It could not have been early in creation, such as Adam & Eve’s time in the garden of Eden. Please note 3 lines of evidence.

1. Job 1:6, 7= Satan entered among the angels of God when they presented themselves before the LORD. Satan’s reply to God, mentioned in verse 7 indicates that he was on earth & returned to HEAVEN. Job lived years after Adam and Eve’s time. So this meeting in heaven, with Satan being present, evidently took place AFTER the time of Adam & Eve, at a time when Satan still had access to heaven.

2.  John 12:31= Jesus’ statement in this text shows that Satan was not yet thrown out of heaven. Jesus here spoke of Satan’s being “cast out” as something future, to take place AFTER his (Jesus’) time on earth.

3. Revelation 1:1= Here the apostle John was inspired by God to write about things that “must shortly come to pass,” thus, to take place in the future. Then later in the book of Revelation, Revelation 12:9 speaks of Satan and his angels being cast out of heaven to the earth. Therefore, Satan and his demons were cast out of heaven at some point AFTER the writing of Revelation; hence after the year 96 AD (96 CE) when the book of Revelation was written.

Unfortunately, so many church members erroneously think and say that Satan and his demons were thrown out of heaven early in creation. The evidence presented above proves that such is NOT the case. While we do not know the exact date when Satan and his demons were cast out of heaven, we know it took place after the death of the apostles, possibly long after, since the book of Revelation wrote about events reaching down to our time.

The book: “What Does the Bible Really Teach?” can provide further valuable information on this subject.

Simeon James
Student of God’s Word

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