It’s Monday afternoon. There’s no planned activity on the Carnival 2019 calendar except for the Lagoon Street Jam which is to begin much later. So, onlookers cannot but wonder what’s going on when a celebration of sorts erupts on the streets of Roseau.

People dressed in Sensay, the CHS Sign Language Group, thrust into prominence recently for their performance of the bouyon-soca hit, Famalay and other regular folk moving to the energizing sounds of Lapo Kabwit.

So, what’s happening? No, it’s not a carnival activity. It’s just a spontaneous feature of Sagicor’s celebration of 178 years of providing insurance coverage and according to General Agent, Cheryl Rolle, “seeking to ‘ignite’ (the theme for the occasion) in every Dominican, the need and the passion to provide insurance for their families.”

It was also an opportunity to showcase some aspects of Dominica’s culture to five Sagicor officials from overseas including the company’s CEO and COO, Rolle told DNO.