The bus at the scene of the accident

An accident in New Town on Saturday morning left a young woman with a bloody nose and caused a huge pile up of traffic.

It happened at about 10:00 am near the Eggleston junction.

The circumstances surrounding the accident are unclear but reports indicate that a bus and a car were involved.

According to an alleged eye witness the bus was traveling in a southerly direction (towards Pointe Michel) when the accident occurred.

The bus ran off the road and into a tree while the front of the car was  damaged.

It is reported the young woman was a passenger in the bus.

Fortunately no one else was  injured but the accident is further indication of the need for drivers to be careful on the road.

DNO will is seeking information on the accident from the authorities and will publish it as soon as it becomes available.

Police and onlookers at the scene of the accident