We will build this international airport for Dominica – PM Skerrit

Skerrit said government is committed to building the airport

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said that the site for the construction of the much-talked-about International Airport in Dominica  will be “from Eden back to the Woodfordhill area.”

Skerrit made the disclosure during a special Year-in-Review programme on Tuesday evening which was brought live via various media.

He said it will cost in the region  of $50 to $60 million to purchase the land for the airport.

“We will build this International Airport for Dominica and we are committed to this,” he said. “We have commitment from some friends; we have some of our own monies, and we have enough money to pay for the land which values between $50 to $60 million from Eden back to the Woodfordhill area.”

According to Skerrit, his government has written to a number of the land/property owners in the area who have “all agreed, so far, to sell their lands.”

“In some instances we will have exchanges because some people have asked to exchange their lands for other lands that we have and I am certainly taken by the willingness of the land owners to facilitate this process, recognizing the importance of it to the country,” he stated.

He continued, “I have said to my friends in Woodfordhill and Wesley that if you are agreeing to sell your land to us at an agreed price today within 48 hours we shall provide you with a cheque.”

He revealed that his government already has the monies set aside.

Skerrit went on to say that the government is currently conducting more detail soil testing and doing geotechnical studies, “so we have the firm from the United States who is conducting those more indepth geotechnical and soil testing” in order to know precisely what soil type is there and what type of engineering will be employed for the design of this area.

He said the government has done all the feasibility studies, all the wind tests.

“We have had the alignment approved so we know the alignment of the runway,” he noted. “We have an initial estimate for the cost of the runway; we have conceptual drawings from the firm…”

This latest commitment to construct an international airport follows a number of public pronouncements made by this administration regarding the construction of an international airport.

In 2013, the prime minister announced that he had signed a US$300-million deal with Chinese company ASCG with “reconstruction of an international airport” in Compton Point near Calibishie, among projects to be undertaken under the agreement.

The topic resurfaced at a Dominica Labour Party Rally on May 5, 2014 when Skerrit said that his government was actively pursuing several projects, including the construction of an international airport through the BOOT – Build, Own, Operate and Transfer – option, with a team of private developers from China.

Following a trip to China that same month, the prime minister promised to make public, a document which showed “good progress” on the project but that never materialized.

In March 2017, Skerrit told a group of students from the North East Comprehensive School that the airport would be built in the north-eastern part of the island. He said an American firm was engaged to do all of the studies in relation to the project and would be doing a presentation to the cabinet on the 21st of April, 2017 on its finding.

With this latest pronouncement, Prime Minister Skerrit has reiterated his government’s commitment to build an international airport. Now, the country waits to see if the decades-old promises of an international airport from the current and previous administrations, will eventually bear fruit.

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  1. Gouvelma
    January 16, 2019

    Those utterances and assurances of an international airport by PM Skerritt are so convenient and strategic. You hear of them whenever he feels the heat of the opposition and when the election breeze begins to blow.fellow Dominicans are you so daft that you fall for Skerritt’s empty promises? Dominica has the lowest wages in the Caribbean. Where is the money coming from for the international airport? The labor party is morally bankrupt. They are intellectually obsolete. They are economical with truth. To believe that this labor party is in a position to build an internatiinal airport is to believe that the cow did jump over the moon. Didn’t they meet plans for an international airport in place when they took over government almost twenty years ago? What has happened to those plans in the last twenty years? Have they divided the lands that was purchased for the international airport by the UWP amongst themselves? If not what is their plan for that land? Their days are over.

  2. shrewd
    January 13, 2019

    The labour party has been there for almost 20 years and keeps promising an international airport but they are yet to buy the land. United workers party was in government for 4.5 years and promised to build an international airport they bought the land, did the feasibility studies, and had commitments from friendly governments to finance in part the airport. The only government that was serious about building an international airport is the united workers party. Fact.

  3. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    January 13, 2019

    He has been saying American company and Chinese company for years yet refuses to name them so they can be checked out by the people on Dominica, who are these mystery people he needs to name them. This is all a bunch of B/S to bamboozle the masses with tons of bull manure. Notice he is always smiling while spewing his B/S and the dumb ones eat it up.

  4. Spiral
    January 13, 2019

    The same political leader who attempted to convince us that we did not need an international airport nor could we afford to maintain one is now promising us an airport. The sad thing is there are many sheep in his flock who will follow where he leads… to the slaughter house!! :lol: :lol:

  5. Jonathan Y St Jean
    January 13, 2019

    Dominica must the only country to buy land in two different locations to build one international airport. Go figure.

  6. Study
    January 12, 2019

    There will be NO international airport in Dominican, at lease not now? First it will take about one year to get all of the lands the Government wants, for the size of an international airport, second it will about five years for feasibility studies. One wind study. Two Government will have bring in specialist to study the sold. Three environments study on impact. Four where is more feasible to put the pitro, those big tanks for the jet fuel. Fifth but not last where is best suitable to put the control tower. It’s a lot Government have to put into an international airport, so if that airport is going to start build in the next five years, have to start the feasibility studies now.

  7. John paul
    January 12, 2019

    Man this man has lied so many times to us you cannot blame us for not believing him.Tired of too many lies,secrets and deceptions.Time for a change

  8. Bring back the kidnapped Dominican parrots
    January 11, 2019

    If the Dominican people fall for this Bull Manure again they have to be some of the dumbest people on earth and in the whole wide world, he has been saying the same thing for the last 20 years at election time and the masses fall for the B/S. It has been working for 20 years so he is trying it again.

  9. Ibo France
    January 11, 2019

    Skerrit is a genuine LIAR. There is not one truthful cell in this man’s body.

    • Gary
      January 13, 2019

      Lol, Do you know how childish and silly you sound writing such a comment, the cells in the body of someone does not make them a liar. Your preconceived beliefs and judgments are worthless, you are entitled to them, it is where you get your solace.

  10. ???????????????
    January 11, 2019

    Boy Boy Boy Boy! I have never seen such hateful persons in my life! Waypapa why hate the PM so? Hmmmmm I cannot understand your degrees in hating! I personally pray love over all of you allowing hatred to destroy your bodies, soul and spirit. The Honourable Prime Minister cannot open his mouth, smile or cough for the likes of you to come with that hateful tongue lashing! My God we need to pray for the manufacturers of this hatred … Francisco. %, St Jeans etc. Fella’s do something positive with all you time! I thought you guys were smart and intelligent people but alas I see disgruntled, hurting your own selves people. Fellas once for your own sakes , try not to say nothing … Are you all dreaming of the young Man? I suspect. Now I’ll tell you all thumbs downers, I do not care because as I have said, you are all hurting yourselves. Time to repent and post some positive suggestions and teach some thing good to the younger generation. What hurting you????

    • RandyX
      January 13, 2019

      Why don’t you get it into your scull, your PM is a serial liar and highly corrupt. Don’t you dare and call him honourable because honourable is exactly the opposite of him. By the way how was things at last weeks Red Clinic? Was it $50 or $100 a Go?

  11. viewsexpressed
    January 11, 2019

    Skerrit, Go to Hel, Go to Hell…Go to Hell, it is non of our damn business what you say you are trying to do. You have nice mouth talk, but what comes out is BS and not in the interest of our Domininca and decent people who need you out AAP. Go to USA, Go to China, Go to Venezuela…….just get a way form Domininca, because yo are a very big liability.

  12. Zammm
    January 11, 2019

    Dear Mr Pm, you have been saying so many things lately, are you experiencing fool the people symptoms…?
    You can’t even get Dominica back on its feet after Maria, but you talking about you willl build This Airport. You are now ducking the realll issues in Dominica.. Ross, and lately Mr Blackmoore. Sadly Dominicans who support your foolishness, allowed you to fool them, now you taking them for fools. You are the same PM who allowed other PM’s to lead you in believing dat Dominica present airport is okay.. Don’t you see how lovely, St Vincent new airport is? Only Dominica wagging it’s tail like a lil puppy because of your bad leadership…. Shame on you, shame on labour, shame on those Dominicans who support you n your lies

  13. Batalie
    January 11, 2019

    Skerrit cannot build three main bridges on the west coast that need re-building for the past 8 years but is an airport you promising!! sense or nonsense???????!

    • ?????????????
      January 11, 2019

      Batalie I think you need to build one 1 bridge! Just saying! Guys you are amusing!

  14. January 11, 2019

    Transparency! transparency! transparency! double (Dr) PhD stop the babbling place the documents in respect to your phantom Airport on the table for Dominicans and the world by extension to see; were you not taught as a child “that seeing is believing”; how long to you intend to keep the dumb dumber, the ignorant more stupid and your intellectually dishonest cult like followers more emboldened to continue the systematic morale, economic and political destruction of our once independent country; be careful Samson the temple you are destroying will crumble and fall on you too.

  15. January 11, 2019

    Ms. Skirrit, I want personally give my blessing for the thoughtful attitude of you with such aim and ambitions that takes a person with the quality of vision to understand the very inner thoughts of your commitment in building a much needed International Airport in Dominica. I want to encourage to purse your dream, and it is sad to say not only your dream Sir, but it will become those pessimistic ungreatful Dominicans whose COGNITIVE thinking is below their age appropriate these a those ADHD individual who never get treatment for their lack of ability to be learn. All those who do not know the import meant of an International Airport in Dominica lack the simple understand of growth. I know all of you all comments I don’t I am not depending on the Government for anything all I saying is that Dominicans it is high time to wake from all of you all pessimistic behavior.

    • viewsexpressed
      January 12, 2019

      Leroy Registe, I am convinced that you do not reside in Domininca, and if you do, you must be in some Blind Village or in Haiti, where you must be exceptional in your reason and thoughts because the people up there express their views intellectually without malice but with reason that Domininca comes first, because the despots Papa Doc and Baby Doc has abandoned them, left them in deep poverty, no jobs and no prospects for development while the big corrupt boys in Haiti and now in Domininca travel nicely to visit their families overseas. My advice to you is You just go to a village, for example Pais Bouche, Tete Morne and other villages where they have been excluded, abandoned and neglected by this false Corrupt Labour Government, led by incompetent and worthless Prime Minister that our tax money pays for. This is an abuse.

    • Merina McKenzie
      January 16, 2019

      Dominica need better roads to help in the reduction of accidents; and the removal of those Bailey bridges.
      Not airport!
      Are we going to go the airport by helicopters.
      The roads are deplorable👋🏿

  16. Paul Rossnof
    January 11, 2019

    Liar, that’s all I’m going to say. You guys call yourself honourable this, honourable that? Modern times bandits that’s all you are!!

  17. jeff
    January 11, 2019

    How can you prime minster look people in the eye and lie like that?

  18. LaPlaine Observer
    January 11, 2019

    For the past 7 years, this PM has mislead the people of Dominica with his lies and deception about building an International Airport. In 2013, UWP indicated that they would build an International Airport if elected, since then this PM has been promising an International Airport every time election is nearing. Sad state of affairs.

  19. Sisserou
    January 11, 2019

    A lie is a comfort to a fool. Liar liar pants on fire, we don’t need Skerrit nor his damn international airport. People in the diaspora have finally realize that Skerrit and DLP is a waste of time and this time around while not taking any chances with trump will not risk coming down to vote for Skerrit and the DLP so the only hope Skerrit have now is to run his mouth bout airport . Man you travel to Wesley and to Melville hall and to marigot and the place is dead dead dead, no economic activity and definitely no encouraging signs for any international airport and skerrit knows that.

  20. UKDominican
    January 11, 2019

    You are building an airport from Eden back to Woodford Hill and Ezekiel Basil, the parliamentary representative for the area knows nothing about it? Come on Skerrit, show us the plans, the budget, time line and name of the contractor. You do not even have a name for this facility or project, do you. A bad slip-up. Surely, all this can not be a state secret.

  21. Child of Itassi
    January 11, 2019

    “yuh hear lie, that is lie”

    Lord Nelson’s “King Liar” is worth a listen:


    • viewsexpressed
      January 12, 2019

      Good point, good song, appropriate for the event and on going political disaster. Please forward a copy to the top Floor of the Financial Centre, where the That odd Prime Minister is located. That’s no lie, because “teacher Percy says “If you tell a lie you going to hell when you die…” But before death it reads..”If you tell a lie you going to Stockfarm before you die….” lemme go…lemme go…” Bring it up…Bring in Up. For those blind loyalists in Domininca and overseas protecting this inept, corrupt PM and failed corrupt Labour Government who are killing our island and taking it deeper into poverty, your children, our children will suffer. before it is too late…this failed inept Skerrit and his failed 18 useless, nothing to do18 ministers must Go. This is a corrupt failed Labour government with the worse political leader and Prime Minister that Dominica has seen. Skerrit Must Go. Go away, go to Timbuck two and repent. You have corrupted our nature isle. Apres Bondie ce…

  22. Tumble, back kick
    January 10, 2019

    Boy mista have a long finger. Las manti!

  23. Joseph John
    January 10, 2019

    All the postings and likes comments on the header condemn Skerrit as a great liar. I need help to decide if he is a great PM or a notorious liar. Did he lie about winning 3 election in a row. That was a trick, a hat trick. Did he lie about the state house, the state college , hospital, west coast road, improvements to the airport road, night landing, the Belvue Chopin resettlement, bath estate apartment and other apartments or the stadium. Was he lying about the reconstruction after Erica, Mathew and Maria. I think not. The hotels at Portsmouth, Soufriere and other places. I think not.
    Those are tangible assets. You can see, touch and feel them daily.
    Is he lying about the Marigot hospital, about making Dominica the first climate resilience nation in the world, about the international airport. NOT!
    Was he recognized as a great national leader with Dr Dr ….YES, Yes and yes.

    • Anonymous
      January 11, 2019

      Joseph, address the issue of the airport. Nobody is saying he did not build the things he did. That is past tense .He has to make good on the things he promised that never happened. You are a poor apologist for a man , who is a pathological liar. He can not help it because is so he is, so it is better you do not try because that is only making it worse.

      • Joseph John
        January 11, 2019

        Assuming that you can order me to say what you want me to write makes you a great liar.

    • viewsexpressed
      January 12, 2019

      Joseph, he wants you to know and speak the truth. I am at the Financial Centre where I am privileged to see and know what’s going on. Stop being in denial of your failed corrupt dirty Prime Minister Skerrit. He and his failed aste of time 18 useless ministers must go. they have hurt and crippled our nature isle to poverty. our people are suffering and all you all can do if support Skerrit in his abusive handouts to ur people reducing them to beggars. This is not professional and it is abuse, at the highest level. So Joseph, go open your eyes.

    • John paul
      January 12, 2019

      He built a Palace before a hospital,where is the 300 million he borrowed from the Chinese finance company?
      Where is he getting these millions from to run his campaign?
      Why are so many diplomats he chose ending up in jail ? All filthy rich and in trouble with the law
      Why will he not release the list of Ambassadors of Dominica?
      Why did he chop the Integrity in public office IPO in half and remove it’s teeth?
      How many shell companies dies he own and what is his worth?
      Remember he did not have a bicycle when he entered politics
      Several People he called Good Friends like N G Lapseng and Alireza Mon Fared both in jail one in the US Money Laundering ,racketeering etc,the other in Iran,he worked for the government but was taking their money
      Did Mr Skeritt benefit from those shady relationships?
      Why is he continually remaining a stranger to truth?
      It has worked for him in the past and of course he is confident it will keep working for him
      Wake up voters wake up

      • Joseph John
        January 13, 2019

        John Paul I admire your courage to put your name above your post. It means you have the courage of your conviction. Like opposition forces and their attendants like to say “the testicular fortitude”. You are no coward. I respect that.
        But how does all you express pertain to the issue of an international airport ? I ask this not to fault you, but to compare what I said above , because some ” Anonymous ” person” and opposition forces attendants task me for enjoying my right to freedom of expression because they judge that I was not concerned with the issue at hand. Far from It.
        Many posters were implying that Skerrit would never deliver on his promise re airport because he is a consumate liar. I believe he will build it. I am convinced he will. I just numerated several instances to prove my point, and all these negative people with fake names went ballistic. I am flattered by the 24 dislike(s) and several comments. I never thought I could ever raise all this attention.

  24. Holiday Island Boy
    January 10, 2019

    It will be built if the Chinese have anything to do with it.

  25. Colihaut
    January 10, 2019

    Doctor Dr. I need medication for my ringing ears, because I am hearing the same things over and over agin with no end in sight. Can I come next Wednesday or can you come to my Village?

  26. Mahaut
    January 10, 2019

    I want to see if Dominicans are really going to contune to beleive this L. I. A. R . How long will you all allow this guy to sell you Jombi in bag?
    This is clearly time for him to go meet Tony in Florida.

  27. East Coast
    January 10, 2019

    We will build a WALL between Marigot and Wesley but Marigot people will pay for it ! just vote for me and all your dreams and wishes will come true.

  28. viewsexpressed
    January 10, 2019

    That clown of a failed inept Pm says: “He said it will cost in the region of $50 to $60 million to purchase the land for the airport….” Skerrit you damn liar, you are a damn liar and you certainly do not deserve to hold this position of Prime Minister. For years you have been talking of airport now you are saying that it will costs this amount of money, but this clown Skerrit know very well that the land is already there and was purchased by the decent UWP Government under Hon Edison James and his working government. Skerrit, wake up stop fooling we the people with your Nancy stories and wake up and smell the coffee, your time is to get out and get lost is fast approaching. We are fed-up of you, you are a big failure, the biggest failure since our independence and you are well supported by weak so called 18 ministers and other nefarious clowns who are stuck to you blindly. All of a sudden this failed Skerrit is desperate as his time approaches where Hon Linton and is UWP will…

  29. Questions & Answers
    January 10, 2019

    Hi folks! My name is questions and answers and therefore my job is to ask questions and allow you all to answer. So here are my questions: 1. Who you believe that lying more Satan, the papa of lies or Roosevelt Skerrit? 2. If you had an award to give to the best liar who you think would win it Satan or the Pm? I would prefer if Hon Ian would answer please

    • viewsexpressed
      January 10, 2019

      1. Who you believe that lying more Satan, the papa of lies or Roosevelt Skerrit?
      Response: Satan is well established and a role model for those devious in behaviour and are corrupt. Also, you see, Satan cannot forgive sins, so Skerrit political lying deviancy will last for a long time. He has to repent, but also his 18 failed ministers to get out of our government he has corrupted.
      2. If you had an award to give to the best liar who you think would win it Satan or the Pm? I would prefer if Hon Ian would answer please.
      Response: Will wait to read (lol..lol) Ian`s response: But, its obvious, the best Liar is and does it well too. Ladies and gentlemen, labourites and labour wrongs, the award is given to papa lying inept Skerrit. Satan is a close second. Satan cannot forgive sins, Skerrit cannot forgive Bobol behaviour. Skerrit has reduced our country to one of deprivation, begging lies, corrupt Bobol, lacks developmental foresight but extremely good at Nancy Stories…Tim Tim…

    • viewsexpressed
      January 10, 2019

      Satan, is static and Skerrit has been more vocal and on media talking BS Lies. “You hear lies……Teacher Percy say if you tell a lie, you going to hell as soon as you die. ” RIP failed. liar Skerrit. Hon Ian is in hiding, and appreciates if we highlight failed Skerrit as the best liar and failed PM in Dominica. Skerrit we know from our office upstairs is a failed PM and not being an intellectual, it is difficult to comprehend what he is saying.
      Skerrit must Go……He has to Go…we are an ailing country with no development taking place, just Skerrit developing his ignorance and nonsenses talk about something is happening , yet there is no employment and work for our young people and farmers. God Bless us and our Dominica to get rid of this satanic behaviour please. Skerrit must Go…..Corrupt Labour with 18 ministers must Go… Move on, move on. ..failed worthless Skerrit.

  30. The truth will make you free
    January 10, 2019

    Jesus made two damning statements about Satan, who also is the devil. First, He said Satan is a liar 2. When he opens his mouth he opens it tell a lie John 8:44. He also said Satan is the father of lies and that their is absolutely NO TRUTH in him. He is a deciever

    • %
      January 10, 2019

      How can those who call themselves Christians be supporters of someone who lies so boldly and ‘in your face’ so?
      That surely is not good for the country.The example is bad for the entire population,especially the children.
      Skerrit Must Go
      Skerrit Must Go
      LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

    • viewsexpressed
      January 10, 2019

      I share you r concern and thanks for the revelation. We know that Satan was a nuisance and all over the place and never a role model. Those who adopt and practice Satanic views and behaviour and abuses the states resources for fame and publicity, well it ain`t gonna work in Dominica in 2019. Skerrit you are on your way out and we want you to get lost. Go to the far East and get another Ductorate to qualify you more as the worse Prime Minister in Dominica after papa Doc and Baby Doc, where they fleece the finances and economy of Haiti and today Haiti is still crying and that is where you have taken our isle of beauty Dominica, with your lies, deception and Red Clinic as if something is happening. Things are happening yes, oddly enough at Prime time that only assists the big boom-boom fly blind loyalists up at the fifth (5) Floor at the Financial Centre. We see those guys and gals in and out very often. As civil servants we are taking note and you are not our role model, so please go.

  31. Neal
    January 10, 2019

    Hey make sure the airport is build before the next election Doc-doc because out you go!!! You had your chances. How many times have you told us you have the $$$$ to build airport?????

    • viewsexpressed
      January 10, 2019

      Neal, I agree with you, the question is: Is this man a liar, or what? Extremely hopeless and clueless to development. best at giving Nancy stories every day to our suffering parents and families with lies and deception. He has surpass Paul Keens Douglas with Nancy stories. As a matter of fact his behaviour will make a good script for Paul Douglas and Tanti Merle and our own conte story tellers.
      Skerrit must Go and he takes with him his18 failed incompetent minister. They must go too, we need a decent prime Minister and a professional party, that is Hon Linton and his professional UWP team,.
      We had enough of Skerrit and his blind Labour followers. He has insulted our people with the Red Clinic and have hands stretched out rather than in the fields working hard. Skerrit you are a failure and the more you open your mouth the more you are telling. You have failed us, so Get lost.

  32. LifeandDeath
    January 10, 2019

    There was a Lion in the Wizard of Oz who had no Courage, there also was a certain Tin Man who had no Heart.
    Seems like our PM got both the courage and Heart to keep this up..lol..18 years and still going stronger now than ever (elections close close close)..The Int’l Airport Gimmick has worked for generations..
    Skerro..but maybe it’s best you do Dominica a great big favor and stand down..give the Country a rest please..the people are weary..enough already..try to be something other than Prime Minister nuh..
    All those Preparations going on in Wesley and Woodfordhill and nobody knows anything except when DLP operatives pass around asking for people details.. What a country boy..Our Prime Minister has no head..no original ideas to help his people..just more bobol and lies..Build a Marina with that money, and open Air Dominica..you will have enough money to go around and no need to buy more land..Notice that “everybody” agreed to sell..WTMDA..#lies #deception

  33. Da
    January 10, 2019

    A Dominican will land on the Moon in 2019! Ripley, Believe it or not!

  34. JBaptiste
    January 10, 2019

    Jesus called Satan a liar and the father of lies, however if you were to scrutinize the entire bible you can’t find two instances where Satan actually lies. in fact Satan rarely makes an appearance but he is only mentioned by others. On the other hand I know a guy who lies whenever he speaks, and he talks a lot. Just saying

  35. Belle
    January 10, 2019

    This man is starting to believe his own lies.

    • Anonymous
      January 10, 2019

      This is a typical sociopathic symptom manifesting itself in untruthfulness and insincerity.

  36. Crucial Mi Lion
    January 10, 2019

    There is without a doubt a strong anti-labor sentiment taking the country by storm. Seems like the people are getting fed up!!

  37. Ibo France
    January 10, 2019

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Every time when general elections are drawing nigh, Skerrit comes with his biggest and longest election gimmick, the building of an international airport. Anyone who still believes this blatant lie should be made to walk in public with a Dunce Cap on his head. Does the PM believe that Dominicans are so stupid that he can tell the same lie for 10+ years and the people will still give him a ringing endorsement? If they do then they deserve him.

    • Gary
      January 13, 2019

      Do you believe that you can go on writing such comments ignoring facts spewing your “OPINIONS.” as though it’s the truth. Do you know the amount of doom and gloom opinions you have expressed about Dominica with no evidence to support your claims. Why is it you want to ridicule people for their choice of supporting the Government regarding the wearing of a so-called Dunce Cap, you know there is also a cap for a propagandist like you, it called The Goebbels.

  38. Birdie
    January 10, 2019

    You hear Lie… That is lie… Lie… you hear lie? Teacher Percy say if you tell a lie you going to hell as soon as you die!!!!

  39. Nacinimod
    January 10, 2019

    Stop being delusional. Dominica does not need no patat international airport. We already have an underutilzed regional airport, of what use would it be to build a white elephant. Besides, an international airport will cost EC $1.5 billion, an amount that Dominica does not have the capacity to borrow.

    • Me
      January 10, 2019

      No wonder you are a back-to-front Dominican.

    • John paul
      January 12, 2019

      Skeritt said he is building it so what is your story?

  40. jamie
    January 10, 2019

    Money share yesterday,today airport will be built,empty promises every 5 years,election approaching,how foolish are our people,well Skerrit you do a good job of fooling them,keep it up.Rosea enhancement and not a drain has been fixed yet,SMDH!!!!! :-x

    • DEE
      January 10, 2019

      I coming dong for election
      only now i agree its round the corner .
      Prime Minister promising International Airport .
      that’s election time again for sure.
      Before i read the whole article i was convinced he had made a mistake and what he had actually meant to say was ”i am announcing the completion of the International Airport ”
      In the history of Airports , Dominicas International Airport has taken the longest to build .
      Since when i was running about without kanson wee they building that airport , and I know i not young , i walking with my walking stick, it still building
      I never see so much study of ground, wind, soil, water, plants, and persons to build a AIRPORT, what a debacle ein . If only Persons had to stay alive to see International Airport in Dominica since those first promises , many people would be 150 years old.
      Yes i 50 years old.

  41. Anon
    January 10, 2019

    Dominica deserves an international airport lets hope the PM’s promise becomes reality. Read somewhere Gonzalves of SVG allegedly suggested Dominica didn’t need an international airport. If true the leader or government who took such advice stands condemned. The same Gonzlaves spent millions and borrowed millions in a desperate push to build an international airport finally opening one recently. Dominicans cannot afford to listen to people and countries that cant help them. For Dominica to take a great leap forward it needs infrastructural development most importantly an international airport to take trade and tourism to the next level. Good luck Dominica.

    • Ibo France
      January 10, 2019

      “Dominica deserves an international airport, let’s hope the PM’s promise becomes reality”. After umpteen years of this elusive promise, Anon, do you still believe this man? Are you still thinking that he will deliver? Can’t you see this is just an election stratagem?
      Anon, I have a piece of land on the moon to sell you, five (5) acres for $300.00.

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      January 10, 2019

       I did not think you had the courage to write that: Nevertheless be informed.

      The Argyle International Airport is the largest capital project in the history of the country, with its estimated cost of construction of US $259 million or $ 700 million East Caribbean dollars price tag representing nearly one half of St. Vincent and the Grenadines gross domestic product.

      Even at that cost, the revenues collected from landing, takeoff fees, and departure taxes, even if all the money was borrowed it will be recovered shortly. That Airport is indeed cause more tourist to visit St. Vincent.

      Be reminded Anon, Roosevelt Skerrit is the one who went to St. Vincent, and brought Ralph Gonzales to Dominicans we do not need an International Airport; all we need is what you see at Melville Hall. While he was in Dominica helping Roosevelt to lie to our dumb people, Ralph was negotiating for Argyle.

      Can’t get into it; however Ralph and others  piloted to prevent Roosevelt from building an…

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        January 10, 2019

        That one is contaminated with a cope of left out words ” is”  seem to get into a place it should not be!

  42. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    January 10, 2019


    So, you Sir Knight has decided to split Wesley in more than half, destroying even the historical landmark the Roman Catholic Church which was built more than two hundred years ago. Is it any wonder Malzaire came out last week and suggest fair election in the country.

    Is it any wonder your Roman Catholic bishop Malzaire has called for election reform in the country? Because of your hate of Edison James, and your evil heart of victimization against our people in Wesley, you have decided to destroy our village because you believe you can do it!

     Developing your conning and evil idea of screwing-up our village people in your circles told you Eugenia Charles had proposed a site, why not use it. You told your people in your circle if you build it on that site; it will be Eugenia Airport.

    They suggest why not build it where the UWP was building it; you replied if you do; it will be Edison James Airport!

    How stupid a person?

  43. January 10, 2019

    The P M said the Roseau enhancement project will commence last year September new sidewalk, proper grainage electricity wires will place underground no sign of that yet.

    • Truth
      January 10, 2019

      You forget Maria hit us last year. Use your brains.

      • January 10, 2019

        @Truth ..Fool he mentioned it in August 2018 after hurricane Maria,Mr. Skerit said the Roseau enhancement will commence September 2018 so it mean the fund was available.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        January 11, 2019

         Are you an idiot?

        More than ten yeas ago Roosevelt was going to take Dominica to the next level. Three years ago he was going to transform Dominica: Incidentally, taking Dominica to the next level, and transforming Dominica means one of the  the same proposal.

        Notice both times he used the transformation, and next level term was election time!

        Where is your intelligence; if Maria was the issue, his transformation, and the next level hypothesis he should have used Maria or Erika to commenced his transformation!

        That boy Roosevelt have you all pegged; you believe every, and anything that corrupted liar tell you all. Are you people more contented to suffer in poverty, while watching Roosevelt his wife and children live in luxury!

        For over eighteen years this liar been promising, he delivers nothing, and you are happy?  The metaphor ” a   promise is a fools pleasure” holds true in Dominica.

        Who’s fool are you people?

        Have you ever wonder why Roosevelt children are…

      • Neville
        January 13, 2019

        Maria is Skerrits and his supporters favourite excuse even though beforehand the government didn’t do anything to speak of either. Thanks god for Maria and Erica!

  44. Lol
    January 10, 2019

    Just wait it shall be done and I suspect even when it is built the UWP will still say there is no airport.

    • Pipo
      January 10, 2019

      There is only one thing certain if you wait long enough, you will die.

  45. January 10, 2019

    I guess he believe by mentioning International airport the airport will automatically build itself,We tied of listened to you on air Mr. Skerit you gonna build an international airport.every time you mention international airport my head spin.

    • Neville
      January 13, 2019

      Don’t forget he can build an international airport with a few containers. His words, not mine!

  46. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    January 10, 2019

    Dr. Punjab/Duquesne “Sir Knight” Roosevelt Skerrit; we know you are the most brilliant man ever born, you are smarter than any rocket scientists! We believe Albert Ernestine the man who split the atom was the smart human after King Solomon, nevertheless your brilliancy surpassed them both.

    There is already a site bought and paid for sitting three not used for the purpose which it was acquired; that site is in the best location on the island! 

    May I remind you the double doctor, and one crowned sir knight: I would hope that a man with so many Ph. D’s would be able to use his common, if he has any, that Construction of an International Airport was started in the country, when your labor party doctor/sir knight shut it down!

    You were a junior minister when you aided and abated to shut it down! I must ask you Mr. Genius, Dominica god does it make sense to spend any money to willfully destroy Wesley!

    Will continue!

  47. Fbother
    January 10, 2019

    Man your dam lier. .. my bro you doe tired lie.. whole day u just ther lieing to the people. .. so long u talking bout bloody airport you start back again… man move you ase there man we fedup with u .. 18 flicking tears u there what happen ner u alone that can run Dominica man? Man governemnt come and governemnt go .. what the hell is it bout uWana stay in power for ever … I don’t get it I just dnt .. Dominca belongs to all ofor us not u alone garson. .. come out there .. let us fix back our country get rid of those puppets u created ..

    • January 10, 2019

      Liar and lying . Just say thanks and nothing else not in politics but like to read comments. Not in Dominica so who in the kitchen just feel the heat so i don’t involve

    • January 10, 2019

      Liar and lying. Just say thanks not in politics but like to read comments. Not in Dominica so who in the kitchen just feel the heat so i dont get involve.

  48. %
    January 10, 2019

    Yes Skerrit, so this one will be named “”Skerrit’s Spurious Gimmick International””. It will be our third under your lazy and deceiptful leadership. We got “”Lying International””in 2005, “””Quick Quack International”” in 2009, “Lis Twer International””in 2014…Skerrit a nail must come out from your eyes before you die brother .You need another fake doctorate brother. This one will be called Mentira…and ease don’t say it’s for all Dominicans.
    Skerrit Must Go
    Skerrit Must Go
    LAZY Skerrit Must Go Now

  49. Jonathan Y St Jean
    January 10, 2019

    You have promised an international airport so many times that we the citizens have lost count and you have failed to deliver on that promise. Why should we take you seriously this time over the last time?. It sounds like an international airport can be built in one year to 18 months based on your calculation, but that just isn’t possible given what has to transpire from beginning to completion so the infrastructure meets international standards. Recently you promised one in Piccard and said some Americans were assisting in that pipe dream. You again promised one in the Wesley/Woodfork Hill area and still nothing. So where except in your dream is this airport going to be built? Only a guy with double doctorates can be such a bold-faced liar and deceiver. Dominica will get an international airport but not whilst you finish your tenure as leader. At best you are a pathetic failure, Skerrit and its time to shut up on the international airport topic. A lighted Melville Hall airstrip is all

  50. magway ca
    January 10, 2019

    hold a second wasnt there land purchased by the UWP for the building of the airport? what is this 50 to 60 million to purchase land again for?

  51. Pete E
    January 10, 2019

    When will you get tired of telling us the same lies year in year out? You must be the biggest fool believing that we still believe you.

  52. Shaka Zulu
    January 10, 2019

    Here are a few questions that should have been asked by the kangaroo press:
    1) why after all this time in office is an international airport only now seen as important when you Mr. PM is on record saying we dont need? Where was the vision then?
    2) where specifically is the current airport expected to be built if all this work is already done and what is the big secrete about the exact location?
    3) why were the assessments of previous governments not used and is it not a waste of tax payers dollars or donation dollars to be doing the same work three times?
    4) what is the status of lands that was already bought by the state for established plans?
    5) What became of funds that were alreay set aside two decades ago.
    Here is what this IA is like; a high school kid school uniform is grey pants white shirt and grey tie and he stand infront his wadrobe wondering which one to put. Dominica terrains does not allow for more than two options for an airport location. 18 years of BS is all…

  53. January 10, 2019

    The international airport is no near to be build.land hasn’t purchase yet,more talks than action thats the problem with our government in Dominica,

  54. james martin
    January 10, 2019

    The year end with lies ,it start with lies from the Prime minister.

  55. RandyX
    January 10, 2019

    BS, we hearing this for the tenth time in so many years. I tell you something Skerrit, you and your ministers could not even built a sand pit in your mansion in the north let alone an international airport. Elections are around the corner and you are promising everything but nothing will come to fruition. Why don’t you promise us to resign, at least if nothing else it would be something new. Man you are making a complete fool of yourself!

  56. Pipo
    January 10, 2019

    Who is this company in the U.S.A. So we can check your statement because trust me we don’t trust you again.

  57. sackway gwo boudeh
    January 10, 2019

    I really want to believe you this time PM… but my brain checking awa, election gimmicks

    • Concerned Citizen
      January 10, 2019

      I agree. I want so badly for this to be true but I’d be a fool to take his word after all the previous promises smh

  58. Concerned Citizen
    January 10, 2019

    Lol…..We’ll believe when we see. That’s all I’ll say.

  59. Me
    January 10, 2019

    …. Sye’s Doctor Finger ?

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