View of the community of Calibishie

Dear Editor,

I’m very concerned that there was a foreigner raped at her house in Calibishie recently and nothing appeared in

This was after the same man tried to enter into the home of a woman who lives nearby in the middle of the night.

And also a local woman was raped at night and threatened with a knife to her throat.

I think we who live here should be informed on these brutal acts of violence by the media. Too many of these incidents are happening and the public has a right to be informed.

It frightens me that these crimes are not being reported. People who are trying to decide if they want to move here from other countries should know of this violence before they sell everything in their countries and invest in buying land and building a house here, only to have to return to their countries after the fact because they feel so unsafe.

Everyone should know of these crimes. It is only then that they can make the decision to risk their lives and safety.

Women are feeling very frightened here and we deserve the right to live our lives free of fear in a safe environment. We’re tired of being told not to walk alone, not to live alone, not to go out alone. We’re tired of getting raped, beaten, murdered merely because of our gender.

There have been break ins here in Calibishie just about every night for the last three weeks, some including guest houses where tourists were sleeping and items stolen. No help from police who I’m told know and protect these people, no media, nothing but people feeling more scared and helpless.

This is Dominica on the decline.

Keeping quiet is not the thing to do when there’s a rapist on the loose and your community isn’t safe.

Please help.