At least two persons were seriously injured when a passenger bus (HB575) headed to Paix Bouche reportedly collided with a water truck at Colihaut this afternoon between 4 and 5pm.

The leg of a female passenger, who was one of two women sitting in the front passenger seat, was severed during the accident. She had to be cut from the wreckage. She underwent surgery shortly after and reports are that the second leg may have been amputated.

The driver, Thomas Baron, received minor injuries and he was treated and discharged from hospital.

Reports suggest that the driver was having difficulties seeing clearly due to the high sun beam in his face, and moments after climbing a steep part of the road, ran into the back of the water truck which is being used by the Chinese on the multi-million-dollar road rehabilitation project.

The bus was filled to capacity. The truck received minor damage.

A source close to the incident said driver was “climbing a hill and at that point the sun is like in your eyes”.

“The water truck was stopped. And that area, at that time the sun is in your eyes. The girl who was by the door saw it and thought the driver did too. But by the time she realised the driver did not see it, she screamed, but it was too late. The bus basically entered underneath the truck; that’s why their feet got crushed… He (driver) was not speeding but he was not going at 40mph either,” the source said.

Dominica News Online will bring more details at they become available.