Dr. Thomson Fontaine

Allow me an opportunity to respond to Rupert Sorhaindo vicious and unprovoked assault on my good name and character in a Letter to the Editor dated May 6, 2018 and captioned ‘Dr. Fontaine’s deceit exposed’.

For the record let me state that Sorhaindo’s attempt to call me a liar for stating that I was appointed as a Senior Economic Advisor to the government of South Sudan can only be viewed as a statement of a man groveling at the feet of the Skerrit Administration and eager to score points for whatever reward he has been promised.

Indeed since 2016 Sorhaindo has waged an unrelenting attack against my person, largely in the New Chronicle, in the name of politics. His approach fits the so-called strategy of the Dominica Labour Party to do everything possible to tarnish my solid name and reputation within the Dominican public.

Part of that had to do with his persistent lie that I somehow took land belonging to the DAAS even after the owners of Rosalie Estate confirmed that I had purchased the land for a sum of $66,000 and that the piece of land in question had nothing to do with the DAAS.

Sorhaindo must be possessed by that spirit of his white ancestors who owned slaves in the Delices area. It is hard for him to countenance that me a child of relatively poor black people could rise to such world prominence in my area of work.

I was initially surprised by the viciousness of his attack in the newspaper and responded to him privately because after all Sorhaindo should know me quite well.

Firstly, he taught me at the St Mary’s Academy, secondly we taught together for three years at the SMA and later for six years I taught while he was principal at the Clifton Dupigny Community College, now the State College. At no time within that period we worked together did he have any reason to question my professionalism, integrity, honesty and competence. Indeed my hard work getting near hundred percent passes for the economics and statistics students year after year at the college made him look good.

The prospect of a seemingly old man living in near obscurity in Dominica trolling the internet looking for proof of my appointment in South Sudan is indeed laughable. This shows how far this regime is prepared to go in their sick pursuit of tarnishing my impeccable image in the name of politics.

So allow me to set his mind at ease. The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) was set up by the guarantors of the Peace Agreement in South Soudan in 2015 following a bitter civil war, which broke out in 2013. JMEC’s mandate is to oversee implementation of the Peace Agreement during the three year transition period.

During that time a transitional government of National unity was set up together with a Transnational Legislative Assembly. There were specific recommendations developed within the context of the Peace Agreement including in the areas of Security, Governance, Justice, Economic and Humanitarian affairs.

The transitional government is charged with implementing the specific recommendations of the chapter within the Peace Agreement pertaining to the economy, for which I am responsible. Since arriving in South Sudan last May I have given specific policy advice to the government through JMEC with regards to the economy and recently briefed the Legislators. Further, I have assisted in helping draft a Strategic Development Plan for South Sudan designed to allow the country to successfully negotiate the transition.

Whatever drives Sorhaindo’s persistent mean-spirited and envious attacks against me can only be reconciled in his own warped mind. Let’s hope that he can further reconcile his blatant and disgusting attacks against me with whatever reward he has been promised or may have already received.