NICE GUY: Who do you prefer? Neat freak or nasty?

What if you accompanied your date to his house for the first time and when he opens his apartment door a group of cockroaches say in unison “Hello, come on in. Lunch is ready.”?

You’ll probably scream, right?

OK, here is another scenario: what if your date refuses to kiss you or shake your hands because he is not sure if your hands are 100% clean?

Would you date a neat freak or a nasty man?

I know. It’s tough. Either way, you cannot just say “none of the above” or choose either blindly. Of course, there are many other personal habits you would have to examine before coming to a fair judgment.

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Personally, I do not give a crap about tidiness. Come on, there are more important things to do than sweating and bustling every day to keep dirt out. Dirt and germs never go away, no matter how hard you clean. Being neat is good but if you live alone and have no one to boss you around about cleaning, why get up and groan: “Awww…. dang I gotta clean today!”  Who told you that you have to clean today?

I personally hate neat freaks. I had a male roommate like that. Mister will get angry if you remove a bottle and do not put it back at the same location, in the same spot. If you eat, you must wash your dish and utensils immediately, after using the toilet you must use disinfectant right away and clean toilet thoroughly, and if you sit on the sofa you must not disturb the decorations.

And yes, he was single at the time. (No wonder why).

That does not mean I am very nasty. It’s just that it is nerve-wracking to pay so much attention to fixing material things. Now and then I’ll clean my house when I am in the mood. Otherwise, I’ll work, work, sleep, eat, bathe and watch TV or use the laptop. Why worry man? I believe you’ll live longer.

My grandmother used to piss me off. Every day the woman cleans. Every day I had to sweep the yard – a big a** yard – even if only one leaf fell from the trees.  I used mumble to myself and just sit under the apple tree.

Sometimes after I cleaned the house, she would complain that she is still feeling dirt. And guess what she did? The miserable old woman did everything from scratch. Even if it’s two dishes in the sink she is washing them. I mean come on, how will the cockroaches survive? God made them for a reason, to be a pest and to eat. As a boy I was almost certain that the cockroaches and rats would stage a hunger strike. (Just kidding).

I mean I am a lonely guy. Yes, I admit, so what? Shut up. Anyway, living alone does not give me the creeps, it sends the creeps. I don’t do dishes often or clean often, so my friends (a few cockroaches) will help me take care of things. And as a lonely dude, what better way not have some friends at home keeping your company?

Yes, I do kill them now and then when I am really angry, but I never caught any disease having them around. I simply just try to control the population growth. I do not want a second China develop in my apartment like what happened to a former ex of mine.

I’ve met girls who don’t bother to clean and at first sight, I fell in love. Yes, beautiful girls, who like me, just don’t waste time and blood pressure cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

What’s sexier seeing panties on the table, on the floor, among the dishes? That’s sexy! Come on man.

My point of writing this article is that unless you have a huge family where people can delegate to clean at different times, there is no need to worry about cleaning every day.

My conclusion is that neat freaks are worst than nasty people. Would you live with Monk? I would kill the guy if he was my roommate. No joke. All my clothes are wrinkled, I drop papers all over the floor, I pee on the toilet seat, so Monk would either kill me or get killed.

Anyway, I honestly was lazy to write this week so I came up with some crap, so hope you enjoyed it today. If not, check me next Friday.

Love ya.

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  1. SaylC
    February 3, 2012

    what d a**!! Nice Guy,i dint expect u too be a neat freak bt not as nasty as that na…i mean,u can have a pant on the floor,a shirt on the table bt roaches making party in ur sink is just nastiness..uhhh…where the hell u leave anyway,i thought it was DA bt we doe have apple trees,especially in our other than that the article was aight…

  2. August 9, 2010

    thats just f***ing nasty nice guy c’mon.

  3. Typical Dominican
    August 5, 2010

    Papppaa…Mr. Nasty cannot be Mr. Nice Guy………..dat is pure nastyness lol seriously.. i can imagine d state of ur house

  4. no sir-ree
    August 1, 2010

    @anonymous…lol!!! i was thinking the same dam fing! then i checking…ohhhh…mr nice guy grew up abroad man….yeaaa…that must be it.

  5. Anonymous
    July 29, 2010

    I used mumble to myself and just sit under the apple tree. I did not know D/a had apple trees. LMAO!!!!

  6. July 19, 2010

    pure saloptay.

  7. Irie
    July 19, 2010

    Nice guy what kind of cockroach you have? If is those big brown roseau cockroach that look like they wearing tuxedo, eh bien you really nasty. Your house sound like a serious labasse. I sorry for any woman that decide to spend the night by you and worse yet eat food at your home….you better stay single for a while until you learn to tidy up, otherwise you will give somebody chile dengue, malaria, yellow fever, bubonic plague, salmonella and cholera all in one night. Garcon you too salop clean up de house before somebody call environmental health department for you.

  8. cy
    July 19, 2010

    Seriously, you are so full of ****. I hope u not still wondering why u lonely. Women generally like to be in a state of cleanliness. Now I’m not saying u should go breaking your back every blessed day fighting the dirt & bacteria. They fight back, and they usually win cuz they’re always there! But when u have cochroaches as “friends” living in your house, you have a problem. Get help

  9. beauty
    July 18, 2010

    cockroaches in a house you going into for the first time does not say anything nice about that individual.Cleanliness saves lives.

  10. islandboi
    July 18, 2010

    Now who is the ignorant person who wrote this crap.Do not compare yourself to MONK.If you watched from the beginning,MONK is suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder;he has 312 fears, some of which are milk, ladybugs, harmonicas, heights, imperfection and risk all these after suffering a nervous breakdown after the tragic death of his wife,which he thought was meant for him.Before that he was a brilliant detective;(but Monk is still trying to get over his fears)
    I am a total neat freak myself.I make sure my bathroom is clean,no gunk on the mirror,and my kitchen especially is tidy.Yea I have messed up sometime feeling lazy to tidy up my bed esp. When I am home on the weekend relaxing,but someone’s place has to be up to par when it comes to is like a hard drive of a computer.It needs to be defragmented once in a while.So to the dude who did not think before placing this on the site,YOU NASTY YO!,and apple tree my foot.Talk about Pomsiterre tree,or sugar apple tree.

  11. PAIN
    July 18, 2010

    Viex mon de “Malproptey pa ka chiex”
    The old folks are saying untidyness does not kill, is tidyness that kills! They use that term especially when some one is hot and they are going to have a bath. might cath a pneumonia,bla, bla, bla.
    I cann’t tolerate nasty and neat freaking people.

  12. PAIN
    July 18, 2010

    @wayyy: We got an apple tree at Penville and there’s another one somwhere else!

  13. dominican
    July 17, 2010

    @NJ: thats what came to my mind even before i saw ur comment. lol apple trees in DA. I said maybe he grew up in the cold area. hahahahaha

  14. nice and clean
    July 17, 2010

    I have news for you Mr. Nice Guy. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. I won’t call myself a neat freak but I keep my home very clean and everything is well organized. I would hate for someone to show up out of the blue and my home would be a mess. It’s embarassing. I have been to homes which I consider to be really nasty and these are the type of people that wanna offer a glass of juice. Would you accept the drink? Hell no!

  15. NJ
    July 17, 2010

    Mr. nice guy you `re a damn good liar….apple tree? In Dominica?

  16. wayyy
    July 16, 2010

    lol, nice guy u not easy, keep the crap coming lol…I have some cockroach by me I gave eviction notice…I can send dem ur way man?

  17. bwa diab
    July 16, 2010

    When God created the heavens and the earth there was order. And that order exits even today. That is why the planets don’t run into each other and the tides go high and low at specific times of day..etc..etc. Where there is untidiness there is disorder. If you went house shoppping and entered a house where there was a load of filth & items in disarray, I bet you’d walk away from the place in a hurry. Though I’m NOT advocating one cleans EVERY day, I’m still in favor of a neat environment, for it says a lot about the person’s character. So sometimes it behooves you to get off your lazy butt and clean the place.OK?

  18. Roz
    July 16, 2010

    I alwasy say one weekend for me, one weekend for housework, dusting, laundry, etc. Now i dont leave food lying around or leave the dishes to make worms in the sink. But i refuse to be a slave to housework. I like a neat place i try to strike a balance between living and keeping the place clean. Sometimes we place too much emphasis on the trivial things in life. Live a little!

  19. Ed
    July 16, 2010

    Well i must say i dont want a neat freak neither do i want a nasty boy………(before i start i have to say i am not a nasty girl) buh wen my boyfren and i relationship had just started, wenever i use to go by him sometimes we’ll pull up in the room and eat a lil ting na…if a crumb fell (yea literally a crumb) he would get mad and be like “wat the hell na girl u a child man”…i was like wow!!! WTF!…its just a crumb it can be picked up…..after awhile wen he realized i was uncomfortable eatin in his room he use to jus laff wen a crumb fell…..i mean come on…..its life we’re living!!…so it can be really annoying being around a neat freak!….but i really cant stand a nasty person…they only pissess me off…so i prefer the in-betweens!

  20. hmmm
    July 16, 2010


  21. steda
    July 16, 2010

    YOU TOOOOOOOO DAMN NASTY!!!!JEEZZZ how do women live with you??you are unbelievable!!!I am not a neat freak but i would want my boy friend to keep the house clean at all times that’s why you and your grand mother had problems she saw nastiness in you from day one and was trying to prevent that!!that’s why women like me have problems with men like you and that’s why you lonely so no woman wants a nasty man like probably eat plenty rodent s*** already in your life!!!!you grand mother must be crying all now…..

  22. Reader
    July 16, 2010

    I say a clean house is a sign of a wasted life.

    Some people so doh have nothing to do with their time, they wake up early morning and sprinkle the yard and sweep all the dirt around. (Why can’t you just pick up the one two ice pop bag that wind blow in de yard?) They they changing the furniture … every time you go their house, the furniture re-arrange. is a good thing many of them don’t have blind friends. What would posses you every Friday to re-arrange your house?

    Hey, don’t get me wrong? I keep my place neat. But I am more interested in living my life than slaving away from sun up to sun down. Some people just need a life!

  23. llongtime
    July 16, 2010

    definitely not a neat freak i nasty man i can deal with cause i can help him do better a neak freak wiii be a pain in the behind

  24. to mr nice guy
    July 16, 2010


  25. Eeww! Dats jus plain NASTY!
    July 16, 2010

    Mr Writer, you should be ashamed of yourself to publish and condone such filth! I am not a neat freak to the extent that I expect the toilet to be disinfected immediately after cleaning but
    I do expect the house to remain tidy at all times! How can one live comfortably in an environment with disease-spreading creatures!?! That’s simply atrocious! “Cleanliness is Near to Godliness” and I, for one, am a God fearing individual.

  26. I in dat
    July 16, 2010

    I don’t want a neat freak and I definitely don’t want a nasty dude. he gotta be in between.because sometimes I make a mess and not clean it up until later or the next day, now I wouldn’t want anybody to be on my case to clean it up.
    and I surely don’t want somebody who leaves stuff all over the place.
    he gotta be in between .

  27. Crap indeed
    July 16, 2010

    Would not want to live with someone who thinks roaches are his friends. Would rather have someone who takes prides in his surroundings – however not a neat freak who is concerned about every single detail. How you keep your environment says alot about you. Would want it to speak positively about me and I would hope u too

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