child sex abuseQueen bee, queen ant, for sure we see,
Are protected by male, their role to be.
Good examples for all those who follow
Not depicting that conduct oh, so shallow.

Today we cry so much about our youth,
Why don’t adults just face up to the truth?
What do they see and what do they hear
Especially from adults who fight and swear?

Right at home the first school of life,
Negatives are taught which all impact on life.
Parents who only for themselves do care,
Expect not from their children to be here and there.

Why don’t they start to turn around
For our children to be on safer ground?
Good fruits of tomorrow we sure shall reap,
When breakdown of abuse our goal we’ll reach.

Why do you on your spouse you prey?
Abuse and hatred the order of the day.
True love and honour your goal should be,
In absence of that, on your road you should be.

Abuse and disrespect in all forms and shapes,
Should have no right and are out of place.
Forgiving the other and care you give
Will surely be what you expect to receive.

Be bold, be brave, abuse to be stopped
Our homes and families should rise to the top.
Our skills and talents for all to share,
With the help of nature for which we should care.