We are ready – UWP Leader Linton

Higgs Adamms will make another bid to win the Soufriere constituency
Higgs Adams will make another bid to win the Soufriere constituency

Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, has said that his party is ready to contest the by-election carded for June 7th, 2016, in the Soufriere Constituency.

Linton made that statement during a live interview on Q-95 Hot Seat Programme on Tuesday following the announcement by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on Monday, regarding the set date for the by-election.

A by-election in that constituency became necessary following the resignation on Tuesday, 26th April, 2016, of Ian Pinard as the Parliamentary Representative for that constituency. Pinard vacated his seat because of what he said were allegations made against him.

“We are ready and as the days go by we will get even more ready,” Linton said.

According to him, Higgs Adams who contested that seat during the 2014 general election, will be the party’s candidate for the upcoming by-election.

“…We step forward to contest this by-election with our candidate Higgs Adams, a man of honour, a trust worthy man who will do an excellent job of representing the constituency in the Parliament,” he stated.

Meantime Linton argued that for the ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP), this upcoming by-election will not be about creating a better Dominica or improving the life for the people of Gallion, Pointe Michel and Scottshead.

He accused the DLP government of buying votes.

“It will be about distracting attention from the 16 years of failure in government, it will be about deceiving the people and corruptly using the people’s money to buy their votes, to pay them for their votes,” Linton remarked.

The UWP leader continued, “All of a sudden LPO’s are going left, right and centre, all of a sudden village councils are receiving significant sums of money to be ditched out to people”. This,  he said is, “open, blatant vote buying and we have to be aware of this evil that’s in our midst.”

Linton contends that the buying and selling of votes is modern day slavery.

“We are asking the people of Dominica to free themselves, free their minds and to end this evil against Dominica and end it now,” he said.

The DLP has not announced their candidate for the by-election. However, there have been reports that Denise Charles, the 2014 campaign manager for Ian Pinard, has been tipped to replace the former MP.

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  1. Heriones
    May 12, 2016

    Higgs should request Linton stay away from the campaign. If Linton is close, it will be a negative campaign. The negative energy need to stop. For argument let us say the govt is corrupt. rather than keep saying it while losing court battles, state how you will make it better. How you will take the country forward. Forget Skerrit. Labour is not him alone. You cannot demolish a building by going at the roof. You have to destroy the foundation. Linton has been pushing the same strategy for years. The environment in Dca has not changed and he is still pushing that without reassessing the way majority of Dcans think. If you moan too much Dcans get fed up of hearing you. Linton should focus on core activities with UWP, ie what he will do for Soufriere and how. Where will funding come from and how he will create jobs. Soufriere is a fishing community, what investment will they see in their pursuit of large scale fishing? Maypwi will only get Linton another conviction. And he cannot afford it

  2. Caretaker
    May 12, 2016

    What worries me is the adjectives you all use to describe each other .Before the by-election so many contracts are being signed, are you people going to missed out on improvements? many bills to be paid pending. needless to say more, people don’t go back in life otherwise you never succeed. Look at the way you all treated your best and loving man sikiwi,never given a chance to explained himself, one of your own very best. The almighty god work in mysterious ways. What you all did to Joshua is pay back time

  3. Chief Jaco
    May 11, 2016

    After all the pros and cons. the allegations and counter allegations, the spending of money and the pauper’s plate, the constituency of Soufriere will speak through only one medium called ‘past the post” and one voice of the ballot box. It’s a fact that the parl. rep will change, and most likely the party remains. But sensational media will never be done, it will never change and always remains sensational rather than realistic. We will continuously be bombarded by the same script writers of gloom and doom, and same tragedies of same losers. The stories remains the same; nothing beyond because it never ends.
    Somewhere in the same twisted plots their villain as always the same achieves victory and always the same they blame the “stupid electorate. They call for change and never change and the stories remain the same.

  4. AAGabriel
    May 11, 2016

    This is a very good chance for the people of Dominica and in particular the people in the South to send a strong message to Skerrit: we had enough we want change! Show him that the voters can not be bought any longer. It is time to put our country first and stop selling out for a few dollars. Please show some pride for the sake of our country!

  5. god way
    May 11, 2016

    YOUR MOUTH AGAIN liton you will pay a money again

  6. love I
    May 10, 2016

    Come on people ..Vote Strongly for Change…Take your Country Back..Take your communities back…only now they seeing you all..because it is time to Vote again..THINK…Think of of the young persons being abused…DO NOT VOTE FOR GREED…BUT CHOOSE THE GOODNESS OF GOD…Change is a Must to save Dominica…Choose Higgs…

  7. Reasoning
    May 10, 2016

    :?: If the people of Soufriere constituency votes labour and this criminals and thugs headed by scarit,then these people are doomly blind!!! I suppose the young people are in majority and should know better than the elderly who have been seeing things in a tunnel vision way.Young people,prove yourself smart and vote this criminals out!!!

  8. Thanks
    May 10, 2016

    Don’t play the innocent child syndrome, buy using the term modern day slavery. You contacted three different women to run for St. Mark constituency and what. They all turn you down because of your personality. What does Skerrit has to do with you being unable to get a serious nominee! You are incapable of attracting any decent person to your party. Linton you didn’t have a choice but to choose Higgs. Man up and take responsibility for you pathetic behavior. For argument sake how productive are you? How have you attract new voters or advance your party’s platform? You are still infighting in the cockpit heal your wounds first. Please use a different fisherman coat and English please.

  9. Hmmmmmm
    May 10, 2016

    “We are ready and as the days go by we will get even more ready,” So you are not ready then?? SMH

    • kingman
      May 11, 2016

      he should only be ready to pay Pinard-Burns

  10. MIA
    May 10, 2016

    Linton again focus on the objective and not make it a campaign for the DLP like you are doing now because every word in you mouth is the DLP/PM. Linton that’s your problem (He accused the DLP government of buying votes.) you have to ask yourself why are you paying so much money in law suites. IT ALL ABOUT YOUR MOUTH AGAIN.

    • water 99
      May 11, 2016

      So true.

  11. Roseau
    May 10, 2016

    Partner ypu will not win. You are just wasting your time. Linton stop making excuses because you know that UWP will not win.

  12. May 10, 2016

    For Christ’s sake, let us be real Dominicans! From Bin Bobol, Election Fraud, Villas, Ng Lap Seng, Diplomatic Passport Scandal, My Dominica Trade House, highly prejudicial IPO legislation and shell companies in the UK with accumulated assets of close to 120 million dollars ran by the Prime Minister’s “Baby Mama”, Yvette Laurent to these Panama Papers, all we ever do or hear is talk and more talk. The truth is that even if the esteemed Doctor Supreme Leader’s name was written in bold letters and showed that he stashed away a vast majority of the Country’s money NOTHING at all would be done about it! This is why I am becoming more and more convinced that our Supreme Leader will continue to sit in the Prime Minister’s seat for many more years and, of course, continue to do whatever he pleases with impunity. The big mouth talking Dominicans will continue to talk and call Q95 to no avail! Labourites will continue to fly in, cast their votes and head back to greener pastures.

  13. way papa
    May 10, 2016

    Go out and represent. It may not be possible to beag goliath…but do your best….l have seen the untouchable fall.
    So don’t give up…God is still God.

  14. perfect idiot
    May 10, 2016

    A vote for Skerrit / DLP is a vote for the continuation of the same old same old that led to this by election. A vote against Skerrit / DLP is a vote for putting an end to it. If Higgs wins, trust me it cause Skerrit and the DLP to go back to the drawing board and put policies in place that are aimed at protecting our children. However, if Skerrit and the DLP win, they will take it to mean that we approve of inappropriate behavior against our children and no need to change the environment their policies have given birth to and that spells trouble for Dominica.

  15. “We are asking the people of Dominica to free themselves, free their minds and to end this evil against Dominica and end it now,” he said.–News Article

    With that continuous attitude Linton, I cannot see how God is on your side, for you are still not showing any kind of humility, which is what He wants from you. You need to come to terms with the fact that God is still the Supreme Controller; why would He allow that “exaggerated” evil which speak of among us, people of Dominica–as you speak about His appointed Governing body.

    First of all you need to stop with those kinds of loud exaggerations–what are you talking about freeing themselves; who is taken hostage in Dominica; by whose authority are they in prison?

    God would be humbling Himself to exalt you, which of course He cannot do–He will not give the devil authority above His own.

    Try to change that self conceited mentality in you, then wait for the good results–you have no other choice.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 11, 2016

      Elizabeth, are you suggesting that Lennox should simply sit with his mouth shut, say nothing while Skerrit continue to buy Dominica, by paying people to vote for him?

      What is wrong with you; are you so blind?

      You keep talking about God; why will God do something to Lennox who has not hurt one of Gods’ children politically as of yet; however, your god will support Skerrit in the brutality of his children, and continue to allow Skerrit and his crooked subordinates to fleece, and destroy country?

      Why are you so evil? You are inverting the situation, the man who wants to see progress, peace, and prosperity in the country, you villainies, however, the real devil, the man who keeps Dominica and the people in poverty, your god will keep him on his pedestal, and he is going to send Lennox on a trip to hell and back!

      Read the comments of “Laboroflove” the trash Bin Bobol he is talking about is real; it is true, it happened, had it not been for Lennox Linton, Dominicans would…

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 11, 2016


      Read the comments of “Laboroflove” the trash Bin Bobol he is talking about is real; it is true, it happened, had it not been for Lennox Linton, Dominicans would not be aware of what the crooks in government had done. As a result of Lennox investigation: the thieves returned five ($500,000.00) thousand dollars of stolen money into the government treasury.

      That stolen five hundred thousand dollars was intended to go into somebody’s pocket! Who’s pocket do you believe it was intended for madam Christian? I do not know which god you are talking about, but I doubt it is the great God Jehovah. The Bible teaches that Satan is the god of this earth, if he is the one you are referring to, I doubt Lennox will fall victim to him since I know Lennox has always been a believer in God!

      How can you profess to be a Christian, and support, the highly unethical people who term themselves ministers of government. Elizabeth, it is people like you who uphold thievery, and…

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      May 11, 2016


      How can you profess to be a Christian, and support, the highly unethical people who term themselves ministers of government. Elizabeth, it is people like you who uphold thievery, and everything corrupt in the country; it is because of people like you why these corrupt people unleash their weapons of mass destruction through the police on the old women and children in the village of Salisbury, because they know that clones and clowns like you are supporting them.

      Where is your conscience Christian? Elizabeth, are you not ashamed to be so hypocritical, you are as phoney as a nine dollar bill, and God will deal with you for as many times you include him in you spewing of your stupid acidic venom against Lennox; one who has caused you no harm, the man does not even know you!

      • silver fox
        May 11, 2016

        Francisco ,all of you Workers supporters are all performing monkeys Linton, would start a lie then all of you would sing along this is why Linton is always ln trouble and making a stupid fool of himself.

  16. My two cents
    May 10, 2016

    So y all u contest seat when all u
    Making noise for voter ID cards and clean up of the votes list… All u not serious.. All just hungry for power ..SMH

  17. May 10, 2016

    WHY should they vote UWP the DLP is in power so it would be better if they vote the ruling party there’s nothing the UWP can give them now but oppose and people vote for a woman this time a woman will respect herself and your children

  18. May 10, 2016

    God Bless Dominica, Long live Dominica, My personal opinion, if there`s Domocracy as we know it then lets see how the people vote, win loose or Draw, once the peole have spoken, they will have spoken. we go see. God bless America, Day after election we all return our respecful Routine. Following with keen intreast. Dominica the eyes of the World is watching.

  19. May 10, 2016

    The people of the Soufriere constituency made a mistake in 2014, but they got another opportunity to correct that. The big question to be asked : why are we having a by -election? Is Ian Pinard sick and can’t continue? Is he migrating? Well Ian told us allegations were made of his involvement in a very serious matter involving a minor. We must also add that he was arrested and bailed. Ian and the DLP should be ashamed. But since that time have we heard Skerrit, the DLP, or the former campaign manager condemn such act against our minors, especially when a uwp member was also rumored? What we have seen is Skerrit going in public and treat the man as a hero and tell how many feet taller he has grown. Not only that but Ian in response vowing to be campaign manager of his protégé. Is that what we have come down to? No one cares to talk about steps to protect our young children? I hope Soufriere makes a loud statements by voting out Skerrit and the DLP

  20. Barbara Saunders
    May 10, 2016

    Okay folks! Good strategy for success at losing!

    Start cursing the people of Soufriere before they even go out to vote. They are dumb, they are being fooled by temporary dollars. they are being bamboozled because, of course you all are of superior intelligence. Curse everybody who does not sing from your party’s song sheet of choice. Don’t try to change tactics at all and be a kinder gentler people, particularly with that tongue which holds in it the power of life and death.

    Keep bad mouthing people, fast becoming the largest industry in Dominica and the signature character trait of most of you! Keep leading that charge as that’s what you all seem to know how best to do. Keep up the intimidation by your choice of words. Let’s see where that gets you!

    If you succeed, hats off to you!

    • May 11, 2016

      Ms./Mrs. Saunders, what you may interpret as “bad mouthing” others interpret as speaking the truth. A particular trait with people like you and other die-hard Labourite Loyalist is that you want other Citizens of your Country to keep their mouths shut about things that are negatively affecting our Island. You consider putting the truth on the table so that others may open their eyes and take a good look at the reality that surrounds them as bringing down the Country etc.. The fact is that Governance of this blessed, beautiful and peaceful Country has been hi-jacked by ONE MAN whose sole concern is the accumulation of wealth and staying in power by any means! Ms./Mrs. Saunders the fact is that the ambition of this ONE MAN has significantly changed the dynamics of politics and political discourse in our Nation. The political divide is now predicated upon exposing the wrongdoings of this regime verses vast amounts of money being thrown around during elections.

      • Zandoli
        May 11, 2016

        Labor of Love….
        And herein lies the problem with UWP supporters. Any time someone points out a flaw in your approach, what do you do? Attack.

        The fact is, one does not have to be your enemy to provide constructive criticism. Sometimes, that is what you need in order to see the error of your ways.

        I think Ms. Saunders was giving very good advice to UWP, telling them to re-examine their approach. Like it or not, that UWP approach has not worked. DLP is still in power after 15 years. You can attribute that to corruption as much as you like, but that does not change the fact that they are still in power.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        May 11, 2016

        That is what they do!

        Anytime the truth is told, they run their mouth off talking about hate, if its not hate its bad mouthing the country, or criticizing Skerrit. The issues affecting their personal life they ignore, Skerrit uses, and kick their butt all over the place like his foot ball.

        They are so dumb they cannot realize the evil he perpetrates on them. If these people had any sense they would ask themselves why a prime minister of a country would send his wife to give birth to his children in a foreign country, when he is the leader of a nation!

        Rather than question his motive, they clap and say; thank God for Skerrit!

        That Saunders you are referring to is so disappointing, I thought she was an intelligent person, but she turns to be as stupid as the rest of those who have made themselves tools for crapo Skerrit to use.

        All for what? A handout of a few dollars at election time?

      • Black jack
        May 11, 2016

        LabourOfLove, What does you and Workers party +supporters know about truth all of you are losers liers on Q95 telling lies with no shame you people are all sick.

      • Barbara Saunders
        May 12, 2016


        Thanks for the compliment. Looking for company? Thank God that I am not stupid because you say so and I do not have to be receiving handouts to defend my country.

        You see, I am unable to fit into you people’s mould of analysing and criticising the wrong-doing of one side as there is glaring wrong-doing on both sides and if I refuse to recognise the wrongdoing of a side before it gets into office what excuse do I have to raise a voice if or when it does take over the reins of management of this country?

        I have heard all kinds of ridiculous excuses being made for a man about whom evidence of indebtedness complete with court case numbers in the US and Dominica as well as unethical land deals was brought in the media but he continues to castigate other people on the basis of rumours and I must accept that. Some of the other mind-bending and manipulative tactics used by others are there for all to see but some of you don’t see those at all, so who is stupid?

  21. Doc. Love
    May 10, 2016

    If Skeritt was to send a broom stick decorated in red, the broom would still win. Dominicans likes the DLP, not Skeritt, as far as they are concerned labor is their mother or father’s party therefore they don’t want to disappoint their immediate families. It is not about jobs, it is not about being happy in Dominica, it is not about having a house to call their own, it is all about what mama and papa want. Corruption or no corruption DLP will win, not should win, but will win. I support Mr. Adams but the tide appears to be to strong. I hope I am very wrong.

  22. ??
    May 10, 2016

    What a waste. Only this incompetent leader would chose someone who has no chance of winning. What a joke….

  23. May 10, 2016

    Higgs you are qualified and honest. The people will decide and this time the many outside votes will not be there.

  24. The truth
    May 10, 2016

    They have money making ball in Soufriere and the people of Petite Savanne are still in limbo. What then is the priority? I would like to know. The hospital in a state .Hon Darroux its time to move out , be a man of dignity. You are a professional man.

  25. Frank Talker
    May 10, 2016

    What is it that the people of Soufriere, Scottshead, Gallion and La Pointe are not getting now, that they will receive if they vote DLP? It seem to me that if they want more, they should vote the opposition! If they do vote the opposition, the Government will throw money in the constituency to try to get them back. But to vote DLP this time again, will not make you more favourable in the sight of the Government.

  26. Candy Hector
    May 10, 2016

    we both have the same boyfriend.

  27. Zuma
    May 10, 2016

    Good luck UWP. People of soufrier do the decent thing and vote the UWP candidate. And when the UWP candidate wins let’s see if skerit will continue to support this constituency or if he was just buying votes now is the time to prove him wrong.. Vote UWP. Moi vote pour UWP moi vote pour UWP. . The decent thing is to vote the Labour people out eho continue to treat us Dominicans like beggars. We need to get back our pride..we do not want skerit hand me down and bro go Dow… Take all what he giving and then we voting him out and after we win he has to continue to give us cause it is our right…. The decent thing is to vote Labour out.,,,,

  28. Is so
    May 10, 2016

    When the man took to the streets in Scotts Head ringing the bell every one thought he was LOCO. Now we know WHY! YES the Sookooya was out with blood in front people door. Ring the bell again my boy election in the air!

  29. Thomian
    May 10, 2016

    Vote for Higgs Adams: Hardworking, independent, generous, gentle , sincere, adaptable, determined, adventurous, modest and self confident.

    • Candy Hector
      May 11, 2016

      well u dont no his history.

  30. Zandoli
    May 10, 2016

    Soon we will see if the UWP message is resonating with the Dominican electorate.

  31. real possie
    May 10, 2016

    Lin-torn makes no sense, you said the same thing for the last election and you won Roseau south, central, and Wesley. Even if people are bought and they are ready for change, they will vote for change, you out of all people knows that. To bad PPOD is in the forming stage, we need a strong opposition to not just oppose for opposing sake, but to do so with facts.

  32. Not a herd follower
    May 10, 2016

    I would like the UWP to win, but I do not hold much hope that its candidate will win. Skerrit has exploited the venality in a significant portion of the electorate. So many people have dissed country aside and sell their votes for a few dollars. Some are open about it. Decadence has corrupted mainstream Dominica, and where is decadence, there cannot be progress. Best wishes to team Dominica in spite of…

    • Real Possie
      May 10, 2016

      This by election is not about candidate and who they like but rather, about policies and what they stand for. Clearly Skerrit has created an environment whereby he has no plans of putting an end to no matter who falls. Such is not the case with Linton. If we want to talk about candidate then Higgs has a very good reputation whereas his opponent is a supporter and probably campaign manager of the system that brought about this by election. No matter who is running for the DLP the fact that none of them from the DLP condemned this evil act, though it’s a rumor for now, is proof that they somehow condone it. Now the people must speak with their vote. If this by election were taking place in possie I would be concerned; however I have confidence in the intelligence of the Soufriere constituency and I expect them to vote out the system that has created that kind of culture in Dominica.

      • Real possie
        May 11, 2016

        Why not get your own name to comment under? It’s a reason why my handle has lower cases r and p so people like you can be known to not be me. SMH.

  33. May 10, 2016

    I’m very sorry to say it but it’s the truth. The Soufriere Constituency will be won by the blessed Dominica Labour Party. The people of that Constituency continue to be bamboozled and manipulated by the “Election Money Train” of the DLP as it is being reported that the “Labour Cash” is already flowing heavily in that area. Although we all know based on the experience of the last 16 and more years that this great influx of money is quite temporary, that obviously does not matter to the people of the Soufriere Constituency. Within those 16 or more years they have ALWAYS voted for handouts, trickery, bribes, corruption and lies. Unfortunately that is not about to change. The people of the Soufriere Constituency, on the 7th of June, 2016, will prove to the rest of Dominica and the world that a vast majority of Dominicans have lost their moral compass. They will ultimately prove that these Dominicans accept and are satisfied with mediocrity, horrible leadership and poverty.

    • the fly
      May 10, 2016

      Labour of love, above you sound like a person who has been on a marijuana work shop all day keep on rolling the green grassland.

    • May 10, 2016

      I agree with you but I hope the Soufriere Constituency will surprise the Dominicans people by making a change and stop others from saying all they care about is the money and material things that the Government gives them for their votes, I suggest that they take the money but do the right thing because the money is just for the moment. Think of the reason for the By-election think about the children and try to protect them don’t wait until it happen to you and your family. We are still waiting to hear what the PM have to say about that matter instead he embraced the disgraced PPL.
      So I wish that the people will decide who they want to represent them in the house.

  34. Black jack
    May 10, 2016

    Keep on dreaming Linton, you will never win at Soufriere and as for you Higgs Adamms don’t waste your time turning up you are not well come. :lol:

    • Concern citizen
      May 10, 2016

      Yes Mr. Black Jack
      I hear what u say, but we all know that majority of the RESIDENTS in D/ca are just Domkey holes, if it won’t for the Donkey holes in this country the CORUPT DLP WOULD LONG BE DECEASED
      U haven’t take a good look at ur country my boy, if so take a look a look at the other Caribbean islands and when u come back look at yours and then go and talk to the SOUFRIERE DONKEY HOLES

    • one guy
      May 10, 2016

      You are sure you are not suffering from a Black eye that skerrit gave you. eh doggie jack

  35. GB
    May 10, 2016

    Good luck Mr. Adams, all the best. May the best candidate win.

    His phenotype favours Brian Lara or is it just me?????

    • the fly
      May 10, 2016

      ABOVE COMMENT GB, you should go to speck savers.

      • GB
        May 10, 2016

        Thanks for the advice, at least I have an opinion, I hope u are not the one who needs to go to speck savers because u might be blinded by handouts, lies and deception.

        But again thanks. I did ask a question so I appreciate ur response. But I usually see things differently from ordinary people :wink:

  36. viewsexpressed
    May 10, 2016

    Good Luck UWP and the people of Scott’s Head, Soufriere and Galion. I expect you the people to vote for change, good governance, decency in pubic office, respect for the office of Prime Minister, and to focus on te development of Dominica.
    We do not trust this Skerrit lead DLP corrupt government and all those former P/S`s, Cabinet Secretary etc etc who out of office continue to condone this thievery, we have to elect now a decent man who has demonstrated integrity, decency in politics.

    Vote UPW, vote Adams

  37. No Thanks
    May 10, 2016

    My boy in all the people you had to choose you choose Higgs. Please give us a person of character. Is that the best you have? Now you have given Skerrit the upper hand! the man came on stage on Point Mitchel with a yellow rain jacket and has yet to recite one statement in English. You want to come out there with recycle good and push it down our throats. Don’t blame the PM for your poor choice. You knew the seat would be vacant one month ago now you are calling it modern day slavery! You are so incompetent as a leader it is disgraceful.

    • Concern citizen
      May 10, 2016

      No Thanks,
      You better take a good look at your under develop country vies- a- vies the other Caribbean countries and then if u are shame less man continue to talk after 16yrs ou pa honte pou au ca palea?
      ga dea lata payes DONKEY HOLE!

    • 100% Nature Isle girl
      May 10, 2016

      lol i thought he wud send MATT as candidate, LOL

  38. DEAR
    May 10, 2016

    sorry higgs am not there to support you but labour will win again. THATS A FACT.

    • Matahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
      May 10, 2016

      yh cause it seems like many ladies and men love pedophiles…..

  39. Say what
    May 10, 2016

    No worry, the little girl again. No the scookoya them has been so active lately.

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