I am a 22-year-old young man and I have a serious problem with my sex life.

I have been suffering from premature ejaculation for a few years and its driving me crazy. I have tried pills and it doesn’t work. My future do not look bright with women and a relationship. I don’t know where to turn anymore and I am tired of being called a ‘minuteman.’

Please help

Young man

Dear Young Man,

It takes a lot of courage to mention your condition as most men would be embarrased to talk about it. This despite the fact that research has shown that premature ejaculation affects 25%-40% of men and most men experience premature ejaculation at least once in their lives.

Hence you are not unique and you should not feel abnormal or feel that something is wrong with you. Quite the contrary, you are not alone in this affliction.

My best bet is to pay a visit to a sex therapist. Additionally there are many way in controlling this affliction. You can try the Masters and Johnson Method (Google it. Space restrictions doesn’t allow me to go in details) or you  could try drugs such as Dapoxetine (not sure if it available in Dominica)

Bottom line, this is not the end of your sex life. Your condition is treatable. All that is needed is some hard work and a little patience.


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