Tuberculosis on the increase in Dominica according to health officials

Health Minister Dr. Irvin McIntyre, with other health officials, at the news conference.

Dominica’s Health Minister, Dr. Irving McIntyre, is reporting an increase in tuberculosis cases on the island, resulting in an increase in the number of admissions to the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital.

For 2020 alone, 12 cases have been confirmed with 6 suspected cases.

McIntyre said there were no deaths due to TB and the age of those infected ranges from 33 to 92 with a median age of 57.

Of the 18 cases this year, 11 are from the Roseau Health District and the others were at other districts across the island, he explained.

He said all individuals that have been confirmed of having TB or latent TB are on anti-tuberculosis treatment.

“There are no cases of drug-resistant TB at this time which makes it much easier for patients to be treated and a better recovery as well,” McIntyre said.

Also, a special area has been designated for the admission of TB patients.

Meantime all concern cases are being traced and screened to determine exactly who needs treatment.

McIntyre indicated that 87 “community tracings” has been done so far in the community.

“And that is all the cases we have, we identify the person who may have been in contact with them, whether it is a public meeting place, at their homes or at their neighbour’s home…We identify them and begin the screening”, he said.

He said out of the 87 in the community only 4 were Haitian nationals.

McIntyre added that 400 of their healthcare workers have also been screened so far.

Meantime, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. David Johnson said in the recent past there have been no documented or confirmed deaths in Dominica due to tuberculosis.

He said the treatment of TB in Dominica is of no cost to the patient.

“Currently we have the treatment available for tuberculosis in Dominica,” McIntyre stated.

Johnson believes that the general public is not at an increased risk of contracting tuberculosis.

In 2019, there were 8 confirmed and 2 suspected cases.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment is committed to the elimination of TB by 2030.

Tuberculosis is a disease caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but they can also damage other parts of the body.

TB spreads through the air when a person with TB of the lungs or throat coughs, sneezes, or talks.

Coughing is a symptom of tuberculosis.

If you’re infected, here are some tips to help prevent others from getting TB during your first few weeks of treatment, or until your doctor says you’re no longer contagious:

-Take all of your medicines as they are prescribed until your doctor takes you off them.

-Keep all your doctor’s appointments.

-Always cover your mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Seal the tissue in a plastic bag, then throw it away.

Wash your hands after coughing or sneezing.

-Don’t visit other people and don’t invite them to visit you.

-Stay home from work, school, or other public places.

-Use a fan or open windows to move around fresh air.

-Don’t use public transportation.

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  1. February 24, 2020

    I know that DNO finds time to pose as different people to make the world think that people are speaking out go ahead with your false news but GOD NAR SLEEP.

    ADMIN: You mean the comments? Those are not from DNO they are from people like you.

  2. Dominican
    February 23, 2020

    It is commendable that the health authorities have come clean about this. Without making the facts public it is difficult to effectively combat this disease. TB thrives in poor living conditions with malnutrition being a factor but today is increasingly also associated with HIV, all of which weaken the immune system. Apart from treating TB sufferers appropriately direct we should also tackle the underlying causes. I am glad to note that we are on the right way

    • Only Macallan
      February 26, 2020

      What way?? The way to self destruction you are referring to?? These people haven’t got a clue. You all better pray that this corona virus doesn’t reach DA, otherwise you all fini bad with all these red nosed clowns you all re-elected not long ago. KARMA IS A BITCH!

  3. Stubborn Facts
    February 22, 2020

    That is Skerrit’s baby no doubt. When he became PM TB was a lost word in Dominica. In fact before this year if you asked a 15 year old Dominican to define tuberculosis without opening a dictionary, they would be lost. But thanks to PM Skerrit, I give him credit for importing TB here. The only question left to be answered is, where did he import it from? Some say from Haiti, others say China, while some say is the middle east. But here are some stubborn facts that we cannot dispute:

    1. Under Skerrit we see a decrease in employment
    2. A decrease in manufacturing
    3. A decrease in export
    4. A decrease in sports
    5. A decrease in Community togetherness
    6. A decrease in tourist arrival

    On the contrary, we see an Increase in:
    1. Tuberculosis
    2. Crime
    3. Cancer
    4. Poverty
    5. Unemployment
    6. Laziness
    7. Begging
    8. Drugs and alcohol
    9. Taxes
    10. High blood sugar and blood pressure

    When we put what we have increased in verses what we have decreased in, no doubt…

    • Pipo
      February 23, 2020

      Don’t forget the infant mortally rate up too. Nearly double in ten years.

  4. Paskie
    February 22, 2020

    So now there’s an increase. When carnival is just around the corner. Well ebeh. I thought you had things under control last week? This week things change man? Gasa dca small, quarantine the country and find out who has been infected. In the next few days is carnival, all someone needs to do is to cough or sneeze and look dcans sick. You should be advising ppl to wear face masks. That could help curb the spread of the virus. Yes sa yes sa. Gasa quarantine the country.

  5. Grandbayrian
    February 22, 2020

    Wow! I remember the days when Dominica was the envy of the Caribbean when it came to primary health care. Today the PMH is China friendship. If you look at all the African countries China helped, they are all called China friendship. I called it modern slavery.

  6. Bwa-Banday
    February 22, 2020

    Why do we have a medical doctor “marking tire”, telling lies and still expect us to trust what he says? The said lying doctor “marking tire” is now second chief LIAR after the master of deception and lies hence loosing all the little credibility he had left. My god! Didn’t the said doctor assigned to “marking tire” just recently dispelled the TB outbreak rumor in Dominica as untrue?

    Health officials should know by now that health officials in the various districts will talk when the population is at risk. Unlike the ton-ton-makoute police force who still believe their allegiance is to the Liar in Chief at the helm of the government, health officials understand that they are there to serve the people not the government or DLP. I won’t be surprised if we have coronavirus in Dca and they saying is Fway-dee and Larwimm the patients have because the rain wet them. You know is paracetamol they will get! Boy boy boy, see what five more diaspora hijacked years gave us? JAH!

  7. Foreign observer
    February 22, 2020

    I note that the Minister of Health provides no attribution to risk factors associated with these cases. However, TB is known as one of the principal diseases of poverty, the causal factors being malnutrition and overcrowded living conditions. Also HIV+ and illicit drug use, among others. And medically underprivileged and resource poor communities.
    The above taken from Wikipedia.
    I somehow doubt the 92-year old patient is either HIV+ or a drug user, so how else could this be contracted at the beginning of the third decade of the 21st Century In Dominica? This should be a very loud wake up call to everybody.
    But maybe not until after Mas, by which time this will be old and forgotten news. Which is perhaps why the Minister chose late this week to release this information…

  8. Kalinago Justice
    February 22, 2020

    Here it is the one-man corrupt rogue regime was warned about allowing these Haitians to evade the island as TB is rampant in their country. But because of his illegal selfish roguish behavior of wanting to hold on to power by any means, these people are allowed to enter in droves without any screening,to live illegally on the island!!! The evil of that one-man corrupt rogue regime will continue to manifest itself in all different ways including diseases!!! It would good for someone with the disease to find these rogues,sneeze and cough in their face!!!

    • February 23, 2020

      I thought Kalinagos were the ones to spread the disease? Y’all look like dam Chinese y’all need to be checked properly.

      • Benjiman for true
        February 26, 2020

        The only people that need checking good and proper in your head are you and your fellow Skerrit supporters. If we could isolate all you on Bird Island, Dominica would be a better place very soon.

  9. Ras B
    February 22, 2020

    11 days ago Dr Mac Intyre advised the country that there was no outbreak of TB in Dominica. He said in 2019 we had 11 cases and thus far this year we had only 5. Similarly he told the country that D/ca would be the first Caribbean country to test for the Coronavirus, a claim which we subsequently learnt was not true but it was an attempt to grab headlines.

    Today we are learning that there are 18 cases of TB on Small D/ca with no active isolation of potentially infectious individuals. TB is contagious and is spread by coughing, sneezing, talking, laughing, singing and spitting, we are now told Johnson believes that the general public is not at an increased risk of contracting tuberculosis.What? Really!!! Why has the ministry of health been graced with such talent? Is this the best that we have? We may seriously have to reconsider naming the people from our Nature ISLAND Dummy Cans.

    Dr Irvine Mac Intyre, I am truly disappointed and Your Sister, Rhonda is doubtlessly embarrassed.

  10. February 22, 2020

    That’s not an outbreak , I’m glad that the Ministry has recognized the trend and to nip it in the bud once in for all. Thanks to the Ministry of Health and our Capable Doctor who’s heading the cause to fight against it.

    • Hello
      February 24, 2020

      Of course a sudden increase is an outbreak! TB was unheard of in Dominica; all of a sudden there are 12 reported cases within 2 months and you are saying “that’s not an outbreak”? Get real, stop being so ….. just because you want to thank the Ministry of Health and your “capable doctor”.

  11. Megso
    February 22, 2020
    11 days ago there was no outbreak,now all of a sudden there is an increase in TB cases.
    What’s the true story!!!

  12. Thename
    February 22, 2020

    I just cannot get over the name of the hospital. With all the international news about China taking over state assets in countries I feel the name might soon change to the China hospital. Don’t get me wrong, I felt Princess Margret was just as silly. These names have us kneeling before masters. Was the name a condition for us getting the hospital?

    • Man bite dogs
      February 23, 2020

      @Thename, if you don’t like it you can lump it so are the 21 others who gave you thumb up none of your money didn’t paid for it ” Dominica – China Hospital “

      February 23, 2020

      All thanks to the labour government for bring in hatians without a medical certificate when we know that they have all sorts of diseases that we’re iradicated since in the early 80”s. It’s all about who can vote while we get sick

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