Dear BellaDear Bella,

My ex’s new wife is not allowing him to take care of his child properly.

She has influenced him bigtime. While me and him were together he was also dating her. But I didn’t know.

Anyway, I got pregnant and when I found out about them I left him. I didn’t want to be in any triangle.

He decided that he will always take care of his son and he remained true to that.

But these days I find the money has been decreasing and even the times he and his son spend together has been minimized.

Whenever I call the house she always finds a reason why he can’t come to the phone.

When my son goes over on weekends he tells me she treats him badly.

I have spoken to the man about it but he says I’m just jealous.

The woman would send me nasty messages on Facebook and Whatsapp. A recent one was “you dressing up and buying cloths with the money he gives you for child support but it will stop”.

Honestly, my son’s dad is well off. So, he would give me about 800 a week and yes, I spend it on myself too because I need my “sahleh”.
After all, he’s the reason why I am a single mom and he married someone else.

So now I get $500 a week. That’s unacceptable. And I know she’s the reason. So, I need to know how to go around it.

My son is 9 years old.



Hello BabyMamaDrama

$800 a week is more than the legal child support requirement. Be thankful.

That amounts to $2,000 a month. Some people have to work two months to make that kind of money.

If you challenge the situation you could be down to $175 a week which is what is allowed by the laws in Dominica.

You admit that you spend the money on yourself too. You are not this man’s responsibility so I would think a responsible mother would at least save a buck or two for your son to cater for “rainy days”.

I don’t know what is “saleh” but I’m thinking it’s something like “pay me for the time I spent with you?”

I am sure if I am wrong-my readers here will correct me in the worst way.

All I am saying is that accept the child support money and be thankful and wise in your spending.

If this man’s wife already hates you, any contention about child support money could put you further down the receiving end than up.

Be wise.



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