The remnants of Paris' home

Lloyd Paris, a farmer of Bataca is now left to look at an empty space in the place of his two bedroom house which laid there just last week after a fire took away what he knew as home.

The fire was reportedly started accidentally by his grandson.

He is seeking assistance in trying to replace at least some of what was lost in the fire, which totally consumed the wooden the structure, while he attended to his garden on Thursday afternoon.

The sad news came from his son while he was in his garden but it was already to late. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

“He come in the garden and call me. He tell me my house is on fire, so I said, who catch the house fire? He tell me is one of my little grandsons. I say to myself, ‘oh My, how did that happen…’ then I come up at home I watch the situation, I am saw everything consumed, nothing left, so I start top cry. Then all my neighbors them come around they talk with me, encourage me. Then my sister say it’s O.K she’s gonna a help me out for the time,” a distraught Paris said.

“Today we got something from Red Cross and hopefully I may get assistance from elsewhere… what I need right now is to try to build up back, try to get materials. Galvanize, post, boards, nails hinges…” he stated.

Villagers believed that it was pointless to alert the fire an ambulance services as they would have had to travel from Marigot to get to Paris’ home. Their efforts to put out the fire would have been futile.

Paris is calling on corporate donors and anyone who is willing to grant assistance. He can be contacted at telephone number: 617 0980.