Dr. Sam Christian

Mr. Archibald Samuel is a highly trained police officer who on multiple occasions endured hostile fire in the line of duty. He has seen men at his side perish and he himself came a hair’s-breadth from making the ultimate sacrifice.

Mr. Samuel did not let well-intended medical advice abort what would turn out to be a distinguished career in law & order. We met by happenstance at the funeral of Freedom Party stalwart, Hon. Stanley Fadelle after Hurricane Maria. He requested a roadside consultation and since then, he has been a loyal patient. Mr. Samuel often regales me with gripping stories of his colourful career during the heyday of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force.

He describes his time in uniform as working with “a group of men, who really loved each other, protected each other and really looked out for your welfare.” Hailing from the village of Marigot, Mr. Samuel trained in Virginia, Maryland, Miami, Jamaica and Barbados. He served as the first chief of security at Ross University School of Medicine and later at Dominica Air Sea and Port Aurthority (DASPA).

In this insightful CBN4TV interview, Mr. Samuel describes the true police officers as those in blue and black. The official term for the green camouflage outfit is Battle Dress Uniform (BDU). These are universally worn by military personnel who will bluntly proclaim their mission as “to break things and kill people!” Peacetime wearing of camouflage uniforms by police in democratic countries is generally limited to field or jungle training, during states of emergency or martial law. Mr. Samuel observes that tourists and visitors steer away from officers in camouflage as they perceive “something wrong” going on. He says that they rather walk (great distances) to a blue & black uniformed police who are sworn to protect life and property.

We are indeed thankful all police officers for their service of to our nation. Furthermore, we ought to show greater appreciation to their partners and families as they live lives of constant suspense due to inherent danger in police work. Mr. Samuel himself ends by addressing the breakdown of respect and discipline in society which starts at a very early age. “It takes a village to raise a child,” he declares, urging that we have a lot of work to do in order to reverse the steep decline in society. He hopes that points made his Strong & Healthy interview will stimulate viewers and stakeholders alike to discuss much needed security changes in our society.

Dr. Sam Christian is a surgeon, author and TV host with offices in Pointe Michel and 5 Didier Lane Goodwill. He can be reached via telephone or whatapp at 767 265-0886, or by writing to samchrn@gmail.com.