UWP to declare Marcus Romain as its candidate for Cottage constituency 

Marcus Romain

The United Workers Party (UWP), in support of the UWP Cottage Constituency Association, which comprises Lagoon, Dier Lazoin, Gutter, Tantan, Savanne Paille, Morne-Alouis, Toucarie, Cottage, Cocoyer, Clifton, and Capuchin will declare Mr. Marcus Romain as the Party’s Candidate to contest the Cottage Constituency, in the upcoming general elections, at a meeting carded for Lagoon, Portsmouth on Thursday 2nd May, 2019 from 7:00 p.m.

A release from the party says the event is timely and demonstrates the maturity of the democratic process which the Constituency Association had followed in its selection of Mr. Romain as its Candidate, “to ensure that the communities would be well represented at the central government level and beyond for the next five years.”

“Brother Romain is no stranger to the political arena. He has served in party political roles in the past and is more than ready to bring this experience to bear on the quality of the service he will deliver to the people,” the release adds.

It states that as the current parliamentary representative continues to drift away from the peoples’ concerns, Romain has remained committed to the people of the Cottage Constituency.

“His hard work and commitment to his family and community has gained him the confidence and endorsement of the people,” the UWP notes in its release. “Mr. Romain is passionate about people empowerment and the preservation of the unique hardworking culture of the people of his constituency.”

The release goes on to state that “it is with love, respect and a sincere determination for Real Change that the Constituency Association invites everyone to the declaration Mr. Marcus Romain’s candidature to contest the next general elections.”

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  1. Concerned
    May 3, 2019

    UWP needs to upgrade thier professionalism. If you are launching a candidate don’t you think that you should have DNO post a more professional photo of the candidate with jacket and tie?
    Appearance says alot!

    • viewsexpressed
      May 7, 2019

      I dont think that you are concerned about M N write here. It appears that the UWP is way ahead in the lections and has not been successful in engaging good, credible people to run for their elections the UPW under committed Hon Lennox Linton has moved through the communities and villages.

  2. May 3, 2019

    Congratulation Mr. Romain ! you sound like the breath of fresh air this country so deserve, As a former labourite, I hope that my fellow Dominicans will reject INEPTITUDE, LACK OF INNOVATION ,LAZINESS, DISHONESTY, CORRUPTION FAVORITISM, GREED, LACK OF EMPATHY, WICKEDNESS AND MELANCHOLY. Send the labour party into oblivion and allow us to rebuild it again as we did in 1985,

    • Bernadette
      May 18, 2019

      Excited and interested, Yes it was long over due . Real change is needed . Vote Marcus , everyone Vote Marcus. Even You Reginald vote Marcus. A vote for Marcus is a Vote Integrity.Transparecy and accountantability ,

  3. TJ
    May 3, 2019

    Good luck Mr. Romain! Let us give some young an ernergetic individuals a chance to perform.

  4. Braindamage
    May 2, 2019

    One more stroke at the Skerrit Regime.

  5. Self
    May 2, 2019

    Good looking young man with a lot of confidence, i know you will win for the united workers party. Reginald Austrie is tired.

    • Man bites dogs
      May 3, 2019

      Linton, is that all you got? Look guy behave yourself and come back. You taking this thing for a joke now, get that phantom myths involving supernatural out of your stupid head!!!

      • viewsexpressed
        May 7, 2019

        You will bark, sun rise, sun set and dream out loud in fear of the Hon Linton and his highly professional UWP Team, whereas this so called Man Bites Dog, creates innuendos and place them on DNO, exposing the stupidity of his thoughts and his lack of political awareness in Domininca, So go stop biting Dogs and yourself and elevate yourself to a standard of political decency and not one of Blindness to your so called failed, incompetent, hopeless, Odd Minister Skerrit.
        Domininca needs a change and it is one his way, nor wonder Skerrit, is so “Scare-it” of what he see before him. G=He must go and take this failed corrupted Labour government with him. Dominica is in need f a change and Skerri and his failed Labour government have failed the people of Domininca over 19 years. We had enough and Skerrit must Go. get Out…Outside.

  6. James brown
    May 2, 2019

    Yes I
    You just a Donkey with a Goats head on
    Don’t you know that Lagoon is part of the Cottage Constituency
    And yes sir Mr Romain is a qualified young man
    And yes the young people are with him

    • Lin clown
      May 3, 2019

      Blue lazy incompetent idiots.After Hurricane Maria there was no DOMINICA.The Labour Party built back Dominica, everything in it The roads and bridges ,you use was built by the Labour Party.UWP did nothing but complain and wish DOMINICA would never recover.Now all these lazy Blue Bugs eating the scraps from the Labour Party and its supporters table.Dominica belong to Labour.Big words,Big Body ,10cents Brain.

      • RandyX
        May 4, 2019

        Good luck Marcus! I know you can do it.
        As for you clown, the only people in DA that eat the scraps from their masters table are the faithful DLP supporters like you. Tell me who go to Roseau all the time to Red Clinic, who got money from Austrie Ministry for NOT being farmers, who get a bit of building material here and there, who goes to DLP parties to a chicken wing and a glass of cheap rum…? It’s not UWP supporters, is it?

      • viewsexpressed
        May 7, 2019

        Stop being this blind clown Lin, you have us laughing at you because you know not what you say and you have not proved this nonesense with any examples as our Domininca goes deeper into poverty by this failed Skerrit and that Corrupt Labour Party. they have failed us and they must go.

  7. May 2, 2019

    yes i, let me educate you Lagoon Portsmouth is part of the Cottage constituency

  8. Laughing at Them
    May 2, 2019

    Donkey have no right in Horse Race..what a waste of time and energy..Labour ka Twavay..we are not prostitutes taking Chances..Why would a woman leave a good marriage and take chance and move in with a player.

    • Neville
      May 4, 2019

      I can see only one donkey and it’s so fat it can’t run at all! It’s that same old donkey that has been telling us for years it can run but in reality it’s useless and only interested in grassing on Ma Dominique meadow and it gets fater by the day.

  9. The Richman and Lazarus
    May 2, 2019

    It has been said before ” No money no love” but this time we seeing the opposite. What we seeing is No money but much love. Reggie Austrie is a millionaire that can buy the entire Cottage constituency and, Skerrit is a billionaire that can buy LIAT. But the people love Macus, who is with ALL of US, though he and UWP don’t have money. The Cottage constituency reminds me of the story told in the bible about Lazarus and the rich man. Not only both Lazarus and Marcus don’t have money but significantly, both names end with “us” which reminds us that they are not about themselves but us. As Marcus and UWP enters the arena I want them to embrace as a theme the words of Joshua to the children of Israel in Numbers 14:9 “The LORD is with us and has defeated the gods who protected them; so don’t be afraid” Good News Translation

  10. Daughter of the soil
    May 2, 2019

    Ha ha ha jokes pack

  11. Abandoned garden
    May 2, 2019

    As a labourite my entire life who have voted labar the last 25 years, I can tell you it hurts to see the mood of laborites in the cottage Constiuency. The people are so determined to vote for Macus that no amount of money Skerrit can give to people will cause them to change their mind. Sometimes I ask myself why PM didn’t replace Reggie but honestly speaking we are fed up with The DLp also that no matter who they had send Macus would still crush them. Reggie is a big failure in the constituency but what hurts even more is the way Skerrit and the party abandoned us, especially when he knows we didn’t vote Reggie last election, is Skerrit we voted for. So they took us for granted as their potato garden that they abandoned like wild yam or babawoolay, so we can’t wait to teach them a very harsh lesson.

    • Ibo France
      May 3, 2019

      Feel your pain. You have spoken from the greatest depth of your heart. Skerrit and the DLP use you, abuse you then abandon you until the next election cycle comes around. They think you are stupid, your memory is short, so they can insult your intelligence every eve of an election. Only at this time, when they need your votes, they come around pretending to care. Shun them when they appear at your home, don’t attend their horse and pony shows, give them the finger at the ballot box. A vote for them is a vote for five more years of hardship, misery and hungry belly. NEVER AGAIN WITH SKERRIT’S LABOUR!

  12. Unknown
    May 2, 2019

    Yes Marcus the young people are with u.

  13. In the middle
    May 2, 2019

    Nothing much to say but, one man down.

  14. Zandoli
    May 2, 2019

    “….is more than ready to bring this experience to bear…”
    What is that experience he brings to the table? UWP issues a press release devoid of any substance about the candidate. Nice one!!

    • Frank N Stein
      May 3, 2019

      Zandoli always waiting for when rain come to build house, no ambition. Thats why you like Skerrit. What experience did Skerrit bring to the Government when he came? 20 years later he still need a Bajan to hold his hand. These days the Bajan crooking him, see how the Bajan make him challenge for debate and he backing down. Oh what a fool they made of him, just like how they took Ross. Marcus comes with Masters in project management and years of working for himself and a major investor Ross University. What skerrit was? A school teacher and a goatherd, with a questionable english degree the jury still out on that one. Nothing wrong with being a goatherd and a teacher but you want to put that agaisnt Marcus? You are sick.

      • Zandoli
        May 3, 2019

        Thanks very much Frank. That was all I was asking. Not for a minute did I suggest he was not qualified. My point was simple. If you are introducing a candidate via a press release, you ought to provide the reading public with relevant information about the person. C’est toute.

    • viewsexpressd
      May 8, 2019

      Like a zandoli, please tell us, update, educate us f any substance that yo ur failed questionable Odd Prime Minister has brought to the people of Dominica a and that of real socio-economic development that he has focussed on towards the development of our people and of Domininca.
      Skerrit is a failure, has been incompetent, has manage the deterioration of our island Domininca to begging, wastage o our resources, poverty has increased and begging have substantially increased all due to the incompetence and failure by this failed immature Skerrit and his useless, wasteful bunch of failed so called Labour government. Next election, Skerrit and his bunch of failed Labour government will be out and we will be welcoming Hon Lennox Linton and his professional UWP Team.

  15. I Still Red
    May 2, 2019

    What continues to amaze me with the UWP is their ability to attract high quality candidates from every constituency for free. Though I still red I must admit that I am very impressed, especially when I think of the amount of money my PM has to pay our candidates to run. Honestly speaking I still red but the candidates of Uwp really have me thinking of voting up this time around

    • viewsexpressed
      May 8, 2019

      Well said, I agree with you . Pease recall and be reminded that you, we, must put Domininca first.
      I am or has already ran away from this bunch of failed corrupt labour government. They have wasted our resources, lied to us, killed of our agriculture etc economy nd know nothing of socio-economic development. Skerrit and his corrupt Labour government have been helpless and idiotic towards the challenge we face in Dominica and how must to address it. Skerrit and his failed corrupt Labour government has failed us and killed our economy and subsequently reduced our people to poverty and begging. That is not the Dominica I know. Therefore, Failed incompetent immature Skerrit must Go take his worthless, failed government with him to the abyss of corrupt & deceitfulness. Go away, let honest Hon Linton, his trusted highly professional committed team return our Dominica to decency towards development. Skerrit, “Go to Hell, Go to Hell its all you damn business.
      Welcome Hon Linton and UWP…

  16. Yes I
    May 2, 2019

    My boy what a Papie show. Please educate me, why are you lunching a candidate from the Cottage constituency in Portsmouth? Inquiring minds want to know. Is it true you asked a 🚌 bus driver from Scott’s Head to run for that constituency? Last but not least, what is the qualification of your candidate?

    • Northeast Trinity
      May 2, 2019

      We voting UWP next election because the last 15 years more of us from the cottage Constituency became much poorer and unemployed than when UWP was in office. As for the last 5 years? My goodness it was like a calamity! In fact only a handful of people enjoyed the wealth and I can even count them. The Thomas brothers, family of Reggie, bubbles them and the boastful and disgraced preacher and family, though they and bubbles are crushed by the closure of Ross University. I know the closure of Ross hurt the entire country but no single constituency suffered more than us because so many of the constituence earned an income from Ross. Skerrit, Reggie and Ian (the northern Trinity), lied to us and fooled us big time, while they used us to aquire their wealth. Our restaurants are closed, our fruits and vegie wasting, our apartments empty, our loans are not paid. But we will show them our strength come next election. I know after tonight they going to shake the money tree but that won’t work

      • RandyX
        May 3, 2019

        But there is at least one man that became much richer. The Dschungel politics of the current parliament rep. are corrupt, outdated and totally embarrassing. Let’s face it there isn’t much to be found between those two ears.

    • Galileo
      May 2, 2019

      When are you guys going to stop this foolishness. The cottage constituency includes Lagoon as is stated in the article. Marcus holds a Masters degree in construction management. You seemes so ill informed but you are leading the pack in trying to make fun of people.

    • Sniperboy
      May 2, 2019

      Isn’t lagoon part of d constituency? Smart…

    • My Dominica
      May 2, 2019

      he is being launched in Lagoon as the article said. Lagoon is part of the cottage constituency as u can read. Am sure his qualifications was stated because I read them somewhere…but DNO should have reposted in this article

      Admin: We did not leave out any information from the article but we will get information about Romain’s qualifications and publish it at a later time.

    • John
      May 2, 2019

      It’s lagoon Portsmouth!!! Can’t you read!!!! Lagoon is part of the Cottage constituency.

    • Frank N Stein
      May 3, 2019

      Ye I, I think you are just here for the laughs :mrgreen: :mrgreen: you are so funny! You made my day we with that post? What is Reggie qualification? Name the villages that make up cottage consitituency. Anyway you are not from any where near the north thats why you are so clueless. Hahahahaah that was a good one. I suspect even Reggie is not aware Lagoon is in his constituency, the way he has forgotten them.

  17. LaPlaine Observer
    May 2, 2019

    We should leave no stones unturned. We are faced with a corrupt political infestation by the DLP, and we MUST stop the spread of their misinformation and deception.

    • Yes I
      May 2, 2019

      Laplain observer, THE, I missed your point! Don’t you think you should take the peck out your eyes first, on your corruption complain. Who and How Lenox overseas trip is being funded. Who started selling passports, who was arrested in PR for money 💰 what? Stop observing because you will become a conspirator.

      • viewsexpressed
        May 8, 2019

        LaPlaine, ignore this talk by this bind so called Labour supporters. Its all about Skerrit , and not Domininca by these so called blind followers of Skerrit. Skerrit has failed, they have failed hm. They have failed; 1. To watch him, 2. Monitor his useless frequent travels all 0ver the world, 3. He has failed th Labour party, 4. He has failed Dominica ad our people. 5. Skerrit is highly incompetent and immature to have been the Prime Minister of Domininca. 6. Skerrit will government as this “Odd Failed Minister, who knows noting of social-economic development.
        Skerrit, get lost, you are a big failure and academically speaking you are not in the professional ranks of in coning PM. Hon Lennox Linton.
        Skerrit must Go, Get Lost, Go away, Goodbye, and go mind your Funky business and please leave us alone…” You have been this failed PM. Go away. You mind your funky business in China, Venezuela or Miami, go meet Tony Astaphan, your weird so called advisor.
        Dominicans, Kick fail…

  18. %
    May 2, 2019

    To all the U W P candidates who will be present, please don’t do like lazy Skerrit did in Grand Fond last Sunday. Skerrit forgot it was Gretta launching and launched patriot Linton instead.This was super from a UWP standpoint though,since DLP clutching at straws.
    Marcus Romain should be the focus tonight .Forget the outgoing Lazy Skerrit .
    Wish Mr Romain well. You are part of an excellent team sir, one which is on the cusp of replacing the Skerrit led corrupt DLP.
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

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