Dear Bella: I have heard Dominican women can put a hold on a man – a hold so powerful that he would tell his children he was willing to take a chance on her and lose them.

My husband met a married woman from Dominica. She was having marital problems at the time and apparently he was unhappy. When he finally told her he wanted his family and could not see her anymore she went ballistic and called me to tell me about their relationship, claiming she had been pregnant and had a miscarriage, even though she was still married. He chose his family at the time.

Due to the type of work he does being in the military she was able to locate and continue to contact him. When he told her she could not go on a trip with him she would threaten to tell about e-mails and phone calls so he would give in. Three years later he left me when I was seven months pregnant. She talked him into leaving. Over the years she sent me numerous e-mails and text messages. Is it really possible she has some kind of hold on him? Or is he really just a weak man? Is there a way to reverse this? I must also tell you he lives in Texas and she lives in Missouri. Is he really in love with her or does the long distance relationship make it ideal.

Dear Miss,

There are some women who just do not know when to give up, despite being in a relationship. Your husband’s mistress has no pride and shame. There are many women like that out there when they are well aware the man is in a relationship they still try their best to get at the man no matter how much he refuses. At times women like this get so personal with other people’s partners and spouses they claim to be just friends, although there is a hidden agenda.

However, your husband too has entertained this woman; he was not strong enough and gave in. They both lack that respect, after all it takes two to tango. Still I do not blame your husband for his charm and charisma which presumably caused him to attract this woman innocently, if that is the case. But to the extent that she would jeopardise her marriage as well as his for her desire says a lot about her. I think when a man loves his woman he tries his best to save the relationship.

Only if you are implying that this woman has hypnotized your husband via some supernatural means, then that is a whole different situation which I can only advise you to pray to God about.

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