I woke up to the sound of waves
crashing on my bedroom window…
Soon I would be caught up in a storm of my own choosing,
my words and acts  precipitating
into feelings of loneliness.
My decisions forged my cage,
the cause of my isolation.

But could I get it to be any different?
After all, I set sail on a journey:
A journey to the north
that left me few routes,
just treacherous waters
and the few precious  moments when I tasted sin
and relished it…
The moments of slit throats (mutiny sweet) and forbidden pleasures –
moments of passion that lived on through the night…
These scars have names.

And what of my lover?
The fair maiden I left on shore?
Why would she forgive my transgressions?
Did I not say that the sea is a cruel mistress
whose mysteries lie deep?
I think she’ll understand
once she has her sailor-boy home.

Yes! My arrogance lies deep
and it tugs and drags all in its path
like the current of the fair blue,
so none should mourn when I leave them
black and blue.

But now my little friend, I bid you farewell.
There is a storm in the air.
Let your wings carry you far…
Don’t be caught in the tempest and leave me here,
marooned on this island.

© Dennis Guye


DPC is the acronymn for Domnichen Poetic Circle, a “Literary Circle of Contemporary Poets, and Spoken Word Artists of Dominican birth and descent. The group endeavors to showcase the broad spectrum of Dominican talent in the area of the written and spoken word and also promotes itself as a platform for interactive conversations on posted content of the Artists, “in the form of constructive critique and reactions, helpful poetry web-links and events, as well as, creative responses.”