UWP Castle Bruce candidate accuses DLP supporter of ‘malicious act’ of distortion

Jno. Finn addresses town hall meeting in Antigua

United Workers Party (UWP) Candidate for the Castle Bruce Constituency, Ernie Jno. Finn has condemned what she described as a malicious act by a Dominica Labour Party (DLP) supporter who she says, deliberately edited a  statement which she made during a UWP town hall meeting in St. Maarten on Saturday, in order to distort its meaning.

“I need to condemn a malicious act that was done sometime last night or this morning,” she remarked while addressing Dominicans at a similar meeting in Antigua on Sunday night. “A Labour Party supporter back home or somewhere, I don’t know, edited, cut off the beginning of my statement and only used my voice saying, I do not want people to know that I am from Dominica.”

A check by Dominica News Online (DNO) of the original recording of the statement made in St Maarten revealed Jin. Finn as saying, “It is time that we join forces because we need to save our country. We need to rekindle that pride in Dominica because I know there are some people who say, ‘I don’t even want people to know I’m from Dominica.’ But with Team Dominica, when we get into office, under the leadership of the Honourable Lennox Linton, pride will come back to Dominica and you will be proud to be called nature islanders.”

Jno Finn added, “You will be proud again to be called Dominicans.”

She said this “act of desperation” is not going to stop her. “They are trying to bring Team Dominica and Ernie Lawrence-Jno Finn down; they will not succeed. No matter how hard they try, my crown will firmly [remain] on my head.”

Meanwhile Jno. Finn appealed to Dominicans in Antigua to help bring real change is coming to Dominica.

“We need your help,” she stressed. “My people I know you are in Antigua but your hearts are in Dominica, because you want to come back home, but the way things are at home, the way the economy is that does not make it possible for you to come home.”

However, the former educator gave the assurance that the UWP, under the leadership of Lennox Linton, will make things better, “so you can come back home.”

Section of UWP Antigua audience

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  1. Efficacious
    September 27, 2019

    Teacher Ernie as we know you, there is block vote in Castle Bruce and it belongs to UWP .After 25 years in office only now they are training DLP SUPPORTERS ,STRESSING ON TO TELL THE TRUTH

  2. Cbboys
    September 24, 2019

    Teacher Bonnie will never agree to what Bannis Roberts is doing. That’s why she don’t want you all in her campaign. All the way with uwp.

  3. Cbboys
    September 24, 2019

    Bannis Roberts is singing for her dinner. She better start look for a job at wall Mart or Mac Donald.

  4. Cbboys
    September 24, 2019

    Teacher Ernie don’t worry more votes for you. Mrs Bannis Roberts is the main person behind that but she must tell us why austel is not the dlp candidate.

  5. TJ
    September 24, 2019

    It is obvious that the Labor party is trembling. We the people of castle Bruce will make the change in the constituency. We will return to the UWP. We have a history of switching parties when they do not perform. A change is coming is coming. It will be the UWP. A party that will care for all.

  6. Not Me Alone
    September 24, 2019

    Their lies and malicious attack on teacher Ernie reminds me of that same type of attack the Republicans launched against Michelle obama during the 2008 campaign, though what teacher Ernie said was no where close to what Michelle obama said. But you know what? Not even that could stop the waive of Blue change in 2008 just as I can assure you that the lies of labor party CANNOT stop that BLUE waive of change that will take over in Dominica whenever the bell is wrung. Here is what Michelle obama said:

    “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.”

  7. john
    September 24, 2019

    DNO why dont u play the original recording of what she said,instead of qouting what she said?

  8. Ibo France
    September 24, 2019

    The leader sets the tone of the party and the supporters. DLP is a party without morals, high standards and ethics. They are depraved, dishonest and severely corrupt. Truth telling is like a foreign language to them. The evidence of blatant distortion, outright lies and profound corruption of Skerrit, his close circle and his sheep-like supporters is blatantly conspicuous for even the blind to observe. How can an incumbent regime bring success to a poverty-stricken country based on lies and dishonesty? They have to go if we truly want Dominica to breathe again instead of being perpetually suffocated by the rotten behavior of this ruling, insensitive elites.

      September 25, 2019

      Ibo MALAPROP France, You have become an embarrassment to this site.
      Who do you think is listening to you at this time in 2019!?

  9. St. Joe
    September 24, 2019

    Woman put on your big girl pants and stop winding. I presently have two videos one with Ronald Charles and the other with Monel William, in both cases they altered, the words of the Doctors, nobody cried, but as professionals they ignored them. Now you want to send people invites to your Pity Party. Woman 👩 if you cannot stand the heat get out of the KITCHEN. They also said you were selling bananas, where’s your response? Typical of these fake propaganda people to seek political attention. I just realized that a press conference was called by UWP regarding Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, what happened to your promises ? Take a look at the character who wants to lead the nation! After your phony promises, Lexicon you jumped on a plane to Antigua and St. Martin, just like a flute player begging after playing. No class or low class.

    • viewsexpressed
      September 25, 2019

      St. Joe, with all your foolish utterances, there is no way that Skerrit can match the intellectual of Hon. Linton. Skerrit has this “Phan guy who protects, guide and direct him to that safe area. Skerrit does not function on his own he is unable to do so. Look at how many scouts he has surrounding him to keep him up and make belief that he is some kind of Honorary figure. Well, he is not, we know that Skerrit is not. Civil servants etc who are close to his work and other matters know that Skerrit is not that intellectual who has exposed himself to weird characters who falsely advice him. Hon. Linton is this gentleman, versed on many matters of state and good governance and he has this disciplined UWP Team that makes the UWP exceptionally strong, focussed on Dominica’s development and act in best interest of our poor deprived people that Skerrit`s corrupt, failed Labour Government reduced them to be beggars. Skerrit is not in social development. He is a fanfare worth going out. UWP…

      • Views Exposed
        September 25, 2019

        Views expressed, typical of a scorned lover! You ranting and boisterous tantrums tells us about your mental state of mind. Never did I mentioned Skerrit, but you are so obsess with the man, you turned around trying to boost your selfish ego! As the Minister of Idle Hall Estate, please send me your resume, make sure you include your level of education. Get a life besides waiting for a bone to drop %.

  10. %
    September 24, 2019

    It’s desperation and deception by the DLP losers, but that too will fail teacher Ernie..
    You are clearly the superior candidate, and you will soon be rewarded!!!
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?
    Whey is di money?

    • Figure it
      September 25, 2019

      My boy why do you think the DLPis desperate, can’t you see the Red Sea of followers? According to Lennox Linton.

      1. Whey is di money ******** Paying Lenox Linton Salary
      2. Whey is di money ******** Giving Lenox Linton children 2
      Scholarships to study overseas.
      3. Whey is di money ******** Giving Lenox Linton generator.
      4. Whey is di money ********* $$$$$$$$$$$$ in an escrow
      account towards Lenox Linton continuing his education.
      Since Mr. Skerrit cannot account for the billions, I hope % you are have a good accountant to figure it out.

    September 24, 2019

    Dollar for one grain(finger) of banana you sold us just after Hurricane Maria, ma gway sa! and YOU SAYING YOU LOVE and CARE for people?!

  12. candid
    September 24, 2019

    This is sad and dirty trick.No one is in control at castle bruce so you would do well by siding with the Kalingo justice.

  13. Lin clown
    September 24, 2019

    We do not care where ERNIEi is from.What we know is, UWP will lose the NEXT election.

    • viewsexpressed
      September 25, 2019

      Ernie, congrats, and please ignore this political clown called Lin. We need change in this island because Skerrit, this failed incompetent childish boyish has failed us in Dominica. For real, we need to have the UWP Team in government. We have had enough of failed, corrupted Skerrit and his failed Labour bunch of idoitic flowers. Be focussed, be seen, yo have alot of waking and talking to do. We have an exceptional good, trusted, hard working UWP, with a great team and strong leadership. We will help advise all communities to be strong in working with their Village Councils to uplift that village and that we take care of the children off to school and that their parents are all ok in the home. Gods guidance and Blessings to Hon Linton and his highly professional UWP Team. Let all get together to work hard in our villages that UWP will became the next government with our trusted, dedicated, intellectual , Hon Lennox Linton ad his well supportive UWP Team and friends. Vote UWP Team.

  14. September 24, 2019

    Mrs. Jon Fin, Mam, Whether that statement is from you or someone else, the passage above showed that you accepted it; you have discredited the reputation of your own Country, by speaking that negative opinion to the World.

    Your message should not be built on the opinion of others, it is he said, she said: “I know there are some people who say, ‘I don’t even want people to know I’m from Dominica”. And you seasoned it by saying: “You will be PROUD again to be called Dominicans.” One of the opposites of being proud meaning “pride of self” is ASHAMED.

    You went on to say: “the UWP, under the leadership of Lennox Linton, will make things better, “so you can come back home.”

    That quote above is still acknowledging that you accept the idea of those who claimed they “don’t want people to know that they are from Dominica”

    Lady, the whole theme of your message is based on “putting down your own country” it is rotten! Very very rotten!

    • viewsexpressed
      September 24, 2019

      Ernie, please ignore those from the other side who has nothing much to offer but to go after those who are well established and committed to the United Workers Party (UWP) who will be the next government in Domininca soon. The UWP is this decent, trusted, highly professional political party who will, with the help of other committed and professional Dominicans embrace Dominica, and engaged those who with to see a change in the governance of our nature island.
      Jno Finn added, “You (the people of Dominica) will be proud again to be called Dominicans.” OH yes, this is so true and well received. We need decent government to manage and undertake the tasks of rebuilding our Dominica. Obviously, we will be with the UWP and ensure that this highly professional UWP Team, led by Hon Linton, we will have as our government while we await the departure of this failed Labour Government and their failed incompetent Skerrit. People we have urgent needs ahead, we need everyone on board to work. Our…

    • Joseph John
      September 24, 2019

      2 Liz,……We see a perfect example of leading by behavior. If the behavior is bad the follower will make bad decision, bad choices.
      The uwp leadership has no ethical values (or practice). Therefore, any ethical cognitive that the followers has will soon be eroded by the influence and examples of their leaders.
      The uwp mode of operation is to shamelessly make all kinds of fake accusations.
      You can go down a list from French passports to “way de passport money ”
      The good teacher has acquired political attributes from bad leadership with their street and gossip propaganda type of operation.
      The gossips that they practice from day one have become transparent so that the public stop giving the uwp and credibility. Why the bad behavior ? Because they have nothing positive to offer.
      When they try to take down the DLP , their methods may dilute the image of Dominica. But they do not care two cents. The good teacher has adopted their bad habits.

      • September 25, 2019

        @Joseph John, right on point!

        It is like, all the “controls” of the “body” is in the “authority” of the head, so arms, legs, and all the organs of the body rely on the head if they are going to function perfectly.

        Except that the hierarchy of the UWP is opposite to the “head” and the “body’, for that hierarchy is feeding “fuitilly and darkness” to the “members” of its team; they have no other choice but to injest, digest, and to exhale the stench. How pitiful!

        • Joseph John
          September 26, 2019

          Liz, I just cant understand how our educated people, some are postgraduates, can so easily by duped by Lennox Linton’s duplicity.
          With his fifth grade education the man has the skills of a used car salesman, yet they are parading him like a model patriot.
          He reminds me of Jerry Mole in Ruler in Hiroona. He understands nothing and will say anything.

    • viewsexpressed
      September 24, 2019

      “Mrs. Jon Fin, Mam, Whether that statement is from you or someone else, the passage above showed that you accepted it; you have discredited the reputation of your own Country, by speaking that negative opinion to the World.”
      Madam Elizabeth you are in no position to get at Ernie, for the reason that what I tried to read from you write just does not make sense to me. Ernie belongs to a decent Political leader, that will make the next government, and not this sitting namely failed incompetent Skerrit from his corrupted Labour government and blind loyalists. Elizabeth, please go clean your backyard and eave us alone. Go to your Skerrit and clean up before yo attempt to go after people who belong to this decent UWP party. For 19 years we have allowed a failed immature clown to run our country and he failed us, fleeced our limited economy, killed the production of agriculture that our farmers and others were engaged in. Skerrit now sells passports that the poor farmers get no interest…

    • viewsexpressed
      September 24, 2019

      Elizabeth , you are in no position to lecture to anyone especially this well educated, decent woman who has presented herself to serve the people of her constituency and that of our nature isle, Dominica.
      This woman is highly professional, educated, honest, open with a solid Team led by Hon. Linton. A trusted man of courage, decency, knowledgeable of the politics, needs and wants of our Dominica and ably supported and acknowledge by his Team Dominica. There is no way that Skerrit and his failed team are able to fit into the intellectual of the UWP`s Team, headed by well established communicator, Hon Lennox Linton. Skerrit is just not in that league of Hon. Linton. Skerrit has been buying loyalty from day one because of his immaturity of what “Good Governance” is and the decency of being head of a country, a failed one like Dominica that Hon Linton and his trusted UWP will work hard with all Dominicans to return our Dominica from Skerrit’s abyss to decency in Development. UWP Team…

      • September 25, 2019

        @Views Express, I was a teacher too; so how is she higher than I am? I would never write and speak that thing which the lady produced; being someone who wants to be chosen to be part of Leadership in Dominica–there is no class in that production.

        But of course, that is what the “whole body” of you guys is like; you have nothing of substance to speak or write when you all “differ” from the opinion of someone else, except those childish and senseless rebukes. How pitiful!

        • Joseph John
          September 26, 2019

          Liz, all they can do is call people all kind of insulting names. When they try to comment they have nothing substantial to say. Imagine he says that, Earnie “belongs to a decent Political leader.” Belongs ? That is how they treat ladies with disrespect. They can Mammie an old hand bay and the Speaker all kind of bad names, to name a few. They are so brave and macho but they are really cowards hiding behind fake names . They are just a bunch of bullies like their leaders, a bunch of blind mice to boot.

        • Joseph John
          September 26, 2019

          @ Liz,….again we see the duplicity of the uwp. One of the gang is accusing you of having no education which makes you unworthy of public credibility.
          But look at their model representative. Their wannabe PM has no education, is not informed and was expelled from school. He holds a diplomatic passport so he believe its a ticket to attend a Heads of Government Conference. They claim that you (a teacher) are unqualified to post comments on DNO, but Linton (not educated) is competent to be PM.

        • Colombo Thomas
          September 26, 2019

          Well said Elizabeth. Agreed 💯… F YI.. DNO consistently has shown is leanings as a mouth piece of the UWP..

  15. viewsexpressed
    September 24, 2019

    Nice one Ernie, that all Dominicans should read, comprehend. “The original recording of the statement made in St Maarten revealed Jin. Finn as saying, “It is time that we join forces because we need to save our country. We need to rekindle that pride in Dominica because I know there are some people who say, ‘I don’t even want people to know I’m from Dominica.’ But with Team Dominica, when we get into office, under the leadership of the Honourable Lennox Linton, pride will come back to Dominica and you will be proud to be called nature islanders.” Ernie, thanks for this. It is logical, professional, encouraging to our people and educational to those who are blind followers of failed Skerrit and his corrupted Bobol labour Party. That is where they are and that is the nature of this failed incompetent Labour leader and failed Labour government.
    Ernie, to date y are doing exceedingly and exceptionally well. That Labour is unable to raise to our standard: Team UWP & Hon Linton & Big…

  16. jamie
    September 24, 2019

    How low will politics take you people,damn shame the hate you all hold in your hearts,God is in control and has the last say,why be so evil towards your own people,sad and whoever did it Karma upon you.

  17. Observant
    September 24, 2019

    LOL, do so, doh like so. One of the UWP’s most notorious supporters spends his days doing just what she is complaining of…de one based in Trinidad. Has she admonished him for all the malicious things that he has been doing?

    Agreed, two wrongs does not make a right………

    • Eddy A
      September 25, 2019

      I do not take you or your comments serious because I know you and your fellow die hard Skerrit worshippers only sing for your daily supper. Characterless and spineless human being…!

      • Joseph John
        September 26, 2019

        Again the name calling, all they can do is bad mouthing. That is the uwp minority people for you.

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