Open letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I am the daughter of the American woman from Calibishie who was brutally attacked 18 days ago. I have tried but have not been able to reach you. My mother’s life and other victims’ lives have changed forever, as well as mine. I want to reach you to implore you to increase the police force resources dedicated to the North/North East of the island and to catch the criminals and exercise maximum punishment.

I believe that you can have an impact without tremendous expense or delay. A vehicle makes a difference to a police station. The Calibishie station has had no vehicle for two months; Central Police headquarters explained to me that this is because there are no spare parts available. I offered to donate my mother’s vehicle; I was told that it is not needed at this time. I offered the same in my communication with other officials of Dominica, but the car sits idle.

Six reported incidents of attacks on foreigners in a period of four months in a popular tourist area that is approximately 16 miles long by 16 miles wide is an alarming trend. A vehicle and two more officers could make a significant difference.

Mr. Prime Minister, you have implemented trade agreements to advance Dominica’s economy and aggressively sought foreign investment. The progress that you are dedicated to achieving for your country seems correlated to offering basic safety to people who believe in and invest in Dominica.

Additional resources can prevent crime. My mother’s home was broken into three weeks before the attack. She reported this to the police and also later reported to them suspicious activity outside her home at night. The house that my mother built is approximately 4km from the police station. The Police could have patrolled the area, but instead violent criminals did. With additional resources, the Police could create a more secure environment where 16 year olds and 64 year olds don’t get tied up at gunpoint and raped, with criminals torturing the victims for many hours with no fear of being caught.

We cannot go back in time, but you can take immediate action to send additional officers to the area to assist with the investigations and show that these crimes will not be tolerated. I was told that you once said that these crimes are equivalent to committing treason against Dominica. I don’t understand why you are not defending the nation with swift, direct action. It is the right thing to do for your country and the right thing to do for those from outside of Dominica who fall in love with the island.

Dominica has so much to offer, but without basic security that dream may be more like the nightmares my mother now suffers. I know that you can make a difference and I’m writing to ask that you please do.

Perhaps alternative actions have been taken that are not apparent and have not been communicated. In that case, could you please inform so that the victims may feel justice is being sought, the residents can feel safer and the criminals think twice before committing heinous crimes? You are a strong leader and a son. Please speak up, or assign someone to speak up, and take action. I believe the entire country, and the world, will support you.

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