Lucia John, PhD

Lucia John, PhD

When we have emotional problems, we have little or no control over our feelings. We say or do things in a way that we would not have, under normal circumstances.

The feeling level is responsible for our emotions, so when that sense goes off balance, we fail to interpret or express our emotions in a normal way.

Feeling is the basis of thinking –as we think, so we act and react.  As we think, so we speak, so our speech is affected. We may speak in a non-sweet way, or tell lies, or and we may use foul language.

Feeling is based on the state of our BEING – how we are within ourselves. Are we experiencing inner peace, or are we in constant turmoil within.  We feel good and we experience happiness.  We feel less good and we experience anger, agitation.  The deepest level of inner peace is that level within us which is completely still. This the state of BEING.

This is the state of Transcendence. It transcends all levels of activity. In other words, it goes beyond all active levels of the mind. Tranquility, inner peace, serenity, silence, stillness, these words, in their deepest sense, all describe the same thing; transcendence.

The simplest and most effortless technique to experience Transcendence, is through Transcendental Meditation. This technique of Deep Meditation existed deep in the Himalayan Mountains for thousands of years, until it was brought to the west by a sage called Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Prayer brings inner peace also and people who are very prayerful are normally calm, self-controlled and positive.

In order to maintain emotional balance, one must experience this silent part of the mind day and night, or morning and evening.  In the morning, one experiences it to prepare oneself for the day’s activities, and in the evening, one experiences it again to eliminate whatever stresses that one may have accumulated during the day.

Without some level of tranquility in one’s life, the emotions can easily be thrown off balance. The result will be frustration, constant anger, rage, negative emotions like fear, hatred, bad habits, vices etc. negative intrusive thoughts, perversions, just to name a few.

Any intense negative experience can throw one’s emotions off balance:

Of the five senses, feeling is the strongest. Feeling can be balanced and bring us fame and fortune, make us self-confident, because we feel good within ourselves. We feel good with others. We feel good and at peace with our Creator.  We enjoy life to the max.

Feeling can also be imbalanced and we doubt everything and everyone. We doubt ourselves, we are as if out of touch with ourselves and therefore out of touch with reality, because reality is what we really are within.

If someone experiences trauma, be it mental – emotional, sexual – physical, or spiritual, it creates a stress that remains on the nervous system and expresses itself again and again in the person’s life when triggered. This we call Post Traumatic Stress. Most children who experience ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) may exhibit symptoms of PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well.

Eg: If we are too dependent on someone or something and suddenly we lose this someone or thing, it can throw our emotions off balance, and in our society, we call that condition “gros-poele” The person experiencing this condition cannot stand the break-up or loss. They feel that they cannot live without the absent person or thing.  In the presence of the person, they can function in a limited way, but in the absence of the person, they feel totally useless.  This condition can bring on serious mental debilitation if it is not taken care of in the proper way.

The first thing to do is press the RESET BUTTON. Experience deep silence morning and evening. This calms the mind and brings back the feeling level and therefore the emotions under control.

To help with such a case, seek the company of positive, supportive persons. Eat proper foods, stay away from what is considered junk foods. We are what we eat, and the more deranged the feeling level, the more we crave junk foods and drinks, and the more we will crave substances that will make us even more imbalanced – alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and the like.

Practice Yoga, Ayurvedic Treatments, Gem Light Therapy, VedAroma Therapy, Sound Therapy, to name a few helpful techniques.

More next week on how feelings affect the body and can make us sick, and how we can regain balance and well-being in a simple, natural way with the experience of Transcendence and Natural Healing.

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