Dear BellaDear Bella

I am a married woman who has been secretly seeing a young man who is everything that I ever wanted in a man. My husband has diabetes and our sex life has been on the low. In fact, he has erectile dysfunction.

However, I am 47 and my sex drive is intact. I met this 28-year-old who have been helping me sexually but I feel so bad because my husband is a very loving caring man who has been there for me and taking care of everything financially.

I love my husband. I don’t love this young man but I love the way he fulfills me sexually. I don’t want to hurt my husband but I like how the young man makes me feel.

Should I leave the young guy alone?



Dear Dilemma,

There’s no dilemma in your situation. You need to understand that you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Furthermore, you recall when you walked down the aisle you made a vow for better or for worst right?. Well, honey, this isn’t even “for worst”.

You are with this young man because you clearly want to fulfill your selfish sexual desires not even taking into consideration how much it would hurt your husband.

You and your husband can find ways to work around his situation but you must first be willing.

Talk to your husband about the matter and see how you two can find other ways of pleasure. And if after all my rambling it is still not clear what my answer is, it is YES. Leave this young man alone.


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