology, etcetera.

    This government seems not to have any confidence in our people as it has an affinity for foreign professionals. Imagine this is happening while Dominicans all over the globe are pushing above their weight. The Arabs, Chinese and other foreigners are doing super well in Dominica while bona fide Dominicans are catching hell. Can’t be right.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 21 Thumb down 2
    • Zandoli
      November 12, 2021

      If we want to attract more people to agriculture, we also need to do a major recruiting campaign in Haiti. Dominicans gave up on agriculture a long time ago. And to be honest, if you are not into back breaking work, agriculture in Dominica is not for you.

      Three years ago I was in Dominica and I used to walk about 4 kms up the hill from my home. It was then I appreciated the steepness of the terrain that is Dominica. I saw gardens that we approaching 60 degrees in slope. Despite the fact that I know we need to encourage people to get into the field of agriculture, I would not do it. But it is easy for me to say because I have other options. But unless you are blessed with flat or gently sloping land, that line of work is tough in DA.

  7. Oh Men
    November 10, 2021

    Some may doubt it based on their knowledge of the Bible and its end times predictions. But whether we know it or not, or whether we believe it or not doesn’t matter. Women have been promoted and selected to hold very high positions in the workplace more than any other times in history. And I’m not say that this is a bad thing. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t have worked so hard to support my family had my wife had a job, or a high paying job. Having said all this, it’s predicted that this phenomenon would be a “sign” of the end times or latter days in which man’s lease on this planet earth will end. The lease will not be renewed. But if you have made Jesus Christ your Savior, your new home where He said, “I go to prepare a place for you; and where I am, there shall ye be also.” Millions of people don’t know the end times events, and some don’t care. Yes, women ruling men is one of those signs. Have you thought of the amount of women in ruling positions? Just start with Germany.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 25
    • Oh Men
      November 10, 2021

      Women ruling is not seen as a welcoming or blessings over the people. Read Isaiah 3:12. It’s as though it’s a punishment to the people for their disobedience. Saul was the first King to reign in Israel. He ruled over both the southern and northern parts before his Kingdom was divided. His son (male) reigned for a short while then David (male) became King in Hebron then king over all Israel. Following through Solomon down there was never a “Queen” seated on the throne with a scepter in her hand. No, never. But don’t ask me why. Today, we have female president, governor, mayor, female CEO of banks and large corporations. Female pilots, astronauts and female bread winners who do not submit to their husband. They “run things.” It’s hard for a woman to obey and submit to her husband when she is the breadwinner. Even when the man is bringing home the bacon she doesn’t submit. But the Bible says, “Women, submit to your own husband.” Oh yeah!!!! She’s ready to throw him out the house.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 3 Thumb down 9
      • Gary
        November 12, 2021

        What is it you dislike or hate, is it the female gender Woman God created, or is it you don’t like Woman in Authority. When something imitates you, it can lead to an understanding of yourself. There is a saying, nothing in life is to be feared, only to be understood, such understanding comes with growth, not merely limiting yourself to reading the scriptures and quoting them, you must not limit yourself to know and understand something from one source. The opinions you have expressed are only based on what information you have accumulated, don’t you think there are other sources available where you have not looked.

        Women have made a tremendous contribution to this planet through their feminine nature, such contribution must not be ignored simply by your ignorance and limited view, some food for thought The feminine is more powerful than the masculine, the soft is more powerful than the hard, the water is more powerful than the rock.

        • Oh Men
          November 13, 2021

          “If you throw a rock in a pack of swine, the one that hola is the one you hit.” You have yet to identify anything in particular that you thought was wrong in my comment. And by the way, you are the one who says, “feminine is better than masculine.” So here you have it. I guess you are very sensible to yourself. I didn’t bash women. I was simply stating facts both from a historical perspective and the experience of everyday life. Have a wonderful day. And your name is “Gary”?

          • Gary
            November 15, 2021

            As to your rock throwing at swine in a pack, why would you hit the one that hola without finding why it is holing. You make your own facts to suite what you believe, without understanding. Here is what wrong with your comment, the so-called historical facts that you make referencing the Bible, quote “Millions of people don’t know the end times events, and some don’t care. Yes, women ruling men is one of those signs.” wow is this what you call a fact, do you know what a fact is. As to your experience of everyday life, that is your experience, but your experience should not be held as an absolute to judge all women, ludicrous. There is something called choices, the choices you make can somehow can contribute to the experiences you have and so if you had made a different choice your experience would be different. Famine and masculine are divine principles, I will leave it at that.

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    • Toto
      November 12, 2021

      One would think you do not like women. Well let me tell you that women are the stronger sex because they live longer than men. A woman gave birth to Jesus Christ and you would not exist without your mother either, you silly man.

  8. Bwa-Banday
    November 10, 2021

    Nice looking lady indeed. I wonder which cabalist is providing timely service for her vehicle especially when oil change is needed. Welcome to Dca young lady. Since we apparently do not have locals that can do this job in sincerely hope you will take the opportunity to share you knowledge with them and not the opposite where you are holding the office due to connections and others are doing the work for you.

    Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 20 Thumb down 8
    • Gary
      November 12, 2021

      Why would you take your time to write such a comment, it just revels the utter darkness of your mentality. Do you think writing such a comment is going to bring about the change you want to see in Dominica.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 0 Thumb down 10
      • Ibo France
        November 12, 2021

        You are always quick to denigrate others. Why don’t you do some introspection? Your shallowness is quite conspicuous. Your comments are usually pedestrian. Your criticisms should be directed at the man in the mirror.

        Stop berating fellow commenters. Direct your scathing criticisms at the ignoramus who has positioned himself at the top.of the food chain in government.

      • Oh Men
        November 13, 2021

        @Gary you come across as someone who’s hurting and miserable. You have nothing to contribute but to attack. Are you an attack Doug? De stress yourself for a change.

        • Gary
          November 15, 2021

          Why would you make such an assumption about. When Bwa-Banday makes a dirty sarcastic suggestion about someone they do not know, saying “I wonder which cabalist is providing timely service for her vehicle especially when oil change is needed” Is that what you are defending telling me, I’m an attack Doug simply because I’m exposing his behavior, while you come and talk about biblical perspective and Jesus Christ. That goes for you to Ibo France, shame on both of you.

  9. BMB
    November 10, 2021

    Mark the date my people – October 8, 2021….. (In NASA Countdown terms) …………….. “T-Minus…??”

  10. My Bad
    November 10, 2021

    Stupes tan . So what?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 5 Thumb down 8

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