I am more than the sum of my parts,
more than this flesh, more than this heart.
I was made to be an unmovable mountain,
A force to be reckoned with,
A key to solve a great mystery,
A being to defy gravity.
So why should I settle?

Why should I be satisfied with a cup that’s half empty?
Why do they attempt to make me see it half full?
Why should I settle for 50% when i’m capable of 100%?
Why should I settle for a wealthy life when I can receive an eternal one? Indeed, why settle?

Why should he settle?
Why should he settle for dropping out of high school
when his abilities are immeasurable?
Why settle for being a deadbeat dad when he can change the world if he’s there for his kids?
Why should he settle for drugs when Yahweh is the “highest high” he will ever need?
Why settle for living like a slave to his body,
when he can be free of sin & addiction?
Why see women as cattle to be conquered
when they should be treated like queens?
Why should he settle for a Philistine woman
if he deserves one from Proverbs 31?
Indeed, Why Settle?

Why should she settle?
Why should she be content with using her body as a market, when it should be a temple?
Why should she want to be the next Beyonce or Rihanna
when she has the blood of Queen Esther flowing through her veins?
Why settle for a man who wants her body
but not commitment?
Why should she be satisfied with the man who
wants to give her kids, but won’t marry her?
Why settle for MTV and BET
when she’s entitled to become Royal-t?
Indeed, Why settle?

And why should you settle,
you who are reading this right now?
Why should you be satisfied with mediocrity
when you are entitled to excellence?
Why settle for the lies on tv,
when the truth is in Yahweh’s word?
Why accept the lie that all you know came by accident
when you are created to be part of a great plan?
Why settle for being beggars and feinds
when you can be kings and queens?
Indeed, why settle?

Stop selling yourself short, for in doing so
in this life, you ruin your chances in the next.
You are limitless, immeasurable and powerful.
Let go of the spiritual,
emotional and physical poverty
that surrounds you
and open your eyes to a world full of possibilities.
Don’t “settle”, He doesn’t want you to.