UPDATE: Dominica now has two active cases of Covid-19; no need to panic says PM Skerrit

Prime Minister Skerrit. File photo

Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced on Sunday night live, via his Anou Palay talk show, that Dominica has confirmed an additional case of COVID-19.

This comes following the announcement on Friday, August 20, of Dominica’s first confirmed COVID-19 case in months.

This brings the total number of active cases in Dominica to two and confirmed cases overall for the country, to 20.

“We now have two active cases of COVID-19 in Dominica,” Prime Minister Skerrit said. “Obviously, this will place an additional pressure on the health system.”

“But we are prepared; we never stopped reviewing our plans and ensuring our plans are in place in the event that we would have a case,” he continued, adding, “And remember we always said that once we reopened our borders, as has been the case in every other country, you will see one or two cases coming in. Unfortunately, we have seen one and we have seen a second one as a result of this first index case we were able to pick up.”

The Prime minister told the nation that now is not the time to panic.

“This is not a time for us to be in any panic mode,” he assured. “I know there are some people saying we should not open the borders; we should have kept the borders closed…Let’s us not engage ourselves in that kind of discussion. The fact is, the borders were opened; the fact is, we always told ourselves there’s always the risk of having some cases coming into this country once we opened our borders.”

Skerrit said the Ministry of Health has done a fantastic job with contact tracing,

“Dozens and dozens of tests have been conducted with most of the people who came into contact and is continuing and it really shows the robustness of our contact tracing mechanism and our testing mechanism,” he stressed.

The Prime Minister Skerrit encouraged the public to follow the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health.

He appealed to people who he said have been going about in a state of abandonment and not paying any regard to the guidelines.

“We have to take personal responsibility for our safety,” the prime minister stated. “We have to take responsibility also for each other’s safety, so that we can minimize the risk.”

He admonished travellers into the country to ensure that they stick to the protocols set.

“If you come to Dominica and we tell you that you have to stay home for a few days, just stay home for a few days or don’t come,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.

“I do not want people coming to the country just to have a fete. We have to be more responsible…” he insisted.

Meantime, the prime minister maintains that there is no need to close the country’s borders.

“I understand people’s anxiety and people’s concerns and people’s fears…I respect that but I don’t think there is a need for us to close the borders,” he said.

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  1. I told U so
    August 26, 2020

    Tell me something: So, the reason for having build all these villas in Dominica was because they saw Covid coming? And they charging incoming sick people an arm and a leg making them more sick again? I’m not coming to Haiti. Emmmmm…. I mean, Dominica.

  2. De Dr. say
    August 26, 2020

    What eem say? “ No need to panic”?

  3. Don Bradman
    August 25, 2020

    Dominica has done very well managing COVID-19, CUDOS! However, we cannot let our guards down. We are blessed with a small population, spacious island and a very small volume of visitors traffic. Dominicans, please do not let your guards down. I witnessed some funeral services and 90% 0f the crowds are “mask free” and “in your face” alcohol conversations; party atmosphere! Again, keep the boarders safe and keep an eye on the virus impact on Haiti, our main arrivals to Dominica.

  4. Jama
    August 25, 2020

    Anyone who thinks that Dominica Covid-19 active cases would remain in single figures while this global issue unfolds, mutates and spreads is a fool. Social distance, hand washing and face masks while quarantine in YOUR OWN HOME should suffice. If you do not have YOUR OWN HOME, then a designated facility is appropriate. Anything else is a slur on humanity, basic human rights and a money making opportunity by the State. There is no logic if I have my own space to quarantine, so why place me elsewhere?

  5. RastarMarn
    August 25, 2020

    “If you come to Dominica and we tell you that you have to stay home for a few days, just stay home for a few days or don’t come,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.

    “I do not want people coming to the country just to have a fete. We have to be more responsible…” he insisted.

    Meantime, the prime minister maintains that there is no need to close the country’s borders

    BossMan Make up your mind nuh,,,

    Garçan you cannot stop the peoples’ freedom of movement that is one of the biggest human rights violations,,,

    And you cannot just tell people to stay at their home!!!

    What you can do is suggest measures to keep people safe!!!

    Telling people to stay at their home is violating the most precious rights people have “Freedom of Movement”,,,

    How comes all them Lawyers you have following you around is not cautioning you for the massive lawsuit that could potentially come your way nuh,,,

  6. Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
    August 24, 2020

    Roosevelt you indicated to the world about two weeks ago that in your kingdom “Dominica” that there was no COVID-19.
    You were furious that the State Department of the United States issued a caution to it Citizens who intended to travel to Dominica, due to COVID-19 and civil unrest in the country.

    You became irate, and argued if the government of the United States wanted to know if the virus exists in Dominica “they should call me.”

    I don’t mean “me Francisco”; I mean “you me; Roosevelt Skerrit” eh!

    You have no clue; there could be much more cases under the surface than the two known cases; the idea that people walks around without face covering is ridiculous, and the idea of you boasting schools will open as usual is very irresponsible.

    As of today 179,329 people has died in the United States, from COVID-19: whereas globally the virus has killed 808,716 people.

    What is the population of Dominica, less than seventy thousand people?

    Be warned Roosevelt! 

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      August 24, 2020

      One should note that the 808,716 people who died may not include the thousands whom have died in China!

      While people were dropping like fly’s in the streets of China, killed by the virus, the communists regime covered the truth, refused to let the world know that precautions should be taken to prevent a pandemic.

      Meanwhile I need to remind the nobody, that no name ignorant person who wrote no DNO as if he/she is an authority on epidemiology; talking nonsense about it’s all media hype!

      Some people bury their commonsense; I wonder when I mentioned he had better pray that the virus did not cause a pandemic: well Mr./Miss/Mrs. rubbish talking nonsense if you had never heard the word pandemic before I wrote it on DNO, the meaning of the term pandemic is now very obvious to you I hope!

      It is not over yet, because it is spiking in the United States, we are in Summer, by Winter, it will spike even higher!

    • Man bites dogs
      August 25, 2020

      @Francisco, You talking BS Covidiot crap you Trump, and America are all a laughing stock the whole world is laughing at your so-called mighty American crap and corruption what do they and you know about Dominica bloody unhappy lonely unit.

      • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
        August 26, 2020

        I said it before, and I reiterate; my late father Hector I Telemaque taught me never to argue with a fool, because the fool will always win the argument.

        (Me papa taught me), the reason the fool always win the argument is because the fool can only understand his own thoughts, the garbage which develops in his mind.

        The fool only hears the voice of others but unable to understand what they convey.

        Idiots and fools lack cognition; a fool is unable to think cognitively, hence the fool believe he is on top of the world, while he walks upside down; he sees everyone else walking upside down when he is the only one in his twisted foolish mind that’s inverted walking.

        I don’t deal with fools, I don’t argue with fools anymore!

        I remember a Might Sparrow calypso in which the ending verse in the chorus said ” I ain’t working rubbish no more!”


        I Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque doh working rubbish no more…

        • Man bites dogs
          August 26, 2020

          So why are you arguing with me then? It been 15 going to 20 years since you arguing with me that says your father words did not sink in.. Ha

  7. D/can to d bone
    August 24, 2020

    Ya man dominica resilent no worries. Covid must die when it reaches Dominica

    • OKSAM
      August 24, 2020

      Dominica resilient as a country but people are people and we are all susceptible to the virus. We are put at risk in exchange for occupied hotel rooms

  8. Ibo France
    August 24, 2020

    I feel really compelled to say this as I am convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that Sketrit a wet blanket to Dominica. The future of Dominicans is in serious jeopardy as long as the sadist; con artist; megalomaniac; malignant narcissist; uniquely unfit; infantile; irredeemably corrupt prime minister occupies the Office of Prime Minister.
    He got power by default. He was inexperienced, unqualified, and over his head when he was catapulted to the position he now holds. What a COLOSSAL MISTAKE❗ Dominica and Dominicans have suffered tremendously thereafter.
    Poverty has risen exponentially; Unemployment has gone to the skies; Corruption has gone wild and unchecked; Salaries and Wages have remained stubbornly stagnant and I could go on and on ad nauseam.
    In the face of all this, most Media Houses, the Business Sector, the DBA, the Clergy, the Labor Unions remain deafeningly mute as they have become paralyzed with fear or are afraid of being denied favors they are not entitled to.

  9. Nudibranch
    August 24, 2020

    Use of hyperbaric chambers are having a great recovery rate worldwide without intubation. Our chamber seats six. Has MoH even though about this?

    August 24, 2020

    Grapple or sink, will never forget these words.
    In this pandemic, the government open the borders and most definitely we will have cases. Then the government turn around and install some hefty fines and financial burden on the people who is a suspect covid infected or is in quarantine. People have lost their jobs, some still are roof less yet we have people who are bleeding the finances from a frail or dying economy :(

  11. LogicLessons
    August 24, 2020

    Yes, we all need to be responsible in the time of COVID. But please educate the public on what kind of gatherings are called “superspreader events” so that individuals can avoid them, since organizers apparently can’t or won’t restrain themselves.

    The only way we have of controlling COVID right now is to change our habits until this pandemic is over. The choice is in everyone’s hands. Social distancing doesn’t work on a tiny island unless we all practice it properly and consistently.

    Another thing, now would be a great time to encourage people to stop stigmatizing sickness. We are in 2020, and having a disease isn’t some personal failing or curse. By all means come down on people to behave responsibly, but stigmatizing them once they are sick will only lead to hiding and denial – exactly what we don’t need with a communicable disease.

    • Batibou River
      August 24, 2020

      The only exception is Skerrit. Despite the hard times most of us are going through right now, our dear PM insists that our country pays $62,000 per month for him to live in a palace. That is besides his huge travel allowance, huge clothing allowance and worse even the mis-accounting of CBI and PetroCaribe funds. Only Dominica can afford to have a man like that as its PM!

  12. August 24, 2020

    Dominica , was covid FREE.. before the first and second active cases!! !!

  13. Contact Tracing
    August 24, 2020

    Since Friday I had already done say I not going to going to shop at Astaphan’s for two weeks, whether the whole sale or supermarket and I will also avoid anyone that was there in recent times. I think they should even quarantine or shut down the place for a few days to ensure that this thing doesn’t spread like wild fire in Dominica

  14. Fake Doctor
    August 24, 2020

    Doctor Skerrit I wonder how many people have cancer on island and what is in place to address it.
    Doctor Skerrit how many people on island have hypertension and or diabetes and what’s the plan to combat it?

    • Francisco Etienne-Dods Telemaque
      August 24, 2020

      Let me tell you something you need to address that clown Roosevelt as Mr. Triple doctor you know; in addition to the two honorary degrees he bought from two non-accredited so called universities, he is also known as doctor HI-Fu you know!

      This triple doctor proclaimed that he and Dominica is the only island in the Caribbean which possess a Hi-FU machine that cures every illness; cancer and all without surgical intervention you know.

      Him say it can cure diabetes and all oui; seen am diabetic, I was almost tempted to fly to Dominica to let doctor hi-fu use him machine on me and cure this thing I been living with from the day I was born.
      Anyway his real name is: That Dominica Mountain Chicken Crapaud Crapo Mentality Sir Knight doctor Punjab Dusquesne Hi-FU Dominica Ali Baba that damn Th… doctor of nothing Roosevelt Skerrit!
      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Dem say there is a certain doctor in Dominica him so thief him thief the wind and anything dat doh…

    • Batibou River
      August 25, 2020

      Very well stated. The health system as a whole has gone to the dogs under Skerrit. No money for that kind of thing but there is always money in the coffers to pay for that mans lavish life style.

  15. Lab rat
    August 23, 2020

    Grapple or sink

  16. Covid2020
    August 23, 2020

    It was inevitable that once our ports were open, a visitor, whether returnee/dominica diaspora, non-national would import the virus into the country. That’s why everyone…ALL individuals in public spaces need to follow the guidelines to prevent the spread of the Covid19 virus. Wear a mask and exercise physical distancing. Yes if the travellers do not adhere to self quarantine, charge them accordingly. The free ride is over. Perhaps restoring the curfew may help. FYI: Antigua has an 11p.m curfew.

  17. Mercy
    August 23, 2020

    As long as there is not mandatory quarantine in a government facility, the need for panic should always be because the risk of community transmission is very high. most Persons will not respect the home quarantine policy and even if some persons may want to, we should remember that while at home persons interact with other family members who are not under quarantine and have to go out on their normal routine. This COVID thing is too serious to be taken so lightly. Persons should have to pay the cost or at least a deposit of the quarantine fee before they arrive on island because the government should not have to absorb that cost because we do not know how long this thing is going to go on for. MANDATORY GOVERNMENT QUARANTINE IS THE KEY TO STOP THE SPREAD

    • Jammo
      August 25, 2020

      If I have my own home why should I use a Government facility? If my own home has no one else, why should I use a government facility and still have to pay for it while my own home is empty? Just because I am in the Diaspora does not give right to ‘plishey’ me for thousands of dollars. If however, I break the rules around quarantine, face mask, hand washing and social distance, then fine me for endangering others by potential spread. Come to my house, drop off re-testing equipment which I will pay for. I should not have to go to a government facility with self isolation and quarantine assurances!

    August 23, 2020

    are we in egypt the house of bondage

    • J.John-Charles
      August 24, 2020

      I know this is not politically correct. But I don’t mind being solo.
      When this Coronavirus started in Wuhan China. If the authorities had taken the right steps, by informing the outside world. And stop letting citizens from Wuhan strolling all over the universe.We all would be in a much better position. But they made sure people living in Wuhan stayed in Wuhan. For over a month kept it in secret from the outside world.Tiawan told the WHO. of the devastation of this virus.
      Yet the WHO collaborated with China and lying to us minimizing its effects. Now can you see what the nations are going through.?
      Yes,China is helping Dominica and many others.But that cannot compensate for the damage.

      • Silver fox
        August 25, 2020

        @John Charles, I would like you or your white master Trump, to prove to me that Virus really started in China and not elsewhere come on boy spit it out!!!

  19. Ibo France
    August 23, 2020

    The Medical Team has done well, thus far, I must admit. Let’s hope that we don’t get a new spike in cases of this dreaded virus. No reason to panicky. Let’s try collectively to restore the country to zero COVID-19 status.

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