Last night I had the most beautiful dream. Out of the blue I happened along the waterfront in Portsmouth and lo and behold the old wrecks along the seashore began disappearing one by one into the sea.

Of course an event like this attracted the huge crowd which is expected in Portsmouth and the spectacle was grand!

It soon came to my realization that the ships were of course not moving of their own volition but were being tugged out to sea by one grey vessel which seemed to be “military”, so I knew it could not belong to our country and all the other vessels in the harbor who ply the routes to St. Maarten and to St. Kitts on a weekly basis.

Seeing these little vessels so hard at work reminded me of the little nursery rhyme about the little engine that think he could chugging over the hilltops all the time saying “ I think I can I think I can”. The sea was churned into a black muck by driven propellers

Still even though the resources at play seemed scant and the situation seemed impossible one after the other the wrecks from north to south were being pulled to sea and an amazing light bathed the town with each success.

My amazement would soon grow when I found myself near the ropes on the attempt to pull that monstrosity near the Police station. I was dumbfounded to find that the ropes were no bigger than shoe laces and at one point a dried broken branch from a nearby mango tree served as a pin to secure them.

The fact that women were conducting the whole operation did not slip me either.

In my dream only one wreck was not moved by the time I was awakened. The remnant to the south of the Borough’s Square. I wish I could fall asleep again to see that go too.

I am not one for interpreting dreams and writing parables, but as far as this one goes it was too interesting to me  not to share it with you.

For once I feel that there is a deeper message in a dream. I cannot write this one off as I am inclined to do, as a meaningless journey of the subconscious.

Hopefully someone out there who is more in tune with the world of dreams and the metaphysical can shed some light on this for me because I really wish that I could find a meaning to this one.