Dear Bella: I am a 16-year-old young lady and I ran away from my parent’s home for a few months now and I have also dropped out from school.

Currently I’m staying all over the place with boyfriends and I have sex with several different guys. I enjoy what I’m doing though I know that it is wrong and it’s killing my parents to see the path that I have taken.  I have sex with men for money and I just have sex for fun sometimes.

Many people have spoken to me about what I am doing to myself but it’s like I’m blinded to see it as that. I want to change my life but it is hard. I also have a problem for taking stuff that does not belong to me and the thing is I was not brought up in a bad family. I was always taught to have respect and to be decent but I’ve taken a different path.

My family on the other hand always supported me and it’s not like we can’t afford to live a good life style.  The friends that I associate influenced me into this kind of stuff that I am doing today.

I need some answers.

Fallen Child

Dear Fallen Child: From reading your letter it sounds like you’re seeking attention and sadly this column is not the right place.

You have stated that you come from a good family who can afford a “good lifestyle” for you. You also mentioned that your parents and other relatives have always supported you and that “many people” have spoken to you.

I am sure these “many people” as well as your parents have advised you to cease and that you may be putting your life and others in danger of catching sexual transmitted diseases. You also run the risk of getting in trouble with the law by your admittance of stealing.

Based on the letter you admit that you are aware of what is right from wrong. You also admit you know the source of your problems: peer pressure. So madam having said all that why are you writing to me? You already seem to have all the answers.

If you cannot listen to anyone then you will not listen to me repeating the same advice you have been getting all along.

If you cannot hear you will feel.


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