I’m very concerned about the sea wall defense project that was built between Soufriere and Scott’s Head.

First of all,the project was rushed and had poor planing. For many years, in fact since I know myself as a resident of Soufriere and Scott’s Head, we never had a water supply problem in the twin communities. However since the sea wall was built water has become a majour issue for us, especially for those of us who live in Scott’s Head, particularly in the Savanne area.

When the sea wall was built the government-owned utility company DOWASCO, did not move the main water supply lines behind the wall that was built. In fact the main water supply lines stayed under the new road that was built.

There are two main supplies to Scott’s Head. One is called the old water system and the other the new system. The old water system is to supply water to the lower Scott’s Head area and the new system to the Savanne and Upper Savanne area, including the Bellot’s Old Estate which is now Castle Estate.

Well after building the sea wall, the old water system broke under the newly built road and the wall which was built  by this present government. DOWASCO then added every one in Scott’s Head to the new system. It took over three months before the water company could try to solve the problem. As a result of that, many people with rental properties lost lot’s of business including myself. We even had to refund some guests. Up to now the problem is not resolved and might not be soon.

My questions to the minister responsible for DOWASCO and the sea wall project are:

A. Why did he not ensure DOWASCO moved the main supply lines under the new road and put them behind the wall for easy access?

B. When the people of Scott’s Head are going to have a reliable source of water in the Savanne area?

C. Was the quick sea wall a political game to win the constituency?

What ever his answer or answers may be, it is one thing, but water is life and we need a reliable source of water ASAP.