Dear BellaI have been with this young lady for a year and a half now.

In the beginning I gave her hickies and she had no problems with it.

However, recently  whenever I try to give her a hickie or just talk about it, she gets annoyed or assertive and says, “NO, don’t mark my skin!! Don’t mark my skin!!”.

I sometimes respond by saying, ‘babes you are my woman, what is wrong if I mark your skin?’ but she cannot give me any sensible reason.

I’m beginning to get frustrated about that and I also have the feeling that she is cheating.

Please tell me what u think Bella


Dear Frustrated,

It appears to me that you want to or are anchoring your love life on hickies and I don’t think this is the right thing to do.

To people like you hickies are the physical equivalent of telling everyone you see that you are getting some, but to others it is an awkward and a kind of gross way of telling people, who don’t want to know, about your love life.

Maybe your girlfriend just doesn’t want to be parading around with some kind of trophy of your love life on her body.

Get over this hickie thing. Real love is far greater than these minor distractions.


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