Dem ole people always say, “Dose dat live
In glass house should not t’row stone.”
‘Cause, today, ah for me; and tomorrow, ah for you.
Dem ole people also say, “When you see
your neighbor house on fire, wet yours!”
You tink we mind dem warning? No Sah!
We behave like we larger dan life: playing God!

In dis season of earthquake,
Which country can really stand dis wrath?
Sooner or later, we all gonna feel de heat:
Day before, was Haiti. Yesterday, was Chile.

Today, is Turkey. Tomorrow, could well be we!
So why we getting on like we so special for?
Dem ole people say, “Nevva spit in de wind,
‘Cause your spit go tu’n round and land
Right  back in your face!”

Daughter-pig had ask mother-pig,
“But Mamma, how come your mout’ long so?”
Mother-pig smile and say, “Me chile,
When you grow-up, you go find out!”
Daughter-pig grow-up and look
Just like she mother.

– Mark Sylvester

Sylvester is a resident of St. Croix; he is originally from Castle Bruce.  He is the author of ‘When I Awake’ and ‘The Road I Walk’. He is also a winner of short story and poetry prizes. He participated in a poetry fellowship from University of Miami in 1992.