I feel like the most stupid woman in the entire universe. I met this guy just over a year ago and I know he had his girlfriend from inception. They live together and have a son but from the moment I met him I knew I wanted him.

I think I look so much better than his woman and I figured he might just have left her for me. We had this secret love affair and he even slept at my home a few times. I had fallen in love with him and he told me he loved me but refused to give me 100 percent.

Whenever I call him at nights he wouldn’t answer or his phone would be turned off. I am guessing that’s when he is home with his woman and child. Also he never acknowledged me as his girlfriend. I was getting tired of being a secret so I asked him to decide if it’s me or her he wanted.

He says one thing but acts another way. Anyway his woman found out about us and from that time things went haywire. He started to distance himself from me. I would call and text and he never replied until I decided enough was enough and asked him to “stay with his woman”. I feel bad that I let him use me like this because it seems like he will never leave her.

He told me so many things about her, like she is a nag and she doesn’t trust him and she snoops around and goes in his phone…yet he just wouldn’t leave her.

What do you think went wrong Bella? I was obviously used.

Sexy Shorty

Dear Sexy Shorty,

Obviously you were used. If you knew that this man has his woman and his child, why did you even let him pursue you? Men have the tendency to tell another woman things about his girlfriend just to jump in her panties.

Why would you want to come between a relationships especially where a child is concerned anyway?. You need to stay clear from men who are already in committed relationships. You said you think you look better than this woman but maybe it’s her heart he see’s and not necessarily her appearance.

The fact that he never left his girlfriend is because he obviously loves her and didn’t love you enough to cut the strings. Hey…Life goes on if you look as good as you say, you should be able to dust yourself off and get another man. This time try finding someone who is single and not in love with someone else. I was taught that if a man loves you, nothing will keep him away and just the same, if he doesn’t love you, nothing will make him stay.


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