Dear Bella: I found out I have HIV/AIDS and I have not been able to let my partners know. I am afraid to let them know;  I have had affairs with married men.

[Presently] I am with a married man, and he said he will leave his wife for me. For years he has been saying that. Do I stay with him and wait? I think he is lying.

Is it okay to tell the married man I am having an affair with that I have AIDS after he promise to leave his wife for me? I do not know how to tell him. I need them to go for an AIDS test. How do I tell someone? I need advice on how to deal with.

Dear Jane Doe,

Your situation is very serious. You have put your life and that of others at risk because of your promiscuous behaviour. Now you have also endangered the lives of these men wives.

Instead of being so concerned about the married man leaving his wife for you, you should cut off this adulterous relationship and immediately request your lover to do an AIDS test. It is also right to inform the men you have slept with of your illness, and advise them to get a test.

You should also pray about your habits and make this be a lesson to you. Meanwhile, try to get the appropriate medical advice to deal with your illness. Change your life around and make it right with God before it’s too late.


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