Vaccination should not be mandatory says Dominica’s opposition leader

Linton speaking at a UWP press conference last week

Leader of the opposition Lennox Linton is of the view that citizens should have the right to decide whether or not they should be vaccinated, contrary to the statement made by the President of Dominica, His Excellency Charles Savarin, that consideration should be given to making vaccination mandatory to effectively combat COVID-19.

While delivering an address at the first meeting of the second session of the tenth Parliament last week, Savarin noted that  Dominica has been struggling to meet the target of 70% to 80% of its adult population being fully vaccinated to achieve herd immunity.

He suggested that  alternative consideration should be given to making vaccination mandatory, “or at the very least limitations have to be placed with respect to access to certain services regarding persons who refuse to be vaccinated for no legitimate reasons.”

When asked at a recent press conference held by the United Workers Party (UWP), to comment on the President’s statement, Linton responded, “I don’t agree with that. I believe that the people of Dominica and the people  around the world are responsible enough about their own health and safety to determine whether they need vaccinations or not in a crisis like this.”

He added, “I don’t believe we should be mandating people to be vaccinated.”

The leader of the parliamentary opposition went on to encourage citizens to protect themselves and their families by doing what is right, but once again stressed, “if people have some reason why they do not want to take vaccinations, that right should be protected.”

Although Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit had said earlier this year that by this time the country would have reached herd immunity, he vowed that vaccinations will always be optional and not compulsory.

“We believe if all goes well, that by the end of August we will be able to vaccinate enough of our population to get the level of herd immunity that will make it possible to begin to return to what we may consider a semblance of normality,” he said earlier this year. “We understand that there is a level of vaccine hesitancy among many people, and while this government will never make taking the vaccine mandatory, we, however, will urge as many people as possible to get it when it becomes available.”

As of July 31st, 2021, close to 20, 000 of the estimated 70,000 citizens were fully vaccinated.

Early last month, Turkmenistan became the first country to make vaccination mandatory for all adults. Thus far, 15 other countries have imposed some form of compulsory vaccination on their citizens.

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  1. ???????????????????
    August 5, 2021

    DNO where is my comment now? Still, moderating? Do not want persons to know that Jehovah gave us free will and does not force us to accept him? Where are my comments?

    Please let my comments flow!

    ADMIN: Your previous comments have been posted. Check again and if you still do not see it try resubmitting the comment. You can also email us at [email protected] for further assistance.

  2. Man bite dogs
    August 5, 2021

    Ugly Lenny, is at it again “Vaccination should not be mandatory” but ugly Lenny, how is it you had your vaccination to protect yourself and now talking from your backside without explanation how to protect ourselves, I certainly don’t get it please spit it out in your normal dodgy unreliable English!!

  3. Robert Tabatznik
    August 5, 2021

    Show me proof these vaccines work and are safe.
    They are experimental and and we are the guinea pigs.

    There are three countries that resisted all the measures.
    In each one the President was killed or died in the last 6 months.

    Turn off your TVS and do some research.
    This is not about a virus

  4. Ibo France
    August 5, 2021

    Many unscrupulous head of government with dictatorial tendencies has used the CORONAVIRUS situation as an excuse for the repression of their people.

    Skerrit has shown nothing but disdain and apathy for the Dominican people. Why do you think tens of thousands of Dominicans live from hand to mouth?

    Everything this untrustworthy man does and says is questionable. Donot take anything for granted from this nakedly corrupt and habitual liar even when he appears to sound reasonable. He always has ulterior motives.

    Win over the skeptics by education, persuasion and by the potency of your well reasoned argument. A person has an absolute right to control any foreign substance or object that goes into his body. I will continue to repeat that point ad nauseam.

  5. Lin clown
    August 5, 2021

    FRANCISCO-DOGS,you are a LIAR.Our first case was detected on March 22 2020.A month later LENNOX LINTON said our population was 60,000,25% would be infected,which is 15,000.You FRANCISCO-DOGS agreed with Linton 100%.One year later 2021,you are telling us the population is 70,000.You people are so dishonest you post things to suit your BS.LIARS.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      August 6, 2021

      You that ole kindergarten graduate there; I want to know how I got into your argument about what time the first case of the virus appeared Dominica?

      I don’t have a clue of writing anything in reference to your comment in this regards!

      Could it be you are confusing me with your corrupted crook, and god Roosevelt Skerrit the liar?
      Or perhaps you are confusing me with you, don’t you think you are seeing double, hence, you are seeing you looking like me; eh, eh, eh?

  6. Ron C
    August 5, 2021

    The Hon. gentleman, as usual did not offer a workable alternative. As usual, just opposed for opposing sake. This report did not even suggest he had any idea of what he thinks (his opinion as usual) can work.
    The report did not even suggest that he advanced a strong position on behalf of his party with regards to this matter. How pathetic.

  7. Jonathan Y St Jean
    August 5, 2021

    The government and private businesses in Dominca can make rules pertaining to who can enter their premises and what conditions apply. That’s the way to go and should be done. No direct mandatory vaccination or forcing persons to take the jab.

  8. Bwa-Banday
    August 4, 2021

    Bossman as much as I admire and trust you I respectfully disagree.

    While this is not enough to make me stop supporting the UWP, I dare say that is the view of the minority in Dca. We are small and vulnerable population, hence I support a vaccine mandate like yesterday. I believe in total vaccination of our small population but with one caveat; Everyone having the choice as to which vaccine they are taking. I agree the Chinese vaccine is alleged to be ineffective and like my friend would say; “Its kakar water mixed with donkey semen”. But having the choice of the pfizer and moderna is what people should be given under a mandatory plan. There I look forward to the Zefant boot-cham and the cabal crew mandating it through an SRO immediately. We cannot keep the non existent economy in perpetual limbo because Dcans have a thousand reasons why they will not take the vaccine.

    I however applaud you for making your position known. Stay blessed and keep fighting the good fight for us…

  9. August 4, 2021

    “I don’t agree with that. I believe that the people of Dominica and the people around the world are responsible enough about their own health and safety to determine whether they need vaccinations or not in a crisis like this.” News article

    And I have a lot of trouble understanding those kinds of senselessness coming from people who want to govern, or be authority over the people of a whole country–such as Lennox Linton wants to be over the people of Dominica–for how can that be?

    Lennox is claiming, against mandatory vaccination for Corvid-19, that people should be responsible enough for their own health and safety, why they should not have to adhere to the rules of the authorities, but if that was so simple why is there such huge numbers of people dying from that virus all over the World?

    It is to say that those millions of people were not able to be responsible for their own health and safety, the reason they lost their lives?

    • August 4, 2021

      Okay, so if people are responsible for their own health and safety, and to make their choice of vaccination or not, how does it happen that they still become infected with the virus?

      And why should they put the lives of health care workers in danger through treating them, because they decided not to go by the rules, which would or could have protected them in the first place? How is that fair?

      When I was leaving Dominica for Canada in 1974, I had to be vaccinated–I think it was a flu shot–I still have that yellow booklet in my first passport to show that I was vaccinated.

      Was that my choice? Not at all! So it was mandatory at that time, that we take that vaccine upon leaving Dominica to travel to countries like Canada, wasn’t it?

      But for the length of time that I have lived in Toronto, I have never been infected with the flu–whatever it is– the vaccination against corvid-19 can do the same

      Lennox, stop it with your foolish arrogance!

      • Jonathan Y St Jean
        August 5, 2021

        @elizabethlxavier, your reasoning is flawed and the example you gave doesn’t help you either. The decision to go to Canada was yours therefore you had to abide by the ruling of the Canadian authorities and take the vaccine, alternatively you could have refused the vaccine and not go to Canada. When Charles Saverin makes the vaccine mandatory for Dominican citizens, they don’t have a choice but “must take the vaccine” that’s what mandatory means and this only happens in communist countries like China. You tried to redecule Lennox but ended up making a foolish point which doesn’t help your case. Skerritt and Lennox have the same view that people shouldn’t be forced to take the vaccine. Government and private businesses can make rules pertaining to what conditions apply to get into their work place so citizens have a choice. The same way you can get to decide who comes into your house.

    • %
      August 5, 2021

      You tried saying something, but you are so evil, your heart is so dark and satanic that you wanted to get at Lennox personally, but you failed.

  10. En Ba LA
    August 4, 2021

    When states and places have 30.9 million in their population with 65 000 plus deaths due to COVID can Dominica with this small population afford this? NO.

    People listen and follow leaders, it does not matter what one says. Leaders are elected to make decision on behalf of the citizens for everyone. Be mindful of what you say as a leader.

    The leadership have strayed for some reason they cannot regroup and refocus.

    • Toto
      August 6, 2021

      Man you are confused. You say to listen and follow the leader but at the same time you say that it does not matter what one says. That is totally illogical brother. Besides in a democracy laws are passed in parliament which is a people’s thing and not just the will of one man alone.

  11. Dr Clayton Shillingford
    August 4, 2021

    The same stupid debate is going on in the US..The simple fact is that if a larger percentage of persons are not vaccinated to arrive at herd immunity a number of things will occur.. more persons getting sick more hospitalizations more deaths more chance for the virus to mutate and develop more infectious variants, Related problem. disaster for the economic and social order..Here in the US the Government has to step in to prevent people from being evicted from homes and increasing the population of the homeless. Hotels and companies are not allowing persons to present themselves if they are NOT VACCINATED. All this adds up to the fact that most persons should get the vaccine because while they may claim right not to take the vaccine they are VIOLATING the right of others not to get sick..President Biden mandated that all Federal workers must get the vaccine because the situation has now developed to a pandemic of the UNVACCINATED now blocking the hospitals shutting off others

    • Fact Check
      August 4, 2021

      show me where this “right not to get sick” exists. You people just make stuff up.

      Now consider that In the US it’s legal to end the life of an unborn child. If the argument that not getting the vaccine means that in the future you could possibly infect someone else and kill them, then what about the fact that ending the life of a fetus means that you rob a human baby of life when it would have been born without the inervention to KILL it?

      But those same people pushing vaccine mandates support “right to choose” and “my body my choice” when it comes to abortion. Make that make sense

    • Ibo France
      August 5, 2021

      The vaccines have reduced the severity of the illness and hospitalizations and prevent deaths. These are facts. As I have repeated before, I’ve had my two jabs. However, I will still insist that every human being has a right to decide for him/herself what goes into their blood stream. That’s a God-given right.

      When we allow, especially politicians, to strip away our inalienable rights without objection, we are going down a slippery slope. What next would they do? Take away our rights to free speech, to assemble or to practise our own religious beliefs?

    • Your pick
      August 5, 2021

      The president should just shut up and let the PM handle this he has done a good job so far. Now that you mention the U.S that is wrapped in racism, this will only overwhelm the health system. That overwhelming number of Black men imprisoned in their prison system is as big or a bigger travesty that has overwhelmed their prisons utilizing their “school to prison system” for many many years. As good as dead when/if released into society. Your pick.

  12. August 4, 2021

    One absolute gift that god the almighty has given to us is the gift of choice. One of the rights that earth has given is the right to refuse. I really thought that the cry of believers was god. Everyday you her believers say, “Thank god. God know best. By the grace of god. I am blessed. Oh God. God is the answer” etc. etc. etc. Now the cry by all is vaccine vaccine vaccine. From the Pope, down to King Liar want to go to heaven but none of them want to die. Many people do not mind taking a vaccine to protect them from illness but many just don’t trust the benefit of this vaccine and also just don’t trust the confusion that is expressed.

    August 4, 2021

    There’s Never ever something positive coming from them USELESS WICKED PEOPLE. They are so ignorant and arrogant.
    Everything to/for them is always the negative.
    Have anyone take some time off to listen to the hot seat and talk on the block on Q95?
    The present host is so negative. Everything he talks about is always in the negative. He manufactures stories to spew to his supporters. There is one lady you would swear she has hot dasheen in her throat. All she does is spew negativity and thinks she can mandate to the PM what to do and what not to do.
    Don’t talk about one that thinks He has the highest degree in every field one can think of. All HE does is to go on a rampage BLASTING everything one can think of in the negative. Not for once can anything positive comes from this guy mouth. He criticizes and opposes everything. Making matters worst THEY are aided and abetted by the HOST of the program, another damn a++

    • %
      August 4, 2021

      What is the positive that you want to hear?
      Liar Skerrit is getting EC$64000.00 a month, and the liar did not give you a stimulus.
      You can’t afford to buy a mask everyday, but you will have to pay EC$5000.00 or serve time in jail.
      Your EC$4000 000 000.00 is missing, and cannot be accounted for, but you stick your red nose in other oeoples financial business
      The same people who pass the laws violate them with impunity, example liar Skerrit.
      What about Choksi?…..The people of Dominica except you know what happened and why he ebded in Dominica.
      People sitting and posing as leaders asked people to come to Dominica via the back door…Liar Skerrit himself, said its our tradition. Sewo in Roseau for months around the River side. No action by the Manicou gang.
      Nothing positive to talk about Kid

        August 5, 2021

        %, I’ve said to you and I’ll tell you again. You are a bloody nuisance and embarrassment to the human race/society. You have nothing good to offer other than pure arrogance , ignorance and hate. Go get a life, you’re just a repeating parrot of Lennox,

        • %
          August 5, 2021

          @Kid on the Block
          Kid liar Skerrit has impoverished you Kid. Can you buy a $2.00 mask Kid????.
          Kid where is your EC$4000 000 000.00? Why are you not asking for it?
          Kid why is liar Skerrit breaking so many laws?
          Is Dominica a real country Kid?

          • KID ON THE BLOCK
            August 6, 2021

            Here goes Lennox’s repeating parrot again. %,
            If Dominica is not a real country, why are you doing in it?
            Get your a** out of it and get a life and stop being a puppet of Lennox.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
  14. Lin clown
    August 4, 2021

    WHO VEX LOST,nobody could have put it better.No vaccination no entry,case close.Produce vaccination card to enter.

    August 4, 2021

    No one is mandating anyone to take the vaccine. But you have a choice and others have a concern.
    Employment places can make it mandatory for employees to work in their work place. YOU got a choice. Either you are vaccinated to work in the work place or walk out( lose your job). Simple as that.

    • RastarMarn
      August 5, 2021

      Maybe you too young to remember,,,

      When Savarin was head of the worker’s Union and they didn’t like what PJ was doing he lead and insurrection against the PJ administration wi,,,

      So don’t come talking about people shouldn’t have choices, because what Savarin did when he was the opposition Linton dem would go to jail or even maybe executed today for the same cause,,,

      Linton is right people should have a choice this is just a continuation of an experiment gone really bad!!!

  16. My name
    August 4, 2021

    Everybody should be vaccinated. Don’t you people see what is happening in the world?. The unvaccinted are getting more sick. In Dominica vaccinations should start at 12 years old. It saves lives.
    Please wear your masks people

    • ????????????????????
      August 5, 2021

      What about everyone should be saved and accept Christ. Yes of course it is, not God’s wish that none should perish. Food for thought though – He gave each man free will. God Jehovah does not force anyone to accept him. The facts are placed before you and it is up to you to choose.. Harden, not your heart when you hear the word of the Lord.

      Now it seems that Mr “covid vaccination” has taken the rightful place of the Great Creator Jehovah Jireh! Is this vaccine even greater than the creator? Can this vaccine be termed an ‘idol”? Most of you want to force (mandatory) vaccine. Our Creator has not forced even accepting him as the Superior on us. Thoughts on the current worldwide crisis. To vac or not to vac!
      See how unreasonable some of you can be! You will not proclaim or recognize Jehovah but you want to force persons to do something that a lot of confusion surrounds. Lord have mercy on us.

  17. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    August 4, 2021

    Someone needs to make it abundantly clear that we do not have seventy (70, 000) thousand people; residents in Dominica.

    With that said, I must say whereas people do have rights; where it pertains to a disease that we know has taken the lives of 630,563 people to date in America!

    Even if there are seventy thousand people in Dominica, the entire population can be wiped out in less than a week if not vaccinated. In a small country like ours, with a handful of people, I must support the idea that getting the vaccine, should be mandatory!
    Right now the world is dealing with a variant that is more deadly and more contagious than the original COVID-19, it is not wise to ignore that; people do have the right to decide for themselves, but if we allow that right to cause us to make stupid and bad decisions jeopardizing our life, and that of others, no one might be left in Dominica to talk about “we have the right!”

    It should be made mandatory to save the country from total…

    • August 4, 2021

      Telemaque, this time I am reading the words of a wise old man, way to go!

    • Man bite dogs
      August 5, 2021

      Thank you Francisco, sometimes I would have a dig at you just for a laugh, but this time it is serious you are right on Q!

    • joe
      August 5, 2021

      Francisco what is the population of Dominica? I guess you are the one who has the responsibility of counting the heads in Dominica. Again I ask you what is the population? Numbers please !!!!!!!!! remember you said it is not 70,000, numbers sir, i need numbers.

      • Bliss
        August 6, 2021

        That old donut doesn’t know, he just relies on Google. Google is his only source of ‘knowledge’.

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          August 7, 2021

          I had a dog name Rex; one day it nipped at my toe; I told Rex Mash you dog!

          Rex immediately ran off; from that day no matter how I try to get that dog to play with me, it never played with me again to the day it got very old, and we had to put him down.

          Rex became so old we had to shoot him!

          Dogs operate off their instincts, and know when they are not appreciated or wanted; some human garbage, who should operate off commonsense, if they are damn dunce cannot recognize when they are not wanted nor appreciated.

          I guess if I spat in a human dog face, that dog will lap my saliva believing it is gold!

          Swines are unable to recognize pearls in the mud they roll into, because the pearls looks like the mud in which the swine bathe!


          • Marly
            August 8, 2021

            Nothing but crap you talk! Please spare us all your infinite ‘wisdom’ and knowledge. You are nothing but a plain attention seeker.

            Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0
      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        August 6, 2021

        Joe if that is your name; anybody who believes that there are seventy (70,000) people resident in Dominica, is only deceiving themselves.

        If by any chance there are that amount of people in the country; that would mean no one has either die, born or left the country since the mid 1970’s.

        I neither ignorant or naive; but here is a simply way you can tell how many people are in the country.

        If you review how many people voted in the last, election, and the one before, you will find in a constituency such as Woodford Hill less than a thousand people voted, the same apply to Wesley.

        If you count the number of votes in all the constituents and add the amount, you will find approximately thirty, or thirty-three thousand people voted.
        That would be people within the legal age to vote; and be reminded, many were paid bribe to travel from Canada, and America to go home to vote!

        • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
          August 6, 2021

          If there are seventy thousand people on the island, and my notion is correct,that means thirty-seven thousand people did not vote; now of that thirty-seven thousand people how many are adults and how many are infants (baby’s).

          To solve the riddle check the registry of birth dating back to say 1970 -2020 and see how many babies are born, and for the same period find our how many people have died!

          Let me tell you in some villages not even one child is born per year; check it you will find the death ratio in the country far exceeds the birth ratio.

          What about migration since the mid 1970’s; now if you wish to contradict me, produce something from the census in the country, and prove me wrong!

          Population of Canada 37.59 million (2019).
          ” ” US. 328.42 million (2019)
          ” ” UK 55. 27 Million (2016)
          ” ” Scotland 5.40 ” (2016)
          ” ” France 67.06 “…

          ADMIN: “Let me tell you in some villages not even one child is born per year…”

          Due to lack of recorded data in some instances and certain statistics not being publicly available in other instances, we are unable to verify that specific claim.

          However, it is factual that Dominica’s rate of birth alone is not high enough to sustain or increase our population:

  18. Kudos
    August 4, 2021

    You are correct that vaccines should not be mandatory (mostly because, in a society used to personal freedom, such a move would most likely backfire). Please, use your influence and your voice to help people realize that this is about self-preservation. If you see instances of different rules for different people, call it out loudly. But. That shouldn’t be used as a reason to throw out the rule book – because those rules save lives. If a hurricane was coming you definitely wouldn’t tell people to get inside, if they feel like it. I guessing you’d be out in the rain and wind, tugging at them to get to safety. Let’s pretend this delta variant is a hurricane coming straight at us, and there’s a huge remote control that can possibly change it’s direction – except that it’s out of batteries. You possess one battery for that remote, so does the PM. What will the two of you do? Or not do?

    • Viewsexpressed
      August 4, 2021

      On this CURRENT health situation I will strongly recommend that people of age should take the Vaccines. It is safe, helpful and is exceptionally protected. I had my twice
      It is very wrong out of this virus etc demand that people sound not be vaccinated.
      I’m Not in Dominica’ but in Europe and my family and I, including our children and down to Three years old have been vaccinated. This is a preventative measures to protect ALL Families and Children that they are safe and live a Good and Healthy Life. I strongly recommend that this vaccine should not be ignored, nor is Protected Face masks. Please be aware and protect yourselves, your families and children from this deadly virus, transmitted very quickly from one person to another. Also be advised to use your MASKS wherever you go. 1.To Church, 2, Family Honest, 3. Friends and other companies likely to be in the same place as you.I strongly advise that becareful, listen to all medical professionals & other people of medical…

  19. Yes I
    August 4, 2021

    I agree with the Leader of the Opposition on that one; let people decide for themselves.

    That said, ADMIN – I think we need the President to clarify this statement, ASAP –

    He suggested that alternative consideration should be given to making vaccination mandatory, “or at the very least limitations have to be placed with respect to access to certain services regarding persons who refuse to be vaccinated for no legitimate reasons.”

    For one thing we need to know what the hell he means by “no legitimate reasons”. I find this is really stretching joke now. It seems to me is maybe when of his bizawell get sick from the EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE, his tune might change

  20. Pipo
    August 4, 2021

    It would set a dangerous precedent if people are compelled to be vaccinated. What would be next, compulsory sterilisation perhaps? I do firmly believe that vaccination to combat Covid is good and should be encouraged. We should be properly informed about the advantages and possible side effects but the choice must voluntary. Equally, we should not be forced to associate with those who have chosen not to have the vaccine.

    • Ibo France
      August 5, 2021

      You have made my point. We are setting a dangerous precedent by allowing government officials deprive us the right to choose what goes into our bodies. What will they do next?

  21. Sherm
    August 4, 2021

    Putting politics aside. Vaccinations should not be mandatory but should be required for interaction with the general public in person.

    Persons who continue to propagate the self-interest mentality above all else that is not based on science, but on hearsay or conjecture is the reason why this pandemic still lingers. Its more likely than not that that these are the same ones that speak with the only objective to be controversial.

    take it how you want.

  22. Who vex vex
    August 4, 2021

    You doing a good job at being an opposition leader.
    I hope you stay there.

    Any how,
    Don’t make it mandatory but make it a requirement to enter any public or government establishments.

  23. Lets Pretend
    August 4, 2021

    Honestly speaking i just don’t know whatnot it will take for Hon Linton to understand that he needs to shut up and let Skerrit do what he wants to Dominica and Dominicans. If he wants to make vaccine mandatory, let him force it on them and let him push it down their throat because that’s what the people want. So for goodness sake Mr Linton, learn to see but pretend you didn’t see and hear but pretend like you didn’t hear. That’s how the people like it so let Skerrit put it on them until they can take no more. Maybe that’d when they’re will rise

  24. zandoli
    August 4, 2021

    If Skerrit says the sky is blue, Linton will rebut and say it is pink.

    • Toto
      August 4, 2021

      Let me tell you little lizard, Lennox Linton is not an imbecile as painted by you.

      • Man bite dogs
        August 5, 2021

        Thank you Francisco, sometimes I would have a dig at you just for a laugh, but this time it is serious you are right on Q!

    • August 4, 2021

      @Zandoli, you made my day with that one. I needed that wide smile, you see! But seriously, you are right on! Lennox is not an opposition leader for the people of Dominica, he is simply being paid to oppose everything that PM Skerrit decides to initiate–this is so unfair!

      And just ignore that Pipo individual below your comment, he/she is no different from Lennox Linton–good heavens!

  25. Carmem
    August 4, 2021

    However I did get Vaxxed at Marigot so I am safe.

  26. Lin clown
    August 4, 2021

    A load of HOGWASH coming from RANDYX.I expect more HIGWASH from IBO FRANCE.Remember we the PEOPLE,the MAJORITY the LABOURITES won by 7,219 votes,with a 18-3 and a 59.01%-40.99% majority.Just be careful with your BS.UWP is DEAD.

    • Ritchie
      August 4, 2021

      ‘Higwash’… Clown, trust me, things are about to change in DA and the heat is going to be turned up. Just as well that you are in the US and that way being safe not to be kicked in your large behind. Your strength is sitting in front of a screen and typing utter rubbish all day long. To add insult to injury, you English is absolutely appalling. If you want to support YOUR PM, come down and help him. I guess your problem is that he would have to give you a ticket first and pay your travel expenses. I do understand you only visit your country every 5 years courtesy of your PM. Poor sausage!

  27. Butter Cup
    August 4, 2021

    Why not encourage your base to get vaccinated? This political partisan division for everything will kill the country.

  28. Clement
    August 4, 2021

    A zeh zeh mista be. Just because DLP promoting vaccination you doh want to come out and say the same. Opposition before country.

    • Google
      August 4, 2021

      And ask him when his two children were going to school in America whether they were mandated to get vaccinated.

      • Jonathan Y St Jean
        August 5, 2021

        @Google, no one in America nor anyone who wishes to come to America has been mandated to take the vaccine. Stop your fake news and propaganda.

  29. Eagle-Eyed
    August 4, 2021

    Thank goodness this guy is not the one in charge of running this country during this pandemic. I suspect half the population would have already been dead from COVID if he was in charge. If people have the right to decide whether to take the vaccine or not in order to protect themselves and their fellow citizens, it is fair to say that health professionals should have the right not to treat them when they contract the virus and just isolate them like people with leprosy were treated in the olden days.

    • %
      August 4, 2021

      A convoluted mess of horse manure you have written…Not even you can explain it to anyone…You had no right to be sitting behind the chalkboard at school. Get out of here!!!!!

    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      August 5, 2021

      @Eagle-Eyed, there isn’t any difference between the position of Skerritt and Linton. They both have said that the vaccine should not be forced on people. Can you comprehend what they have said? Then what’s your beef?

  30. Ibo France
    August 4, 2021

    DNO, I must commend you for this article. Well done! You not only gave three sides of the issue, you quoted directly from Linton, Savarin and Skerrit.

    Let me state unequivocally. I am for taking the vaccine 100%. I’m also fully vaccinated. Having said that, I strongly believe that people who are hesitant to take the vaccine should be won over by persuasion not to be forced to take the shot by draconian laws.

    The President, Charles Savarin, has too much idle time on his hand. He slouches, sleeps and eats around the clock in the multi-million dollar taxed funded citadel. His views on making the vaccine mandatory is the same as dictators around the world.

    I hold the opinion that as an adult I alone should make the determination as to what goes into my blood stream. That is my inalienable/God-given right.

  31. If we knew better
    August 4, 2021

    He (Charles Savarin) suggested that alternative consideration should be given to making vaccination mandatory, “or at the very least limitations have to be placed with respect to access to certain services regarding persons who refuse to be vaccinated for no legitimate reasons.”

    Me not trusting it due to insufficient testing and research is reason enough. This is an experiment. We are the guinea pigs. Everyday we hear on ALL international news media about people still contracting and even passing on COVID after being fully vaxed. Charles Savarin isnt an authority on anything COVID. We should question his motive. Herd immunity is a farce if these so called vaccines dont even work. Why should vaccinated people still need to be indoors out of fear that they can still get it? Or still spread it? if so whats the use? some will say oh so that you wouldnt get it as bad. but that is not your business how bad or good i get it. i get sick i recover with bush tea and hot sun. simple.

  32. No Mas
    August 4, 2021

    Mr. Linton, people are looking for transformational leadership.
    The special qualities associated with transformational leaders include the following:
    Having ideas and a clear sense of direction; communicating them to others; developing excitement about accomplishing shared “dreams”.
    Arousing others’ enthusiasm, faith, loyalty, pride, and trust in themselves through the power of personal reference and appeals to emotion.
    Identifying “heroes,” offering special rewards, and holding spontaneous and planned ceremonies to celebrate excellence and high achievement
    Helping others develop by sharing responsibilities, and delegating truly challenging work.
    *Intellectual stimulation*
    Gaining the involvement of others by stirring their imaginations
    Being honest and credible, acting consistently out of personal conviction and following through on commitments.
    The ability to accurately put yourself “in someone…

    • August 4, 2021

      What is your point Pastor Civic?

    • ???????
      August 5, 2021

      Why politicize everything. The man says that persons should not be forced to take vaccines and I agree with that. What talk about transformational Leadership there when the topic is to take or not to take the vaccine (mandatory). Why most time we are not objective ere is a lot of evidence that the vaccine has dealt a heavy blow (killed – blood clot, heart attack, stroke) on folks with underlying factors. Even if I do not support the Opposition Leader, this point of not mandatory I do support `a vaccine that has so much controversy around it. You need to read about immunity, how the body works, and how vaccines work on humans. These are available for review on the internet etc. Knowledge is what helps us and not just jump ship and speak on matters we are not au courant with. Before asking persons to be vaccinated, let them understand what is happening. Trial this is and not completed.

  33. Cautious
    August 4, 2021

    Vaccine hesitancy is good and vaccination is good.
    One is cautious while the other is cautious.

    Some people take vaccines without knowing the specifics of what they are taking whereas other people have to know the specifics and will only approve of it if it meets their accepted standards.

    Different people have different safety measures.

  34. Channel 1
    August 4, 2021

    Completely agree with you Mr Linton.

    When you see world leaders lockstep in their pro-vaccine propaganda methodologies – offering money, KFC, land, threats & other psychological coercion techniques – to get people to take an experimental vaccine, which increasing real-world evidence (eg in Israel) suggests is not working as well as predicted, then you got to ask yourself some serious questions as to what really is going on.

    High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer has killed more people in Dominica & many Caribbean countries every year than COVID. Why then haven’t we seen these same relentless desperate propaganda machinations to FORCE people to check their blood pressure & blood sugar, take cancer screening etc?

  35. %
    August 4, 2021

    1000 000 000% in agreement.. I am an adult. I read the information out there from as many sources as possible, noone should try to make it mandatory for me to be vaccinated.
    It is my personal choice!
    Savarin can try what he wants, but i wont even listen to him.

    • If we knew better
      August 4, 2021

      Amen. We have no primary research facility here. we have done no tests, only taken peoples word for it. We are walking in BLIND faith with this vaccine thing.

  36. August 4, 2021

    Boss, you are not the PM so I expect you to oppose mandatory vaccination. If you were the PM you would have made vaccination mandatory. What kind of Leader are you? You are a poor Leader. That is why they keep rejecting your party at the polls. Time to give up. You will never be the PM of Dominica, not on this earth, not on the next one. You just don’t have what it takes to be a PM. You are just another noisy old fella. Keep doing what you have been best at, blocking the roads in Marigot and setting the place on fire.

    • %
      August 4, 2021

      You read but you have no understanding, and many Skerrites are like you…Your head seem to be of steel. Go back and read the literature. If you have any vestige of common sense and understanding, you will maybe, just maybe understand what liar in chief Skerrit said..

      • August 5, 2021

        I thought he was the Prime Minister and not the Liar-in-Chief. Who gave him that downgraded position? Has his position been relegated to Liar-in-Chief? So, what is ugly Lennox Linton’s position now? Is it the A..hole-in Chief?

    • Viewsexpressed
      August 4, 2021

      DS, please don’t waste our time with your Usual ignoramous stupidity behaviour and irrelevant Nonsensical thoughts. If you have nothing of concept to share Or elevate us, please engage your thoughts first before you pen loose irrelevant Nonsensical thoughts upon our people. Good Luck on Your journey and be advised that our Hon. Linton is a formidable Decent Trusted Man and a Welcomed Leader of the Opposition. However with issues of vaccinations ongoing all over the world, in Europe, Africa, North and South Africa it is therefore compulsory and well executed to Adults, Parents, Children, Mothers, Father’s Uncles, Aunts Cousins etc. Please have no fear, be alert of this Pandemic and take the advice.of our Medical Professional Dedicated Doctors and Nurses. Gods Blessings 🙏 and Guidance.
      All’s well..everyone will be safe.
      I have had mine with no issues or concerns to this day. I’m not in Dominica’ but will recommend strongly that Adults, Children, Infants, elderly continue to take…

  37. RandyX
    August 4, 2021

    I agree. Dominica would have been covid free by now if it wasn’t for the indiscretions of Skerrits himself and of course some of his supporters. They love all those rules that apply to others but not to themselves. That’s how everything starts and then it ends with missing state funds and constant harassment of opposition politicians and everybody that doesn’t agree with their policies. They even didn’t shy away from kidnap. As far as you and the UWP and other parties are concerned, all you need to toughen up and fighting fire with fire. The gentleman approach doesn’t work with these people, they see it as weakness. If you can’t do it by yourselves you need to engage with other democratic states and ask them for help. We can not go on the way we are going right now!

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