I am in love with this guy, who I think is in love with me too. The thing is he only says he loves me after having a few drinks, so I am not sure about his true feelings, or if he is just a coward about the whole affair. We go everywhere together and everybody knows us as a couple, and we behave accordingly, but he just does not say he loves me. Is he afraid that I might hurt him, if I am aware of his true feelings.

But because he does not tell me exactly how he feels, I am unsure as to my role in his life. Some days I think I am just wasting my time. I have been in other relationships before, and never have I have had this situation, its almost like me going after him, instead of the other way around. I would do anything for him, but I am wondering if he will do the same for me.

Some days I feel like I am being used, and he is just waiting one day that his ex girlfriend will accept him back, and then he would not have made any commitments to me, so he will feel free to just walk away.

I am wasting my time and affection?

Lonely Nights

Dear Lonely Night,

Love is a two way street and if you are not getting what you are giving, then it’s time to move on because sweetie your nights will indeed continue be lonely.

If a man is only willing to admit his feelings when he is intoxicated, then that’s a red flag right there. I think you should put your boots on the ground and give him some time to “sober up”.

You should not do “anything” for a man who won’t do “everything” for you.  If you feel you are being used, then maybe you are. I also get the feeling that you are keeping something else inside. What’s this about his ex taking him back? I hope it doesn’t mean that he was dumped by her? Because if that’s the case, your guy is probably on the rebound. It could also be the case where he’s killing time with you in the hopes of getting his ex girlfriend back.

Life is too short to be waiting on a man to decide whether he loves you naturally or after a few drinks. I say kick him to the curb.


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