Dear Editor,

Once again I am forced to write to our sole water company DOWASCO, to express what continues to be the plight of residence of Dublanc and Bioche, in relation to pipe-borne water in these twin communities.

In November 2015, following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika our access to pipe-borne was a nightmare now this nightmare is back and even worse following the passage of Hurricane Maria. According to the Public Relations Office of DOWASCO, Mr. Edward Registe, DOWASCO has restored water to 96% in Dominica.

Well I would like to find out from Mr. Registe – Which areas form part of that 96%? Are the communities of Dublanc and Bioche included in that percentage and if yes, how does DOWASCO define the term restoration? In this same news briefing, Mr. Registe stated “I must inform the general public that several of our systems, even if they have been restored they remain very vulnerable so therefore, we always encourage our people to keep water in storage, that is very important because you never know when there can be an unscheduled interruption.”

My question to him is what we the residences of Dublanc and Bioche have been experiencing for the past 5 months or so be classified as “unscheduled interruption?” Mr. Registe and those in authority can you all imagine a working person who leaves home in the morning at about 6:30am with no water in the pipe to perform relevant chores, returns home from a long day’s work and still no water not until about 10pm or even 5am” “How much can this person do where water is needed?

Further, what baffles residence the most is that at the end of the month residence receive water bills but are we being billed for water that we have actually used? We would really like to know.

Whilst we do not close a blind eye to the challenges that the company has and continues to face as a result of the devastation of Hurricane Maria, we believe that we have exercised much patience and tolerance for what we deem as being “very insensitive to our situation”. Can’t DOWASCO do much better in meeting the water needs of these communities by providing water in a more practical manner? Has DOWASCO even considered meeting with the residents to at least discuss this situation with us or do we have to request a meeting of nature?

We the residence of Dublanc and Bioche firmly believes that we have endured this suffering for far too long and we are more than ready to see some urgent attention be placed on finding an amicable solving to this problem. We are therefore calling on Mr. Bernard Ettinoffe, General Manager along with your management team to please, please, please come to our aid, WE NEED WATER PLEASE!.