Dear BellaI am seeing a guy who I am madly in love with.  We’ve been seeing each other for quite some time now, a few years.

I am willing to do anything for him.  As you know we as sexual beings having sexual fantasies.  My boyfriend has this fantasy that he would like to fulfill with me  but am nt sure if I am up to it.

He wants to watch me do it, in other words have sex, with another guy.  He says he will be in the room with me and it will be someone that he knows and trust.

He says he will not love me any less if I do and he can stop any time I want to.

Bella just like how this man satisfies my fantasies I want to satisfy his as well, but am not sure that am up to that one.

What do you of this and what do you think I should do?

Miss Unsure


Dear Miss Unsure,

I am going to give you two sides of the coin. Some people will think it all depends on your view of the whole matter. They will say if you are OK with it, it will be just another way of fulfilling your boyfriend’s fantasy and it could spice up the sex life between you and him.

Others will say if you are not OK and comfortable with it, just don’t do it.

I will go with the latter. You said you are not sure of this fantasy of your boyfriend, so don’t push yourself into doing it.

If he continues to push the subject without ceasing, then maybe he is just not the right person for you because I find it to be totally absurd and disrespectful to expect your partner/spouse to comply to such things and it is even more wrong to put forth such a demand.


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