A cow was allegedly sexually molested recently. Is this serious enough to prompt authorities to action?

Today I have to use my column to talk about crime in Dominica. Six murders in two weeks in Dominica is historic but disturbing.

No, we will never get close to Jamaica’s crime statistics because at least three to five people are killed in Jamaica every day. However, by no means should we rejoice with our “relatively low crime statistics” of 11 violent deaths so far this year.

I want to start out by saying the government of Dominica and the Opposition of Dominica are wasting the people’s time, playing petty politics long after the Dec. 18, 2009 polls.

Crime is on the increase and all you are hearing from the Opposition are “Bin Bobol”, “Fertiliser Bobol” and “Lilac Apartments”.

To my frustration, the Opposition – instead of debating the many issues affecting the people of Dominica such as unemployment, the high crime rate and lack of investment opportunities – walked out of Parliament because government has failed to address electoral reform, among other matters.

You see it is also about election, politics, and “Bobol”.

The Opposition does not seem to give a damn about its people. We agree that electoral reform is needed. We agree that the Speaker of the House is wrong to not accommodate the questions of the Opposition. In other countries, it is normal for Speakers of the House to get the government to answer questions forwarded by the Opposition because the Opposition speaks on behalf of the people, so failing to do that they are disrespecting the people. Government stop disrespecting the people and the Speaker must be held to task for how she handled the matter with the Opposition.

But no, in general, the government and the Opposition are playing with peoples’ heads. Election is over and it is still about elections.

Why hasn’t the national security minister or the Prime Minister addressed the crime situation? Are they waiting for the next election? In other countries with a similar crime rate, one murder would prompt an immediate reaction from government or the opposition.

In Jamaica, each time there are major killings, which is almost weekly, the national security minister makes an address or releases a public statement, condemning the killings while committing to roll out crime prevention measures. Yes, this may not phase the murderers but it will send a message to the people that government cares and feels their pain.

In Tortola, Montserrat and Anguilla, one murder will prompt an outcry or a message of condolence from government or opposition. In Dominica we have had six murders in two weeks, which is enough to prompt a national address, and we are yet to hear from any politician or priest. DNO does not need to call Bishop Malzaire to ask for a comment on crime. Bishop Malzaire need to take the initiative and get on the airwaves and tell people to calm the heck down. Oh, I guess Mavado and Vybez Kartel are not coming to sing about “dutty panty” and “gunshot in yu head”, so no need to say anything.

In Dominica every day it’s about Bin Bobol and what Skerrit said, and what Ron Green and Edison said. Dominicans are on the airwaves addressing the wrong things. They are obsessed with politics, Skerrit and the Opposition and some of you can’t pay your damn bills and buy food.

The people of Dominica are to be blamed. We are too obsessed with politics. Now we have a high crime rate and everyone is bawling. But where were you when the justice system was failing and letting criminals go? We used it for politics right? Did we protest or walk for peace or demonstrate? No we just like beff, to talk in the bar, and on the radio but when it is time to walk the talk, we are deaf, blind and dumb!

Yesterday, the magistrate gave three defendants – charged with possession of ammo – $12,000 bail each despite the pleas from the prosecution that at least two of the defendants breached their bail conditions.

The magistrate argued that she has to go by what the law states, and she suggests she is just as powerful as the laws that are enacted in Dominica. She is right – technically, but Madam, is there something called principle and commonsense?

What does this all mean? The laws of Dominica favour criminals.

The strongest laws in Dominica are laws governing taxes. Every day they on your back to pay taxes. Every year they enact and upgrade legislation dealing with taxes and business practices. But what about crime legislation? Sentencing legislation? Yea but they are killing us with duties, VAT, income tax; businesses can’t make money; not enough money in the country; business is almost dead… unemployment is high because businesses are not making enough money to hire. And don’t tell me squat about the fast food restaurants… can $600 to $800 pay for your pads, send your children to school, bus fare, food etc? We need better foreign investment. This will help boost the economy.

But nope, these are not the issues that the Opposition are arguing about. It’s about electoral reform and Bin Bobol because it is all about getting into office in the next elections. Crime increase is not a priority.

We have heard the prime minister say over and over that Dominica will not tolerate murders and legislation will be upgraded to send people straight to jail for gun offenses etc. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is a hot air balloon when it comes to crime fighting and national security. Sir the criminals laugh at you and the justice system. Believe that. Do something or don’t say anything.

The people of Dominica are fed up of the government’s handling of crime, the inept justice system and the childish Opposition.

The whole system is a mess! And I do not give a rat’s behind if anyone do not like this… and I am talking about the powers that be.

See ya next week.