letter to the editorI wish to respond to comments made on Kairi FM in the evening of Wednesday August 3, 2016 relating to a lot at Rosalie Estate that Dr. Thomson Fontaine acquired.

I submitted two documents to Hartley “the Brain” Adams and Matt Peltier last week relating to events of land transfer that was alleged to have occurred during my Presidency of the Dominica Academy of Arts& Sciences (DAAS).

The documents show clearly that Dr, Thomson Fontaine bought lot at Rosalie Estate for EC$$72,500 from the two Pascal ladies who both signed the transfer document as Directors of Rosalie Estate Ltd. Nowhere is there any connection to DAAS in that transaction.

The sale transaction was handled by Attorney Singoalla Blomqvist-Williams.

Dr Fontaine did not “huff” or steal land from the DAAS as has often been stated and published in the press.

Mr Hartley Adams promised me that he would relay on Kairi FM Radio the contents of the documents to the public at the next opportunity on Wednesday September 7, 2016. He did not do so.

Confirmation of the details of that sale transaction can also be obtained from Attorney Blomqvist-Williams or from the Registry.