Most men aim to have the perfect woman so that they can live in healthy relationships and raise children of their own. I may not speak for all men when I say this but at least this is what I would want. Men have several definitions for a good woman based on individual characteristics and social status. I am no expert in this matter however I would like to give the readers some food for thought. Subsequently, in this article I am going to provide several definitions for a good woman to guide men who are afraid to commit because of the belief that there are no good women out there.

Firstly, a woman who is good in bed can be considered a good woman to some men.  This perceived good woman performs oral sex, dresses up sexy and constantly entices her man. Men want women that are freaky and willing to go the extra mile to fulfill their sexual desires.  Independent men who are successful and self sufficient would prefer these type of women so that may release the stresses of work and other daily commitments.  Lawyers, businessmen, scientists and doctors may prefer these types of women to add variety and excitement in their lives. Do not judge a lawyer who takes a popular woman to be his bride because to him this is a good woman.

Secondly, a good woman can be defined as a woman who is religious and God-faring. These women attend church regularly, practice and profess the word of the lord. Some men are attracted to these women because of the perception that they will be less unfaithful and stable. Stability and respect are two attributes men usually look for in most relationships. In other words a man wants a woman who supports him and does not cause an embarrassment through infidelity. Infidelity hurts, and reduces the pride and self esteem in a man.  Good Christian brothers and men who have been hurt in previous relationships are commonly attracted to these women.  Do not laugh when you see brothers who were hurt before suddenly attending church services. They are looking for good women.

Thirdly, “stay at home women” usually implies that these women are good. Stay at home women are family type women who work and stay home most of the time. If unemployed they remain at home do daily chores and infrequently roam the streets. These types of women attract men who want family life and stability or are insecure in relationships. Men are usually more insecure than women in my view and as a result there is a popular pursuit for stable women. Stay at home women provide this level of security in a relationship because of limited visibility to other men. Do not laugh men with stay at home women who appear boring because they are good women.

In sum, I would like to say that there is no definition for a good woman. It all depends on your perception of what you would like a good woman to be. Perceptions vary and as a result the qualities of a good woman are not uniform among in the minds of men in our society. Do not be afraid to choose your good woman no matter what anybody thinks.

A good woman is a woman that is good in the sight of the beholder.