Dear Bella: My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. We love each other a lot. I know he loves me. We get along very well and his family and my family are very much in agreement.

My only problem with him is the length of his penis, which by all estimates measure about 4 to 5 inches. I am not satisfied Bella. I won’t lie I have cheated on him several times. Not that he is not a good lover, but most women would agree size matters.  But that’s not the reason why I am writing to you Bella.

Since last year he has been very insecure to the point where he threatens to kill me. I am unable to go to town by myself. He does not permit me to go to town unless I am going with someone. He says if I leave him he will kill me. I still love him but I am scared he is serious.

My friends are annoyed that I am still with him and they want me to leave him because they believe he will kill me. Bella I think he is threatening me because he thinks he is not satisfying me. I cheat but I won’t leave him. But what if he actually kills me? Bella I am scared of leaving him and I am also scared of staying with him.

I await your advice.


Dear Confused: I will be very brief. From the outset, I can see you’re in a very unhealthy relationship. You’re cheating on him and he is threatening to kill you. Two wrongs do not make a right. I encourage to get out of this relationship as fast as you can. Seek the advice of the police and also inform your parents. The police will be able to get a restraining order on him.

If you do not take heed, this could turn out very serious.


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