Tropical storm warning discontinued for Dominica

8 am position and possible track of Maria. Graphic by WeatherUnderground

At 8 am the tropical storm warning for Dominica has been discontinued as the center of Tropical Storm Maria moves northeast of Dominica over open water.

Maria continues to lose organization.

At 8 am, the center of Tropical Storm Maria was located near latitude 16.9 north, longitude 61.2 west or about 50 miles northeast of Guadeloupe. Maria is moving toward the northwest near 15 mph and this motion is expected to continue today. On the forecast track the center of Maria and its associated weather is expected to move over the Leeward islands by later today with rainbands southeast of Maria expected to affect the island by later today. Maximum sustained winds have decreased to near 40 mph with higher gusts.

Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 175 miles mainly to the northeast of the center. Models are forecasting Maria to remain a Tropical Storm as it moves across the northern section of the island chain. Tropical storm warnings remain in effect for the islands north of Guadeloupe, through to Puerto Rico.

Sea swells are a major concern and are expected to peakĀ  up to 5.0 metres mainly across the northern and eastern coast of the island. All users of the sea and residents in coastal areas, especially on the northern and eastern coastlines are advised to take all the necessary precautions.

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  1. Shelah
    September 12, 2011

    People open your eyes– God is giving us to much chances please do not take them for granted. For the end of corruption of the mind soul and spirit is near. Give your life to Christ and do not be afraid to stand up for truth, righteousness and justice.

    May God be with you!!! Shelah

  2. Nudibranch
    September 11, 2011

    so, what was that last night?

    • Anonymous
      September 11, 2011

      last nite was God’s warning to us, instead of us praising and thanking God for sparing us. We were busy critising the weather reporters.

  3. jah guide
    September 11, 2011

    Not sure why the prime minister had to react in this way because camala is on his side now. No more had questions. This mode of panic was baseless.

    • Truth
      September 12, 2011

      You will say that because you are obviously not a meteorologist. He got his info from the ‘met’ office. If you understand what this weather system was doing you would understand why he had to come out and give the warning. People you are too quick to criticize. Be informed and them you can talk.

  4. September 10, 2011


  5. richardson george
    September 10, 2011

    haha we’re saved

  6. Atock
    September 10, 2011

    Wow!! that’s a miracle, the way the hurricane just turned away!! Let us take note of the Mercy of God!!!

  7. Anonymous
    September 10, 2011

    you guys need to stop that is not only when we are in a certain situation that we have to call in the lords name we should always be calling and praising his name, YES we are a blessed country ad NO i am not a preaching christian but we need to stop that Dominicans, lets not only wait for a natural disaster or if something is caused by man for us to start calling on the lords name.

  8. September 10, 2011


  9. N!X
    September 10, 2011

    We are a blessed nation!!!!! Storm drastically changes it’s path and we are once again protected. Thank you Jah!!!

  10. September 10, 2011

    It’s high time we pray to GOD every day more than three times a day; we need to give thanks in the morning when we wake up;pray for guidance on our way to work for our kids and those we care about;for the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere we call Dominica;for love and honesty to rule our politicans and the religious agents, and for a peaceful and uneventful day and let hate be out of our thoughtful gate.One Love JAH.

  11. Humanist
    September 10, 2011

    Ah, of course this could never have happened without praying, right? And if it HAD happened, and Dominica had been “cleansed” like some mad people posted on the previous DNO article, what would those who prayed then say? They would simply make up an excuse for why their prayers failed to work. No matter what happens, they force an explanation onto the thing, when a simple natural explanation–a storm doing what a storm does–is sufficient. I’m not against anyone praying, mind you; I just don’t like when the vast majority of people seem to literally believe that storms hit or miss places because of who prays the hardest or who has to be “cleansed” from the face of the earth.

    Anyway, we’ve been lucky. As it is, Dominica’s geographic position seems to be rather ideal as far as missing storms is concerned, in that we tend to only get the outer bands of storms, whereas islands like Puerto Rico are constantly under attack. This is partly coincidence, but it’s nonetheless something fortunate for us and unfortunate for certain other islands.

  12. Independent
    September 10, 2011

    I have seen the hands of God move so many times in so many different ways this time no exception.

  13. proud
    September 10, 2011


  14. ineedfree
    September 10, 2011

    yes I

    We give thanks for His mercy endures forever

    Blessed love

  15. Very concerned
    September 10, 2011

    Something seems to be wrong with our disaster preparedness office or some people are playing games with people’s lives and livelihood.
    The storm was miles away from Dominica and the Prime Minister sent the country in a panic mode on Friday as if the storm was hitting Dominica at 3:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon.
    Parents had to scramble to pick up their children at noon, supermarket shelves were emptied and there were long lines to petrol stations and employers were asked to release their workers early, thus affecting production.
    From the coordinates and all the projections on the internet and the weather reports, the information was clear that if the storm was to hit Dominica, that would be at about 11:00 p.m.
    Additionally, for days day before the probability for a direct hit on Dominica existed. Nepo never met to advise and caution the population, then in a move to create panic they held an emergency meeting on Friday morning raising the false alarm. The Prime Minister anxious to redeem himself issue an address to the nation.
    This wolf, wolf approach to disaster preparedness will prove disastrous, because when a real storm comes people will disregard the warnings.
    The fact that a tropical storm warning was issued for Dominica does not mean that the citizens had to be placed in a state of panic.
    I suggest that the authorities develop a disaster plan and make it available to the public and NEPO should meet regularly to avoid this type of emergency mode.

    • Anonymous
      September 10, 2011

      au contraire, if something had happened to your precious little ones whom you had to rush to pick up, i can imagine the diatribe that would be on here. your comment already smacks of one.

    • 767
      September 10, 2011

      @Very Concerned… You are so very right!

    • Tres Bon
      September 10, 2011

      For your info NEPO means National “Emergency’ Planning Organisation and the Authorities have to go with info given by the forecasters. If the PM did not say anything allu would be on his back.Do and be damned,don’t do and still be damned.The storm was disorganised but we still had to take precaution because we were placed under a “Warning”

    • ??????????????
      September 10, 2011

      No one can perfectly predict the path of a storm or \hurricane: The path can change and go anywhere. For EG Hurricane David was heading towards Barbados and at the last minute just rurned direction and veered towards Dominica and the rest is History. This is not Wolf Wolf approach actuually yo do have persons who monitor 24 7 the path of the disturbance and since this can and is constantly changing, Islands who are under watch etc can be dicontinued. People are the ones who panic and flood the Supermarket etc. I always say that I do not shop even if a warning is given. What persons have to do is secure their electrical components etc and one should have candles etc already at their home, Doesnot Domlec take lights sometimes. On should always have fresh water at home since we are in the rainy season when the water tend to be dirty after a downpour or showee, Things that can be destroyed if there is water should be placed in plastic covered bins. Also important documents should be placed in zip loc bags, So trying to blame someone is wrong. Persons have to go home so they won’t get stranded in traffic etc. Remember the disturbance (Storm or Hurricane) can change it course as times goes back. Be concerned please take note.

    • ??????????????
      September 10, 2011

      Very conderned please look at the map above and I hope you will understand.

    • As I See It
      September 12, 2011

      That was no panick. People it was just an alert so that if this storm, which was very unpredictable because of its upwards and downwards movement, were to hit us at least we would have supplies at our homes. What you expect – no warning or last minute warning (which is impossible) and then you all will have reason to criticize the Prime Minister or the Weather people? Boy Boy you people are something else…..

      • As I See It
        September 12, 2011

        I guess to satisfy you all the storm should have hit us and neither the weather people nor the prime minister would have done any wrong, or I guess, the next criticism would be they caused the storm. Wey Wey Weh according to all you partner.

      September 12, 2011

      these are the steps that needed to be taken
      where as if something bad had happen you would be the first one to say why didn’t the government do more to protect us.

  16. hmmmm
    September 10, 2011

    Now tell me, Is there anything that God can not do???????????????
    Inspite of our unfaithfulness, God remains Faithful to us.
    Glory is The Lord, God Almighty

  17. Vo Vo
    September 10, 2011

    the Lords hand is outstretched toward Dominica and his ears open to the cries of his faithful one. Indeed He is the re warder of them that diligently seek him! :wink:

  18. D/a Massive
    September 10, 2011

    Our Father who art in heaven… Indeed he is watching over the whole world.

  19. van
    September 10, 2011

    God is watching over Dominica. I pray that the other islands are not affected

    • true
      September 10, 2011

      …and I guess he is not watching over those that get hit by a hurricane and suffering?
      what make DA so special that he watching over DA and not Japan, Haiti and New Zealand who had a earthquake or Bahamas who got hammered by Irene? Think about it, God does not discriminate and love us all, not just DA, so it had nothing to do with God, so stop blaming him for what he does not get involve in.

      • Anonymous
        September 10, 2011

        only a negative narrow minded person would sit and post something like that. the fact is that you have to be thankful for everything that you get
        we were spared thanks to him,other countried weren’t spared but we cannot question god’s work

      • Anonymous
        September 10, 2011

        only a negative narrow minded person would sit down and say something like that
        don’t you know you have to be thankful for everything and not question the lord god’s work?

      • GOD is my witness
        September 10, 2011

        dat dosnt make any sense

      • Humanist
        September 11, 2011

        @anonymous – Au contraire. Only a narrow-minded person, like yourself, could post what you did. And if you do not understand my point, it is precisely because you are what you accuse the previous poster of being. If you knew more, had a broader mind, you would know that it is silly to speak so primitively of weather as you do and that educated people would laugh at your nonsensical post.

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